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  1. I justed added AIM and can be found under the name Khairn Jarnvargr.
  2. Yahoo, MSN or GMail work best for me. Is there an area of the world you'd like to start in? Are there any races, classes or or backgrounds you'd like us to consider?
  3. With interested players we don't have any GM willing to create an epic story ?
  4. So now that Sjach and I are ready to go, all we need is a GM to lead us into some epic trouble.
  5. Shunosuke said: Hi! Um... I'm completely new to the this style of roleplaying games but I'm ready and willing to become a great GM. I just can't figure out where to start. I figure the characters need to be established first so that I can create the proper adventure but is there some campaign outline I could start with? I'm pretty good at creative writting but I'm kinda frightened by the mass of info the book dumps into my brain... its like being born again lol. Any creative campaign tips for a new GM? If I could make a suggestion, chose a nation or city where YOU want the players to start in, and then require that their character background include how they made their way to that location. This way, you have a smaller region to work with, and your players will also provide you with plot hooks you can use to develop your adventures. The key to handling a game / setting with an extensive history and sheer scope is to introduce it to your game (and players) in manageable chunks that you are comfortable with. Don't get intimidated by it. Think of it instead as a wealth of "optional" support that you get to determine not only if it fits in your game but also when you'll include it.
  6. Very interested, as long as you're wiling to play with a newb. I'm still working on getting a handle on the system, but aside from that I'd love to play. So where, when and what IM are you looking to use?
  7. Surak, as always ... great work! You really do make it easy to GM these games. Kudo's!
  8. After reading through Rogue Trader, and in particular the Kronus Expanse, I've become intrigued with Port Wander. The "Gateway to the Expanse" is a gem just waiting to be polished and placed in the crown of almost any campaign. A place of desperate hopes and vain dreams; Port Wander teems with a transitory population of traders, spies, merchant factors, pilgrims, and missionaries amongst which move Administratum functionaries and minions of the Mechanicus, all feeding on the riches that flow from the realms beyond the warp storms in the Koronus Expanse. So in your game, what characters, what plots, what contraband and what ships do you have passing through Port Wander?
  9. Khairn

    ikkaans stuff

    VarniusEisen said: wow. i love the galaxy map. it's awesome Agreed! Great picture, and very inspirational!
  10. Great pics! Especially the first one who by virtue of that cable coming out of his skull, has now become the BBEG for a campaign I'm currently running. My deepest thanks.
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