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  1. Thank you. Watched it last night. Pretty much what I had planned in my head... Bloody show writers! LOL
  2. Just looked into ordering some of the adversary decks on the webstore as nowhere in the UK stocks them, nor can they order them apparently as Esdevium don't understand the POD service FFG offers on these decks. It's going to cost more to ship them to the UK than it is for the actual decks! This is insane! The postage cost makes the decks totally not worth it. $28 for the decks, $32 for the shipping. Then there's sales tax to add on too, and customs charges because the cost of shipping pushes them over the threshold... This means that all told I'm probably looking at £60 for them, so about $75 for 4 decks. Not going to happen.
  3. This is in an episode of Rebels? Darn it! Guess I'll need to think of a different mission for them then. One of my players watches rebels and will pull me apart if I do something that's been on the show.
  4. Stop stealing my thoughts!!! I want to do a mission where the players trawl through an old clone wars era destroyer for some particular resource, only to fine it crawling with an invasion force of battle droids who were deactivated in an ion storm. Their presence reactivates them and they have to fight their way to the bridge and find the droid controller there and have to deactivate him in order to get the resources and get out alive.
  5. I already own nearly everything released for the game, but it's getting harder and harder to get them in the UK.
  6. Thanks for the comments. I guess I need to reread the squad and group rules then.
  7. Hey guys, after a quick bit of help. What do people think is better to use, individual Stormtroopers or squads? I ask because my group of players seems to be able to take out squads of stormtroopers incredibly quickly, often before they even get a chance to respond/attack as one player has a blaster carbine and an abnormal ability to get 6 or 7 successes each roll and they always seem to get the initiative over me, meaning a squad of 4 troopers dies really quickly whereas 4 separate troppers would take longer to dispatch. What do people think?
  8. Vinush

    You have to start somewhere...

    It doesn't actually say which set they come from, just the name of the maps. Follow up question: do any of these maps use twin shadows tiles, or are they all core set tiles?
  9. Vinush

    You have to start somewhere...

    Which sets are the current tourney maps from? Where would a newbie get access to them?
  10. Thanks guys. I'll start working it now.
  11. Cool, thanks for the support guys. The fusion cutter rules specifically give its combat stats and doesn't say it is an improvised weapon... Seems we got the advantage spend on strain wrong, this will not happen again
  12. It's in the gear section of the main rule book and they got them when making their characters. The droid has one built in to aid with mechanical repairs (and now ganking opponents) and one of the other players has one as when he made his character he had a dot in mechanics and nothing to spend the credits on so just got it.
  13. Has anyone else come up against the same problem as me? Stun of any kind is lethal against minions because they don't have any strain to take the damage as, so it instantly becomes wounds. In the first session (the Perlemian Haul) my players just stun grenaded the bridge, taking out all of the minions, half killing the second in command and neutralising the captain for a few rounds... Then last night in their next adventure they used stun setting on their blasters to drop Imperial Naval Troopers and Stormtroopers like it was no problem. Even when they missed, they were spending advantages to dish out strain and taking them out without even hitting them! I put in a Stormtroopers sergeant at one point to try and slow them down but that only took 4 rounds once they discovered a fusion cutter is f*****g lethal in combat (ignore 10 points of soak, meaning three hits and he dies). I found myself, at technically their own suggestion, putting an assassin droid in against them which almost killed them before I got them to notice the restraining bolt attached to it and they shut it off. This is ridiculous. All they need to do is take cover and shoot at mooks until they've advantaged them to death before launching at anything bigger with fusion cutters and carving it up like day old ham. Does anyone have any workarounds for this? I don't want to just pit them against nemesis level opponents all the time as that would end up being lethal, but I want them to have a bit of a challenge. TYIA.
  14. The destruction of Alderan was a key point in the rebel alliance too, so there would still be support for the alliance, although not as much as if they'd succeeded in destroying the Death Star. However, key planets may not join the alliance, so for example if Mon Cal didn't join the rebellion would be dead on its feet as they wouldn't have the mon cal ship yards building fighters and capital ships for them...
  15. Hi guys, So, I have the core set only and want to try out the skirmish rules. Is it possible to make two forces including the command decks using the miniatures and cards in the core set only? What are the best core set only lists for both sides? TYIA