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  1. Your tinfoil hat may be more real than you know. Ghosts of Dathomir was heavily delayed, and it coincidentally dropped within a week of one of the computer games having a "Ghosts of Dathomir" expansion. There is an upcoming separatist expansion in that game, and I assume they will drop at the same time.
  2. Edgookin

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    In addition to all the doors being locked/powered down, maybe they find a section of the station which is still pressurized, and blows them down a hall or into space when they force the door. Possibly accompanied by ice shard blowing out with the atmosphere. Rooms could be filled with noxious/poisonous/corrosive elements. Unshielded radioactives could be exposed. Possibly some battery power is still available, making for some live wires.
  3. Edgookin

    Old School Star Wars

    This whole discussion of datapads reminds me of reading the 1930's and '40s sci fi books. They start discussing computers, and I was very confused initially, until I realized they meant people who compute things, not machines that compute things. The meaning of the words have changed dramatically over time.
  4. Edgookin

    A pyromaniac without the maniac?

    Maybe he was in the military, and flamethrowers were what he was trained on. He didn't like it, thought that too many of his squadmates/superiors were insane because of it, and defeected to the Rebellion (or whoever's side he is on). He still uses the flamer, partly due to training, and partly due to effectiveness. He always makes sure he keeps a pistol on hand (or underslung rifle) to finish off any wounded/incap enemies, since he clearly doesn't want them to suffer.
  5. If it isn't important to the story, just pick a system or material and state he is researching improvements to that. And jsut because he makes it work in the lab doesn't mean it breaks continuity. It may not scale well to the real world. And that could even be the focus of his research. For instance, he is researching Quadranium materials technology. Currently he has produced a few ounces of the material, and has shown that it provides 50x the strength of currently used materials. Unfortunately, while interesting, there are 2 flaws. First, it costs 50,000 credits per ounce to produce. And second, its structure collapses when exposed to cold (perhaps explosively?). He is currently working on countering the flaw and reducing the cost to usable levels. This material shows promise to replace structural materials and armor through many systems.
  6. Edgookin

    Suggest Some Droid-Hostile Work Environments

    You could always have to planet be home a mid to large size predator, that some time in the long past, a race trained to hunt droids. Now they view droids as their personal dog toys.
  7. Edgookin

    Suggest Some Droid-Hostile Work Environments

    Also, anywhere population is very high. That is why places like India and China have large amounts of cheap manual labor, and the factories don't bother with as much automation. So a massively overpopulated planet might avoid droids, and in fact the populace might have droid hate groups. "Don't let the droid steal your job! Build an Ion Wall!"
  8. Edgookin

    How a rebel cell grows.

    This all depends on you and your group. Do they want to settle down and set up defenses? That can make recruiting easier, but could lead to battles with the Empire. How powerful they grow is up to how you want the campaign to proceed. Do you want the PC's mostly on their own with maybe a squad in support? Or do you want them to be generals leading an army? Most recruitment could be handled behind the scenes. I had some rough rules that expanded on the base building ruies that allowed for recruitment. Basically, as they installed barracks, more troops showed up. As they installed training facilities, they got more skilled, and had more rivals, not just minions. As they installed more armories, they got better gear to fight with. That sort of thing. I did run an adventure that they turned into a recruiting drive, suddenly picking up a group of skilled mechanics as an in-game reward rather than expanding their base between missions.
  9. Edgookin

    Suggestions for dps?

    Thats why I liked the stats on Vader in the Glare Peak module. It states that if you fight him, you die. GM gets to choose how.
  10. If this is effectively the crowning achievement of your party before a game reboot, this sounds awesome! If you want to drag on the action a bit, have the Empire have a couple commandos on board. Like a reverse Die Hard or Under Siege scenario. The rebels searching the corridors, dealing with hit and run tactics, traps, and some smart aleck taunting them on the radio.
  11. While I agree that the time seems ridiculous, don't forget that the boat they loaded it on probably makes multiple stops, each eating a few days as they unload and load containers. Plus a couple weeks in customs. Possibly on both ends. Assuming no weather delays, work stoppages, labor shortages, etc.
  12. Edgookin

    critical damage home-brew rules

    Healing critical damage isn't hard, but takes time. Unless you have a bacta tank, you are only allowed to heal 1 critical injury per week.
  13. If you can stretch to 800 credits, what about falsified credentials? Before you left, you set up a bogus ID that was registered from inside the system.