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  1. I think the plot cards they came out with for the GOOs were probably the best way to go. Plot cards that last the entire game wouldn't be a terrible idea either. I was considering making my own that would be specific to each Great Old One and a new piece of story comes out at certain points when doom tokens are added to the GOO sheet. A monster bag of some sort would also be nice. I don't necessarily need a "cup." We use a velvet, drawstring bag of some sort currently. Investigator miniatures would be fun as well. Other than that, I would love to see a custom set of frakkin dice. I'll sometimes go off on rants while we're playing about how terrible the dice are. There should be at least 10 Arkham-themed dice. It's insane that there aren't.
  2. I think a game based on Carnivale would be absolutely amazing. Creatures of Light versus Creatures of Darkness. Searching for a boon, battling Avatars, depression-era dustbowl setting. It could be a character-driven game. It's probably my favorite show ever made. HBO sadly cancelled it 2 seasons in. Good luck obtaining the rights for the game though. However, if there was a game, I'll bet there would be renewed interest in the show and then it could get brought back onto the air.
  3. Is there a list of the scenario chapters somewhere? I'm having trouble finding the story parts of the scenarios.
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