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  1. I have to agree that swapping advantages for successes is not a good idea. I have toyed with the reverse (turning success into advantage), and it worked well. It has its own limitations, but was done at the request of my players, who kept rolling high levels of success, but not enough advantage to activate their weapon qualities.
  2. The way you describe it, I could see running the trial as a modified Mass Combat check. Phase 1 could be opening arguments, with the encounter being a social challenge. Phase 2 is Prosecution, with an encounter regarding getting a witness to testify (or change testimony). Phase 3 is the Defense with an encounter regarding evidence collection (or suppression). Phase 4 is Closing arguments with a social challenge, or maybe jury tampering. The mass combat check would be based on size and quality of legal teams. The public defender 1 or 2 dice. The OJ Defense team is 5 dice. Increase dice by 1 if you have 2 or 3 reliable witnesses on your side. Increase by another 1 if most of the evidence is on your side. etc. Upgrade based on Knowledge (Edgucation) of lead attorney. Possibly other skills if you make a "Lawyer" Spec that has talents to adjust this roll (like the Mass Combat specs). Success at the encounter of each phase grants boosts or penalties, etc.
  3. If you do it line specific modular encounters: EotE - "Debts to Pay" AoR - "Wars to Wage" FaD - "Disturbances in the Force"
  4. This also depends on whether you want players shooting the artillery, or being shot at by artillery. In my games, artillery is either very abstract (through mass combat rules), narrative (if the players need the artillery for a single purpose, such as destroying a specific target, or they call in an NPC barrage), or as an environmental hazard (any area under bombardment is treated as difficult terrain, requiring coordination rolls to get through. Difficulty and modifiers based on size and type of barrage. Damage based on threats, failures, and despairs). I haven't had any players interested in operating indirect artillery for any substantial amount of time, although they like being able to call for fire support.
  5. One other option could be encounters that generate problems by killing the enemy. My personal favorite was when an enemy sneaked on board the PC's ship and waited in the cockpit for them to show up. Holding an armed thermal detonator. If they kill him, they almost guaranteed to destroy their cockpit, making escape impossible. A similar situation could be a foe with a suicide vest and hostages. An enemy that must be captured in order to learn critical information. An enemy that if killed, causes huge legal problems (corporate head, politician, etc). A friend who is either mind-controlled or under the influence of drugs. Many challenges that could be met with violence, but violence could make the problem worse.
  6. The Republic did have the personal scale anti-droid grenades (I forgot the name). Part of the Republic's problem is that they were so complacent from generations of peace that they did not know how to make war. Until the clones came along, they did not have an army. They had the jedi, who wouldn't rely on technological solutions. And a few peace officers and support personnel. I would assume no one thought of using a large scale EMP. Plus, that would significantly damage Republic infrastructure, so they may have thought of it, but discarded it. Kind of like nuking your own territory. The US would think twice about using a massive EMP in a major city. Depending on where you did it, it could brak large portions of the internet, and possibly destroy critical infrastructure.
  7. I could see doing a 2nd edition the same way they did for X-wing. Issue a new main book, and an "upgrade" book, which tells how to adjust all the previous books. Then at least you aren't buying everything again.
  8. I've had this in different games before (not Star Wars, yet). Had to outright tell everyone in one game that I was not going to allow this, in part due to my distaste, and in part due to the fact that we were meeting in the Memorial Union at our University. We were playing a kids game in D&D (all of the players were college age, but their characters were pre-teen). Last thing I wanted was someone overhearing something and reporting us to campus police. Plus, ewww.
  9. Dear God, I hope not. I don't wan't to have to pay to buy extra chapters. And then pay again to get the updated language correcting unuseable rules.
  10. In my opinion, if a PC isn't directly involved, don't worry about rolling. Otherwise, you are just playing a bunch of GMPC's. Now, if a PC can give advice via comms, or is otherwise involved, let a roll help determine what's going on.
  11. I would make the worst spy. Either I would be nervous that I would miss the code phrase, and therefore give myself away, or else would be oblivious to when the phrase was given, and not respond appropriately. I've tried using those phrases in games, and find that no one remembers how to respond, or else misses their cues. So I just handwave, and proceed with "You give the sign to the bartender, and he doesn't respond." or "When you talk to the bartender, he signals that your contact is in the corner." I know loses realism, but it also keeps the game moving and avoids confusion.
  12. This sounds like crossing Star Wars with Paranoia. Could be interesting, but would totally depend on the group.
  13. Combat doesnt have to be insta-lethal in environment suits. Just rule that they are somewhat self sealing, and that energy effects and piercing effects don't expose you to hard vacuum. Maybe more of a skinsuit, rather than the giant airbags we use today. There are plenty of hard (and soft) sci-fi that use a skin tight suit with heating elements. The only time it is extra lethal is if a slashing attack opens it up. Even those aren't lethal with a skintight spacesuit though.
  14. My group houseruled that you could apply stimpacks to wounds or strain, user's choice. Still have diminishing returns, so if you use stimpack 1 for wounds, you get 5, #2 for strain you only get 4, etc. Mostly the party stuck with wound recovery, since that takes longer out of combat, but there were times they needed to wake someone up after a stun hit.
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