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  1. I think in the caldera combo the discarding of the card is the last thing to happen not the first. Even though it says it first. It's simply stating what the cost of the action will be. So pull out the the allies, plonk Imrahil on the table for free, discard caldera and then promote Imrahil to Hero. I'm sure I read somewhere that if a csrds cost is to discard it you do the effect and discard it after. Untill the end of the phase events would be to trigger the effect discard the card and remember the effect is constantly being checked untill that time period lapses
  2. Hi I'd say the each in these cases are not time specific or time constrained. The clause "untill the end of the phase" extends the card effect to be constantly checking the game state untill the end of the phase. Always looking for a locations to increase threat. The full stop after the first clause separates the two clauses so "then" is not a condition of the first clause. It's just a list of things that happened in sequence. For it to be conditional it would all have to be re-worded as one sentence with "if" at the start ie. Do x untill the end of the phase but If x occurs then do y. That's how I understand the card logic
  3. I remember struggling with the core set quests with only the core set cards. I discovered though that I was missing some rules, not using the action windows properly (especially in the quest phase), not using encounter deck manipulation and not using certain cards: Steward of Gondor and unexpected Courage are essential. I also hadn't grasped the core fundamental concepts of the game in that the base line rules give you one resource per hero, one new card per turn, no inherent healing and no inherent readying, no inherent threat reduction. You have to build all of that into your deck with your cards. However each sphere is good at only one of those things so lore for healing, spirit for threat reduction, Leadership for resources etc, but if you use multi sphere decks then it's harder to get working. This is what makes it a great game... It's a real conundrum every time you build a deck or play a quest. You'll never have enough with one core set though, start getting the adventure cycles (deluxe and adventure packs) to increase your card pool.
  4. Re Flight Of The Stormcaller Just wondering... If I'm right on this: After the quest Full Sail Ahead gains it's 12th progress token at the end of the round the next stage is revealed... The Weather Turns Foul... As it's still the end of the round the new Forced action taken effect immediately?
  5. I'm wondering if FFG's announcement to start Runewars miniatures would be in direct conflict with Games Workshop's table top miniatures lines and has either affected the companies relationship that they couldn't agree on a way forward or whether FFG felt they can go it alone and simply concentrate on Terrinoth as a setting rather than paying for a different fantasy licence. Personally I Love Terrinoth and Talisman but I feel Cataclysm is a fitting final expansion and a good point to end. I guess (hopefully) FFG will replace the fantasy Games Workshop lines with Terrinoth setting lines. So Decent LCG... Awesome... Terrinoth RPG... Awesome... Terrinoth table top miniatures game.... Already being made. If they are going to concentrate and expand on Terrinoth as an IP then I totally get it. Why wouldn't they. I have faith in you FFG.
  6. I got it for the android app through Google play. I've had it all since the core set was released. Bloodmoon is great and works brilliantly. When it's night the board darkens and you get a sound effect and when it's daytime the board lightens with a cock crowing effect. As far as I know and I've read this somewhere I'm sure but for the digital version of Talisman they review the art on the cards because they are able to show more of the picture on the digital version than on the cards. Looking at the actual cards shows that quite often the picture is shrunk into a small area at the top in order to accommodate the card text. When they do this on the digital they sometimes replace the art or you're just seeing it in a fuller picture. Either way it's a great transition from board to digital. I play both versions of the game and enjoy them immensely.
