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  1. Hi Quick question. Do Master Key Cards, or Quest item cards count towards the carry limit?
  2. I've been away from the forums a bit and wow... this thread is still alive We've actually house ruled the crap out of the rumors. Here's what we're doing: - Quests are decided randomly throughout the campaign (to prevent snowballing) - At the start of the campaign 3 rumor quests are added to the quests that can randomly be played (so Campaign Act I quests + those 3 rumors). The OL is given 3 rumor event cards into his hand. If they state a rumor card has to be played then another rumor quest is added to the available quests pool. No threat is gained from played rumors this way. This is also a way to provide the OL with a bit more power, having those 3 events in his hand right away. - We then draw a random quest from the pool. Can't play two rumors in a row. - Regular campaign quests are played with the standard ruling. - Rumor quests provide the heroes with the full gold at the end. The OL gets 1 threat token at the start of every hero turn, ignoring the start of the game turn. We've capped threat gained this way up to 10. He still gains threat through other normal means. We're still at the start of our campaign so I can't really provide proper feedback to these rulings. We've only done the Intro and a Rumor right after that so far. I'll come back and provide feedback once our campaign is finished. This ruling requires an Agent deck tho, not sure how I would do it if threat wasn't an available resource.
  3. Thanks for you input, I really appreciate it. Your opinion is very solid and your statement: gave me smile because you got the point I'm going for. I want the rumors to actually matter and have an impact on the campaign. Letting the winner choose between a relic or the bounty I hope will tone down the reward a bit and not make it over the top rewarding if they got both. As for the heroes incentive for choosing to play the rumors, you're right, there isn't much, unless they lost a lot of quests and want to mitigate losses with the bounty. But since it is the OL choice to play them, I feel there has to be some sort of front up advantage for him to want to play them, and it's the heroes role to trump him playing the quest. Of course if the OL start winning from the start, he won't have much of an incentive himself to allow heroes to play a rumor and let the heroes get the bounty, so I would have to work on that still.
  4. I've been thinking about a way to bring the rumors into play and I've come up with an idea that might balance both rumors and the campaign they are played in. So basically my idea is: - Loosing side picks the next quest to be played - No gold is gained from search cards in rumor quests - For every quest/rumor the heroes loose, 50 gold is added to a "bounty" pool. For every quest/rumor the OL looses, 2 threat is added to the "bounty" pool. (Still unsure if 2 threat isn't too much, altho it is an incentive for the OL to play the rumors, since they depend on him to be played). - After the completion of a rumor quest, the winning side can choose between taking the regular rumor reward or the amount that is in their bounty pool, gold for heroes or threat for the OL. The amounts on the bounty pool accumulate for each loss, hopefully providing a balance to the campaign through rumors, since the reward for the side with more losses will be greater. What do you guys think of this? I'm starting a new campaign today and was thinking of trying this out and see how it works, but I would welcome any ideas to improve on this. Cheers
  5. Hello everyone. After being away from Descent for a bit, me and my group are starting a new campaign soon with expansions I've recently acquired. I would really like to use everything the expansions through in, including rumour quests, but as the Overlord I've read time and time again they aren't even worth playing. I was wondering if someone has come up with a good house rule for Rumour Quests and making them balanced. To be honest, and from my own understanding, even with Lieutenant decks, which I will be using, the regular rules don't really seem to pay off for the Overlord, so I was hoping someone had come up with a good rule idea for their own campaign that they can share. Cheers
  6. Ok thanks I guess their lower damage output is self balancing by itself
  7. Hey guys! So me and my group are going through our first campaign and of course some questions have been coming up. We're headed into the last quest from the 1st act and it's probably going to be Death on the Wing. Upon reading the 2nd encounter tho, there's a detail that seems odd. The rules about the guards say: Treat them as hero figures with the following exceptions: they cannot recover health, are immune to conditions and pass every attribute test. Each guard on the same tile as either a hero or a monster activates at the end of the last hero turn each round... and then some other details. So the issue I see here is that the OL can simply pick a ranged group for the waterfall area and camp them at the entrance of the Gatehouse tile and shoot the guards without them ever activating, is that right? Is this intended? Or does the fact that they are treated has hero figures also triggers the rule that lets them activate with a hero on the same tile? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, i'm a beginning player for Descent 2nd Edition and a few times this has come up in my group. Ability's like the Master Goblin Witcher that states: Move each adjacent Cursed hero up to 2 spaces in any direction of your choice. My question regarding this has to do with terrain features, If I put a hero on a lava space, does he die? If I want to move him into water, can I move him 2 spaces as stated on the text, or does this move also spend movement points, thus allowing me to move him only 1 space through water? Cheers!
  9. Hey just bringing an update for my initial question. Got an official response from FFG. Q: Hello, I have a question regarding the Twin Idols map. In encounter 1 it is stated monsters can pick up the Idol objective marker from an adjacent space. But in encounter 2 of the same map, it isn't stated where the Totems can be picked up from. Do heroes and monsters have to pick up the objective markers for the totems on the space the marker is in, or can they also pick it from adjacent spaces? A: In keeping with the nature of Encounter 1, it should be picked up from adjacent spaces. So it seems it can be picked up ONLY from adjacent spaces just like in encounter 1.
  10. Hey, I'm a new player and I'm actually excited by this news! Can anyone provide a link for this announcement please? I'd like to see if there's a bit more info about this, price or date for this re-release. Anyway awesome news!
  11. Awesome, thank you for your reply. Seems like we did play it as intended then. Seemed a bit strong to have a speed 5 monster in that encounter, with Dash it's pretty much game if she manages to get her hands on the Totem. I'll try and ask FFG for the location where the totem can be picked up and report the answer later on. All and all it was a fun learning experience for a first game. Thanks again!
  12. Hello everyone. I've recently acquired Descent 2nd Edition and we choose for our first play the Twin Idols map. Some questions arose when we got to the 2nd Encounter of this map. The main one being with picking up an Objective Marker. Are we supposed to treat these markers like all search markers, meaning, we can pick these up from adjacent spaces, or do we have to stand on them to be able to pick them up? The second question that came up was with monsters carrying the objective marker. In the first encounter it said in the special rules that monsters carrying the Idol could only perform one action per turn. On the second encounter, monster have to carry a Totem. So we played with different rules and monsters could have the totem and perform two move actions. This lead to Lady Farrow just grabbing it, surviving the first attack turn and then just making a run for it. Is this as intended?
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