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  1. You may want to take a step back and ask yourself a serious question: Are your friends (I assume they are you friends) mature enough for the 40K setting? It doesn't sound like they are, and you can tell them that another GM said that. You might want to just pick another game system that doesn't require them to actually act like adults. From the posts you have made, I don't think they understand the DH world. That being said, how much of the 40K fluff do You know? You might want to pick up some books and immerse yourself into the mindset of the grimdark. OR..... Ask one of the other members of the group to GM for a few nights and see if they treat them the same way. It might not just be an issue with them respecting the =][=, but actually respecting you.
  2. @bonehead: Saddly, text alone doesn't convey tonal qualities and body posture... do not dismay! That question was saucily delivered with arms crossed beneith the bosum, hips cocked to the side, and a preadatory grin that leaves you wondering if anything that comes out of your mouth in answer will do. So, do not fear there is no need to apologize! My point was that the first thing that comes to mind when speaking of SMs isn't one of sex... but the topic seems to rear its head whenever AS come into play (some seem to think they just can't keep their armour on). It just interests me why there is so much of an urge to turn AS into panting lustful beasts. To your SM comment: After an interesting session where my acolytes had to deal with some rather debase cult activity one player commented that they wished they had a SM along since they were 'totally immune' to any and all physical desires. Another player argued against that statement and the first rattled off that SMs 'weren't even capable of having sex, much less feeling attraction'. The debate ended with all eyes focused on me, the GM and the only female in the room, with the loaded question of 'what do You think?' After a few moments of thought, I replied that I saw no reason why a marine couldn't perform physically (As far as I know they are um 'intact')... BUT mentally there would be issues due to the training that they recieve and the lack of contact with females in general. Most 'human' emotions such as lust would be confusing to a SM and translated into anger/agression. Just as attraction may be translated into a urge to protect/defend the person. Basically, it just wasn't normal situations that marines found themselves in where they had either the time or the contact with women that would bring such emotions out. The book you are thinking of is Ragnar's Claw btw, where he feels a strange attraction to the =][= psyker Karah which I used to point out the fact that 'totally immune' wasn't true at least in that respect. Anyhow... back to the main topic! Just what about rp'ing a female npc do you have trouble with? Thier reactions? Emotions? How they deal with pc's?
  3. I find it rather interesting that the moment AS are brought up the topic immediately turns to one of a carnal nature, yet ask one simple question about SMs and whoa... Where does it state that AS have to be lustful? Are women so weak willed that we are incapable of holding ourselves back? No wonder you guys have a hard time playing credible females...
  4. Actually, I drink both (the mug is in use as I type holding a wonderful brew of Chai). I almost put 'Tanna' on it instead of recaf, being a Ciaphas fan myself, but changed it to recaf since it is more of a catch-all term. I could always put 'Got Tanna?' on the other side.
  5. The etcher I am using is a small dremel-like tool. It has a multitude of tiny diamond tipped bits in all sorts of shapes and requires a very steady hand (it isn't like you can just erase and try again!). The process I use is to sketch the icon onto the glass with graphic pens (the glass distorts the image as you are etching if you try to tape paper to the inside), then etch. I really picked it up for the ability to create personalized gifts for friends/family. I have really been having fun with it on a number of projects: a set of 6 rooting glasses (for flower cuttings) for my mother on her birthday detailing different local flowers.. which has turned into her requesting a set of wine glasses to match her china pattern (/sigh). I did a humour WH40k cup for myself and my addiction (I think I might add an aquila to the other side): http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg130/tecfalcon/graphics/recaf_cup.jpg I caught myself looking at shot glasses in the store the other day and thinking that chapter symbols would be fun . Father's day is coming up... hm. The only thing is that we hardly ever drink! But, I guess displaying them would work too.. ok new project to add to the list!
  6. /chuckle ahh derails! Since I aided in the derail I guess I can take a shot at your question as well Bonehead. My best advice (as a female gamer and a gm) would be to think of a personality first, then assign gender later. Don't fall into the trap of 'I want this npc to be a girl.. oh drat.. how do girls act??' and think more along the lines of 'I want this Person to be a hard-bitten gang member who doesn't take lip from anyone, has to have the last word, hates anything that has to do with the Arbies, and has an itchie trigger finger.' Describe the personality and forget the gender. In 40k the lines of gender are blurred even though it is a 'gothic-feel' setting. As for credible girl-gangs, joygirls, nobles, mysterious psykers: how would you rp them as a male-only gang, joyboy, noble, or mysterious psyker? It is in the details of the personality really, such as the girl-only gang could have a tendancy to be openly agressive to any females in an alpha role... just as an all-male gang could have the same tendancy to be agressive in their attentions towards any male pcs in leader roles. Conversely, the opposite may be true. It is up to what you want/need the personality of the npc to be. If all that fails you, then pick a close friend of that gender... and rp them in that role (don't tell them though if you value your hide to remain intact!)
