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  1. Each people has a separate artist (which helps make them different styles). Look in the lower right corner of the cards. There's also additional artwork (board, dragons etc.) for which look in the rulebook.
  2. Ruvion said: I have 2 extra Earth Spirit promos. Unfortunately, so does everyone else.
  3. Dearlove

    FAQ list

    There is an FAQ list for Blue Moon at http://www.mnemosyne.demon.co.uk/bgames/bluemoon - which also has a few other Blue Moon related things. It's not approved by Fantasy Flight (I don;t have any contacts there - though if anyone wants to get in touch, feel free) but has been by Kosmos and Reiner Knizia. And my credentials? Discussed in one of the answers. There is one answer I just had it pointed out isn't right (it basically answers a slightly different question) and I now have another answer to update - it hasn't caught up with this forum. (I think this is FFG's third Blue Moon forum, the FAQ still discusses the - basically unused - second one.) Got a couple of higher priority things to chase, so it'll probably be a little while to update it. Any feedback, my email address is not difficult to find (on my website or in the FAQ list for starters).
  4. My information - not from FFG, with whom I have no contacts - is, yes, it's going OOP, so buy now. Why? Economics obviously. Staying power in a game is actually the rarity, not the usual case. Obviously it's the big names that continue year after year, but mostly it takes something extra to keep a game going. Blue Moon had the possibility of that extra, being expandable (although the original world of eight peoples was complete, so some work on expanding needed). But even that came to an end, and as has been noted, the last deck, the Buka nearly didn;t happen. I have an article on the Buka deck creation at http://www.mnemosyne.demon.co.uk/bgames/bluemoon It's also worth noting the economics of development. Blue Moon decks weren't created by a team at Fantasy Flight - or even at Kosmos. (It's really a Kosmos game, also published in English by Fantasy Flight Games - although actually designed in English.) All was designed by Reiner Knizia, with some help from some other people. And, as the artocle above points out, creating the Buka deck was quite a lot of work, and designer's royalties go as selling price, which for a single deck isn't high. Of course if you happen to be a millionaire and want to relaunch the game, I'm sure the subject could be reopened...
  5. Bairoth said: If you check out the BGG Blue Moon forum, Christopher Dearlove (who is intimately involved in Blue Moon) makes it pretty clear that the promo's are not going to made available. They were all limited run. That's not exactly how I would have worded it. In English, there were just Water Spirit and Fire Spirit to get. And while a few went via other routes (mine came from Kosmos) mostly they went to Fantasy Flight. And I never understood how they handled them - making them available seemed to be on and off. Wind Spirit and Sea Moon were German only, so they were available via Kosmos, except mostly they were handled through Pegasus. I picked mine up at Spiel in Essen (except my first ones I got direct from Reiner). Even while the game was in print, I think you were only going to get them via whatever route Fantasy Flight chose. Now the game is clearly (and my information supports this) essentially OOP (so buy now) it's if Fantasy Flight make available, or the secondary market.
  6. I think the question asked was if you are subject to your opponent's "you may not play support cards" text, can you nevertheless play a support card if it has the FREE icon. To which the answer is no, you can't.
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