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  1. And the Daemon NPC sheets please FFG!
  2. Hi all. Sorry been away for so long, RL getting in the way... Okay firstly my advice is do not try to come up with 14 encounters. Instead go for 9-10 (ish) still give them the choice each step but only some of the choices make a difference. (This is being realistic about it's better to have quality over quantity). I'd advise that you escalate the pace as you go along. Start slow and work up. At the start have all the chronos working then by the end the SoT effect has kicked in and no one know what time it is or how much time until the place blows. Vary the encounters; ideas are Straight fight encounter. Puzzle, locked door that the 3 of them have to work on whilst the armsmen hold off the beasts. Maybe it's locking mechanism is crushed and two have to hold open the lid whilst the 3rd bypasses it Atmosphere! (My favourite). when I ran SoT the BEST encounter was the party going through an alien ship. I dropped enough clues that they thought it could be Tyranid or Necron and they were bricking it! Melta Gel. The all access hull opener. Give them a lot, then after 3-4 encounters of them using it they realise they are just down to a handful and the warp beasts are getting closer. Give them a way of knowing how close the Warp beasts are, sound, monitoring, or an Aliens style motion tracker. Near the end of this section begin to build to the climax, start with Space Opera style encounters with players swinging over pits, or fancy a swim (the PC's did take Swim right???) if not they have to waste time making floats! Finally have a moral choice, have one of the Armsman stuck under a beam/metal bar/BicMac next to an obvious escape route. The sound of the Warp Beast increases. Leave him or save him? Might even be a fate point in that choice... Hope this helps... Balders
  3. FFG. Any chance you can put PDFs for the Black Sepulchre player handouts up on your support site? Me, personally I love the adventure and cannot wait to put my players through it! Chris aka Baldrick
  4. ItsUncertainWho said: Xarthilias said: Thanks for the reply. I will allow the rerolls but any FP spent will count against the pool of FP available for the next session. Problem 10. I can't find anywhere the penalties for wearing heavy armor for skills and such. In d20 we had Armor Check Penalty attached to every piece of equipment. By mind armor should affect the Agility skills. Question 10. Is there a table where these penalties are listed? To prevent an assassin sneaking around in bulky armor? Errata The AP (Armour Points) section at the top of page 144 should include the addition: “Any armour that offers 7 or more APs inflicts a –30 penalty on the wearer’s Concealment and Silent Move tests.” Should we have RAWTC (Rules As Written Then Corrected)? Sorry Xarthilias I missed that one...
  5. Xarthilias said: Problem 10. I can't find anywhere the penalties for wearing heavy armor for skills and such. In d20 we had Armor Check Penalty attached to every piece of equipment. By mind armor should affect the Agility skills. Question 10. Is there a table where these penalties are listed? To prevent an assassin sneaking around in bulky armor? The Rules As Written (RAW) only impose penalties when you go over your carrying limit (see p215 of the rulebook). However as a GM feel free to impose penalties on the players. e.g. a player in carapace armour is trying to silently sneak into a base via the air-vents would be a penalty in my game. What Dark Heresy does is give you a framework, then you, as the GM, have a wide range of bonuses and penalties you can apply -60 to +60 e.g. a player who removed all amour and stripped down to just a light jumpsuit and a single pistol would get a bonus to sneak in via air-vents What I encourage my players is think what would happen practically in real life as opposed in the rules. If a player says that they are going to keep wearing there carapace armour going into an air-vent, as the GM point out they will encounter difficulty using it and most likely would have a penalty. If they decide to continue then hit them with the penalty. Baldrick
  6. Oh nice! Shiny in fact! Greg seriously send in your CV along with some examples to FFG. I've used more of your stuff with DH adventures than anybody else! However I do agree that spiders should replace crows. They PCs have encountered followers of the Crow Father twice and I do not want to give them a more bum leads (they already have a few blind alleys to go down). I like the idea of the servitors and other similar devices spawning out messages. They will be echoing the Daemon's desire to escape before Haarlock returns. “He is returning” “Escape & flee” etc etc In addition I will have the PC psyker start having nosebleeds in the night and the planets Astropath choir report that local warp conditions are interrupting interplanetary communication. Suicide rate in the city starts to climb. My group is big and experienced. 6 PCs rank 7-8, combat heavy. They have been enjoying the adventure especially as it’s challenging them in other ways (social and investigation skills). Currently I suspect the next few sessions will be. PCs find out where the Undertow meet was going to be (before they shot a dozen Undertow dregs), they will go along anyway to try to contact the Undertow anyway. It will be a trap, but a trap set for a large scale Enforcer raid. Hopefully players will be able to realise this and talk their way out/in. If they do shoot it out then PCs will be losing fate points. PCs find out that they are after mirror pieces from Undertow (they currently believe they are after glass or shiny items). Either way tension rises as both Enforcers and Undertow are at each others throats early in the module due to PC actions (doh) Players start to encounter hordes (as per Deathwatch) on the streets often. Weird stuff starts up. The veil between the warp and reality is weakening over the city. Psyker has headache when not in tower (which has a shielding effect) Raid on the Clockwork Court. PCs face risen for the first time in the court Tension rises again. PCs face Risen in a noble house raid. PCs have a chance at getting a piece of the mirror. Attack on the Enforcer General City goes to hell in a handbasket Contact at clockwork court passes them information that the mirror was looted from the tower Betrayal by Arbites Finale at Tower. Throw everything at them. However most likely they will not be able to get into the tower without help from wither the Undertow or the Enforcers. I think Damned Cities is a good adventure. It gives quite a good sandbox for the PCs to operate in. I've enjoyed running it. (I suspect the above timeline will not hold up due to PC actions) PS thanks all of you for all the ideas and assistance. Will let you know how it goes.
