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  1. Viper114 said: I've been reading the rules, getting ready to demo the game for our store, but I have a question regarding how each player gets new units during the game. I know there are Order cards that allow players to get things like Imperial Army, Imperial Tanks, Titans, Cultists and Daemons, but how about Space Marines on either side? There doesn't seem to be any indication about getting more of them. And is there any way to get any units outside of Order cards? And in the first scenario, it shows the Imperial player having all five Heroes, but the Traitor player only having Horus, Angron and Mortarion. Where are Fulgrim and Magnus? Do they have the ability to show up later or what? tech7's response about heroes is all the info you need on that matter. As for Space Marines, all of the loyalist marines will be on the table according to the setup diagram (assuming Brother vs. Brother). The Traitor Marines can be brought down using Port Landing and Drop Pod cards. Port Landing allows you to place 6 "ranks" of units in a friendly or neutral space port I IIRC (12 "ranks" if played from the strategic map) and Drop Pods allow you to place up to 3 units of Space Marines and/or Thunderhawks. These cards are key in allowing the Traitor player to bring his forces into play. Also as tech7's rulebook quote shows, these are two of the ways reserved Heroes are brought into play.
  2. I don't think splitting the forces that way would actually work within the rules. If I was in a situation where more than two people wanted to play, especially inexperienced players, I would just have multiple people on each side. This way you have a "war council" which makes decisions about how to spend initiative, what combat cards to play, etc. It isn't exactly like everyone has a separate faction or group that they control, but at least everyone is involved and has a say in what happens.
  3. Marcin Przybyłek said: Veldrin, do you think that drybrushing alone, without basecoating would do the job? I was thinking of the gray minis. It is difficult to add a proper drybrushing colour to them... White? Personally I would spray them white and use washes which looks way better than drybrushing IMO and is just as easy. Back on topic though, I should be receiving my copy tomorrow, but probably won't be able to get a game in until the following week. At least I will have some time to work out the rules with the actual pieces in front of me which is nice.
  4. Haynams said: With the impending release of what I hope to be the penultimate W40K experience, I want to ask folks how they got involved in W40K to begin with? I unknowingly became addicted to GW's games with Heroquest. I received it for my 9th Birthday from my parents and the expansions from an uncle. My brothers and I were hooked instantly. I didn't know about Warhammer itself at this time and wasn't exposed until a few years later when a friend of mine brought a fishing tackle box over filled with all these neat little metal models. He had been collecting a Chaos Marine army and I found the miniatures to be absolutely intriguing. I ended up getting involved with a few other friends and as the 3rd edition of Warhammer 40k was just about to come out I waited for the new starter set and started collecting Dark Eldar. Years later I am still playing/collecting/painting and love the hobby immensely. I was extremely excited when FFG teamed up with GW to release games as boardgames using GW's IPs were something I missed from the 90s. They haven't disappointed so far and Horus Heresy looks to be the best game yet to come out of this union. I have the game on preorder and am anxiously awaiting getting my hands on this bad boy. My younger brother is going to be in town in a few weeks and I really hope I can get this game on time to replay one of the greatest stories from the Warhammer 40k background.
  5. Allavandrel said: There are wordings that suggest that the fourth supplement is a bestiary ... greed and lust .... = slaanesh ... foul promises made with foulsome things = chaos worshipping ... scurrying of vermin ... = skaven ... stench of dead things ... = undead Good catch, I am now more inclined to believe that it is infact a bestiary.
  6. Obviously Ekek and Herr Arnulfe both have different preferences when it comes to movement systems. I seriously don't have a problem with that at all. I do however have a problem with people trying to say that the system is incapable of dealing with more complex situations b/c I don't think that is the case at all. If you don't like the system and don't want to play the game that is fine too. I don't see the need for any further discussion if that is the case.
  7. Ekek said: There are bunch of good ideas here. However, it sounds like a bunch of situational, off the cuff rules and modifiers. One way to help would be a web-article with "official" abstract movement rules/modifiers/suggestions. A quick reference sheet that gives guidelines on common terrain issues. IMO the situational off the cuff rules and modifiers is why the system is so great and easy to use. An official list (like every other RPG) would just bog it down. I don't want to have to memorize an arbitrary list of modifiers just to play the game and would hate to have to stop to look them up. The great thing about this system is there is nothing stopping you from making your own list if that is what you want.
  8. The difference in my two stance dice sets were negligible at best, although I can't complain about more dice. However, I wish I had extra characteristic dice as one of mine looks like someone used an airbrush to spray a white dot right above on of the hammers .
  9. Herr Arnulfe said: That wouldn't take into account the elevated roof of the barge, the mast, the crates stacked on the foredeck (which could be used either for cover or high ground) and the chaotic close-quarters scrum that ensued once a few of the mutants managed to get onboard. There was also a "drift" mechanic that affected the barge's movement if at least one PC didn't continue poling every round. I like to put a lot of time into making my fights tactically interesting. No offense, but your 5-minute alternative wouldn't measure up. Actually you could take a lot of that into account, just use a map or the terrain. It is up to the players to use what is availble, such as the crates or the elevation of the roof, to thier advantage (perform a stunt card). I am sorry that my alternative wouldn't "measure up," but your example is laughably complex for what I am looking for in an RPG. Like I said before, if I wanted to play a tactical miniatures game I would do so.
