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  1. My view on the expansions has always been that you should only play with one and occationally two at a time. The dillution problem is only really a problem if you play with everything at one. One fun thing that I like doing is playing with only the cards from Dunwich and Kingsport and a few nessesary others (like elder signs) to make it so that things are happening everywhere. I also play with only CotDP and KiY to make the dangers even more painful. I like all of the expansions because it keeps giving options as to how I can play this awesome game.
  2. So it is Saturday and I am posting my vote but first a run down of each of the characters (I am not listing my creation because I think that voting for your own creations is selfish and accomplishes nothing). Harriman Nash: Originality 5 - not the most original investigator ever but not bad. Flavor 9 - in flavor all the way! Function 6 - he needs a bit of work on his abilities. Total Score - 20 Joseph Smith: Originality 7 - You made this guy before the thread even opened. Flavor 4 - his abilities just seem to be function oriented and he seems to only want to succeed at. JtWT Function 7 - His abilities are all geared towards making him a great traitor. Total Score - 16 Samuel Von Junzt: Originality 6 - A hermit character is really cool. Flavor 7 - his abilites seem to make perfect sense for this character and for a traitor. Function 7 - his abilites work great and each strive towords the overall goal. Total Score - 20 Dark Priest of Ebon ........ sorry not as good as your first one and I will only rate one per person Damien: Originality 4- Making this kid isn't the most original idea... cool but not original. Flavor 10 - This kid is so evil it makes me want to cry. all of his abilities are oozing with movie flavor. Function 5 - I'm not completely convinced he makes a great traitor but he is awesome. Total Score - 18 Okey so we have a tie.... I'll give my vote to the more flavorful of the two and the first person to step up to the plate Harriman Nash! I can't wait to see how other people vote!
  3. I like all of the instances of three on this guy. It really hammers the message home about the three heads. I also like the scaling monster abilities. Having him be Physically Immune AND Magically Resistant is kinda harsh especially when you have to remove essentially 39 Doom tokens (by the way extra points for using the word thrice). Possibly have his resistances and immunities scale with the number of doom tokens he currently has left (just add it in to his three headed god ability). It could show each head dying off. Nice pic by the way. It is perfect for this guy and it fits in nicely with the feel of the game. Someone once said to me that having a good picture really makes an AO because no matter how cool your creation is I don't want to face an AO that looks like Donald Duck.
  4. Here is my personal attempt at the traitor character: I also love the idea of having challenges for people on these boards. I can't wait to see the next one!
  5. Here is your character mocked up using Strange Eons:
  6. Having characters that start on other boards might explain why there are 8 more investigators for this expansion then the others. I think that there will probably be a character that starts in the streets. I also want to see what Calvin is like.
  7. Calvin? Is that you Calvin? You look different..... and I don't want to be around you anymore.
  8. This is an awesome expansion! I love CotDP and this is a wonderful sequel. One question though, why are almost all of the custom investigators a few dollars over the spending limit?
  9. This is an easier AO than any of my past creationas but is still interesting to play against.
  10. MrsGamura said: Do you still take the Sanity damage from the Worshippers? If yes will you get to choose the order? Insane/ Other World or Other World/ Insane? One will make you LiTaS and the other at 1 Sanity in the Other World or Arkham Ayslum! Yes you still take the sanity damage and it is applied before being sucked into another world. So if you go insane from the horror check you go to the Asylum. As for the impossible end fight, I made the track that long so that players can hopfully buy a second or third skill. Also Luck seems to be an underused stat for final battles and it is a fairly good stat for many investigators. I found the picture on Deviantart.com (there are so many wonderful pictures on there it is almost a shame that Arkham has such a rigid art style.
  11. Yet another Ancient One from my play group. Enjoy.
  12. Dark Jco.

    Cursed Items

    The major thing about this spell is that it is kinda tempting to use...... Also it is tradeable so if you don't like your fighting character having it you can give it away (seeing as how the term cursed still isn't fully fleshed out and is used in this thread only, if it can't be traded then it will suck). Once this spell is gained you can't be a monster killer anymore without first using this spell. It is deliciously evil. I know the hands useage is weird but this spell isn't used for combat so you can move, get rid of a creature, and continue right on your way. I gave it hands simply so that people didn't cast it in combat but instead before combat. The picture and the quote are both from the Blob re-make I think.
  13. I think the big reason FFG used the "gain" wording as opposed to the "draw" wording was to make the allies feel more like actual people and less like cards.
  14. Dark Jco.

    Cursed Items

    Here is another cursed spell: As for the creature it makes:
  15. Scenario 5....... Where is Michael McGlen?!?!? Calvin will be lost without his mentor in mafia madness. I guess Leo Anderson will have to start an expedition to find the frozen fighter. Unfortunately Calvin cannot join Mr. Anderson (matrix jokes are not setting appropriate, I know, but funny for this situation none the less) on this trip. Joe Diamond is very nice to see on this list and might be a good replacement for the everpresent gangster but alas Calvin cannot join him either. Bob Jenkins seems like he would be nice enough to show Calvin around and Calvin might show the salesman how to become a terrific monster slayer. It seems that the choices for Calvin carriers is slim but it is also scary to see that the number of Unique Items to go around is also lacking. Maybe pairing Calvin with "The Great" Drake, Sister Mary, or "Ashcan" Pete would help them avoid the 4 toughness cultists! So once again we ask "What to do with Calvin?"
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