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  1. I'm glad you're trying him, but I still think you have to reserve judgement until you play him on a more difficult scenario and on at least normal if not hard mode.  Pretty much any investigator can solo The Gathering on Easy mode, so I'm not impressed yet.  

    I just keep coming back to the point that I think StormyWaters was trying to make.   Supposing Calvin has 3 damage/3 horror.    He now has the stats of Jenny, but with no special ability, and with 5 less health, and 4 less sanity than Jenny.   He compares to her even less favorably with less than 3 damage/horror, so it's only once you've hit 4 damage/horror that you're really getting anything out of it.   By that point you have not a lot of wiggle room in case you get hit by a treachery or a monster or something.  

    Since Calvin's stats are his special ability, that means his stats need to be better than everyone else's to make up for otherwise having no special ability, and they're not.   In fact, most of the time, they're worse!  

  2. Let's review this pack!  Although I am dying to make comments on upcoming investigators, I'm going to confine myself to what we already have released, and not talk about Ursula, Finn, etc...   All the cards in this final mythos pack cost at least 2 xp, and have some decently powerful effects, keeping this in the same vein as the Lost in Time and Space mythos pack.   Seems like trend is that the final pack in the cycle is likely to have some strong XP cards.   As always, these are initial impressions, and maybe I'll change my mind after playing with some of these for a while!  Here we go!

    Eat Lead** -    We have an event that helps you ensure a hit with a firearm, but at the cost of 1 (or more) of that firearm's ammo.  Hm...   The thing is, it seems like this card would be best on a high damaging weapon that has a lot of ammo.   However, we don't really have one of those.   You could score some easy hits with a .38 Revolver, but is that worth it?   On the other side of the spectrum, are you going to spend your precious shotgun or lightning gun ammo on this?   Better chance of success is nice but,  it seems easier to just do it the old fashioned way and increase your combat value via resource and card dump.   I dont know about you guys, but I tend to think of my ammo tokens as extremely valuable, and I don't want to waste any.   At the end of the day, is this really better than just having 2 separate attempts at hitting for the same ammo consumption?   I don't think it is.     1.5/5.


    Armor of Ardennes*****:  Essentially a super-bulletproof vest.  Let's be perfectly clear, once you have this down, it's going to be extremely hard to kill you by health damage.  You can laugh off small hp hits, and big ones wont phase you nearly as much.  The effect is plenty powerful, but the price is hefty.  Do your guardians usually get killed by health damage?  Mine don't either.   2/5


    Eidetic Memory***:   Well... obviously we're gonna need a complete list of things that have the Insight trait.   Here you go. https://arkhamdb.com/find?q=k%3AInsight&decks=player     Note that this can be from any players discard pile, so that's useful.  A fairly large pool of cards to pick from (most of them, it turns out, are seeker).   I often wouldnt mind having another I've Got a Plan, or Cryptic Research.  Still, I'm not too impressed with most of these choices.  But this card is sure to get stronger over time.   3/5


    No Stone Unturned*****:  For 5 xp and 2 resources you can get any card from your deck, or another players deck.  A strong effect.   Worth the cost?   I dont know.  I've played a bit with the 0 level version of No Stone Unturned with Jim Culver, and found it was often better to simply use the basic draw action.  If you are really reliant on one particular card, then maybe?  But for the XP cost, you may as well just include a second copy of that card.    2/5.


    Charon's Obol *X  :   Well, before everybody loses their mind over this, let's think about how good it actually is.   Supposing it was Carcosa campaign, there are 8 scenarios.   Obviously you cant have this in play for the first scenario, and on the last scenario extra XP gain doesn't help you any,   so assuming you pick this up as soon as you can, you get 6 uses out of it.   It costs 2 xp (because it's exceptional) so it pays for itself after the first time you use it.    All in all, you can have a net gain of 10 XP from this card across a full campaign, if you take this as soon as you possibly can.      That's still pretty good.    The risk is permanent death, of course.   And it also means you're a little slow out of the gate for the second scenario because you will have spent 2 XP getting something that hasn't helped you yet.    So who likes this?    My main pick here is Wendy.   Wendy's 4 Willpower, access to the Survivor pool of cards, and ability to redraw chaos tokens means she is extremely hard to knock out, avoiding the main risk of this card.  Still,  any rogue could probably make use of some extra XP.   I like this just fine on Jenny and Sefina.   On Skids we're getting into dangerous territory, but hey, no guts... no glory!   I think this is great.    Many Rogues might consider running I'm Outta Here!   if they need to exit a scenario hastily!  Side note:   I don't know why FFG decided we needed 2 copies of a Unique, and Permanent and Exceptional card.   I can't think of any situation where we could use them.   But hey, mount one on your wall or something, it's nice artwork.     4.5/5


