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  1. Perhabs something is coming Maybe we all should jus "stay tuned". Patience is a virtue. ? Greetings H
  2. Hi, i am still full of hope for Descent 2ed expansions. As i wrote it somwhere else, i dont think FFG makes new artwork in Descent 2ed stile for other terrinoth games. (Runebound is not as popular as Descent and not all Hereos fit into Runewars MG) And i think it takes that long, because FFG develops a background to Terrinoth and they dont want to contradict themselfs. My third point is, that the next expansion might be like Mansions of Madness. You unlock a campagne when you buy the physical content and of course in the box is all the stuff you need for an overlord campagne (yes, i believe in two campagns in the box). All that needs time, thats why we have to wait. Waiting is no problem for me, i have all the expansions and H&M collections. Descent will not be boring for me for the next years (even without new content) Greetings
  3. Hi, I think that there will be some new physical content. But it takes time, because now Terrinoth is expanding and FFG has to be more carefull to not break any canon. Maybe the next box will be something like Mansions of Madness. The content of the box can be played with the RtL app and the Campaign will be for Download. Many people think Descent is "dead". Not true. As long as you play it, its alive. And do you really think, FFG made new sculpts for Eliam and Red Scorpion just for Runebound? Runebound the latest edition never was as succsessfull as Descent 2ed. So we will see those sculpts for Descent. Why so impatient? I have all the expansions and there is more than enough to play with, even when the next expansion comes in years :-) Greetings H
  4. In the RWtmg "lorebook" of the starterbox on page 10, the guy on the far right is lord Zahareth. It s written, that he is the Baron of Cartridge. In Descent 2ed he is the main villain of the old starter campaign (there he is baron of Rhynn). In the new starter campaign, there is a quest called "the return of the baron", there you fight once again against Zahareth. In RWtmg he is obviously on the good side. So i m curious if FFG will change his Backgroung or if he will become evil, because he is not recieving the help he requested. In the "lorebook" are some other links to Descent. Astarra is one of the Heros from Descent, this makes me think, that Descent play a little further in the future than RW. And i m curious about that deserteur guy "Gherin". In Descent there is a "Brother Gherinn" (written with 2 "n") a priest who has a burned face, he cleanced himself with fire after something "shamefull" he did in the past. Might this be a coincidence or is this the same guy? I m really eager to get my hands on "realms od terrinoth" sourcebook for genesys. Greetings H
  5. Hi, for me the imperial army was the army of a specific planet for garison. like in ep I the naboo soldiers attacking the theed palace greetings H
  6. I like all the star wars movies. I like the new canon better than whats now legends (espacially yuzhan vong are silly). Who doesnt like ep VII and VIII is totally allow to do that, because everyone has a different taste. But still, i can not see through some complaints... yeah ok, ep VIII has some flaws, but so does the OT ep IV had such a big flaw disney had to make a movie to repair it, which is one of the best SW movies (yes, i m talking about R1) so compaining about something in VII and VIII but praising the same things in IV, V and VI is without credibility Greetings H
  7. Hi, take a look at history. Hitler rose from a destroyed germany and build up a big army. Apeacement policy of the other nations allowed hitler to grow strong. it didnt tako long for him to invade poland, france, czech... A lot of other nations sympathized with hitler because they wanted to use the war for their own agendas (turkey, whats croatia today, italy, Franco (spain), japan, ...) and dont forget belfast had a party when bombs were falling in london other nations/organisations took benefit of the rageing war (switzerland/vatikan/...) greetings H
  8. @Sidious I m surprised to read, that you dont own the coop add ons whit physical content (Forgotten Souls, Natures Ire and Dark Elements). They use a quite similar random dungeonbuild like WH Quest. Greetings H
  9. I think Darth Vader didnt want to recognize the droids, because this reminded him of beeing once Anakin, who he gave up to be. Greetings H
  10. I totally liked tho movie It has some flaws but still, its absolutely enjoyable. I dont want to discuss things, that have been allready OVERdiscussed. Just want to give a comment to the rise of the FO. in history we have an analog exemple. Hitler rose from a destroyed germany and has build up a strong army. Apeacement policy of the other nations around germany allowed that. I see the same thing with the FO. Greetings H
  11. Hi, there is already a crossover. The Nerekhall kampagn on the Road to Legend app plays between the dungeons in the same manner. You make decissions and those determine your future dungeon. Greetings H
  12. Hi, please dont confuse this game with a RPG. It is a narrative game with RPG elements. But mostly it is similar to "chose your direction books". The diference is, that all your actions have consequences and are marked on a sheet, so it has a lot of more depth than a "chose your direction book". This means that i m totally fine with a combat mechanik without rolling dice, or in general to play without dice. I remember the late 80ies, when i played "chose your direction book" from GW, i had to roll dice for combat, had 2 bad rolls and died... wasnt that fun. Greetings H
  13. Hi, sneaky Elves disengage? Take a Golem and "stun" them. Greetings H
  14. I would love to see a special mode in RtL where you play the overlord and fight the heros controlled by the app. Greetings H
  15. Tetrarch


    Ok thanks for the fast reply Greetings H
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