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  1. Guys i know i has been a long elapse since i updated this post so will try to get to the computer next week. Keep reporting all the great trades
  2. So tickets are up but not buyable yet for adepticon and imperial assault worlds and armada worlds are listed as events both over two days
  3. Remember you can only trade on this site I will try and update the front page next week
  4. Have day 1 A ticket looking for day 1C ticket
  5. its worth the second movement tool at the start if your not buying a second core as if your first one breaks it will be out of stock when you need a new one
  6. its a promo given out like the nexu was last year.so will not likely to be a regional prize.
  7. i have one bad deed that stands out i was playing LARP from the vampire system,and i had been playing the same character for 5 years and i wouldn't say i wasn't evil but if someone needed killing they got killed.i was hunting down a powerful item for my clan and had tracked it to a tower under the city me and my 2 followers went there to gain the item and found the rest of the player group lined up to kill me.i went through them like cuting Swiss cheese killing or incapacitating the ones who stayed to fight and even cut down ones who ran,finished up eating an elder of one of the clans as well. my character was retired after this
  8. completed a trade with ThatJakeGuy all went well )
  9. i have a very complete D6 library with possibly only one or two books missing if anyone has a list or a link to a complete list could they added it here or PM me it please
  10. UK /WTT List updated 24/10/17 Wants x-wing spot gloss miranda imperial assault spot gloss fenn destiny spot gloss first order stormtrooper X-WING FOR TRADE spot gloss biggs darklighter x1 Alternate art Boba Fett (imperial) x2 worlds 2013 alternate art Darth vader(movie still) x1 worlds 2014 alternate art Rey x1 worlds 2017 alternate art EPIC targeting coordinator x1 alternate art Ello Asty x1 alternate art Omega Ace x1 alternate art Dagger Squadron Pilot x5 2014 Organized Play Season 1 alternate art Academy Pilot x3 2014 Summer Tournament Kit alternate art Black Squadron Pilot x1 2013 Organized Play Season 2 alternate art Ten Numb x1 alternate art Soontir Fel x1 2015 Store Championship alternate art luke/vader fathers day x1 2016 Fathers Day Event alternate art Han solo (picture art) x1 2014 Winter Tournament Kit alternate art Poe Dameron (skill 8) x1 Store Demo Kit alternate art Darth vader (picture art) x1 2015 Winter Tournament Kit alternate art omega leader alternate art Preadator x5 2016 Summer Tournament Kit alternate art recon specialist x4 2015 Summer Tournament Kit alternate art gunner x3 2015 Winter Tournament Kit alternate art veteran instincts x4 2016 Spring Tournament Kit alternate art Swarm Tactics x4 alternate art Tactician x4 alternate art C-3PO X2 2016 Store Championship ACRYLICS for X-wing 2012 Kit range ruler rebel 2014 store championship range 2016 store championship range ruler acrylic 4 wins yavin open target lock acrylic 5 wins yavin open target lock acrylic 6 win yavin open target lock acrylic dark green focus tokens x4 acrylic light green focus tokens x5 acrylic light green evade tokens x16 acrylic lime green oblong evade tokens 2017x10 acrylic lime green oval focus tokens 2017 x10 acrylic dark blue shield tokens x10 Acrylic Cloak tokens x3 Acrylic stress tokens dark and red x10 acrylic ion tokens x15 (new red and white ones) acrylic stress tokens x27 (new red and black ones) acrylic sesmic charge token x1 acrylic munition tokens x5 x-wing bags various types IMPERIAL ASSAULT PROMOS FOR TRADE spot gloss HK assassin droid x1(only for acrylic spot gloss cards) alternate art Trandoshan Hunter Adeptacon x2 alternate art R2D2 nationals 2017 x1 alternate art lando calrissian regionals 2017 x1 alternate art e-web (only for spot glosses i need) x1 alternate art rebel trooper x4 alaternate art stormtrooper x1 alternate art nexu x1 alternate art the grand inquisitor x1 alternate art trandoshan hunter x1 alternate art rebel saboteours x3 alternate art tusken raider x3 alternate art royal guard x3 alternate art bantha x3 alternate art C-3po x1 alternate art C-3po (polish) x1 alternate art royal guard champion x1 alternate art unshakable x 4 alternate art imperial officer x3 alternate art chewbacca x1 alternate art alliance smuggler x 2 Regional Dice red x1 yellow x1 white x1 acrylics focus tokens x10 terminals white x3 terminals red x 10 objective token black x 10 stun tokens x5 health dial x2 score dial (store championship 2017) x1 assorted bags scum symbol medal x1 ARMARDA PROMOS FOR TRADE imperial II class star destroyer (sullest event) x3 raider I-class corvette x5 MC80 assault cruiser x3 GR-75 Medium transport x3 Nebulon-B escort frigate x4 Boba fett slave 1 x1 Han solo millennium falcon x1 Tie Interceptor Squadron x 2 A-wing squadron x1 x-wing squadronx4 TIE fighter squadron x4 Admiral ackbar x1 General Dodonna x1 Rapid reload x 4 turbolaser reroute circuit x4 Leading shots x4 Assault proton torpedoes x 4 XI7 turbolaser x4 corillian conflict promo: saber squadron tie interceptor x1 objective fighter squadron (rebel symbol) acrylic tokens Green and white range ruler objective tokens red x6 evade tokens x10 command tokens concentrated fire x5 command tokens repair x5 command tokens squadron x10 command tokens navigation x5 bags assorted medals winter 2015 x2 coins spring 2016 summer 2016 2016 store championships DESTINY DICE/CARDS AND PROMOS ledgendary quadjumper card and dice promo cards no dice Finn x2 Guard x4 jango fett x1 the best defence x 4 death trooper x4 overkill x1 shuttle x1 2017 euro's coin x1
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