    Lupara***:   This is my favorite card in the pack.   I don't think it's the most powerful,  just my favorite.   To me, this is exactly what we are looking for in a player card.   Everything about this card punches you in the face with theme, it's cool, it's interesting, it has some synergies, and it makes you want to build decks in different ways.   I just love it.   This is just great with Sleight of Hand, and I can't wait to go up to a monster, pull the hidden sawed-off-shotgun out of my trenchcoat, and give 'em both barrels.  This is so fun.  Nice, high damage, high attack weapon, reasonable cost.  And... who likes this?   I mean Skids is usually a decent combat guy, and it's quite nice to have a strong one-handed weapon that he can take .  He can definitely go crazy with Vicious Blow and/or double-or-nothing on this.   But I like this just fine in Jenny too, who can use her copious amounts of cash to ensure hits.    I even like it in Sefina, because she can replay Sleight of Hand, and hopefully can use her money and cards to increase combat enough to score hits.      Sefina shotgun build,   we're making this happen!   4/5.

    Cheat Death*****:     Honestly I don't like it much.   While it seems like it might have some synergy with Charon's Obol, you're spending 5 xp on it, half of what you get from Charon's Obol over the whole campaign.   This card does absolutely nothing for 5 xp, unless you are defeated with this card in hand.  And even if you do manage to pull it off, you're still not out of the woods by any means.   For 5 xp... I'm sorry, this isn't worth it.   1/5.


    Time Warp**:    This has already been heavily discussed.  Go see the FAQ page on Arkham DB if you havent already because you're going to need to if you want to play with this card at all.  This is a nightmare of game design and raises about 10 million questions.  Sigh..   As for the effect..    it's okay I guess.   It's pretty niche.   It's pretty niche indeed.   2/5,   not worth the headache.

    Seal of the Elder Sign*****:     For 5 xp, I win this skill check, in the most dramatic fashion possible.    Pretty cool.   Is this worth the 5 xp?  I dunno.   it better be a monster skill check.     Nice on Akachi because she'll instantly get a bonus charge.  Our other Mystics elder sign effects arent amazing.   If Jim was  so inclined he could put Double-Or-Nothing into his deck and use this to guarantee a hit on a DoN shriveling,  that would be pretty fun.  3/5,  interesting.

    Newspaper**:    Well, nobody really runs the newspaper level 0, and the main benefit here is that you gain an extra clue.   Yeah, that's useful, I admit.  I might run this.   Maybe.  2.5/5.

    Infighting***:   This is okay if you can get past the fact that the monsters in the art seem to be fighting over the right to eat the dead corpse of your friend.      That got dark fast.  Otherwise it's much like Dodge, and Dodge is good.   3/5.

    Key of Ys*****:  Of all the cards in the pack, I feel least prepared to give an opinion here.  I can't really guess how this is going to work out in practice.   I'll point out that my initial impression was essentially that every time your investigator took a horror, one of it had to go on the key, leaving it as a kind of 3-use item.   That seems to be not the case.  You can continue to dump horror on other assets as long as you have them, in order to preserve the Key.  This makes it really powerful with Peter Sylvestre, or if you're doing the whole relic-hunter/Elder Sign Amulet thing.  5 Xp is a hefty cost, fills the amulet slot, and unique, all of these are considerations.   Still, I can't help feeling like this is going to be a highly used card.   The question is.. by who?    With space for only one on your team, you'll have to choose wisely.      4.5/5

  3. As a LotR player myself, I have to say...  Leo de Lucca is not like Steward of Gondor, mainly because there are legitimately good other options that compete for the same slot that he fills.  And you can't do shenanigans with A Good Harvest and get Steward on a character without even having a Leadership Hero.   Leo de Lucca is good,  but he's high costed (unlike Steward, which pays for itself immediately) and takes your ally slot.  He's perfectly well balanced.  I don't even take him in a lot of decks that could include him (Zoey, for instance, I usually run Beat Cop instead).  

    But on to Leo Anderson..   He's strong for sure, but again, I'm not sure how strong without looking at the back of his card.   He most likely isnt going to have access to the sort of cheap use-em-and-lose-em allies you can get in Seeker, for instance.  Allies Leo plays you probably want to stick around, so he isn't going to get a chance to use his ability all that often.  As others have pointed out, to get the best use out of Mitch Brown, you need to draw your allies in the right order:  IE, draw Mitch first,  otherwise you have to overwrite an existing ally with Mitch.   And even if you do draw them in the right order, you're committing yourself to a slow start.  Pay to get Mitch out, then ideally next turn pay for another ally, plus you'll obviously want weapons, physical training, and the rest of the usual Guardian suite.   I think he is going to be powerful, but less good on missions when you have to move very quickly.

