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  1. Hello everyone, First, i must say, while i totally understand why Will of the West was errated the way it was, i'm slightly unhappy about it (just slightly)... Problem was with the Lore "win before quest phase during turn 1" deck and a "once per phase" limitation on Ravens of the Mountain would have killed that already... But game masters when the safe route and made sure any kind of recursion couldn't be infinite, i praise them for that (i really do), i love the game when it's fair, not when it's all comboty. That being said, it makes me a bit sad cause now i have a very hard time soloing certain senarios instead of just a hard time cause i end up (cause i played them or there were discarded or destroyed) with situational cards in my discard pile and a desperate need to get them again without means of getting them back... I could play more of them, but a solo deck not directly aimed at a specific senario simply doesn't have that kind of card-space... Well... back to deckbuilding again... Now, the rule part of the topic... sorry it took so long to came but i needed to vent After digging through my rulesheets, i found the entry for "removing from the game" in A journey to Rhosgobel Now... I understand the principle behind "removing a card from the game", i've played other cardgames before... Yet, does that means the card can no longer be interacted with it in any way, shape or form ? What if i discard my Will of the West one way or another and play if from the discard pile with Map of Earnil. I discard my Map of Earnil, i pay 1 [spirit] ressource, play Will of the West from my discard pile, shuffle my discard pile into my deck, then remove it from the game... - Do i still remove it from the game even if it's in my deck ? And now i place it on the bottom of my deck... - Do i still place it at the bottom of my deck even if it's removed from the game ? If it was placed in the victory pile, i would definitively put it back in my deck... but, then again, i guess victory pile is still an "in the game" kind of location... My educated guess is i'm screwed And a quick follow up, if "removed from the game" doesn't mean "can't be interacted with in any way", are there any cards yet that can interact with cards removed from the game ?
  2. Hellow everyone, I was wondering how Pippin (The Black Riders) interacted with Durin's Bane (Shadow and Flame). Durin's Bane state : "Durin's Bane [...] is considered to be engaged with each player whose threat is 1 or greater [...]." -AND- as an engagement cost of 1. Pippin's text is : "Each enemy in play gets +1 engagement cost for each Hobbit hero you control" So, i obviously control at least 1 Hobbit hero, making Durin's Bane engagement cost 2. Now, my question is : Is the rule text of Durin's Bane a "reminder", clarified for simplicity purposes, that is supposed to be treated as "Durin's Bane [...] is considered to be engaged with each player whose threat is equal or greater than Durin's Bane engagement cost [...]." ? - OR - Is 1 an absolute value that cannot be changed with the application of Pippin, Take no Notice or anything else with the same kind of game text ? I would tend to favor the former for 3 reasons : 1) Durin's Bane as en engagement cost of 1, Pippin make it 2, and it would make sense that the big bad Balrog don't engage players with a lower threat than its engagement cost. 2) It makes perfect "role-play" sense... Pippin is a sneaky hobbit, he can use all his carrot-stealing skills to be unnoticed by the Balrog for a few extra second before all hell break loose. 3) It is better for me and i'm having enough difficulties beating this one as it is, an extra turn before i start loosing and Ally a day could be good. Yet, the other one makes perfect sense too : 1) Durin's Bane game text explicitely state "[...] threat is 1 or greater [...]" and it could very well be because game design intended it to be that way, not because game text was already way too long for the card. That would make the engagement cost of 1 the "reminder", not the game text. 2) Pippin is a somwhat dumb hobbit and could very well shout "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, it's a dragon, run everyone !" upon seeing the Balrog, giving his position away. 3) Game designers, while i love what they did with this one, are notorious sadist and want it to be as difficult and tear enducing as possible. I'd love to get some kind of official clarification on this one, as well as your take on it
