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  1. Apologies if I've repeated something but I got halfway through the thread and about to jump into bed ready for work. Our group has the homebrew rules to rectify this because we were sick of fights not being fatal enough. Toughness is in our opinions overpowered. It should still have some effect but being able to shrug off low rolling small arms fire or an unlucky bolt shell was frankly retarded for our style of game. We introduced the following: Toughness bonus no longer reduces damage Toughness bonus is now added to total wounds All armour is increased by two points It's still very simple, makes armour choices more viable and combat more fatal if you get get in a firefight wearing your hessian undergarments. It's worked wonders for us so far.
  2. @Thomas: I tested this generator on today's group and I think they really liked it. Only one thing though: have I missed a bolt weaponry eratta? Bolt pistols are listed in the book as having damage of 1d10+5 but just 1d10 from the pick list. If I missed it then I apologise. I personally love this generator and despite the legal ramifications would love to see this expanded into a full character solution. I'd even willingly pay money for this. I accept though that GW must just be kicking themselves for not keeping hold of this product and need to steal the pack lunches from a few school kids.
  3. Kaihlik said: My point was that there is much larger gaps in the program that need filled rather than concentrating on polishing off features that could get them in trouble. GW recently went around and heavy handidly hit websites that undermined their products with Cease and Desists (alot of blood bowl websites got hit), by removing total need for the book you encroach much more on FFG's territory and what is an aid becomes a substitute. When that happens you are at risk of legal action. Also your point was kind of moot since I wasn't suggesting adding in steps just not cutting them down even further for the reasons I have outlined. You don't have to do anything that you would not normally have to do so it is in no way adding labour. @Thomas - The pg numbers would be a great idea. How would you handle the Sisters faith powers which are in the Inquisitors handbook though Kaihlik It's not a moot point for the reason you state as it is added labour because instead of now having one resource you now have two (a website and the rulebook for reference). It is a moot point however on the basis that I now understand why it has to be like this (legal reasons and the GW slapped). @Thomas: After that explanation then page numbers would be the most ideal solution!
  4. Kaihlik said: @ ChromeNewt - The exp total is under the stat block on the advances page. Most of the things you suggested were very superficial and just labour saving. I would suggest that encorperatating the features not yet supported would be much more useful than just removing the need for the book (which is really an objectionable idea and I would advise against it in case they get into trouble). Kaihlik Ah! I didn't see the total there. Thanks! Thing is if it's a "character generator" designed to make life easier then why intentionally make things more difficult? The whole point of this as far as I can see is to make the process easier and if I don't like the easy life I would just use the book. Intentionally adding labour is counter productive. Using that argument I'd just say don't bother improving it any more. As far as I see it the generator is taking the effort out of looking in the book and making it faster and easier to come to the same conclusions. Now if what you meant was that effort should be spent on function rather than aesthetics then I agree. Get it working then get it looking good.
  5. I must say this is rather excellent! I have a few suggestions though: When choosing skill and talent advances it would be really handy to have a running total somewhere of the points spent. I see it elsewhere (in the overview I believe) but it would be great having it there while points are allocated rather than having to keep flicking back and forth Costs next to equipment would be very handy for calculating available gear without having to refer to the book. Without the costs then I might as well use the book and since the coding behind the page is so good it seems a shame not to use it. Divinations applied to the character (although it may be a background thing as for some reason I rolled up a shrineworld guardsman who started off with 41 Toughness) Option to apply starting equipment directly into the inventory rather than having to pick it would be great. I've already suggested our group use this so if there are any more comments they come up with I'll keep you posted. Keep up the sterling work! - Pete
  6. In our group we had many a firefight whereby the combat just wasn't deadly enough, and those with even flak armour could feasibly shrug off a bolter round if a high damage roll wasn't scored. The culprit was the Toughness Bonus being subtracted from the damage in addition to the armour. We tried it without the TB and suddenly it became too deadly so we came up with this idea. Bump up the armour value of all armour by 2 points, add TB to total wounds, and when working out combat it's just plain damage minus the modified armour value. What are your opinions?