    In Finn's case, I dunno.  1 wp is harsh.   But there are a lot of decent Illicit cards he can pick from already.  Including Liquid Courage (sucks that it's a willpower check, but still, its same sanity healing).    He's really good with Lockpicks, another illicit card.  Pickpocketing is illicit and good on Finn.  Contraband is always helpful.   He'll probably have to buy some Elder Sign Amulets pretty fast... but he could be fun to try.  

  4. 3 hours ago, Jobu said:

    Whats your take on Unexpected Courage? 

    It's an extremely versatile card that can give you a nice boost in any situation.   It's still a common include for me when I make decks... but not an auto.

    That being said,  when I do include it, it doesn't stay for very long.   It is always one of the first cards I remove from my deck in favor of XP cards.   Overall:  It's a good card for your first couple of scenarios when you don't have better options,  but it's going to need to go to make deck space.    Beyond that, as we continue to get more options for level-0 cards, I see myself using UC less and less in the future.

    NWAF might be in a similar position.

  5. Nice write-up, Jobu.   well done.

    On the hunt:  I think I can find a place for this.   This is pretty good.  This helps thin the deck from enemies and make the general area safer for your fellow investigators.  It also helps the guardian draw  a encounter card they can deal with.   But where I think I like it most is that it forces the spawn on your location rather than the normal spawn location.  Roland loves this, obviously, because he can move to a location with clues and use On the Hunt to set himself up for some action efficiency, and maybe make use of his .38 Special as well.  But I like it on just about any Guardian.   You can pick off Cultists or Wizard of the Order and not have to track them all over the map.    Can even set up the combo with Ambush (unspeakable Oath).

    Stick to the Plan:  This is great but 6 xp... wow.   My guardians already feel like they have so much to spend XP on...     still,  this can give you some  quick extra rounds when you need it with Extra Ammo or Zoey's Contraband, and I like Ever Vigilant with this too.

    Guidance:   Disappointed here.  Can't see much value to this.  Not worth the slot to put it in your deck.

    Arcane Insight:   This is amazing.    I'm particularly thinking about using this with Flashlight to get clues off of 4 shroud locations while reducing the shroud to 0.   Seems fun. 

    Narrow Escape:  So, I generally just try not to take AoOs at all, so I'm skeptical of this.   Plus it's Rogue-faction so... can't they just evade first?   I think this card is a little weak.

    Suggestion:  This is pretty impressive.

    St. Hubert's Key:  Hm.   I dont know about this one.   I pretty much think that I'm hardly ever running this over the cheaper Holy Rosary.  Even with Relic Hunter, I'd rather have a second Holy Rosary.  The only exception is if you are trying for that Intellect icon.  So maybe you're Jim and you're using St Hubert's key to boost your INT to 4, and Alyssa Graham to boost it again to 5?  Possible, you could get some investigating done that way without relying on Rite of Seeking.   But Alyssa is 4 resources and St. Hubert's Key is 4 resources as well...  so you're paying a heavy price for it.   But maybe.

    Ward of Protection-2:   Pretty good.  I agree I probably purchase this over Ward-5, but I don't think I probably buy either.   Ward-0 is good enough most of the time.

    Arcane Initiate-3:  Again, Initiate-0 is probably good enough.

    Not Without A Fight:  I don't like it, because I don't like skill cards that just give you icons.   A skill card needs to do something else for you, and it needs to be something good.  otherwise I'd rather run any other card.

    True Survivor:   This is good because you can get Resourceful back (resourceful is a skill card that does something good).   Then with resourceful, you can grab any other Survivor card you played.   This can lead to a lot of Lucky!  or Look What I Found!  during a game.  Definitely worth picking up.

  6. She's a twist, that's for certain.   A guardian with a 2 combat...    I mean, that immediately removes the usefulness of a large chunk of guardian cards.    I mean, maybe she can splash seeker or mystic but still....  they made her guardian.  So her XP is going to be spent probably mostly on guardian, and right now that makes her very limited.   Maybe it's a good thing she's not out as a main line investigator yet.

  7. Listen, double-or-nothing works like this:

    Any effects of the check, including cards you put into the check, are repeated.    Resolve the check completely once, then resolve it again,  exactly as if you had passed it a second time, having committed all the exact same cards to the check (besides the DoN, obviously).  

  8. ^ Sorry, I meant removed from the game.  