  3. SiCK_Boy said: That deck is bound to become even stronger than it currently is. It's not something we can say of most other decks Actually, unless killed by specific encounter cards, every deck will become stronger as the card pool gets bigger. Every eagle the print will make the eagle deck more potent (because more options) even if it is only a "not too bad" one. And, assuming they stop printing new eagles, tactics even and attachment will still increase it strength. Only when they stop printing : 1) eagles, 2) tactics that can (not at strong, just can be played) be played by eagle deck, 3) attachments that can be played by eagle deck, will the strength of eagles wane. I won't say that zigil deck will not gain power faster and better, but imho, it's the kind of deck that gain very significant advantage from one card and then have to wait for 5 adventure pack to get another one ... time might prove me wrong tho. that being said, As far as history told us, there will be no cycle rotation for LotR LCG, i've been playing Cthulhu LCG since the very release of the game and there is still no cycle rotation ... 6 assylum pack cycles, 2 deluxe expension in ... the LCG format simply does not support that kind of mechanism. Another MTG analogy : 1 block (1 edition + 3 extension) provide roughly 775 cards (250 for base + 3x 175)... to have that amount of new cards in Cthulhu we would have to wait for ... (provided they keep the pace of 2 cycles and 1 deluxe expension a year) about 3 years (that is 6 AP cycle with 20 new cards each and 3 deluxe box of 50 cards) .... In LotR it would be even slower, as you only get 10 new player cards per AP and, if design stay the same, 13 per DE. I won't do the math but, if there is no cycle rotation start in near future for CoC LCG, i don't foresee one for LotR. So, zigil miner will keep being a problem 3 cycles from now ... but hey, every CCG has this kind of burden ... I've been attending a Legacy MTG tournament few days ago, and about 60% of decks were splashing green just to play Tarmofoyf (oh no, i'm addicted again) and WotC made no move in 5 years to correct what they KNEW was a mistake (one of the designer admited knowing since the card was printed it was 1 mana to cheap). Imho, you don't need to raise the overall power of new cards (player or quest) to adress a specific card, definitively not in a duel-oriented game (tho ban lists tend to be a more definitive answer) and neither in a cooperative game. As a mater of fact, the overall power of new cards will keep increasing steadily for 2 reason 1) new card create new combo, new combo create new power 2) you want your players to be happy so they keep feeding you money and, be honest about it, most of us, at least partialy, love having better decks, stronger cards, more win, less fail and a bigger ... well ... you know what i mean ... card pool. TBH, i don't see as much of an increase in difficulty with KD as most people (don't get me wrong, they are harder, just not THAT harder). I don't rely on Test of Will much, so the new tendency to have treachery be uncancellable don't affect me to much. Same thing will be seen with every kind of powerbase, zigil included ... i wouldn't be much surprised if he retired with the next deluxe expension after having mined too deep and too skillfully. After all, the nail that stands out just beg for the hammer to strike. True, we might have to suffer for 6 month of Zigil supremacy, but as i understand it, Darrowdelf was designed at the same time as KD, so if they didn't see the true strength of zigil miner when designing it ... well ... i'm sure they'll do something in the upcomming Battle of Bree (working title) DE (yeah i have some faith in humanity still). Now i'm going to scout for a zigil deck list and brace for the next half of the year ...
  4. OK, first thing first, i own 5 core sets (i'm a collection entheusiast and hate playing with proxies) so i can have multiples decks at once and build every quests without needing to switch cards from one to the other ... and true enough, owning multiple sets make things easier. Putting everything in 3x in core set would have been highly ineffective tho, as it would have made the "take it and play it" decks from the core set way less efficient ... and the deal was you could start to play without deckbuilding ... But i'll gladly send spare encounters deck if people need them, feel free to mail me. That useless piece of trivia out of the way, i'll circle back to the zigil miner ... In every CCG / LCG / TCG / anything else with cards and rules, strong cards are the one enableing you to break the standard rules : counterspells are nice cause they break the rule "your opponent can play cards", extra draw break the 1 card (or 2 card) per turn rule, tutor allow you to play cards you didn't draw because you went looking for them in your deck... The more you circumvent the standard rulebook lines, the better the card is. I always thought Stewart of Gondor was a very strong cause it allowed you to produce 300% of the standard ressource production, Zigil miner is even worse, i won't argue with that. Sooo, basically, until they print a card that break the rules even more than zigil miner, some will find it overpowered, some will find it abusive, some will want to ban / restrict / put an errata on it. That's perfectly normal, peoples have been screaming against Force of Will for years now (another MTG reference, sorry, i'm trying to stop, but kind of an addict). Is it completely game breaker ? For the time being, yes ... Man, i've spent countless hour trying to build a good 1 player deck and that dwarven rascal scores better than me an enable you to deal with the quests i'm having trouble completing ... me angry ... The key word here is "for the time being" ... Bunch of you stated