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  1. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Rex should be a COMMANDER: Tactician/Retired Clone Trooper. After all he is CAPTAIN Rex.
  2. Has Anyone Run An Imperial Campaign?

    I agree here. It will depend on your group, and how you present it to them. If they like to play "evil" characters, it may go well (assuming they don't interpret evil as kill your friends). If they are on the fence, it will be more on you. Do you present the Empire as the bad guys, blowing up worlds, oppressing aliens, murderous darksiders abundant? Or are you running the "honorable empire" where the PC's don't know what the Empire has done, and is chasing terrorists like Saw Guerrerra who kills civilians in his quest for vengeance on the Empire? Are they enforcing order? The honorable empire can work well, especially when you present them with a moral dilemma, such as being ordered to wipe out a farming community because they won't turn over a rebel. Will they follow through, rise through the ranks, and do more dastardly deeds? Or do they break with orders, free the rebel, and be double agents for the Rebellion? Or just run for it? But again, it depends on how you run, and what your players like. I only ran one evil game (D&D), and it didn't last long, because the players ended up being Chaotic Stupid.
  3. Another Character Generator

    Is there any chance of modifying the printout to include checkboxes under Wound Threshold for Stims used? That would be very helpful in my games.
  4. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Ugh. I just realized that the Given look like a cross between the Scream mask and Skeletor.
  5. I Wanna Be A Flyboy(girl)

    If it is solely speed you want, you might consider the Explorer careers. Their signature ability allows you to take 3 maneuvers, making you very fast.
  6. Dealing with loot - new GM

    A lot of how you deal with looting also depends on timing. If you keep the pressure on, they aren't going to stop for anything more than a gun or maybe a utility belt. Also, enforce the encumbrance rules. That limits what they can drag off very quickly. My last game had a player who owned 3 or 4 guns, each specialized for a different purpose. He would only carry 1 or 2 based on mission needs though (He had a long range stun rifle, sniper rifle, auto rifle, and a dart gun). If they had a car, he usually threw the rest in a crate in the back. If they have a vehicle, and time, my group will strip the enemies pretty thoroughly.
  7. In fact, usually I have the players plan out the bad guy despairs and threats, just like I get to do theirs.
  8. Failure - they don't recognize the lightsaber as a weapon 2 advantage - they jostle the lightsaber accidentally (and unnoticed) disconnected the powercell (requires a ready maneuver after it is discovered) Despair - The guard was so incompetent that the PC managed to pickpocket a holdout blaster off the guard.
  9. How well would Genesys handle D&D-like dungeon crawls?

    The big thing with the dungeon crawl conversion is that many of the old school dungeon crawls don't have a plot. The whole goal is attack a dungeon to get stuff. Genesys could do that, but not well. Now if your dungeon is set up as the Evil Priest's temple, with underbosses and hordes of minions, it may work. Just make sure to include a non-kill everything option. Sneak in to steal the Evil ArtifactTM. Rescue the captive. But just killing everything would get rather boring in this system.
  10. Split Party

    I've had terrible luck with this method. I tend to run into problems that 1 group travels for 30 minutes to get to a location, while another group breaks into the building next door. The group breaking in has a lifetime of structured time before the other group even gets to their destination. I tend to run each person/group for a scene, then switch. The exception to this is if they are close enough to come to each other's rescue, then you may jump back and forth a bit more. You may also switch when one group calls the others on a comlink. Then run everyone till they get the call.
  11. How do you create your characters?

    With Oggdude's generator, of course! But seriously, for me, I like to work with the party, pick a role (pilot, medic, mechanic, face etc), then decide what fits into that role. If I get a crazy idea, I think it out a bit then go the GM and make sure he agrees.
  12. Are you suggesting that if I have 100 XP, but buy all talents and skills at chargen, that I could then buy up to 100 XP of attributes with earned XP? Not sure if I understood you correctly.
  13. Considering converting a system....

    I don't know much about the Morrow Project, but from what I do know, you may want to check out the Resources link and see the Fallout mod that has been done. It might make a good starting point for you.
  14. Who can Slice ? Slicer ? :-)

    I disagree with you. On the deathstar, the computer terminals are all interconnected, because it is a single vehicle. The AT-DP does not have a connection to the base, unless it is in the hangar, connected with the umbilicals to the base computer. And even then, it probably wouldn't count as connected to the base computer. Otherwise in the shows you would have characters hacking a base from a TIE flying around outside it.
  15. Going to instructor will definitely reduce your combat effectiveness. I would not worry too much about medicine as a class skill. Remember that you do not use medicine for a stimpack. Mostly medicine gets used to remove crits, and some wound/strain recovery. If you want a dedicated medic, take Soldier:Medic or Colonist:Doctor. A couple ranks of Stim Specialization are nice, but not if they interfere with the rest of your concept. Instructor goes into Bodyguarding and buffing others more than direct action. On the topic of your concept, you state combat/commander/face. With what you have listed for everyone else, it sounds like deception and coercion are or could be covered by them. Mercenary Soldier gives good leadership. But your group will be missing charm and negotiations. If you are OK with waiting on picking them up, you may want to consider what other specs you may pick up, and if they are in or out of career. Also look ahead to Signature abilities. In short, are you a combat monkey with leadership training? Or are leader first, combat second? And don't forget that you are picking a starting point. Unless your GM hands out extra XP at the start, you aren't going to be good at more than 1 or 2 things. For example, you won't have your True Aims yet. (Assuming you follow the conventional wisdom to buy as many stats as possible in chargen) So if you start at a different career, you could always pick up the Mercenary Spec later (as out of career) and advance it later.