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  1. M44C

    Twin Cities, MN

    I think the plan is to wait until we see 2nd edition, then work out which nights are best. I think for me, most of the time, Mondays and Thursdays are best. I can play anywhere in the metro, but FFGGC, Level Up and the Source are probably easiest.
  2. Yeah, nothing like a weenie KOing a fatty....lol
  3. I think there is a good chance they are in the game in some form. I would think AM most likely with their own Warlord and some supporting cards.
  4. We had another 6 people this week, including two new players. See you all in two weeks.
  5. I still have AGOT CCG cards that I play once in a while with my cousin who also has those cards. Keep them, maybe you'll want to play once in a while for old times sake.
  6. Yeah, love the podcast. Just get a kick out of difference in how different cultures pronounce words in the same language.
  7. One thing I've found out from this podcast is that Canucks pronounce "resource" funny.. Down here we say it like, RE-source. Apparently you guys say it , "reez zource".
  8. Yeah, that was a great podcast. Loved all the info on 2ed. Good job guys.
  9. We will be gathering again Thursday ~6 FFG Game Center, some may be there earlier.
  10. Still OP with Voidshields. I think you probably have to have one or the other ability, but not both. Maybe you could get away with Voidshields(1). Maybe have Armorbane and an ability that they non-Vehicle units cannot damage a Titan or non-vheicles do half damage.
  11. Only think is that any unit with 10/8 on it's own is pretty broken. One turn swat of any Warlord. I mean, Goff Nob + Cybork Body is pretty strong but then you toss on 4 more attack and two sweet abilities...yikes.
  12. Well, I was playing VS a good mono Ork deck tonight that was formidable. We played 5 times, I think I won 3-2 with SM/Tau. All wins on both sides were pretty lopsided. The more I play, the more decks I see the more I think that some factions are not as strong as people think and some are not as weak as people think. I think Ork can do well VS SM, maybe not great against DE.
  13. M44C

    Twin Cities, MN

    Cool, I play Conquest there most Thursdays now but if people show up for AGoT 2nd ed I will be down for that as well.
  14. Not sure how they'd be able to represent them in the game without imbalance happening or the card being so high of a cost that they'd be useless.
  15. I was talking about the old Leaderboard, where you'd send in tournament results and they'd rank players buy points or some such. That was the early days of the game.
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