it already, but The Valar only know what FFG has in store for us. My concern with some posts is about the part where they'll need to design cards specifically to address the Zigil-gate. That is not true (imho). There are 3 types of card in the game (player-wise) : Equipements / Events / Allies. Allies being, by far (in sheer theory), the most potent of all, cause they enable you to have "extra heroes", helping hands to quest, defend, attack, activate abilities and such. So, the encounter deck will always have cards to inder equipments, events and allies ... As allies are stronger, it's perfectly sensible (bad guys point of view) that cards to deal with allies are stronger. Put a treachery card that says "inclifct 1 damage to every ally in play - this cannot be canceled" in encounters deck, That will, pretty much (sill imho) solve the Zigil miner problème the mobs are having. Plenty of solutions exist that don't target specifically the miner but that are well designed to maim him. Same thing would be true for any card and any deck. A Location with X threat and HP (sorry, don't know the right names in english) with X equal to the number of characters sharing a keyword in play would pretty much slow the Rohan rider to an stop and still be an inconveignance for most decks. I don't like the way zigil miner is designed ... Even so i think every sphere need a ressource producing card, this one is just too much, too soon... but well, let's give time to time. As for Zigil miner deck in tournaments ? Well, easy answer, random pairings, fixed deck. If it trully is that much overpowered, most people will come with that kind of deck, having to solve heroes match at the begining of each game so it will give waaaaaaaay more space to creative thinking and "out of the box" decks. It's one of the reason i don't put every good unique cards in all decks that can use them, in my 3 man (well, 2 man 1 woman but ratlings are all furr, so you can't tell males and females apart) usual game table, we each have 3 to 5 decks, and pick one at random. Try and explain you can't forfeit your Boromir cause he's your lone Tactic heroe when your fellow player think exactly the same.
  5. I have a question about Landroval (SoM 53) The eagle game text read as follow : Response : After a hero card is destroyed, return Landroval to his owner's hand to put that hero back into play with one damage token on it. (Limit once per game.) I pretty much get the part where the hero dies, do all attached cards go with him into oblivion, i get the return Landroval to his owner's hand thing as well and the put the hero back into play. My concern is about the "Limit once per game" ... Can you do it : - once per game per Landroval (ie, i play one copy of the eagle, save a hero from a certain death, play another copy of the eagle, and can pull the hobbitses out of the flaming trees another time) - once per game per player (ie, i play a copy of Landroval, have him save Frodo from a fiery death on mount doom, then another player put one into play and later save Aragonr's day) - once per game total (ie, no matter who play Landroval, how much copy he as got or anything else) - any combination of the above. My first impression would be, once per game total, but i'm known to be wrong from times to times
  6. Hey there, Sorry to bother you with that but i'd love some kind of answer 'bout my little problem ... I can't get my hand on anything beside the core set There are 2 retail store i attend to first one have some kind of partnership with millenium/edge (french distributor / translator) and they don't seem to have received anything beside the core set the second one buy things directly in the US and managed, so far, only to get 1 copy of antediluvian dreams So, my question is, how do you french peoples manage to get you hands on APs and league kits If you do get them at a retail store would you mind asking, if you don't already know, where they supplies themselves ? I'm kinda beginning to fear that buying AP's online is the only available option, i could cope with that But i'd really like to get my hand on a league kit and start the organized play here ... Thanks a lot folks
  7. Bleeeeeeeh, one day i'll learn to read card right .... so you can have a domain with 0 ressources from the story, but it'll be an anecdotic case (lots of conditions) or if you sacrificed an overzealous initiate and frozen in time triggers before you put a ressource on it ... i don't think it'll happen a lot either, cause if you sacrifice the initiate to gain a domain without wanting to put ressources on it, you'll probably won't have sacrificed it in the first place ... True, there are some case you might do that ... one of them being : your opponent is about to complete frozen in times and you want to shield yourself from it ... There are also some pretty anectodic cases (blind summiting the initiate ...) And servant from out of time, do you guys play this card a lot ? i tend not to play it cause Yog-Sothoth is kinda costy faction, imho, and i don't think the char is worth the cost of destroying a ressource. Well now it's true there is 1 card that pretty much screw the story ...
