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  1. can anyone fill in the blanks? if a card has had multiple release places I have put the first one down as its release place I have highlighted in red what I feel is missing stuff if the are more things missing as well please let me know. thank you all for your help with this Legion promos almost full list adepticon 2018 standing orders card luke command cards vader command cards double sided leia/veers card han card recruitment kit Aurebesh stormtrooper upgrade Aurebesh rebel trooper upgrade set season two ground assault kit 2018 Aurebesh ambush,push assault command cards Season three ground assault kit 2018 double-sided Fleet Troopers / Snowtroopers AT-RT E-Web Heavy Blaster Team UK games expo double sided rebel trooper/storm trooper deployment card spot gloss Maximum Firepower Events 2018 Double sided Wedge/weiss spot gloss card T47 card Season four ground assault kit 2018/2019 Double sided fleet trooper/snowtrooper upgrade card Double sided Z6/dl-19 upgrade card Double sided Fragmentation Grenade/Environmental Gear card Rallypoint Qualifier 2019 Double sided speeder bike/rebel officer spot gloss card Speeder bike card Rebel officer card 2019 legion seasonal open play kit 1 double sided hunter/tenacity double sided scout trooper/scout trooper strike team double sided DLT-19 sniper/DH-447 sniper double sided rebel commandos/rebel commandos strike team double sided force choke/saber throw royal guard 2019 legion seasonal open play kit 2 endurance card double sided E-11D focused fire config/E-11D grenade launcher config double sided A-300 long range config/A-300 short range config tauntaun riders rebel pathfinders imperial death troopers High Command adepticon 2019 ? emperor command cards world championships 2019 ? continental championships 2019 dewback/tauntan (top 16) top 8 rebel command cards top 8 imperial command cards krennic krennic command cards jyn erso jyn erso command cards grand championships 2019 double sided rebel pathfinder/imperial death trooper card (spot gloss) double sided rebel trooper/storm trooper deployment card sabrine command cards (by faction) bossk command cards (by faction) bossk card sabrin wren card 2019 seasonal premium not released yet? kit x34 landspeeder tx-225 GAVw occupier cobalt assault tank 2019 Star Wars: Legion Prime Championships Prizes second set of events luke/vader operative card spot gloss luke operative command cards vader operative command cards vader operative card luke operative card world championships 2020 ?
  2. Just a quick question about the mines of moria deck from gen con 2019 did it have a promo card this year or was the a promo card you could get another way?
  3. Guys i know i has been a long elapse since i updated this post so will try to get to the computer next week. Keep reporting all the great trades
  4. So tickets are up but not buyable yet for adepticon and imperial assault worlds and armada worlds are listed as events both over two days
  5. Remember you can only trade on this site I will try and update the front page next week
  6. Have day 1 A ticket looking for day 1C ticket
  7. its worth the second movement tool at the start if your not buying a second core as if your first one breaks it will be out of stock when you need a new one
  8. its a promo given out like the nexu was last year.so will not likely to be a regional prize.
  9. i have one bad deed that stands out i was playing LARP from the vampire system,and i had been playing the same character for 5 years and i wouldn't say i wasn't evil but if someone needed killing they got killed.i was hunting down a powerful item for my clan and had tracked it to a tower under the city me and my 2 followers went there to gain the item and found the rest of the player group lined up to kill me.i went through them like cuting Swiss cheese killing or incapacitating the ones who stayed to fight and even cut down ones who ran,finished up eating an elder of one of the clans as well. my character was retired after this
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