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  1. My guess for the races are Halflings and if they want to get crazy with the cheese wiz...vampires.
  2. doc_cthulhu said: Elves and dwarfs mostly. They have been referred numerous times of leaving ruins behind. Ancient tribes of men also that in my understanding were something like kelts. Exactly. In fact, I believe Marianburg is build on an old elf city. There's also the Old Ones and the Slann, who they left behind. In Lustria, there are temples that were used by the Old Ones.
  3. Melee - Sword Ranged - pistol Spell - Flaming ball Blessing - Book with twin-tailed comet Support - Flag Defense - Shield Check out page 62 of the Hardcover players handbook
  4. Here are two good GM screens from Giztsmans Gallery: www.gitzmansgallery.com/WFRP3_Resources/Docs/WFRP3/WFRP3%20GM%20Screen%20Replacement.pdf www.gitzmansgallery.com/WFRP3_Resources/Docs/WFRP3/WFRP%203ed%20Screen.pdf www.gitzmansgallery.com/WFRP3_Resources/index.html
  5. dosan said: All this is really interesting!! I love history, but it is difficult for me to understand why people where so easy to control in the middle ages. You need look no further than The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America in 1776 for an answer, "all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."
  6. Ysbryd said: We managed to play « A Day Late, a Shilling Short » on Saturday. My buddy played Vaerun Waveracer, I played Brigitta Tageslicht. The result was a bit of a mixed bag. (Possible spoilers ahead!) First, the negatives: 1. I should have been better prepared (entirely my fault). I wanted to reread the rules one more time before the game but RL didn’t want to let me. I warned my player that I would have to look up various rules during the game. He didn’t mind, in fact he liked the idea of us learning the rules together. So it wasn’t as bad as I expected, although it WAS a bumpy ride, BUT I still made one major mistake: During the first fight and half into the second fight I completely forgot the “Dodge” and “Parry” actions. Wow … 2. We both didn’t like the adventure very much. There were too many fights and the social encounter at the end felt a bit contrived. (Why would anyone who has just been rescued from certain death, behave that way? I couldn’t explain that to my player (nor to myself).) In fact, the best part was the roleplaying we did back in Ubersreik before the actual adventure started. Now, the good stuff: Despite the negatives, we had a lot of fun and will probably (almost certainly) play again .The dice system rocked. But next time I will drop most of the counters (stress, fatigue, wounds, aggression, cunning, etc.) and just write things down. It’s much easier for the GM IMO. I think I will pick up on Remorhaz’ idea of having my player play an investigator. I also have this crazy idea of using my expensive but still unused Ptolus book on this occasion. But I also have a still unresolved rules question on “Fear and Terror”. The rules stipulate: “When a character first confronts a creature …”. Does this mean “when he first confronts that particular creature…” or “when he first confronts this creature type”? Let’s say a PC meets Rat Ogre “Ronald”. The PC needs to do a Discipline check. Now, does this mean that after that first encounter he no longer needs to roll for Terror when he meets Ronald? Or does he no longer need to roll for Terror when he meets any Rat Ogre (i.e. is he now immune to any Rat Ogre’s Fear for the rest of his adventuring career)? IMO, I would only require one roll for Ronald during the encounter, but any future appearances with Rat Ogres would require additional rolls. Think of it from the standpoint of the Alien movie franchise. No matter how many times you came around a corner, you'd still S#@$ your pants if an Alien was standing there. my 2 cents.
  7. socratim said: With all the worries expressed in different threads, that this game will be left to die a slow death, I was thinking about the community doing some lobby work for our loved game! With all the scepticism in the roleplaying community I think it would be very helpful for the overall performance of the game to write reviews and such on many different sites. I was astonished to find only one review on the German Amazon-store for example. Let's all get the word out, that this is the thing to play! Or the thing to build on in the future. My roleplaying group is a group that is very slow in expanding it's roleplaying experience with supplements and such (especially since I, the gm, am mostly the investor...) and thus we witnessed the death of our currently played game system some times before. But I really hope WFRP3 does not die! Oh, and also give the Reckless Dice Podcast a good review. This will also lead people to our game! Please contribute your dice to this dice pool to get many successes, boons and comets! Another good way to attract new players is to GM one shot games at your local gaming store. I'm planning on GMing a game or two via FantasyGrounds II.
