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  1. It sounds like their hero keeps dying and coming back. Maybe the Shogunate will involve cloning and bioengineering?
  2. I totally agree! I have absolutely NO idea why you'd pick Oksana over Zor'ka!? I'm tempted to house-rule that if you pick Oksana, you start with 6 voivodes...the two sets of troopers you normally would start with, along with her additional voivodes (troops).
  3. Actually,...in disregard to the influx of frickin' vampire crap everywhere you look nowdays,...it really would be cool for a Bloodrayne-type character to be in the Tannhauser Universe! She could be another Blutsturm character with her blades. ...Being able to heal through special melee, deal one or two less points of damage on her, able to mind control male characters (makes Tala a little bit better),...the possibilities are endless! Just sayin'...
  4. tannbunker.myfastforum.org/about127.html tannbunker.myfastforum.org/about130.html I'm still waiting for them to come out with these bonus tokens.
  5. While we're on the subject...I've been meaning to throw this question out there! I know it's a stupid question, but it's been bugging me for a while now...Does Zorka's Magnifier Attack target only one specific active voivode?...or, does the splash effect stem from EVERY voivode on the board?
  6. Thank you for taking the time to list them. It looks like some of the new tokens really power up the troops.
  7. Could someone please give a list and description of the new tokens you get with the Troop Packs?
  8. Sorry for not being clear. I was referring to Volkov's "Gold Star" and Mcneal's "Medal of Honor" tokens. We've never really found a use for them in our games. I'm sure there are situations where they would come in handy. I was just wondering how other people have used them to their advantage? Thanks.
  9. Could someone please tell me of a situation where you would spend an action, and discard the token, to place your character on overwatch?
  10. Can tokens with the black border be swapped out? I thought only disposable equipment, with the yellow and black borders, could be swapped for a bonus token?
  11. My guess would be that it only makes you untargetable. Otherwise, no one in their right mind would ever pick the Mental pack.
  12. I bought two rule books so both players would have their own. About a dozen pages have fallen out of the first one. The cover has come off the second one.
  13. "any unit adjacent or on a circle that contains a smiljan module or a voivode is also attacked"... When Zor'ka uses the Magnifier to attack a target in an adjacent space next to voivodes, do you pick one, and only one, voivode to attack through?...or does Zor'ka use EVERY voivode on the map all at once to attack through when she activates the Magnifier?
  14. I was looking over the Russian Faction and I had a few questions... 1. Can Zor'ka target an adjacent empty circle with the Magnifier? If attacking through one of the following, what about the circle a Smiljan Module or a Voivode is currently on? Can he target that particular circle and hit everybody within 3 spaces? 2. Zor'ka's Presence? Does the - Mental Stat mean that Awakening is an automatic success? Or, do you still need the three successes and Presence merely makes you immune to Mental Duels? I wouldn't think that it would null and void Zor'ka's Special Object. 3. Irishka Voronin's Summoning Module? How exactly does this work? What does it mean by, " Voivodes must follow all normal movement restrictions"? Thanks for any thoughts and comments on these questions. P.S...Love the new rules! They make the game fun, instead of a chore!
  15. I just want to be sure I've got this straight. So you can have a 4 card battle line?
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