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  1. does anyone have a list of generic jedi or sith relics? my group is on ondoron at the moment and will be going to a jedi temple there and was looking for a few cool things to put in there, doesnt have to have any impact on powers or anything thou that is always cool. TIA for any advice/answers
  2. i'm the same, thou my current plan is to run all the storys from all books adventure/core/gm kit/beta/starter/internet in one campaign so far done the beginner game and follow on for force and destiny and the core and gm kit force story, next up my group will be taking on the pirate queen
  3. is it known if there is going to be anymore adventure books coming out? either for the single systems or any generic star wars adventures that utilise bits from all of them?
  4. thanks for the advice guys, helps alot
  5. Hi guys, been looking through the character sheets and i cant see anything that would resemble a skill like investigate, am i missing it? what do you guys use instead? Thanks for any help
  6. does anyone no if there's a list of of things the gatekeeper's can teach the pc's in lure of the lost? i can't see anything anywhere? if not what would people suggest? i no the second gatekeeper can teach them how to build a lightsaber but i'm going to be doing the main rule book and gm kit story after this and am saving that till then. also does anyone no if theres a text crawl for it? i like to make a proper intro for the storys in a movie maker but couldnt see one in the pdf
  7. interested in this myself, was looking at using the temple as the base for my players
  8. hey guys sorry for all the questions, couldn't find an answer in the book so asking you guys here, i'm starting a new star wars rp this weekend and 3 of my group are having jedi, is there a limit to how many force powers you can have? or start with? thanks for any answers
  9. hi guys, does anyone know where you can get a pdf of lost legacies?
  10. thanks guys much apreciated for the answers
  11. Hi guys sorry if this has been asked before but couldnt find these anywhere in the book, just wanted to know a couple of things. 1. in character creation it says you cant upgrade characteristics using xp after cc, how do you up it after creation? 2. how do you gain addition force ratings? you start with rating 1, how do you then up that to get different force powers? thanks
  12. druchii

    Old Republic

    Any news if FF will ever do any Old Republic expansions? i'm just getting into x-wing and love tor and would love to be able to buy and use a sith fury ship
  13. Does anyone no where i can get stat lines for named characters? my group is currently runnning through the second edition stuff and i'd love to bring some named guys in but cant find any stat lines, i would of thought someone out there would of done something
  14. does the 3rd edition have stat lines like the other two? if so in the book in the title there are rules ect for big baddies like archaon ect, does anyone have any pictures of these stat lines or would anyone be able to write them out for me as the cheapest ive seen the book is £200 odd and i'm not paying anything close to that for just a few stat lines. thanks in advance
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