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  1. I think the plan is to wait until we see 2nd edition, then work out which nights are best. 


    I think for me, most of the time, Mondays and Thursdays are best. I can play anywhere in the metro, but FFGGC, Level Up and the Source are probably easiest. 

  2. Reez-zource? What's all that aboot, eh ?


    We kid because we love (I listen to 2 conquest podcasts and 1 invasion podcast. There's at least one Canadian host in all 3. 3 podcasts; 7 total hosts/co-hosts; 4 of them Canadian. I love you guys....jealous of that poutine stuff!)

    Yeah, love the podcast. Just get a kick out of difference in how different cultures pronounce words in the same language. ;)

  3. We already have an exterminatus card, wich is about blowing up a planet. I'm pretty sure they can work in titans somehow.


    "Clavigera" Warhound titan


    Unique Army Unit

    SM/AM faction

    Cost 10

    2 Command icons.


    Titan. Elite.


    One per deck.

    No wargear attachments.


    Armour bane.

    Voidshields. (You may use non-shield cards in your hand as if they were shield cards to prevent damage assigned to this unit. Treat cards discarded this way as if they had shield icons equal to their cost.)



     Only think is that any unit with 10/8 on it's own is pretty broken.  One turn swat of any Warlord.


    I mean, Goff Nob + Cybork Body is pretty strong but then you toss on 4 more attack and two sweet abilities...yikes.

  4. Well, I was playing VS a good mono Ork deck tonight that was formidable. We played 5 times, I think I won 3-2 with SM/Tau.


    All wins on both sides were pretty lopsided. 


    The more I play, the more decks I see the more I think that some factions are not as strong as people think and some are not as weak as people think.


    I think Ork can do well VS SM, maybe not great against DE.

  5. The old leadership thing? Do you mean the Nightswatch program, or the sweet old leaderboards that showed the points you earned with various houses? Man, I miss both of those.


    As for history.... well... I mention it often enough on the podcast and whatnot that I won't detail the years too heavily, but I started playing in the fall of 2002, just as I started college, just after reading the novels that summer, and just after Westeros Edition itself came out. I had noticed a blurb for the game in Inquest and convinced my good gaming buddy, Andy, to give it a go. We picked up a starter for Lannister and Baratheon respectively, and the game sunk it's hooks very deeply into me. For the first several years of the game, Joplin, MO had a very active playgroup that we participated in with tournaments monthly.


    As the years went by, people gradually dropped out, as life took over, and I migrated to playing with Dobbler and a couple other folks in Springfield. Not too long afterward, the LCG relaunch hit, and after a lean year, we were able to capture some new blood. Eventually, Dobbler, Zeiler, and myself started up a podcast. The years have waxed and waned since then, good friends who played the game have passed away (Andy and NDN), but I keep trucking along because this community is so amazing.


    Cheers to 2ED. The King is dead, long live the King!

    I was talking about the old Leaderboard, where you'd send in tournament results and they'd rank players buy points or some such. That was the early days of the game.

  6. I just thought with a new addition coming out that we could have a thread that discusses the history of the game since it all started with Westeros Edition in 2002.


    I was thinking of stuff more along the lines of stories about your meta, players, cards/sets ....ect.


    As for my local meta:

    Twin Cities Area


    Not entirely sure who/where it started but I know it was shortly after the first set was out and I believe that Rob (Used to go by Sir Robb on the old forums), Little Finger, and HoseJuan were probably among the earliest members. I started playing just around the time of the Sea of Storms and came across the group playing at The Source.


    From there the group grew, I think somewhere around 10-12 regulars (IIRC) and we started playing at Phoenix Games in Minneapolis and Village Games in Anoka as well. At it's height (whcih I would put around the middle/end of Valaryian)we jad as many as 3 tournaments in a week locally, most weeks.  We also traveled frequently to other Metas. There was one in Cambridge (about 30 minutes north), one in Shakopee (about 20 minutes south) and one in Rochester (little over an hour south).


    We would travel on weekends to Rochester to play frome time. Rochester happens to be the home of the world's tallest AGOT player Igor who stands 7'8". Though, I don't think he plays anymore.


    Toward the end of Winter block we started losing people (some to online games I believe) and by the time the LCG came out, the Meta was mostly inactive from what I can tell.


    People can fill in where I missed.


    During our time were lucky to be sort of the home meta for the FFG guys, we would occaisionally have Nate, Casey, and Eric Lang show up and play. Some of the players were playtesters and played the FFG guys a lot.


    I'm also old enough (age and game wise) to remember that old leaderboard thing they had when the game started up.


    Anyway, I'm hoping with 2nd edition we can revive the local meta some.


  7. Looking to revive this long running meta.


    We used to have guys like Sir Robb, HoseJuan and others  that were very good players and fun to hang out with. Would like to build something like that again here in the Twin Cities.


    I would be open to playing on Thursdays, at the Level Up, Mead Hall, FFG Game Center, the Soruce or anywhere in the metro people would like to play.


    I live out in Hutchinson but am in town on Thursdays so can really only play then and sometimes on weekends.

  8. I think a lot of people are getting their undies in a bunch about the new addition but not about rotation.


    It makes no sense. If you are OK with rotation you should also be OK with a 2nd edition. Rotation will make many of your current cards useless anyway, so really going to a new edition isn't much of a difference.


    If they had just gone with rotation and left everything else alone a huge part of the cardpool would rotate out immediately anyway. Sure, with the new edition even more cards will be useless but for a game that went from smooth and elegant when I picked up the first release of the CCG to now being this clunky thing being crushed under it's own weight, it was well over do.

  9. I may be getting back in on this with the new edition.



    I started playing way back when the CCG version came out. Used to play a lot with our local meta (Sir Robb, Hosejaun and the other playtesters), had a core group of 10-12 guys that'd travel to tournaments all over the state and in WI. It was/is a great game, we just lost a lot of local players and didn't have anyone to play with so I got out around the LCG time.


    Anyway, I plan on getting back in and hopefully restarting the Twin Cities Meta.

  10. Hard to take the results too seriously. The game is so knew a good number of players there had probably hardly played the game much.


    IMO, I think that Dark Eldar did so well because a lot of players who've played the game a lot played them and also, the playstyle of Dark Eldar is a little more involved/less obvious.


    SM did well because they are strong and straight forward to play.


    I think it came down to there being a lot of people still learning the game, the "ace" players tended to gravitate to Dark Eldar more, and SM being strong.


    IMO, SM is hands down the best build right now but in the hands of a good player the Dark Eldar can be very good as well.


    Not to say that the two guys in the finals are not good players, obviously you have to be pretty good to beat out 120 other players. Strong Deck+Strong player.

  11. You can catch us on the Twin Cities Warhammer 40k: Conquest Page as well.


    Casual Play/Competive Deck Tuning

    Thursday 11/13

    FFG Game Center



    Warhammer 40k Conquest Tournament

    Sunday, 11/16

    Mead Hall Games



    Casual Play/Deck Tuning

    Monday 11/14

    Tower Games

    4pm until people decide to leave. (I will be ther until about 6:30)



    Well crap, posted it in the wrong forum. If any mods see this (not likely) please move to organized play forum.



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