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  1. Edgookin

    Leadership skill

    I have used leadership in several ways. First, and most common, with the Field Commander and Field Commander (Improved) talents. And others too, I think. Second, when giving orders to NPC's. This can be narrative or under the Squad Rules from AOR GM Screen (highly recommended to buy). And third, during mass combat - the commander uses this skill to direct the battle. I have used mass combat (from the AOR Commander Book or Assault on Arda) repeatedly, even when the PC's are only in charge of a squad or two, against a platoon or more.
  2. Edgookin

    Lets talk Coercion!

    Treat it like any other social skill. If they are already shooting at you, the best you can do is try to make yourself intimidating, and thereby draw their fire (good if you have the soak for it). If they haven't started shooting, you might get them to back down through threats. Just like you could get them to back down by buying them a drink (Charm), bribing them (Negotiation), impersonating their boss (Deception), or convincing them to follow your orders (Leadership). Depending on the situation, each roll will have a different difficulty. Stopping a pair of on-duty stormtroopers could be Coercion 1P2R +black/blue based on situation (3P from willpower, 1 upgrade from minion group class skill Discipline, 1 additional upgrade for on-duty penalties). Charm would be 3R (1P from presence, 0 upgrades from Cool, 5 upgrades for obvious dereliction of duty hazard). Bribing them would be 2R (1P from presence, 0 upgrades for negotiation or cool, 3 upgrades for less obvious dereliction of duty hazard) + up to 5 black depending on circumstances of how likely they would be to be caught. Deception would be 2P1R (3P from willpower, 1 upgrade from minion group class skill Discipline) with liberal black/blue based on uniforms and other props. Leadership would be the same as deception.
  3. I see 2 ways to handle this. If you have a big group, have each player take control of a competitor, even if it is not their character. This keeps them involved. If your group is small and involved in your ship, try running the race by yourself with just the NPC's. Give each a position at each round, and a predetermined attack, (i.e. ram the vehicle ahead of me, shoot the vehicle behind/beside me). Then add your players in, and attacks will be based on where they end up in the positions.
  4. Edgookin

    I feel PvP should be a consensual RP Choice

    I agree with everyone else about this. The only times I have had issues with PVP, it was entirely based on a player who didn't belong at the table. 95% of my players understood that they are supposed to work as a team, unless they plan otherwise. When the PVP occurred, it was either entirely RP driven (and somewhat consensual), ended very badly for everyone involved, and/or ended up being the end of a player playing at my table. I think I can only remember 3 incidents (all in other systems). One, the player was disliked by everyone, and the party fought itself over who got to kill him. He was invited to not return to that game. Two, a player felt he was being upstaged by another player, and tried to shoot it out in the middle of a Mexican Standoff. That did not turn out well for anyone, and was obvious what was going to happen. But he said "He Stole My Thunder!" Beware those words. I checked with the table, and they decided not to kick him for that. And three, a long standing division where a couple party members made a great deal of trouble by having secret plans (with good intentions) that turned out terribly (such as starting multiple wars, wrecking a city, etc). When said plans were discovered, the PC's (who were aware of what was happening OOC, and largely thought it was funny) killed the secretive ones. Partly this was done because the game was ending anyway, and the players were leaving the group for good.
  5. Edgookin

    Planning my first PC death

    Fly, you fools!
  6. Edgookin

    Social Encounters

    I'm also thinking of a larger case, where the PC's have allies working the room as well, semi-autonomously. Think political convention, or a senate vote.
  7. Edgookin

    Heroic Ability Upgrades from Terrinoth

    I would also treat each minion as being affected, not each minion group. Otherwise, in your example, the damage dealt would be different whether it was 1 rival + 1 4-minion group, or 1 rival + 2 2-minion groups, or 1 rival + 4 1-minion groups. Which makes no sense.
  8. Edgookin

    Any home rules on character creation?

    I ran a Knight level game with all force sensitives who started with a mentor. I required that of the 150 extra XP, 50 had to be in Force Powers, and 50 had to be in Force Specialization talents to represent their master actually training them. They still had a lot of flexibility, but it guaranteed that in a Force-centric campaign, everyone had at least some Force powers.
  9. I agree that Star Wars: Legends is a cool name, but they won't use it. Could you imagine the fanboy confusion between Star Wars: Legends the TV show, and Star Wars Legends (the old expanded universe stories)? What about Star Wars: Heroes of Legend?
  10. Has anybody run a large social encounter using minor modifications to the Mass Combat rules? I was considering an episode of a dinner party, or political gathering. Instead of having infantry, armor, artillery, you would have politicians, media, and business people. Modifiers could include protocol droids, equipment, etc. Each phase the PC's could engage a particular person in "social combat" bantering words, or even outright fighting or theft. I think it could work, but wanted to know if anyone else had tried it.
  11. Edgookin

    Mace needs to be a bit more special

    The stock mace is fairly balanced. It is a baseline +3 damage, melee(Light) weapon. The reason it is balanced, relative to the other +3 damage weapons is cost. It is by far the cheapest weapon available, with that high of a damage rating. It also has a very low rarity. Now, I agree that mechanically, I wouldn't touch the mace if cost wasn't an issue.
  12. Edgookin

    Droid "Armor"

    Schlock Mercenary has taken up the suicidal droid brains:
  13. Edgookin

    Droid "Armor"

    I can totally see your tech building a bunch of souped up training remotes from Ep. IV, hovering around you in a sort of cloud. They fly into incoming fire to save you. Just don't give them sentience, or a lot of people will have problems. Maybe even have a backpack deployment system.
  14. Edgookin

    Allowing talents how Genesys does

    I have a suspicion that sometime in the future, FFG will release Star Wars RPG version 2, using Genesys.