  7. Varnias Tybalt said: Zarkhovian_Rhythm said: And HeWhoShallNotBeNamed writhes in agony as his beloved heroes are reduced to nothing more than Chip'n Dale Dancers... I don think that Dez will even notice. He must be plastered to the screen while the SM game trailer plays over and over 'til the game is released. Just a hypothesis of course. Sauce for the goose serves for the gander! All is fair in war until chainmail bikinis become involved!
  8. For Sparta indeed~ I can only speak for myself when I say the idea of entire chapters of the finest warriors known to humanity, clad in gleaming battle gear and sporting revered bolters clenched in powerful gauntleted fists, just... yummie.
  9. Sadly, my fellow gaming sisters, this industry is just not aimed at us. Although, there has been some stirrings of ‘female’ targeted designers... but the majority remains firmly fixated on a point about 6 inches below our faces. There are some instances where the 'norms' of how female heroines are depicted are broken, but for the most part it has become acceptable for a male to march into battle with an entire armoury on his back... yet a woman to be clad in just enough chain and cloth to warrant a pg-13 rating. Or, if not showing blatant skin, to be shoved into a body glove that couldn't be more form-fitting if it had been painted on and with measurements that would send Barbie weeping. The 'breast-cups' of the Adepta Sororitas don't bother me as much as many portrayals of woman warriors do. It is relatively tame compared to some of the utterly idiotic concepts of armour that some designers come up with for the female form. But, the industry will do what sells, and as of right now... the less armour a female character has and the more in-your-face feminine she is the bigger the $$. As a graphic artist and female, I have come to understand, accept, and even use this fact (/gasp! I know). As it stands, the female form itself is considered to be a potent weapon vs. men. However, on the topic of an Adepta Sororitas game, where they may forgo the typical 'cut-outs in strategic locations' in the armour... I would put money on cut scenes with the Sisters training/talking/interacting out of their armour. Something that we haven't seen in the SM games, even though canon is pretty solid on the fact that Space Marines do a fair bit of training in little more than a loincloth/chiton. That tends to be my personal gripe as far as things go... let the boys drool over their lithe vixen, but I want to see some male skin in return!
  10. I never said that they didn't use some form of FTL travel, although I can't find a reference that actually states one way or the other. I just stated that 'nids don't think in terms of human timelines. Where 50, 100, or 1000 years is long for a human, that isn't the same to a hive fleet.
  11. The Battlefleet Gothic supplement book: Armada has a wonderful secontion on the 'nids (as well as other xenos!) 'Imperial scientists believe that hive ships and their attendant drone ships have a deep connection to the Hive Mind-- the over-arching gestalt consciousness of the Tyrannic race. This pervasive psychic contact permeates the area around the hive fleet to such an extent that Warp space is distorted for light years around the fleet's position. Travel through the Warp becomes increasingly uncertain near the Tyrannic fleets and astrotelepathy exceptionally unreliable or completely useless. Many Astropaths have lost their minds in battle with the Tyranids, and entire squadrons have been crippled by dangerous Warp eddies. Thus, as the hive fleets advance, confusion and terror preccede them beneath the suffocating shadow they cast over the doomed worlds in their path.' (Armada - page 80) Tyranid fleets are *massive* and relatively slow moving. However, due to the strange Warp shadow they cast they are also very hard to predict. Tyranids have no need to move fast truthfully.. once the Hive minds has set them on a direction they just go devouring everything in their path. They have no deadlines or timetables. They don't care if it takes them a thousand years to get to their heading. Such worries are not for creatures that live untold aeons. Personally, I have always seen the Hive fleets as the decription given to the necromongers in chronicles of riddick. The great comet in the night sky that leaves only lifeless, barren worlds in its wake in an almost unstoppable tide of creatures. *Edit*- the book, Warriors of Ultramar by Graham McNeill, is a good read about a planet beset by the 'nids. At least one Astropath goes wild under the force of the Hive mind in it!