    It feels that way, but realistically you need 3 specific cards in your hand, a 4th card out,  and 6 resources to spare to even attempt such a thing.    Then you need to pass the check.  Then you still have to spend them.   I doubt this is too strong.  I sort of am skeptical that it's even good.

    Diane just sort of sits there, she can be annoying to stop you from interviewing people in the early game, but once you have cleared a person entirely of clues she's not so bad.

    Hakuro has no effect on backstab,  backstab is   an attack.

  9. Painted world would still go to the victory display, leaving you with no real effect for copying bind monster.

     Burglary specifically states it is instead of gathering clues.  Deduction doesn't help you.

    Burglary+Deduction+Double-or-nothing+watch this+perception:   

    Burglary:  resolves twice, gain 6.  Perception would activate twice, netting two cards, Watch This has no int icons and cant be committed.

    Hiding spot doesnt work like that.  Aloof enemies don't disengage you if already engaged.   They simply don't engage you in the first place.

  10. hm, fair point.  First time anyone has noticed as far as I'm aware.   Shame to have this card likely be instant-errata'd since it's already probably gone to the printer...   but probably that is what will happen.    I sort of doubt it's intentional.   We will see what happens.

  11. I'm not sure I'm really following that logic.    So, let's take the Dunwich Legacy campaign, for an example.

    At the start of the campaign, there are 15 tokens in the bag (standard) and 16 tokens in the bag on hard.   2 of those are Skull tokens.  So, let's presume for now that every time Jim draws the skull, ever, he passes a check he otherwise would have failed (a big IF, as I will get to later, but let's start there for now...).    If that's the case, Jim's ability helps him 1 out of every 8 checks, more or less.    Throughout the campaign you'll be adding more tokens to the bag, none of which are skulls, so it will help him a little less, maybe 1 out of 9 checks.

    Now let's look at just what having an extra willpower does for you.  Now, disclaimer, this is only for willpower checks and doesn't affect non-wp checks, as Jim's ability does, so it's not a quite even comparison, but again, let's just start here.   But essentially, you have to look at the tokens in the bag, check what you're going for, and see how many times where Akachi's extra point of Willpower will pass a check Jim will fail.    If Jim needs -2 or better, Akachi only needs -1 or better.   On Standard that's 3 times.  On hard mode that's 2 times.  If Jim needs -3 or better than Akachi needs -2 or better.  Standard or hard mode, that is 2 times.  You can make this comparison in every instance.    You'll see that the extra point of WP means Akachi more than keeps pace with Jim's skull ability.

    Now, let's get back to the caveats I omitted at the beginning.   Yes, Akachi's extra WP only works for WP tests, but that ought to be the vast majority of tests you are doing as a Mystic anyway.  Incidentally, Akachi ALSO has 1 extra point of evade compared to Jim,  which means all the above calculations are true for Evade checks as well as Willpower checks.  Leaving Jim's ability only giving him any real advantage over Akachi in Combat checks and Intellect checks.  Jim on the other hand, isn't going to be saved by his ability every time he draws a skull.   That is to say, if skulls are -2 and Jim would have succeeded on a -2, than Jim's ability isn't helping him.   So it only helps Jim if he otherwise would be failing.  A very small minority of the time even when he draws the skull.  Jim's ability is the most helpful when he draws a skull on those specific scenarios where the skull token gets to an outrageous negative modifier.   It's least helpful when the skull token makes you draw another token, which happens several times in Carcosa scenarios.  Then his ability is not helpful in any way whatsoever (his trumpet aside).


    You might think that after all this it seems that Jim and Akachi are pretty close to even,  maybe Akachi a bit on top,  but slightly.   I agree with that assessment.   The problem then is that Akachi has another character ability on top of all this.  Ouch.    This is why I saw Jim's only real advantage over Akachi is if you'd rather the Trumpet over Spirit Speaker, and those 5 out of class cards.

  12. You should be forewarned that Jim is probably the toughest of the Mystic nuts to crack.    I play a lot of mystic, and by now I have enough of a feel for it that mystic decks sort of build themselves for me, but not so with Jim.   Jim is a very, very tricky customer, and even when built well he doesn't shine as well as Akachi or Agnes IMO.   He is a very different sort of mystic, but he can be strong in larger games as sort of a support character because his Trumpet is pretty good.    Anyway, I hope you're in it for the long haul buddy, cause here we go!

    Jim has 1 less point of Willpower than Akachi does, so he needs to take full advantage of the 5 out-of-class cards he can pick.   That's really all he's got that Akachi doesn't, so you need to bring the heat with those 5 cards.  So...

