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  1. Just want to say thanks to all the community who came to the Colorado Regionals yesterday and seemed for the most part to shun the NymRanda final form list. Only two showed up, those two did make top 16 for the cut, played each other in round 8, the NymRanda list which won that round eventually lost in the championship game. I was glad I didn't have to play against it all day and I had a blast with all of my opponents, so a heart felt thank you for keeping X-Wing fun. Results are in Juggler and lists are being added. http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3886
  2. One other point for the which rules have higher priority is from page 2 in the Rules Reference. "If a rule in this guide contradicts the Learn to Play booklet, the rule in this guide takes priority. Card abilities can override the rules listed in this guide." So Rules Reference can override the Learn to Play. Cards can override the rules in the Rules Reference. Following that line of logic I assume the FAQ rules them all.
  3. Okay digitalbusker I can see that but the ability on thread tracers explicitly states that "friendly ships at Range 1 - 2 of you may acquire a target lock on the defender." In the play book it says the the Acquire a target lock action has range requirement. Which one trumps? I see both sides of the coin now because bullet point 4 of the FAQ was pointed out to me.
  4. Alright one more wrinkle to smooth out. In the Rules Reference page 3 under Acquire A Target Lock bullet 4 states: If an ability instructs a ship to "acquire a target lock" [Note: this is the exact wording on XX-23 S-Thread Tracers] this is different then performing an acquire target lock action. The ship acquires the target lock without performing an action, and it may do so even if it has already performed the acquire a target lock action this round. So which is it? It isn't the action (see above). So does it need to go through the algorithm of the action and adhere to the 1-3 range restriction... Still confused... Trying to follow the rules.
  5. I played with some players new to X-Wing over the weekend. They only had the new core rule book and were measuring at all points during the turn. I told them that it wasn't allowed by the rules. To which they replied it wasn't precluded in the rules. I have searched the new Learn to Play and Rules Reference Book and wasn't able to find it there. I hope I am missing something and I am wrong about this because I don't want to have to point the new players to the FAQ. Have I just missed it, can you point me to where it is?
  6. Only when optional when there is "may' in on the card. Therefore, Enhanced Scopes is not optional. However predator is optional.
  7. Okay the FAQ has laid out the 3 cases in which a ship can hit a Conner Net. I will do these in reverse order because the last case I present is where I have the question. First the wording on the cards: Conner Net Upgrade Card - "When a ship’s base or maneuver template overlaps this token, this token detonates" Wording on Bomb reference card #3 - Conner Net Token: When this bomb token detonates, the ship that moved through or overlapped this token suffers 1 damage, receives 2 ion tokens, and skips its "Perform Action" step. Then discard this token. Ion Token reference card - Activation Phase: The owner moves the ship as if it were assigned a white 1 straight maneuver. After executing this maneuver, remove all ion tokens from the ship. It may preform actions as normal. With the above preamble onto the FAQ: Case 3: If a ship is ionized, executes its white 1 straight maneuver, and overlaps a Conner Net, all ion tokens are discarded at the end of the maneuver (including those received from Conner Net). My response: Makes sense no problems here. The ship runs over the token with it's maneuver takes 1 damage collects its 2 ion tokens immediately. Then after executing that maneuver removes all tokens per the Ion Token reference card. Following through on the card, the ship is then able to preform actions. Case 2: "If a Conner Net is dropped overlapping a ship and immediately detonates, and that ship has activated this phase, that ship suffers the effects of being ionized next turn and does not skip any “Perform Action” step." My response: Okay this all follows perfectly. Case 1: "If a Conner Net is dropped overlapping a ship and immediately detonates, and that ship has not yet activated this phase, that ship executes the maneuver on its dial as normal and skips its “Perform Action” step." My response: Okay I think there are some holes here. As I understand it, the ship should take 1 hit and 2 ion tokens per the Bomb Tokens reference card when it detonates. Yes this pilot can do his maneuver on the dial and skip its "Perform Action" step the specific upgrade card super cedes any of the other rules or reference material. My opponent said that they just receives the penalty of not having the "Perform Action" step. He said that he wouldn't be ionized for his next turn's maneuver because the FAQ would have specifically pointed it out as it does in Case 2 above. My argument was the only way to remove Ion Tokens is to complete a 1 straight maneuver during the next "Activation Phase". If this ruling on the upgrade card super cedes completely, does my opponent even take the 1 damage? Is it true the only penalty in this case is just to lose your action?
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