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  1. There is no upper limit in the rules, but since both your examples use a Power Action to roll in the extra dice, and the dice are set aside when resolved or removed, it's highly unlikely that you will ever need more than two. I have a Phasma + Mega blaster troopers deck that needs 6 First order Stormtrooper dice to be sure i always have enough.
  2. All players are dealt encounter cards before any cards are resolved. Then all encounter cards are resolved in player order, starting with the first player. You reveal and resolve the cards one at a time, but there is no set order. See the Rules reference guide p. 19 under "Villain phase" step 3 and 4. It's also explained in the "Learn to play" guide on page 16 - Villain phase step 3 and step 4.
  3. It's also a bit silly that characters like "Mauler" Mithel , Han solo and Lando Calrissian can't pilot their own planes !! Also, all pilots in covert mission have piloting, so it would make sense to give it to all pilots from previous sets. if he gets Piloting, Biggs becomes very powerful in a vehicle deck. After activation he could first activate one vehicle and re-roll any number of it's dice. Then he could activate another vehicle and pilot that. I don't know if that is so powerful he needs a rewording ?
  4. Hi again You may want to look at cards like these: Force Rend - Legacies #7 Vandalize - Legacies #156 ..or simply play mill decks. Health doesn't mean anything if you are out of cards :-)
  5. SWdestinyDB made an error putting the Unique diamond symbol in front of the title, but it's not on the picture of the card or the card itself. It doesn't matter what was said during the spoiler prewiev. Unless FFG decide to make errata, Fortitude is non-Unique. Quote from RRG. page 3 UNIQUENESS Each card is either unique or non-unique. Unique cards are marked by a diamond (*) before their titles. All other cards are non-unique. I'll agree that +8 health on one character is crazy. If he keeps doing that, you have to find a way to prevent it.
  6. Looks like Destinydb has a problem. Doesn't work with EDGE or Opera. You can try with google Chrome or Safari if you feel like experimenting, but I doubt it will make a difference.
  7. Rules reference page 14, "CLAIM THE BATTLEFIELD".
  8. Refusal is an annoying card, but not as good as your friends think, because : 1) You're right. The rules for direct and melee damage doesn't say it has to be an opponents character, so if you want Darth vader to cut off his own arm, go ahead 🙂 . Of course, the round you roll 2 x 4 melee damage, is the round they play Refusal 🙂 2) Refusal only affects Character dice. Any upgrades on Vader works as normal. Use "Become One" and "Legacies" to play around the effect...You should consider those cards anyway. 3) Do they really want Darth Vader to have all those ressources ? I assume you have Vader's Fist in your deck, but why not include additional supports ? The new superlaser siege cannon gets nasty real quick, if you have lots of ressources and so does the new Pulse cannon...or you can just use honed skills and tool Vader up with 4 light sabers. 4) You should really consider Breaking Bonds or Unshackle. There are several other downgrades that are equally annoying and/or dangerous. Mind extraction, Hampered and Target Acquired comes to mind. 5) Protective Suit will put an end to that kind of nonsense. 🙂
  9. Don't forget to download the rules reference Guide ( if you haven't already done it ) . https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-destiny/ Go to the support section and choose "Rules" to find it.
  10. See the holocron documents on this page : https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-destiny/
  11. The Ewok Warrior card says "After you activate this character". I guess that means the card is a character, or ??
  12. elite Watto is perfect for the role. 3 ressource sides and yellow gives you access to cards like "Truce" and "Well connected" to add even more ressources.
  13. RRG version 1.9 effective date 04-08-19 Page 28. ADVANCED TRAINING (133) • This plot used with Captain Phasma’s ability (Z18) allows that player to resolve their trooper dice showing a blank as 1 melee damage.
  14. A new hero upgrade Card called 'knighthood" gives a blue character the Jedi trait.
  15. Across the Galaxy: Galactic Deception Vigilance Wanton Destruction Snuff Out Gathering Intelligence Way of the force Climate Disruption Array Paid Off Control Turn the Tide Legacies Bartering Frighten Well-Connected
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