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  1. My favorite was at the end of the race scene from Jewel of Yavin. The pilot of the cloud car rolled his final pilot check while neck and neck with his opponent, ends up succeeding with both Triumph and Despair. At high speed, he bumps his opponent, accidently locks their vehicles together, while trying to recover, sends them into a flat spin together, where his ship crosses the finish line first (still spinning and locked together) before wrecking both craft in the docking bay. But both pilots come out uninjured! And unaware of who actually won, they were spinning too fast to tell.
  2. I agree with the rule of cool. Plus, properly implemented, it lets you simulate things from the movies and TV Shows. For instance, in Rebels, more than once it showed Kanan and Ezra deflecting TIE fighter shots with lightsabers. In the RPG, you would need 8 ranks of reflect in order to stop a single point of damage. So I ruled that for reflect, spend a light side point, and reflect applies to vehicle damage for that round.
  3. Do you have any sample photos? I can't remember much other than rank insignia & code cylinders. All the rest looks like pockets, seams, color patches, etc.
  4. In Legends, if I remember, Corsec (Corellian Security) has rangers that operated across sectors. I think that author was influenced by the Texas Rangers, especially the show with Chuck Norris.
  5. My thought would be to upgrade the weapons to Ion weapons, and disable the target through System Strain.
  6. Don't worry about a specific named piece of equipment. Give him a mask, either physical or holo. See Mission Impossible.
  7. I haven't run large genesys groups, but have run an open D&D campaign, with my largest session have 14 players. How well it works depends primarily on your group, not just on how you handle it. I ended up having them grouped in 2-3 groups (selected by themselves), and while they were all in the same mission, each group was almost a separate party, sometimes merging, sometimes breaking off. As GM, I ran each party for a certain time, generally based on real time, but if combat occured, run 1-2 rounds for each group, then switch groups. Each group has to entertain themselves while you deal with the other groups. And that is the trouble, because nobody gets a lot of play time in, but spends a lot of time watching everyone else. My D&D game really had a core of 6-8 regular players, and a host of drop ins, and that worked well. If they weren't committed, they wouldn't return. I did make a critical mistake in a subsequent Mechwarrior game. It had about 10 people who all wanted to be consistent, and that system cannot handle large groups well. I asked for volunteers to drop the game, because I didn't want to upset any of my friends, and no one left. So I warned everyone that the next session was going to be extra lethal, and I would actively try to kill half the party at random, and the half that died had to leave the game. Unfortunately, the dice killed the wrong half, and the game collapsed within 2 weeks because the remaining players started bailing for a variety of reasons. The lesson there is if you need to thin your group, ask for volunteers (so anyone who was thinking of dropping goes first), then pick who you think the game will work best with. Don't leave it to chance, even if they are your friends. Oh, and don't forget to check with your players privately whether they enjoy all the other players presence. I had one player that finally dropped because of scheduling reasons, and after he left, 2 female players said they were glad he left because he "creeped them out". I didn't notice anything at the time, but now try to impress on my players that if they have a personal problem with the group, tell me so I can deal with it.
  8. Science fiction could be just different science as well. Maybe they are looking a warp drive instead of hyperspace. In fact, Star Trek could exist in Star Wars as science fiction, just using an entire series of alternate, but similar technologies. Also, it could just represent expected increases in technology, predicting faster travel, bigger hard drives, more powerful weapons. If you are looking for a specific sci-fi technology to research, how about the technomancers from Babylon 5? Using swarms of mentally controlled nano-bots to create "magical" effects. Hmm, maybe that is what the midichlorians really are?
  9. Aiming for melee weapons? Reminds me of when I mounted a laser sight on a chainsaw. Put the red line where you want the blade to go. No combat advantage. But it did give some intimidation value.
  10. I'm picturing a martial artist with these. Yes, they can't use the supreme power, but this guantlet with improved is vicious.
  11. Are there any players in Phoenix, AZ looking for a group? Meet on Saturday afternoons, 2x monthly.
  12. Campaign Cartographer is pretty powerful. You might need the Cities, Dungeons and/or Cosmographer add-ins to get what you want. It has a bit of a learning curve, but makes some beautiful maps.
  13. We started a Realms of Terrinoth game today, and the more I look at the book, the more areas I see where I feel teased with incomplete information. I desperately feel the need for some additional sourcebooks to expand on portions that were only briefly discussed. Especially the lore of the world. It is driving me crazy that they include a great map, with many locations having descriptions. And many more locations that are named, but with no description at all. And the magic needs expanding. Eleven magic is described as being different, and high elves get Empyrean magic by getting Divine as a class skill. But the fluff describes spells working dramatically differently, but in the rules you get identical effects at identical difficulties. Same for Ynfearnal magic. Ugh. May have to generate a fan supplement for some of this.
  14. I like this screen, but you may want to reword the autofire quality. It jumped out and I had to check the wording. You make it sound like you roll a regular attack, and if you score 2 advantage, roll a second attack with +1 difficulty. It should read, make an attack at +1 difficulty, spend 2 advantage to inflict an extra hit.
  15. Thats not dying from a strong argument, thats committing suicide because you want to make a statement. Then when it fails, blame the other side.
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