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  1. If you want to mess with them, have them break into the nemesis base, and find nothing but bodies. Someone beat them to the punch. The question is who, and how to keep out of their way. You could have someone like the Punisher still roaming the halls, mowing down anything that moves. Or an Imperial kill team, who sees the PC's as convenient patsies to pin the crime on. Or the rancor got loose.
  2. Where are those talents? I didn't see them in the Colonist:Doctor or Soldier:Medic trees. I would definitely change my story if it completely duplicates a talent.
  3. I haven't had that much problem with having stimpacks heal strain. I allow them to be used for wounds, strain or a combination of both, but in the same amount. So if your 1st stim of the day is 5 strain, your second can be 4 wounds or 4 strain, your choice. My PCs don't use it that often, except when someone is hit by a stun blast.
  4. I have to agree with this. My group hasn't seriously consider them yet. Mostly because as written, they prefer the SA out of a different career as being more fitting for their character. I have ruled that they may choose SA's from any career, but they must attach to that career's specialization, and they may only get SA's from a single career. They have started considering them, but haven't spent the XP yet. As far as Last Man Standing, I don't think they are looking at it because they have 2 characters with high Ranged skills and heavily modded autofire weapons, plus talents for backup. Minions go down 10-15 in a round when they aren't trying hard. Makes it tough to consider that talent unless they don't have their cool guns, or are facing a massive army.
  5. Every system had its good and bad points. My favorite from WEG was the fact that a single stormtrooper was a credible threat, no matter how much XP you had. If they could hit, their rifle would rock your world. That was my problem in d20, every level you gained HP, so either you had to level up stormtroopers, or bring in other high level opponents, leaving the lowly trooper as scenery. FFG seems to have hit a decent middle ground on that end. Troopers are still dangerous in numbers, but less so as you go up. I'm just not fond of the glass cannon approach. It seems to breed initiative and autofire as the 2 most important combat features.
  6. Yes, they have run around with backpacks full of stims. Plus the party bought 3-4 of the medkits that give a free stim every day. I was encumbrance nazi on it (5 stims/encumbrance), but they found it worthwhile, and were willing to spend the credits on it.
  7. I run SW now, and my favorite was a stealth check. The players were trying to sneak across a catwalk between 2 buildings with Imperial troops search for them on the street below. They rolled success with Despair and multiple advantage. We narrated something like: As you sneak across the catwalk, Player X stumbles, and as they are about to fall, Player Y saves them by grabbing their shirt, but during the slip, Player X drops whatever is in his hands (Despair - he lost a blaster rifle). You are lucky enough that it falls in a dumpster full of trash bags quieting the fall enough that the troopers don't notice. You finish getting across the catwalk without incident. They then had to decide whether to risk going after the rifle, or just fade into the distance, and replace it later. They chose the latter.
  8. My only beef with Stimpacks is that even with a 15 wound per day limit, there is no point to Bacta Tanks, except for Critical Injuries. If I suffer 30 wounds today, use 5 stimpacks today, and 5 tomorrow, and I am back to full health. It usually hasn't come up in my games, but I don't let them heal yesterday's wounds with today's stimpacks.
  9. I would run with a single threat for damage. Also, don't forget that the rules do not state that you may only spend 2 threat for 1 step of damage. You can spend 4 threat for 2 steps, etc. Just like sunder. Or in the case of the double dangerous pistol, 4 threat = destroyed.
  10. You mean George RR Martin?
  11. Except that having unlimited money as a superpower means that he fights with the Batjet, Batsub, or BatPower Armor as needed. Much like Tony Stark hangs in with the Avengers. Remote control armor, Hulkbuster suit, etc.
  12. I disagree that Ebb/Flow works as a defensive only talent. The base power is an area affect, unsoakable strain attack, that can be combined with a brawl attack (since they are skill rolls after all). It is a minion slaughter machine, and quickly wears down strain using nemeses. Just doesn't work well with allies if the user hasn't bought the exclude upgrades.
  13. As far as knocking out a guard, I might not even resort to a brawl/melee check, assuming it is just minion. I would deal with it with Triumph or 3 advantage on the stealth check. Sneaky McSneakerson wants to sneak up on the bad guy's speech to his underlings. He sees a pair of sentries, keeping an eye out. He rolls stealth, gets 2 successes and 3 advantages, and 1 triumph. Success means no one sees him sneaking up. He uses 3 advantages to disable one guard, and the triumph to take out the other. Narratively, he sneaks up behind the one, knocks him out with a blow to the back of the head, then jumps the other, puts his hand over his mouth, and chokes him out. Now that would not apply to rivals or nemesis. But if they are just minions? Take 'em out.
  14. This is how I have ruled it in my game. Flip a destiny and reflect vehicle scale weapons. They can't do it too often, but it can be done.