  7. Thanks so much for the advice so far you guys rock. As for the player messing up I think he knows he's messed up twice now and the rest of the players know, so (hopefully) that will handle itself in party. Just to focus on the "end game" of Damned Cities. Near the end the adventure, the style goes from sandbox to linear in nature with the players being blatantly pointed towards the Daemon and it's lair with a big neon sign almost. Any advice on how to "toughen up" the end of the adventure to:- Give a supernatural sense of doom, things are going really bad on the planet and not just with the rioting and murders? Make it less obvious it is the Daemon located in it's base, have them work harder for the final info? Beef up the final fights? Thanks! PS As for the pieces of the mirror they are only likely going to be able to have a chance at getting one of them...
  8. Thanks for the advice. I think the problem I face is that I've got 1 PC who's trigger happy and believes he has a license to shoot anyone he wants and 5 PCs who were enjoying the investigative side of the adventure. I want to keep it investigative in nature just make it more difficult. (and try to encourage non violent solutions to problems)
  9. Okay my players have really messed up! Introduced themselves to the enforcers at the start and showed Inquisitorial credentials before they even got to the Arbites. (Doh! cover blown in first 30 mins on planet) Shot members of the enforcers because they are following them (didn't know they were enforcers) When they were due to be taken to the Undertow Rag Kings when they were cornered in Priators old base of operations, they shot their way out killing the Undertow muscle. (So the undertow believe that it is war with the enforcers as the PCs never identified themselves as members of ]I[) Now most of this has been caused by a single player who is being very trigger happy and not getting the idea of the an investigative adventure but the other players are not reining him in. Since they've had a lot of warnings (and the player in question was briefed to try to fix problems without his guns this time by the Inquisitor Marr) I've decided the adventure needs to start going bad for them and they'll have to work to bring it back from the edge. However the adventure has a fairly static ending with no options on if the players start to fail.. Any advice? Ideas I've had... PCs become constant targets for Undertow and the secret Police hampering the investigation Violence in city escalates, mobs going round the city The Daemon in the mirror feeds off the violence (which the PCs have made much MUCH worse) and manages to shut off the planet from the rest of the Imperium (similar to a shadow on the warp that Hive Fleets do) When the final encounter occurs the Daemon will be much stronger and have a lot more supernatural protections around the base. Any other ideas? I'd rather go with roleplay problems then pure combat and dice problems.
  10. Rakiel said: I admit I am tired, but have they even ever stated that Citizens routinely go to Confession? Nail on head! We are (or at least most of us) assuming that 40k Confession is similar to Roman Catholic confession i.e. available to all and regular. For all we know it might be hugely expensive and only within reach of the upper classes.
  11. I've read in another rule system the correct explanation of why the prices are as they are. You can read it HERE Problem solved... (Now to charge 300 Thrones for a latte with vanilla extract...)
  12. I really do not like the world - career path rules. I've got a Feral World Arbitrator (think Walker Texas Ranger!). If the character concept sounds good and is not done for power playing reasons I'll always let it pass.
  13. I agree with Alex. This is costed correctly for what you get. If FFG had put an entry in BoM saying "Any priest can take a confession, it will cost the PC or NPC 1d5-2d5 thrones and afterwards you feel better about life but no game effect..." then it would be realistic but utterly pointless for the book. They've described a significant undertaking that leaves the player fortified against the horrors that they might face.... To quote the page of BoM. (p126) "Confession The character spends time with a Ministorum clergy, divulging his sins (both real and imagined) in a private conference. The clergy will then assign a proper penance (such as monetary fines, recitations of prayers, public services, or even corporal mortification). Once this is complete, there character has reaffirmed his faith in the God-Emperor , allowing him to reduce his next gain of Insanity Points by 1." Table 5-7 on the same page says that this Confession costs 10 Thrones in materials even if a PC cleric does it for free. As they say at the top of the page they have only covered off the services that acolytes might find useful. We don't have rules/costs for blessing of marriages, celebration of the harvest etc. Likewise a 1-2 throne confession taking 15 mins is of no practical use for an acolyte but the unwashed masses go every month or so.
  14. My personal take on it is that it looks like a typo caused by a copy and paste error. I think Famulous should advance as Clerics. They do act as religious advisers to noble families.
  15. I'm in a similar quandry, got an experienced roleplayer who recently joined the group as a Sisters Dialogous (IH vintage). Rest of group is ~9.5k xp so took blinking ages getting the new PC to a similar level and then along comes BoM and throws a right curveball. I'm going to suggest the character just carries on using the IH advance scheme for the Sisters Dialogous but adds the faith based skills from BoM as detailed above (2 @ rank 1 & one extra per additional rank, all at 300xp).
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