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  1. thats exactly what i mean too. Tannhäuser is not your game, accept it. And lets hope ffg dont changes the core of the game. That means PATHFINDING COMBAT SYSTEM and so on
  2. Eddie said: Chimaera said: For setup time: I simply bagged all tokens together with the corresponding figure. One bag for each. Yes, I used a lot of zip locks, but it saves a lot of time. We are doing the same and its fasten the setup very well. I need no cards, because you need more space on the table for cards
  3. Torbal said: Here's another idea: as a compromise on those who like the Pathfinder System versus a more open map, FFG could do what has been done with Classic Battletech: write a companion set of rules for playing TH as a regular miniatures game without set-piece maps. (Yes, we can do this ourselves with some simple measurement conversions, but an official version would potentially make the game more appealing to those who presently don't play the game.) Me and my group are playing TH now as an Tabletop. Were using the Necromunda Rules (a GW Skirmish Tabletop).A few changes on weapons and equipment and you can put the reich, union and matriarchy in.I´ve wrote 3 Army Lists for every faction and we love the game. Much more tactical options and story and its also looks better.The scale is the same as in Necromunda and the rules are free to download. When we have no much time we play on the TH maps and its as funny as ever. I need only more MAPS!!!
  4. Happy B-Day prophecy. thanks ;-) is there any way for you guys buying from amazon germany? wolf and all the other characters are for sale for "only" 8,95€ (i think 11 Dollars).
  5. oh man, i would get very very ..ahm...forget it
  6. i dont understand why wolf is not for sale in u.s. here in germany we can buy him for 8.95€, like all the other chars. why is wolf so hot? only in u.s. or elsewhere too?
  7. ive bought him and still waiting for the postman My favorite Opponent is my wife (but she s playing with really joy and fun) and i will report the job of ramirez as soon as he appears. Ive bought Yula too (i m playing the germans in most games). At the Moment there are 3 Wins for the Union, 2 for the Reich and 1 for the Matriachy
  8. if you dont like the game, dont play it. I think you expecting something from Tannhäuser that isnt in the game, but thats not TOYs fault or someone elses. The game you looking for is not tannhäuser i think. But i hope it will be eventually (with second edition from ffg) i like the game and its style. You are expecting to much maybe because you like the background or the artwork and tannhäuser is giving you not right that. Tannhäuser is a single story in a huge universe and dont want to be more, just a fun-giving shooter/miniature game with expendable equipment. I like the background myself but i dont blame the game for not having enough fluff factor. I guess many people wanted more of the tannhäuser world in the boardgame, but thats okay because the story is awesome.
  9. no extra "powers" are allowed with the BEWARE! option. only normal shot daedalus is not for sale yet in europe (germany) can any of you tell me, whats in the box or how the game is like? New figures, factions ect?
  10. I like the PS System too. The room is small and thats good because you have only 5 miniatures (often fewer because some of them will die) and so all of them are in the middle of the game and there is no need to walk and walk all over the time to get into the battle. You can block an entrance with only one figure because of the Pathes and i think this is the idea of the game. But i also wish i had more maps to play but 3 of them are okay (with novgorod expansion) for the moment. I dont like the story mode, its boring and there is no story. The most games with my group are capture the flag, Domination and King of the hill. We also have some house rules. 1. grenades CAN be thrown in an occupied space (there is no serious reason why not) 2. Every team has an BEWARE! Token. When a charakter moves and does nothing else, he can put an BEWARE! Token on his figure. Whenever an enemy Figure moves on the Path of the BEWARE!-Charakter this charakter can make a range attack (only Pistols, Automatics and Heavy Weapons are allowed)The use of an BEWARE! Token costs a Victory Point
  11. Hi, before i start i have to apologize my bad english( I ´m from germany). These are the things, i wish to change/corrected, some of them i already changed by myself 1. I dont like the counterattack rules, because nobody in my playgroup used them and i think they are to weak to paying a VP for I like the Alertness! option from Doom, the Boardgame,so i created a houserule for putting them into TH. When a character ends his/her movement he/she can give up his/her action to put an Alertness! token under the figure. Whenever an Enemy crosses the Path of the Alerntess-Figure, the Alertness Token can be activated and the character can make a range attack. This is only allowed with common ranged weapons (like Pistols, Automatics, Heavy) but not with Magnificators, Dooms Evas Whip, grenades,sha-na-ra ect. When a character uses his Alertness! he/she must pay 1 VP for this action. I put this rule in, because i think, the most problems in the game are running from an enemy and getting out of his range. But normally a soldier prepare for fire when he hears an near enemy. I liked this option in doom and so i wanted it in TH(but with the Payment of 1VP, because every Char want to make Alertness rather than normal attacks i guess). 2. I dont like the story mode a much, because it is only a deathmatch and the story is not really in the game setting. Scenarios are cool, but the story mode has to be a main part i think, so it have to be more Storylike. In my group, we play the story part like this. Every put his Primary/Secondary Token on the board like normal. Every token has its own skill-to-accomplish like in the normal game mode. But every skill needs a special action, like in a movie, to accomplish the goal. For example, an Engineer/Cold Blooded Goal: To accomplish the Ingeneer Mission, the character has to really repair/mod an device. The cold Blooded Mission need a "Mind" check or something. Here is a table, i created, which sets up the required Items/Checks/actions for every Mission Before the game starts, every Player looks at his Primary token and search for the matching entry in the table, for his goals.(Every Faction has his own tables, i dont finished them yet, because we have too few tst matches played yet.) Example Table Reich 1. Reason(dunno the english translation)/weaponry (same) The Germans have to decrypt an coded weapon plan and destroy the existing one. To decrypt the plan, the character have to make a Mind Skill Check with a difficulty of 6+(he/she still needs the Mind Talent)When the character succeeds to decrypt the plan before it is destroyed, the reich gets 3 Victory Points To destroy it, the char must have the Weaponry Talent and have to plant explosives (give up an action). In the next round,after the characters movement, an explosion will destroy the place with the token (just like an Dynamite-Explosion i.e. 2 Auto-Wounds ect.)unless the character is killed (he posseses the timer).When the reich destroys the place, they gain 3 VPs. Example of an secondary Mission Slight at Hand (dunno, you know what i mean): the reich has to pass a security system with defensive Weapons, to dismantle them The character must have the required Skill and make a Movement Skill Check of 6+. If he/She fails, he/she suffers One Wound, and can try it again in the next round.When the test succeeds in the first try, the reich gains 2 VP, for every other try, only 1VP. Every Character can still buy Skills, like in the core Rules. If you are interested, i can post more mission Goals and rules. What are your thoughts about my house rules?
  12. Hi, iam looking for AGOT Players from germany/Berlin I´ve got the Core Set but dont played it yet, so i have to look for other Players here, because the forums from Germany are much too small. Maybe the new LCG Form will give the game a new Upcoming and i´ll try to push this a litle bit.
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