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  1. As the name implys the "Emperor's Tarot" is a set of tarot cards that were created by the Emperor. Legend has it that he created the deck in order to help focus his own psychic abilities and to allow him to see the most likely out come of events. In the setting the deck is used mainly by Inquisitors with psychic abilities and members of the Imperial Cult.
  2. Dezmond said: Aye. I think if I rememeber correctly he was somewhat... overconfident in trying to fight his way out rather than run for it, but it is a stiring story neh? True. Still, his live provides a good example for the foundation of a RT character.
  3. Dezmond, Is that the HMS Revenge commanded by Sir Richard Grenville?
  4. Kage2020 said: Perhaps less early medieval and a bit more Elizabethan...?Kage That actually sounds interesting.I might need to do some research into the Elizabethan ship captains. Me thinks that the exploits of those individuals will give some interesting foundations for RT games.
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