  7. Evilscary said: user4574 said: Not 100% true...lions and tigers can interbreed, the offspring being a liger or tigon depending on which animal is the mother and which is the father. If there are enough similarities between species, interbreeding is possible, however the resulting offspring is infertile That's true, but Lions and Tigers share a common ancestor and are seperated by only a very slim genetic difference. Eldar and humans are creatures from different worlds. Not to mention that although Eldar look similar to humans, they're very different genetically. It'd be like getting a spider monkey and human to breed. But what if the Eldar were actually related to Humans countless mlliennia ago? What if Humanity was a genetic offshoot, much like Ogryns and Ratlings are to Humans? Maybe Earth was just a colony, or even an Eldar experiment. Substitute some present day Grey experiment theories with Eldar, mix in the 38 millenia and the genetic variances that would produce (20ish from very tired memory, since it was the dark age of technology when I think the first contact was made IIRC) and you have a delicious conspiracy which the Inquisition might want to cover up... What if the Emperor was one of these Eldar experiments? What if he *is* an Eldar... Gets you thinking, doesn't it.
  8. Borgir Damascin Previously an Inquisitorial agent of obvious talent, Borgir was quite an agent and bon vivant. Originally hailing from a career in the Arbites his law enforcement experience was coloured by his compassion for his fellow (loyal) Imperial citizens. He was known as a strict, efficient yet fair Arbitrator and this was the reason he was recruited into the Inquisition. Borgir got results, and it was always with minimal innocent casualties. However, after an event that he won't talk about unless sorely pressed Borgir lost his nerve and requested honourable discharge, which was granted. His souveniers he took away from this was a missing larynx, grey thinning hair which matches his grey eyes along with a skittish nature. As a bonus he was granted a rather generous stipend which he chose of his own free will to reinvest in an old disused cathedral with a mind to create a safehouse for those requiring somewhere to run to ground. Inside the cathedral is devided up into makeshift (yet spotlessly clean) cells. Policy within the safehouse is that you are locked into your cells (fully furnished insofar that everything required is contained within each one) and if you want to exit/enter you have to wait until the corridors are clear before he (or his staff) let you out. This is to protect the identities of those staying there. Borgir has enough funding to run the house regardless, but as courtesy it is expected that a donation be made in order to discourage those wanting free board and lodgings rather than a safe place to recuperate. He can also (if asked) see if there are others interested in sales of items to other patrons in the house. This increases the availabilty of potential buyers of non-heretical goods. Dodgy items will likely get you reported in, regardless of whether it puts you in danger. ((This is a current NPC in my campaign which you're free to use. Sorry about the sketchy writeup but I've just realised I'm very tired and not making much sense. I may rewrite this in the morning)).
  9. Once again your ideas spark even more varied inspirations. Very refreshing ideas in there!
  10. The rules are totally newbie friendly, especially if you've played MMOs like World of Warcraft (I found the "class", "levelling" and "talents" to be much like picking the skills from the talent tree in WoW). Keep it simple to begin with and don't try and throw too much cool stuff in too early. I ran a 6 year 40k rpg campaign using a homebrew rules set and found that too much too quickly results in ennui towards the situation. By keeping it simple it allows you to read more of the fluff which is frankly much more detailed on a personal level than anything GW has written. if you don't believe me, then before DH came out I challenge you to find any reference to Imperial currency and methods of payment in GW fluff (actually I think "Inquisitor" made a passing reference but it was not an RP system and it wasn't that detailed).
  11. Was that a reference to "RPTools" or a totally different site? I'm looking into running/playing in an online DH game using RPTools once I teach myself it fully. Halfway through the tutorials and it seems pretty slick.
  12. Is anyone else here using RPTools for online DH games at all? Just in case you're not aware of what RPTools are, they're a selection of java programs that GMs can use to run games and players can see/interact exactly with their surroundings dependant on light etc. It seems pretty good, and can be configured to other RPG systems but it comes with D&D out of the box and nothing else. Has anyone started using it? Got the DH tokens/rules/etc already set up and willing to share it, either directly or where I can purchase the bits?
  13. First rule of criminal activity: Don't get caught Second rule: Make sure someone else takes the fall Third rule: Cut off the patsy's escape routes/allibis Forth rule: Let someone else do the dirty work With that in mind, you're looking to promote a situation whereby somebody/thing else will kill them on your behalf, without any links back to you. Subtle is always best. Investigate the scum on the quiet. Find out their vices, weaknesses and past. Promote situations where these things will come to the fore, and put the rest of the party in danger. That way even if you slip up in the offing, if the other party members also have a dim view then you're more likely to get away with it. Plant clues that point to these things on them/their surroundings, much like a marker beacon for missile strikes. When it comes to the point where someone needs to spot these clues, make sure someone else spots them. This gives you a blame buffer and it means there are double the amount of prosecuting witnesses. At the very least if it backfires, then the "witness" takes the flak, not you. Turn everyone against them without them realising what is going on. There's nothing more rewarding than doing something, getting away with it and everyone else thinks they know what happened.
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