  12. Hakazu said: Shadowkat: I'm thinking of putting him in the game somehow, but I ain't sure about the details of things. Like, here the heck did Istaveen lie? Southwest? How far from Terra then? And what would the Imperium think about him? Would they accept him or have him executed? How long can a Space Marine live anyway? I don't believe it is ever said just Where Isstvan III is, and most likely any information as to its where abouts would be expunged from records. It wasn't exactally a crowning glory for the Imperium... and it was also the start of the Hersey which in itself led to the loss of massive amounts of knowledge. However, it has to be far enough away from Terra that they would be completely in the dark as to the happenings going on there but close enough that Horus could make the run to Terran space in a decent amount of time. http://www.joachim-adomeit.de/wh40k/spacemap/map.html is a fairly good map to bookmark by the way. It doesn't have Isstvan on it that I could see, however that does leave it up to you as a GM where it could be. How the Imperium would think of him is a hard question since it would depend on who you are dealing with. Loken, loyalist or not, carries in his body the geneseed of Horus... that alone would cause most to execute him on the spot for being tainted. You have to remember in the 41m true Hersey knowledge isn't common, everyone knows that Horus turned on the Emperor... but not the details. The details have been lost or buried so deeply in the vaults of Terra that most have forgotten that they are even there. Just look at the cost for acolytes to pick up the forbidden lore dealing with the Hersey and that will give you a base for how valuble that knowledge is.... and how dangerous. Your pc's have a good chance of not knowing who or what they have found since it is rare to have dealings for Space Marines in general. Also, don't forget ven speaking with Loken would be hard... due to the shifts in Gothic language since his time. Now, your pc's might be open to listening to Loken's story first before making a choice on the matter. That depends on their personalites and willingness to deal with someone who calls Horus his primarch and Abaddon the Dispoiler his Brother. As to how long Space Marines live, well the ongoing storyline seems to suggest that they are possibly immortal but really don't know how long they live... since none of them live long enough to find out! So, that is up to your belief on the matter as well.
  13. The true depth of Loken's character is evident in the fact that the reader doesn't want him to die, and since it isn't outright stated (unlike Torgaddon) that he does... we have that hope he might just have made it. However unlikely that prospect may be with Horus' orbital pounding of Istaaven III as a final nail in the coffin to the few Loyalists left alive on the surface. That being said, given the choice to spend a day with any of the characters from the Hersey series (so far)... Garviel Loken would be my first choice. So, it is simply a matter of how badly you want to bring Loken into play at this point. You could run a whole storyline about tracking down a SM's body, recovered from Hersey days and being held in stasis somewhere, only to have it be Loken at the brink of death. Depends on how willing you are to twist the cannon into what you desire to happen.
  14. A psy-duel is not a 'minor' flexing of powers so yes, there are major effects that bleed over from the warp. However, Ravenor uses telepathy as a common form of conversing with his team. For him it seems to be a 'minor' power and never seems to envoke perils in its useage.
  15. Luck Dice: at the start of each session each player rolls a d6 and places it to the side. The number denotes the 'dumb luck' factor of the universe. This die isn't for the player... but for the gm to use as they please. Ie: On a botched roll the gm would reach over, turn the player's luck die down a number and roll. If luck is with the player then the gm describes what happens: You attempt to leap the gap but fall just short! Fingers sliding from the metal railing as you try to cling on for dear life... right as you begin to tumble away the corner of your webbing/robe/etc snags on the outstretched claw of a gargoyle perched just on the underside of the ledge you were aiming for! The wildest things have come about due to the Luck dice (from killing shots riccocheting off that pendent your character is always wearing to someone leaning on the 'hidden' door catch after the entire party fails their search rolls). It is always interesting to see who becomes the 'lucky' one of a given gaming group. The FU factor: Shamelessly stolen from a friend who Gm'ed 7th Sea years ago and modified to fit any game I've gm'ed after that. Any player who is able to cause (through in-game rp, creativity, and downright off the wall ideas that they actually pull off) the gm's plot to go up in glorious flames (and normally peals of laughter) to the point the only response the gm can come up with is a solid (and good natured) FU, gains additional xp for that session. I guess these are more like house rules than rituals... but they have become ritualistic for the games I have gm'ed!
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