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  1. I'm showing up in costume, not sure if it is really "contest worthy" though....that is assuming I find my lab coat. Bloody thing went missing on me. I intend to be there as Dr. West.
  2. I'll be there sporting a Dr. West costume! I can't wait for this to hit!
  3. I've played an "Omni-game" a couple of times. It can be great, but can get a little hectic depending on what is going on.
  4. Hurt: Shudde M'ell, Frantic isn't better. Hurt: Y'Golonac, My wounds are still bleeding. Heal: Quachil Uttaus. Creating a creepy game is fun for all...but the first player. Last post: Mageith Abhoth 6 Bokrug 7 Chaugnar Faugn 3 Cthugha 4 Cthulhu 6 Eihort 7 Ghatanothoa 9 Glaaki 9 Nyarlathotep 3 Nyogtha 4 Quachil Uttaus 9 Shub-Niggurath 8 Shudde M'ell 7 Y'Golonac 7 Yibb-Tstll 6 Yog-Sothoth 8 Zhar 6 THE BANISHED 18th Tsathoggua 19th Hastur 20th Azathoth 21st Ithaqua 22nd Rhan-Tegoth 23rd Atlach-Nacha 24th Yig
  5. Many Monsters in Kingsport would be a problem for whoever is "rift-guarding" if the start failing sneak checks, delaying the rift explorations. A limit may not be needed as there is already a reason to try to avoid leaving non-elusive monsters in Kingsport. Like the idea, by the way.
  6. We had a player running the game (reading off the cards and shuffling the tokens) so maybe he did his job too well. Between having 3 out of the seven of us have to start new characters and 3 people had gates open beneath them (thankfully coming out BEFORE Patrice looked at Ghatanathoa) we had no time to prepare for final combat and were poorly stocked for the final fight. He awoke with 8 or 9 doom tokens due to too many gates. His -1 success defense is mean...this game hasn't gotten my heart going like that in a while!
  7. Very intriguing...One of my friends who plays lives some 200 miles away. This could be interesting to try. Couldn't work out worse than our Hecatomb card games or Dungeons and Dragons we were playing via a forum.
  8. Just had a brutal game last night and the worst luck imaginable. We were playing the base game + Innsmouth with a scenario one of use cooked up to make the visages trigger more often, by adding the Mask monsters and flipping a visage token each time one was defeated. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. The game was barely underway when the first Mask appeared, Me, playing Skids o'Tool had a few weapons and was looking to spend a few clues to complete my Personal story took on the Bloated Woman. Took her down and flipped the visage token...and had big G staring back at me. DEVOURED. This was the first token flipped that game. Several turns later, Wilson decided to help Trish out with her personal story by picking up a pair of clues so her fail condition wouldn't trigger. Flip a visage and...his face loomed once more. 2nd token flipped that game. DEVOURED. Big G goes 2 for 2. Not too much later, Patrice needed a couple clues to send out to someone who was sealing. Picked up 2...flip the token...and Patrice is no longer with us. DEVOURED. 3 for 3. With that many investigators faultering, Ghatanathoa awoke shortly after from too many gates being open. To add insult to injury the second Epic Battle card was a sinister plot...Cat and Mouse. Back to the visage tokens. First player flips...nothing! For the first time that game, it wasn't his face! Second player flips...and sees the ugly mug of Ghatanathoa. Roland down. We lost that game pretty badly...we got no breaks at all. Total Visage tokens flipped that game: 5 Total times his face was shown: 4
  9. darkkami said: NO NO NO! The rules state in the setup to pick ONE herald. Only exception is Dagon and Hydra. LOL if you want to add more heralds why not just skip the entre and go right for the desert? Play with TWO or more Ancient Ones. Actually two of the Arkham League 2 scenarios do have 2 AOs at the same time... Adding extra heralds is something I'm not against...but I don't think I could handle yet. BG and KiY? Sheesh...just thinking about it makes me cringe.
  10. I've used the Third Eye/Inner Beast/Azure Flame cards. I do like them, but only in certain situation/certain investigators. Ashcan calling up Azure Flames packed a punch. They are very situational, but when that situation comes up they work wonders.
  11. Dam said: noth1ng said: Hmm. What about the Hound of Tindalos? "When it moves the Hound of Tindalos moves directly to the nearest investigator inside a location in Arkham (Other than the Hospital or the Asylum)." Seems it moves to locations only, and not streets - so basically that would mean you're safe from the Hound on the streets? Or should it move into streets, too? Has there been a clarification about this? How do you play? Definately location only for HoT. Especially when you look at Hunting Horror's text (another green-bordered bouncer) "... in a street area or unstable location". Thematicly it makes sense for the Hound to ony appear in Locations, needing specific angles to appear and is less likely to appear on the streets...then again I can't explain the Woods or Unvisited Isle for this one.
  12. That's what my ruling ended up being last night too, but most players agreed I should look into it just in case. it is always pleasing when players don't want the gae too easy. So Norman wasn't devoured, but I hope he learned his lesson about being out with 1 Sanity and 1 Stamina when Lloigors could appear. Thank you!
  13. Fresh off my second Innsmouth game and it left me with one question. When the Lloigor moves does its damage hit the whole neighborhood its in if it is in a location, or just that location and the street? The answer will determine whether Norman survived last night or not...
  14. That is what I got as well. Im pretty sure it was intentional.
  15. Phibby

    Custom Guardians

    @Graksnor: I tried to take an editorial eye to the powers, changing some and removing others. The point of a guardian is not to do the work of the Investigators for them but simply to make it easier for them to do their jobs. For example, the "Light of the Old Ones" Ability doesn't defeat monsters for the investigators, it simply gives them a fighting chance against otherwise super-tough monsters. Same thing with "Gathering of Heroes" - the investigators don't start with any extra allies, they simply won't be denied any allies if given the opportunity to get one. Unlike Bast, who make one investigator super cool, or Nodens and Hypnos, who hapazardly apply their bonuses regardless of need, Merlin is intended from the begining to be equally useful to all investigators but not do too much for them. Btw, the art was stock fantasy poster art I found online. Let me know what you think of this version... Should the Light of the Old Ones ability read "Monsters with Physical Immunity have Physical Resistance" instead of Magical Resisitance?
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