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  1. The points you rise is not anything new. It applies to all games with expansions. How about teaching Magic, now theres like 10k cards? But for some respond to your concern. 1. Remora - I always played that "the deck" applies to "the deck" is drawn from i.e. If opponent draws from reward deck, so does remora (an any other alien that NOT specifically target the cosmic deck). The same is true for discard pile (which is specifically explained in the new Dominion rules). Joker. If there are ONLY new player I can see a problem here, but If someone that owns the game AND dominion expansion are in the group, I see this as a minor, minor problem. I have teach CE for 15+ years and not once have I had any problem with the line "okay, remove that card" or "remove that token" - because its from a expansion we are not using. Or "I have removed the flare cards BUT if any of you get a card that says "flare" alert me/draw again. 2. Several powerful card, does indeed exist trough the expansions. I myself (considered by many friends a "cardcounter") has absolutely no problem, but from a game design perspective it is ALWAYS a difficult choice. How big should a deck be? if I want 1/20 chance of something, should I make 20 cards total or 100? Same probability, different outcome/harder counting. From a gameplay/teaching perspective I NEVER introduce new player to a game with expansions. BUT IF YOU DON'T LIKE MORE POWERFUL CARDS, REMOVE THEM!! THEY GAME ARE SUPPOSE TO BE FUN FOR YOU AND YOUR GROUP! 3. For me, expansions are just that, expansions. Made for expanding gameplay, that you are familiar with. In the specific case of CE I always have the whole "stack" of aliens to draw from, but "reserve" myself as a game leader/teacher to players, to have a "veto". It has never failed. I normally introduce both reward and flares after one play. Hope you continue to enjoy CE and Dominion, I have had a blast the past year with all the ideas and playtesting!
  2. To all of you thinking of small boards between the corner boards. These spaces exists because the fourth (not revised) edition has a smaller main board. If ffg are about to user them the game is no longer compatible with that version. And the "upgrade kit" would be kinda stupid. I myself use the "forth" main board because its smaller and the corner fits more nicely.
  3. I have uploaded a picture of The Dragon Pristess here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/56770692@N07/7165855943/ Hope that do! Ps: Would prefer my nick to be "Gumshoe" instead of "Gumshoe_nr1 Keep up the Talismanisland!
  4. A painted Cleric can be found here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/56770692@N07/7162830875/ /Gumshoe
  5. Ffgs version 4th revised edition is compatible with the 4th edition by using the upgrade kit. The former version had a smaller board. The FFG expansions are made to be compatible. Using the revised expansions on the old board produces NO space between them on the short side of the board. This is most likely why they are a bit "too small". Therefore it will be very unlikly that FFG would use that space and break compability.
  6. Funny thing, same thing has happened to me. I play with people that takes games seriously and we play very advance games and can easily take a break for calculation and discuss rules. But with this specific issue the majority thought that "none" is not a number, so "I dont have "fewer", I have none". I guess you could argue that from a enginering point of view, that if for example a variable has NOT been given a value, you cant compare it to another value, but I argued that "you have zero"... eventually I won, everybody thinking "douchebag" for rest of the game. But most important I agree with GrimJester. Important thing is almost to keep the game going, have fun and correct it later.
  7. I second that! I have looked around and tried several normal size card shoes for FFs smaller cards (arkham horror, but foremost talisman adventure deck) and none have really made it. Sooner or later one card gets stuck because of the smaller size. I would LOVE a card shoe and even a cardstack holder for these small card (that works when sleeved) Either themed accordingly for the big games och some customization feature, like their new boxes. And of course, we need a themed dicetower (foremost to Arkham, but even for terrinoth and talisman : ).. As of now I using a chessex dicetower, painted green/black. But a real "official one" would be awesome! Price? 19-29$? Or what du you think? COME ON NOW FF!!!
  8. If you look at the night/day card javascript:void(0);/*1330782749293*/ you get the feeling it affect ALL enemies as +1/-1. A difference as of 2 in strenght/craft which is resonable.
  9. We have the same problem. 2 treasure against 1 kill doesnt add up. We have tried it three times with 1 kills or 1 treasure and that does work quite good but it depends on the deck/s. If both player has dangerous attack card it will be a deathmatch but if one player has more "maze-oriented" cards like rotate, bushes... he will try to take a treasure and leave. In 2 of the 3 games I played, stealing treasure was the ending, both games with a low health on that player, the third game was more or less a stand-still shootout.
  10. Another way to do it could be using chips&ships (!) ; Drawing new tech -> As normal rule or "buy" with "tech chip" (as 1chip/level tech on card, perhaps with the option of chosing from deck). Defender Reward -> Ship from warp, reward card or a "tech chip" (as 1:1 ratio) Research phase -> Place ships as normal, "tech chips" or "buy back"-ship from tech card (replace ship with "tech chip" ratio 1:1). For me this is an easy rule change, that adds dynamic to the research, perhaps it should be a bit more expensive to use chips on research, but thats up for testing.
  11. Thats an excellent token for this purpose Another fun/good thing with separate decks is that you have less randomness and if you want an iceitem you can go for the iced places on the board
  12. Hi guys! Wanted to share my homebrew rules for icequeen. We normally use the IceQueen card (and rules), which is a excelent homebrew. But since we see frostmarch as something that is oncoming we play as follows separete frost adventure cards. if a player rolls a 6 for movement ice queen moves. if she lands on character - encounter. if she lands on empty space put a token there. That space is now iced. Any draw here are from frostmarch adventure deck when 20 spaces has been frozen the icequeen ending is triggered starting with the highest ranked character.
  13. I always played that you cant use fate against reaper. Rules says you cant use fate for other than your "own" rolls. For example, you cant use fate to change creatures attack. Therefore you shouldnt be able to change Grim reapers decision over you (the die determines what he choose to do with you)
  14. I myself was a bit dissapointed when I heard abour DQ moving to the "Runiverse", the orginal "Drakborgen" is far funnier with swedish name on everything. But I found myself to like it. The whole reason to loot the doungeon is much better and the enemies and loot is much more coherent. Talisman for me is great, I love it and have several editions and expansions, but contrary to what people think here, I kind of dislike the "generic feel" of it. Are all Amazons the same? Or is it the same Amazon I play every time? Link it to the Runiverse, or any other world creates problem, of course, but I on the other hand see benefit in the "storytelling" and progressive gameplay at the same time. For me its easier to feel for "Lindel" then "just another" elf. Which brings me to another issue, why cant there be 2 elves or amazons in Talisman? At the moment I painting every figurine (12 to go in Talisman incl all exp), then runebound, wars and DQ. After that I will probably get on to make character cards for Talisman for the Heroes. Well share them, as they get ready during the coming months.
  15. Hi everybody! Bought the new Dungeonquest yesterday and got the charactercards for runebound, wars and Descent. Absolutly awesome.. then my mind wandered away.... What if we (the community) could re-create the Heroes from Terrinoth to Talisman? Maybe even a graphic board? What do people say about it?
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