  7. Played again tonight and beat it using the same deck. I was still a struggle and it was very touch and go on stage 3. After questing I was left with a decision to either go off course or damage every exhausted character.if I went off course I'd lose one of my ships to the war cruiser in the staging area so I had to stay on course and win by questing only thing is the damage I'd take would kill over half of my questers. I took the damage route and managed to quest for 23 (9 threat in staging, calm waters 4 quest point's as active location and 10 on the quest for being on course). The cards that really gave me victory were: Revealed in wrath to neuter the warships so I could engage them with out activating their boarding 3 keyword. I could engage them in isolation. I pulled this off twice. The Galadhrim jewelers, getting them out early without having to pay resources by discarding two cards each meant I had really good attempts at sailing checks. This kept me on course and meant I was able to not use the dream chaser for sailing checks. The other ship was the -3 threat and +1 attack on each hero which I have to the tactics deck. The corsair that removed an attachment hit me hard three times removing my weapons and armour and slowed down the tactics defence and attack considerably Great night for me. I'm ready to try the next quest now... The fate of Numenor
  8. Bloody Pirates! Well played again tonight and was thoroughly sunk by turn four. I'm giving this scenario a difficulty of eight. It's not so much the decks being bad or anything, although your dual deck felt much better, rather the encounter deck and set-up is brutal. Stray off course and scout ship and a nasty corsair pirate engage on turn one, commit to sailing and you'll struggle to quest, commit every one to quest thinking there'll be no combat as threat is low and you get a Treachery that forces engagement. You want to travel to rolling seas, you can't if you don't want to engage the scouting ship and pirate it boards. It's almost like a horrible catch-22 dilemma right off the bat. Thats not to say I'm not enjoying getting beaten. So I think I played carefully and used the best cards at the best times but I ended up engaged with (all at the same time) 2 scouting ships, 2 light cruisers, 3 cunning Pirates, 2 vicious marauders and an umbar captain, and in the staging area was a corsair warship (from turn 1 questing) waterspout and starlit sea and I'd travelled to rolling seas earlier when my 3 card draw sailing attempt failed. I'd had a turn 2 boarding party Treachery card which I couldn't cancel which hampered my deploying as I had to try and deal with them. I ended the game there as both my ships were about to be destroyed even though none of the engaged enemies would get a shadow card this round due to the encounter deck being empty after questing. I'd managed to get only six progress on 1b. So down to Davy Jones locker for me. I'll try again tomorrow
  9. Thanks again. I'm hopefully going to set sail across the Belegaer tonight. I have almost all of the cards in your listings but I only have one core so I might proxy or use alternatives i.e. Cram in place of the extra Unexpected Courages. I don't have Watcher In The Water so no Elronds Council either. I'll post here my substitutions and how things went. Really looking forward to cracking this quest.
  10. What is the sideboard part of your deck listing for? Is that to adapt the deck for different quests within the cycle?
  11. Thanks mate I'll give it a go and let know how I fare. I've bought a lot of this game in a relatively short amount of time so I'm at the bottom of the learning curve still when it comes to deck building.
  12. Added a tactics/Leadership deck and played 2-handed solo. Played two more times and... Nope! This quest ain't going well for me at all. I'm going back to the drawing board. How are people beating this... Which hero teams are you playing with?
  13. Using Gandalf Hero ensures the top card of your deck is always known which adds more timing utility to Taking Initiative. Maybe add cards that pull events to your hand too.
  14. Hero's Dunhere Theoden Eowyn Ally Gamling x3 Eomund x2 Hama x1 Elfhelm x1 Escort From Edoras x3 West Road Traveller x2 The Riddermark's Finest x3 Pelagir Shipwright x3 Lorien Guide x3 Northern Tracker x2 Attachments Snowmane x1 Herugrim x1 Thror's Key x3 Miruvor x3 Ancient Mathom x2 Unexpected Courage x1 The favour of the Lady x1 Events Mustering The Rohirrim x1 Astonishing Speed x1 Dwarven Tomb x1 Hasty stroke x2 A Test Of Will x2 Strength Of Will x2 The Galadhrim's Greeting x2 Ride to Ruin x3 We Do Not sleep x3 I have one core set. I have everything except: Heirs of Numenor deluxe The druadan Forrest The morgal vale Foundations of stone Watcher in the water The voice of isengard deluxe The three trials The dunland trap Trouble in tharbad The lost realm deluxe (on order) I have a lot of adventure packs without actually having the associated deluxe set. This is due to my local store not getting them in.
  15. I've got three Thror's maps in lol It's just getting one early. I thought readying all rohan characters would allow everyone to quest/sail and then be readied for combat when either archery kills Eomund or I chump block with him. Gamling puts him back in my hand and he plays back on the table for 1 resource. I've got snowmane in there too as an extra ready for defence and fight. I'll post my deck so you can all see what I'm running
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