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  1. TheMetal1 said: "Though in an era where people genuinely beleive that "Fox News" is an actual news channel, it is hardly surprising." So...what exactly do mean by this comment and how does this relate to Fortress America? He means that FOX is widely regarded as a thinly veiled engine of right-wing propaganda. He's correct, but off topic.
  2. Steve-O said: Well, FFG is a business like any other - their goal is to make money. I don't think they'd make too many sales if the advertised premise of the game pissed off the majority of their primary customer base. Personally, I'm inclined to put the blame on the society at large, if they're so narrow minded that they can't accept a game that makes them the villains in a hypothetical scenario. (Present company excluded, of course.) I'm also not at all convinced that other countries would treat such a game any differently in the same circumstances. I seem to recall a debacle with China Rails, where the publisher was forced to redraw the board before printing because the original map depicted Thailand as a separate country from China, or something like that (this was a problem since the company printing it was in China.) I'm also reasonably confident that a board game which focused on the Holocaust would have trouble selling in Germany, particularly if it tried to rewrite history concerning the events thereof (I hear it's actually illegal over there to deny that the Holocaust occurred.) Every country has their own issues, particularly with political subjects. You can press forward with your uncensored idea in the hopes that controversy will raise sales, or you can back off and help to assure a more steady income by cow-towing to the majority opinion. FFG has evidently deigned to play it safe with this one. However, this is all just fluff at the end of the day, right? No actual effect on game play mechanics. If you really want to maintain the hardcore "America as villains" theme, I'm sure you can print off a sheet of fluff that promotes that idea yourself and stick it in the box. That way, every time you and your friends play, you can revel in how eeeeeevil America is. Okay, I think you missed the point. I'm not annoyed at the lack of the "hardcore" fluff, I'm annoyed that they even had to change the concept in the first place, no matter what it was. America doesn't care when we go around painting countries like Russia or Germany as being the villains in fictional circumstances, but suddenly it's a big deal when America is the villain? You're right, though. At the end of the day they have to keep business in mind. I just think it's a shame that a tyranny of the majority creates a need to censor creativity.
  3. Until I realized that FFG totally caved into pressure and changed the premise from America being the villains to America just kind of being jerks. FFG wouldn't have had to have done that if ANY other nation had been the bad guys in this scenario, and it feels incredibly wrong that they had to be censored like that.
  4. I honestly can't believe that people are making an issue out of this, the ONE time they release a game where America happens to be the bad guys. And where were these people when DUST was released? Or is it only bad when "we" are the bad guys?
  5. After our first session of Black Crusade I have a few questions about the Medicae skill. My character was injured to the point where he's now in the criticals thanks to a series of attacks that did minor amounts of damage. Can the Medicae skill be rolled for each injury? If not, what other ways can I quickly heal myself outside of infamy points?
  6. It looks like a couple of the stat blocks have minor errors. For example, the Mutant Devotee stats mention a "Venamous Barb" weapon.
  7. I'm seeing repeated references to "primary" melee weapons. Do they mean "primitive" or am I missing something?
  8. The reward of Khorne "Flesh-Fused Weapon" mentions that it may be made into a legacy weapon. But as far as I can see the book makes no further mention of legacy weapons.
  9. brewmaster_vitty said: a high attack score and a weapon, or wear some armor That really only works in the case of Warlocks. Wizards or Wizard/Mentalists shouldn't be spending points on that kind of thing. Anyway! I think that the problem comes from the fact that people expect Wizards to be slinging spells around like a fighter uses combat maneuvers or a technician uses ki techniques. Wizards shouldn't actually be casting that many spells, but the ones that they do cast should be battle-changers. With the exception of Warlocks, magic users aren't meant to be front-liners. And for the life of me, I can't see what's wrong with shields. If anything, I consider shields to be a near-necessity in combat (and certainly one for any magic user intending to be participating in a battle.)
  10. So I've noticed that a number of techniques have "Reduction of ki" as an advantage. But I can't seem to find it under the various optional advantages. Where exactly is it listed?
  11. Last night I was able to get my hands on the Dominus Exxet book, so feel free to ask me questions just as long as it doesn't involve posting whole stat-blocks. I've been reading through the impossible weapons and I'm confused by the weapon Libra. Supposedly it has no base weapon, but it mentions that the abilities of Libra can benefit from quality bonuses. What I'm thinking is that Libra may use any weapon as the "base" weapon, just using the quality bonus from that weapon and placing it's benefits on the Libra stats. So for example a +10 longsword becomes a +10 Libra. Am I wrong in making that assumption?
  12. Exactly, the only time you will ever use anything other than Magic Projection for attacking (or defending if you are using a shield) is if you are a Warlock and you take the module that lets you use your Attack or Dodge/Block in place of Magic Projection.
  13. To attack with a spell you use your Magic Projection. If you're a Warlock and you take the right module you can substitute your Attack for Magic Projection when making an attack, but you never combine the two values. Frankly it sounds like your wizard is misinterpreting the rules for their own benefit.
  14. I thought this might be a good way to get people posting again. Feel free to post artifacts, monsters, or other things created for your Anima games. I'll start with an object created for one of my players, the bladed-whip. Damage: 45, Speed: +15, REQ STR: 6, P/S: Cut/Impact, Type: Special Complex, Trapping (Strength 10), FORT 22, BREAK 6, PRES 70 The bladed-whip can also attack with the Fire type, as it was created from the bones of a fire-elemental.
  15. Fenrisnorth said: Currently playing a Kill Marine, Yes, they are made of Win, they have the perfect blend of stealth and social abilities to function in a real world situation. How often would you say that you use your One Man Kill-team abilities? That's the part that interests me the most.
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