  8. le_renard said: Great job ! I have bought the FG2 licence because of your ruleset... I still have to understand how to make things work, etc... but it's very promising... I can't find the possibility to automatically add several dice.. Example : right-click on the Green die --- > Add X Dice or maybe to pre-build a pool and roll all the dice at the same time... I think when using WFRPv3 with FGII most rolls will be built in the Dice Pool Builder rather than using macros. I say that because the GM, depending on the situation, will need to add to the pool before you roll, e.g. adding Misfortune for climbing in the rain. And even after the GM adds dice to your pool, you have another opportunity to add Fortune to your pool before the roll. Earlier I tested the drag and drop method: In a Character sheet I set my PC's stance to 1 reckless. The PC's STR was 3 with 1 Fortune associated with it. I clicked the STR of 3 and dragged it to the Dice Pool Builder and dropped the dice in. Neil's programming automatically changed 1 of my 3 challenge die to a reckless die and the pool included the 1 Fortune associated with the Characteristic! Very Cool.
  9. Emirikol said: I think it would be an absolute cluster frakk to release yet another version of this game after the fiasco with the core boxes, guides and vaults. The best thing they could do is release a red-box. jh Agreed! Not to mention we need a Campaign before we even start talking about a re-re-release!
  10. dosan said: Also , i am searching music for this kind of setting, any tip´or info will be most welcome. The asylum is a dark, old place, full of mysteries and secrets. In my campaign, the main doctor there is doing some experiments with the patients, and they are just discovering it Any music that can be applied there? Try http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/gaming-music for gaming music. It's an incredible resource. I found the sight reading http://dailyempire.guildredemund.net/ who I found through http://recklessdice.rorschach.net/ All good resources. I highly recommend the Reckless Dice Podcasts. Also check out: http://www.gitzmansgallery.com/ for more maps than you'll ever be able to use in a lifetime!
  11. YES you can play with 5 or more! :-) and I think you're heading in the correct direction with Core, Adventures Tool kit and extra dice. From a GM's perspective it's very easy to increase or decrease encounter difficultly based of player numbers because senarios use Henchmen. Page 42 ToA. The Henchmen group size is based on the number of players. Lets say you have 6 players and they are attached by a Gor and 3 ungor henchmen groups, each henchmen group listed in an encounter will have 6 ungors in it based on the number of players. Hope that helps
  12. Angelic Despot said: dvang said: 2) The Empire existed before Sigmar. Er... No it didn't. Sigmar founded the Empire from his and his tribal allies. Of course, at the time, he was just a man. Only much later did people begin to believe that he was a God. There are a few real-world examples of non-country state names. The USSR was a union of (Soviet) republics, for example, not a country or nation. So the Empire was founded as the collective effort of all of the human tribes struggling against the goblinoids and beastmen. At the beginning, it presumably would have been seen by the people not so much as a country, but as a set of alliances and principles by which the humans (non-Empire humans being too far away or too politically insignificant to matter) not only organised themselves, but ruled over the known world in stark contrast to the bitter fighting with the orcs and goblins that had gone before. Early 'Empire' humans would have thought of themselves as belonging to a village, tribe or feudal overlord, etc. And as the collective beat back their enemies and Sigmar proclaimed the birth of an Empire... So people would have thought of themselves as belonging to THE empire too. Also remember that the humans would have been aware of the Dwarven Empire and Elven Empire which didn't have country/national names either. Of course, most of the time, they would likely just have referred to them as 'the Dwarves' or 'the Elves', but they would have been aware of their Empires. They would have felt no need to describe themselves as the 'human Empire' because it was clear to all that they were human. I would also add that the Empire, as it stands in the days of Emperor Karl Franz, is as much a tinuous alliance of powerful Elector Counts as it has been from the founding. Remember, the Empire was at civil war for centuries during the time of three emperors and from my reading the Empire is at risk almost every time power has to be passed to a new Emperor.
  13. newmarduk said: Why is it called simply "the Empire"? Why not the "Empire of Sigmar" or the "Empire of Man"? newmarduk said: Why is it called simply "the Empire"? Why not the "Empire of Sigmar" or the "Empire of Man"? There are other countries ruled by man, Bretonnia, Telia, Estalia, Araby, etc. I can only assume, like most real countries, there's a good deal of nationalism, so the men of 'the Empire' assume they are THE best.
  14. For Windows 7: windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Install-or-uninstall-fonts For OS X: support.apple.com/kb/TA20707 Once the fonts are added you should be able to pick them from the drop-down font menu in Word or whatever Doc app you're using.
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