  8. Basically .... how do you manage to have 0 ressources on a new domain if you don't get torched (by torch the joint) ? Except for new cards i'm not aware of (still haven't had the chance to get my hands on AP ... somehow it seems there is a wide shortage whenever i ask to FFG french distributor, retail store and US imports ...) all cards that create a new domain (that is eldrich nexus and overzealous initiate) give you 1 ressource to start with The only way you can have a new domain without ressources is your opponent to activate ancient apogrypha while you have no character in your discard pile ... that won't happen a lot, will it ... so i guess you can't really say "frozen in time is weak" cause of that : )
  9. My bad, never red the story like it was written .... but the things stay the same with discarding from the top of the deck : ) Could be the biggest domain then, as it isn't as usefull for rush decks, but then it'll be quite powerfull for eastwood estated based decks ... Dunno, i'll have to make tests ...
  10. Just my 2 cents thoughts : There is actually very few attachement that says "attach to one of your character" most of them are "attach to A character" nothing prevents you from giving a shotgun to one of your opponent characters. So if someone take control of a character with an attachement that can be attached to any character, even if he doesn't gain control of the attachement, it has very few effect in game since almost all attachement give power to the character, not the controler and the attachement won't be discarded since no requirement aren't met. If you don't take control of attachements (i think you'd take control of them since having cards attached is part of the status of a card, and a card status doesn't change when you take control of it, except for the commited part), eat the dead would be discarded if you take control of the character since the requirement "attach it to a character YOU CONTROL" is no longer met. But anyway, ressources being "out of play", even if you took control of the attachments and so, could legitimately use it's effect, you would put the character and eat the dead in the "out of play" area of its OWNER, so you would give the other player 2 ressources, tho you would probably have to choose to which domains he'll attach them. That's the way i see it : )
  11. Lots of story cards have effects that aren't ment to give the "winning" player an advantage And the others gives an advantage only depending on the situation ... The thing is, discarding card from the hand is quite a powerfull effect, card advantage will get you a long way in CoC (not as long the way as in some other CCG but still) especialy since there is almost no drawing effects. So, as written, the story card basicaly says : "You and your opponent chose either to give the other large card advantage or you play with one fewer domain" So, like most stories, it's increadibly powerfull if your deck is based on playing with 2 domains OR playing with 1 cost cards and mono or bi-faction. I tend to need every 3 domains with at least 2 ressources in most of my deck, and when i play my investigation rush deck, i activate this story each time and it really slow down my opponent ... This card doesn't need fixing : ) If you affect every domain, you'll slow the game too much and give critter deck another story to win the game, If winning player choose both domain, it became an auto-win story, pretty much, case you'll lose all your hand and half ressources on your biggest domain and he'll lose 2 ressources max ... no story must give advantage to 1 player regardless of the game situation But it's true, wording can be confusing : )
  12. yeah, for all the rules i'm aware off, only distrupt can be "chained" and passive effect cannot : ) Still, i might be wrong, that would not be the first time
  13. Passive effects are still considered "actions" (in the wide sense of this word) for the purpose of timing i.e. you must fully resolve any action before proceeding to the next one (as stated in FAQ p.3) so, timeline would be : 1) you play shocking transformation from your hand if goes into the "effect card beeing played" area 2) you sacrifice a character it goes into the discard pile, Shoggot effect triggers (for the character) but cannot be resolved yet 3) You put a guy from your deck into play, shuffle your deck and put Shocking transformation in your discard pile 4) Shoggot effect triggers (for shocking transformation) but cannot be resolved yet as you already have an effect to resolve 5) you put your character at the bottom of your deck 6) you put Shocking transformation at the bottom of your deck That is, once again, if i'm not badly mistaken on the rules ... i hope i'm not
  14. can't help you right now, might be able to scan cards in quite high-def by the week end tho ... if you have access to a scanner yourself, best way to do it (done it few years ago, but trashed everything when i stoped CCCCG) is to scan additionnal icons on attach-to-story cards ... You got everything in the core set but combat that way, don't know about APs, but there is definitively an additional combat icon in the arkam edition (think it was an agency card) This way you'll have quite big icons, and only have to rescale them down, make for a nice res. Oups ... just saw how old you msg was, well, i hope you got everything you need now
  15. didn't knew they planned on 12 AP a year, thought that would be like aGoT, 5 to 6 ... Yeah 200 to 250 new card a year isn't that bad : ) Since i still haven't got any AP yet, i had a small question tho Since AP are 40 cards strong but only 20 new cards are released, do we get 2 of each or is it 1 or 2 or 3 and you still have to buy 3 APs ? Not that it'll prevent me from playing, but i was curious : )
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