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  1. Shade

    Terrinoth Heroes

    Thank you very much for the image link! Now the set is complete!
  2. Shade

    solo variant?

    I understand your troubles, have a similar situation here when living abroad (outside of the US), far from any gamer friends. You can however follow the forum threads on the www.boardgamegeek.com website. Users post variant rules to many games on this website. Hope it helps.
  3. Shade

    Card Size / Sleeves

    Yes confirmed, the game cards fit into the "green" sleeves (Standard US Board Games), however, they will no longer fit into the game box, as it's so tiny and compact. Might need to consider using an Ultra-Pro tuck box for the sleeved cards instead.
  4. Shade

    Terrinoth Heroes

    The file archive I had downloaded included 20 Adventurer cards + 75 Power cards. Since Borgan the Shadow doesn't have any Power cards, that would make 19 x 4 = 76 Power cards needed for the 19 other Adventurers. The Power cards included for Mordrog in the archive were: Bravery, Rough, and Violence. Unless I've made an error somewhere, there is 1 image file missing for Mordrog. Which card is missing for Mordrog, and could you please post that missing card on here, or as separate download file. Thank you!
  5. Shade

    Terrinoth Heroes

    I had just downloaded the archive, and examined all the Character and Power Cards. Very nice, and thorough, work indeed! I noticed however, that Mordrog has only 3 Power Cards whereas all the other characters have 4 (except for Bogran the Shadow, who intentionally has none). Was that intentional to have only designed 3 for Mordrog, or an accidental oversight? (I do not own a copy of Descent, so have noting to compare the characters against). Also, what font was used for the cards text? Some of the cards could use some editing, for a few minor grammar and spelling corrections. Beyond that, thank you very much!