  10. Herr Arnulfe said: valvorik said: I agree that if you want a very terrain-rich game that the system doesn't work for you but you can bring a bit of terrain in easily. Oh, abstract movement is perfectly fine for having a couple of terrain pieces. Where it breaks down is when you have a gang of mutants circling the PCs' barge on rowboats, throwing grapples and boarding from different sides as the PCs run around trying to repel them, meanwhile a Necron Heavy Destroyer is following behind the barge hacking at its rudder with a 2-handed axe. Add in the shallows that need to be navigated, and the limited light radius from the lantern hung on the bow, and it gets pretty complex. In a fight like that, placing chits between each combatant to indicate relative ranges is actually more work than measuring movements. Lol, this example illustrates exactly why I don't play other RPGs, I would never want to be the GM that has to run something like that. I am sure there would be a satisfactory way to handle a similar situation within the WFRPv3 ruleset without getting into such intricate detail. Which IMO bogs down the game and prevents it from actually being fun. If you like these kinds of things then maybe stay away from this game, but I will leave my measuring for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. On a side note, what is a Necron Heavy Destoryer doing attacking their barge and how does it use a 2-handed axe if one of its arms is a gun? LOL. Edit: Ok, I have been thinking about your situation, you could easily make the barge itself a terrain card or give it attributes as such. As a note, anything I say below is just off the cuff, I am sure it could be modified easily. We could say the barge counts as medium range to move from one side to the other (so two maneovres to engage someone coming over the rails). Then we could say it is long range from stem to stern. If you layout your range markers it shouldn't be to hard to move around without having a problem. Your navigation could be done by whoever is steering the ship. Have them take an appropriate skill check anytime they get near the shallows and use a progress tracker to increment when the ship moves (every 3rd space counts as shallows or something more irregular). If there is low light then have characters add misfortune dice when appropriate. So you see, it really wouldn't be hard to do as that literally took me a minute to think up (although it is a little rough and could be fine tuned). The great thing about the system is that it is so open and I don't have to worry about all these little details as the system can handle them quite well with a few guidelines put in place, some skill checks, and some modifiers that I can determine all on the fly.
  11. I wouldn't say that it is surprising it sold out. For one, FFG is notorious for not printing enough copies to meet demand. Whether this is due to their manufactoring process, or b/c of their brand of marketing (see Nintendo with the Wii's marketing) I have no idea. Secondly, even if something has a lot of negativity around it on the internet does not mean that is the norm. People are more prone to spewing their hate for things over the internet than saying how much they like something. This is why there are things like edition wars for board/card/roleplaying/minatures games, console wars, etc. People will always have their opinion and love to tell others why they are wrong. We all post here discussing the game, but you don't see a whole lot of posts about "OMG I want to have a baby with this game!" Sure, you will see positive reviews from time to time, but you are much more likely to see some troll pop in and say how much they can't stand the new edition. Being regular participants in this community it is understood that we do enjoy this game and there is really no need to continously say that we do, just being here is enough. That is why you get such a lopsided view of how many people like/dislike certain things. The haters are always louder.
  12. Sunatet said: Enigmatic at best. But if I had to guess: 1. The Gathering Storm (we already know about it) 2. Game Master Toolkit, and maybe Players Handbook 3. Magic Compedium 4. Bestiary ? I agree with all of these, except for 4 maybe. The last one is the hardest to figure out IMO. A bestiary would be useful, but there isn't enough variance in the descriptions to point towards one. If I had to guess I would say another Campagin/Adventure set or Sourcebook centered around the Skaven. Personally I hope it is another Campaign as I am not a big fan of sourcebooks (well for warhammer mainly as there is so much information and books out there already). No matter what the 4th product is, the other three (if they are correct) would be very welcome addittions.
  13. Suprisingly as mainly a miniatures wargamer, I love the abstract movement. One of my biggest complaints about other RPGs is that I really don't have the time or desire to make one-off terrain pieces or spend hours making maps for playing online. Plus, I have always found the standard movement systems to be somewhat archaic and cumbersome. WFRP is much more streamlined and it shows. That doesn't mean I don't love the look of models on the table however. There is nothing wrong with using models to represent characters and npcs while also using terrain. As the ranges are abstract YOU can decide how far everything is without worrying about setting up this piece 4 spaces right of the wall and 2 spaces down from the stone column, and that piece here blah blah blah, you see what I mean. But to each his own. If you really wanted to use one of the more literal systems I doubt it would be too hard to convert.
  14. Sunatet said: Just a little offtopic to straighten things out, because I have some minor argue about hammer interpretation with my friend. Lets say, I have a card like that: 1 hammer = hit 2 hammers = +1 damage 3 hammers = +1 critical Now I roll 5 hammers. My interpretation is: hit (because the action was succesfull, and you rolled more than 0 hammers) +1 damage (2 hammers on that) +1 critical (3 hammers on that) Correct? As others have said this is incorrect and if you read my post you would have had your answer without even having to ask it.
  15. Kaptain O said: Page 46 "The Chaos Star & Sigmar's Comet" In combat, a Sigmar's Comet result on an attack can be used to have the attack inflict critical damage. Ah, on the back of the rulebook it didn't mention that, and I couldn't find it with a quick glance through the book. Thank for pointing it out.
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