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  1. Less a concern about the company, more a comment on Ghosts. Although, I hate that Murphy is always listening.
  2. It couldn't do worse unless FFG goes under. Ugh.
  3. Actually, having the extra difficulty die at engaged makes sense with the pistol. It represents your opponent hitting your weapon out of line. Anyone engaged with a pistol wielder had better be trying to hit or wrestle for the pistol, or they are begging to be shot. If the target isn't hitting your gun, chances are you are considered to be at short, not engaged.
  4. Overall, I like the system. I just wish they got a little crunchier in the range categories. I tend to prefer knowing I am 50 meters from a target, which is Long range for a pistol, but Medium for a rifle.
  5. My groups have a tendency to devolve into quote-offs, usually started as a relevant quote, but usually migrating into Princess Bride, Monty Python, or a number of others.
  6. This also depends on whether the Force is in play. Willpower and Discipline are the primary resistances to everything Force. Basically, anything can be a dump stat depending on the campaign and character concept. I could see Int being a dump stat if no one is a mechanic, medic, or knowledge player. Cunning seems to be low on my players list, although they continually regret it since they always make plans that involve deception, stealth, and underworld ties.
  7. I actually used the Mass Combat rules in a game I ran, and it worked out well. The PC's had 4 or 5 squads of troops that they wanted to use to make a diversion for the PC's to break into a base. They had orders to minimize their casualties, but maximize noise. I talked with the PC's and we agreed that for the plan they had, their troops would have to hold for 3 Mass Combat rounds, then could fade away. Well, the PC's ran into a significant delay in the base, and had to radio for their troops to hold an extra round to allow them to escape with far more than they originally planned to. Their troops had been doing very well until then, but because of the impact they were making, found themselves heavily outnumbered, and ordered to keep fighting. Their final roll was great, because the rolled success with threat and despair. . . I tortured them for a while, because they got radio reports that everything was proceeding according to plan until they hear "AT-AT! Go to ground!" then the radio cuts out. They assumed everyone was toast. A couple days later the stragglers return to base. Their radio was destroyed, lost about 1/2 the troops, plus some gear, but managed to ditch pursuit. I couldn't see completely wiping out the force if they rolled a success.
  8. I largely agree with you, but the whole basis of the mass combat rules is that the GM should determine where the combat is going to end. This does not always mean wipe out the enemy. At Hoth the objective was to retreat with as many forces as possible. The battle was predetermined who would win. The question is how many troops, and how much equipment escapes. It ran much the same way in Escape from Arda. Friends like these was slightly harder to swallow because of how the Rebels win in the end, but followed the same format. I want to see them use an adventure with Mass Combat where the rebels win, or where the outcome isn't predetermined.
  9. They haven't released that career yet. Why do you think Common Sense is so rare?
  10. I like the thought of a multi-atmosphere ship. Plenty of opportunity to mess with players and NPCs alike as you force them into certain areas. Also, you may want to consider the HT-2200. If I remember right, fluff from WEG has it with 4 cargo holds, each independently controlling environment, including temperature, pressure, lighting and atmosphere.
  11. As a GM you really have 2 choices. Be prepared to roll with the punches and go with what the players want, or have them board a train and force them to stay on the rails. Both methods are perfectly valid, and you can even mix them, but you need to go with what the group wants. Some of my groups favorite sessions are when they completely departed from the adventure I had planned. You may lay everything out starting with a description of the cantina they meet their contact in, and they see someone you put in as a throwaway description, and they go over, and they will try to pickpocket/talk to/brawl with/kidnap/whatever. You need to decide whether he walks out before they get to him, let them run with their plan, or let them have a few minutes of fun, but then have their contact interrupt. The worst is when they make a decision which probably should end the game, you explain it to them and they want to do it anyway, but you really don't want a TPK. I had a group of Rebels surrender to a known ISB agent in a bar, where they were both unarmed. I never did understand why, but they did. I think it was a completely unbaked (not even half-baked) plan to infiltrate an Imperial Facility.
  12. I just started a F&D campaign, and my players wanted to trash their opponent's weapons without hurting them too. I ruled that if they declared an attack on a weapon, that they would deal no damage but could convert extra successes into advantages for the purpose of sunder only (and only if they didn't have enough advantages to begin with). It worked well, allowing them to disarm a pair of minions without killing them. I did not make them take 2 blacks for called shots, mostly because it was melee/lightsaber attacks. If they tried it with a gun I would make them do a called shot. In general, if they are looking for a non-damaging effect, and choose to pass on damage (ahead of time) to get it to go off, I don't see a big problem with it. In my case, the minions would have been killed, but they disarmed them instead. Some effects I might have to think about, especially based on what the weapon is. I would say definitely not autofire, burn, blast, guided, or linked. Yes to Ensnare, Concussive, Disorient, Knockdown and Sunder in most cases. Not sure about Active Stun, but maybe yes, probably very item specific. If the effect is from a drug in a dart gun, I would say definitely not. Shock gloves? Probably yes. If the weapon had multiple special effects, I would make them pick one, and that is the only one they can convert successes for. Looking at the Stokli Spray Sticks.
  13. The other looks like the Gozanti Imperial Assault Carrier.
  14. To each their own. But in my games, that is what upgrades, assist dice, and destiny points are for. As an alternative, maybe allow a "stored" triumph or up to 3 advantages with flip of destiny point and an idea of what you are saving for - disarming the boss, blowing an escape hole in a wall, etc. Then when they get enough stored to trigger the effect, it goes off.
  15. The other thing that would complicate things is needing to keep track of what skill you used to get the advantages. For example, my pistol specialist rolls 4 yellow in Ranged light. I shouldn't be able to bank my advantages and triumphs and use them on Brawl that I only have 2 green in. But the game does allow you to "bank" some for a round. Use a triumph to upgrade your next check. Use 2 advantage to assign yourself a blue die.