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  1. Does anyone have suggestions for building non acolyte-type characters? I.E. beginning class characters such as an Empire Guardsman or other such class? Other than giving base attributes and some basic skills is there another route? I was thinking along the lines WHFRP has (not familiar with the new system, haven't played it since 2nd edition). It would be nice to have characters start out as 'normal' characters in the WH40K universe and work their way up to acolyte status or to have players working alongside acolyte-class characters. Any suggestions/guidelines?
  2. In the wild hills and desolate Badlands: Killdeer, N.D. -Troy, "InnsmouthMedic"
  3. For the record, it's pronounced: Yah-haw-neth-lay. (Y’ha-nthlei).
  4. Is it purely hypothetical or did you have all 12 devoured? If you did, I'd love to hear the story!
  5. Corinthian - the text was vaguely familiar when you quoted it. When I scrolled down to the blackbackround page, I knew it was from Realms of Chaos. I did love the short stories in the old warhammer manuals. I still have them, including the realms of chaos books. The artwork, text and so on were amazing in those.
  6. When figuring the GOO score minus the terror track, do we add both GOO (Shub and Ithaqua) values together on scenario 5? I've never figured scores for a multiple GOO scenario and was wondering if that was the protocol.
  7. If -1 stamina helps, I'm sure Michael McGlenn will be a popular choice. I'd assume all clue tokens are sucked up if a Gate appears in the woods.
  8. Same here, we may call in a buddy to manage monsters as it became a bit complicated remembering where everybody was moving and so on. Brutal. Absolutely brutal. We're working on our 3rd attempt. We did the musician duo - and succeeded, albeit with a really low score. We're using the Wilson Richards - Michael McGlenn monster killer-duo this time...
  9. Whoops - our mistake, still worked out fine.
  10. Just curious - how could you have a score of 22 with 2 investigators and the terror track at 10? That would mean you only earned 1 point for ithaqua (11-10=1) 6 for the gates =7, 2 for the sane investigators, which brings it to 9. So you killed 39 creatures between the two of you in 14 rounds? We played this scenario 5 times scoring 16,17,19,16 and then finally 21.
  11. Our 5th and final attempt at this scenario was our best yet. We used Joe DIamond and Michael McGlenn. Our object was to tally up as many monster trophies as possible while keeping the gates spawned low. On previous attempts, too many monsters made it to the outskirts which in turn raised the terror track significantly - of course lowering our final point total. We were deliberately looking for trouble this time around. That said, we did our best to avoid the star spawn and black man (we didn't want to try our luck with him, lest we be devoured). As a result of the high trophy count, clue tokens were in abundance and helped with a number of rolls throughout. I still have a nagging feeling that scenario 3 is going to be REAL nasty...
  12. 2 more attempts and we've only been able to reach 19 points. It's hard to keep up with the gates using only 2 investigators.
  13. Our two player team used McGlen and Gloria on our first attempt. Being slightly paranoid, we raced around closing portals as quickly as possible. McGlen did end up taking out a good number of monsters in the process, but the scenario was over quite quick (16 turns) and we managed to win the scenario with 16 points. Thinking we could do better, and be a little less paranoid (our goal was to hang around a bit longer and gain more monster trophies) we decided to take our time, shop at the general store and kill monsters as they appeared. We kept McGlenn on this attempt but swapped out Gloria for Monterey Jack We closed the 5th portal and decided that our point total was not as high as we'd like it. In the meantime, The Strangler was plaguing us and wiped out our entire Ally stack ( thus, we were both reduced by 1 stamina for the remainder of the game). We had both accumulated a large number of clue tokens and were looking for more monster trophies. M. Jack ended up being delayed twice in the Halls of Celeno which was a fatal mistake - McGlenn couldn't reach the other portal in time to shut it down and we ended up waking Ithaqua due to 'too many portals'. The final battle ensued - we rolled quite well on retaining our items - Jack retained his .38 and .45 pistols. McGlenn kept his tommy gun. We managed to take Ithaqua down with some extremely lucky rolls. Despite TRYING to stay longer and collect more trophies (pushing our luck to the limit) we only ended up doing 1 point better (does defeating Ithaqua give any points?). So, on our second attempt, we made 17 points. We're going to try again - perhaps with McGlenn and another monster killer - Jenny? Joe Diamond? Harvey Walters with Calvin?
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