    Aaargh, the entire 0 level card pool at my fingertips, what should I take?!

    Lone Wolf:   Any way you slice it, Lone Wolf is a good card.   It's so outrageously good, it's worth including in absolutely anybody who possibly can take it.   It does have a bit of anti-synergy with Jim because as I mentioned Jim is better in higher player counts and Lone Wolf is better in lower player counts, but hey, what are you going to do?  It's still jaw-dropping value.

    No Stone Unturned:    This card is one that I recommend for Jim, and not too many other characters.   You are searching for Jim's trumpet, and anything that helps you get it as fast as possible makes you that much stronger.  I've had good success with this.

    Liquid Courage:   This is a specific include if you are planning to use Level-5 shriveling in your campaign.   Shriv-5 eats through your sanity like nobody's business, so trumpet or no, you might want a bit of back up, and Liquid Courage is very good sanity healing for a mystic and for dirt cheap, no slot.    If you're planning to run lean on Shriv-3, then maybe you don't need this, otherwise, highly recommend.  

    Lucky:   I pretty much am never sorry to have this card in my hand.  Lucky is just good and Jim can take it,  so it's never a bad include.  

    Dodge:   This is just a good card.

    Fire Axe:   Jim's non-spell weapon of choice I think.  I prefer this over Machete for the larger potential combat bonus.


    Hey?  What about Leo de Luca or Peter Syvestre?   They're pretty sweet, am I rite?

    Yes they are, but be careful.  Arcane Initiate is pretty much required for any serious mystic, you want her as your ally.   If you're planning to go the charisma route then either one of these is pretty killer, but if not you'd rather have Arcane Initiate.  


    Great, I'm all set for....  5 cards.  How about 25 more?

    Right then.  

    Arcane Initiate:   there's two.
    Delve too Deep:   Four.
    Shriveling:  Six.
    Rite of Seeking:  eight.
    Holy Rosary:  ten
    Ward of Protection:  twelve.

    Cool, so you've made half your deck now and you haven't actually picked anything.   Let's move right along with things that actually take a bit more thought.

    Uncage the Soul:   Okay, this is probably almost an auto-include.   Fourteen.
    Moonlight Ritual:  You only really want this if you are doing a Blood Pact thing,  but....   You ARE doing the blood pact thing because otherwise that's sad and get the heck out of purple.   Sixteen.
    Fearless:   This is my preferred skill card for mystics because hey, free sanity healing.
    Clarity of Mind:  Definitely pick up if you didn't take Liquid Courage.   Even if you did, you might still consider it.
    Drawn to the Flame:  Pretty good.
    Knife:   You'll replace this later,  but not a bad starter card for Jim. since he does have 3 combat.
    Flashlight:  Decent starter card, might be replaced.   Make sure you're watching how many hand items you're including in your deck.   So far I've mentioned Knife, this, fire axe, and don't  forget Jim's trumpet too.   All of these are good picks but Jim can have hand problems.
    Fine Clothes:  Campaign specific, but again, not a bad starter card, to be replaced later.
    Emergency Cache:  always worth a thought.
    Unexpected Courage:  I prefer this over Guts just for the extra versatility.
    Forbidden Knowledge:  Because who needs sanity when you can have money?
    Astral Travel:   I think this is expensive, but if unbridled mobility is your thing, go nuts.   
    Arcane Studies:  Surprisingly, you *can* run without this if you need to.  But it's still pretty good, and very useful if you're playing the Lone Wolf game.
    Hypnotic Gaze:  An expensive version of Dodge, but hey, I said Dodge was pretty good right?  I usually take this and fine it useful.    Plus,  dat art.
    Blinding Light:  If you feel like it.
    Painkiller:  This is really very handy for Jim.   Ideally your sanity is under control and you can heal HP with this,  beyond that it's cheap and slotless.  Good pick.


    Sweet,  but I why aren't I picking....

    Defiance?  :   You're physically hurting me right now.
    Ritual Candles? :   Because it takes one of your hands and you need those.   Besides that, it's not really that good.   And somehow half the community has it in their heads that this is good for Jim because he wants to draw the skull.   Ok, so to that point first, he does *want* to draw the skull, but wishing don't make it so.    Second,  doesn't that make it actually *worse* for Jim because skulls are 0?   He doesn't need an extra +1 bonus at that point.
    Alyssa or Renfield?  :  I actually REALLY like Alyssa.   I would take her if I'm planning on going Charisma.   Otherwise watch your ally slots.   
    Torrent of Power?   :   I doubt this is going to be good but I'm going to use it myself anyway, and I wouldn't blame you if  if you do as well.   Sometimes we have to do things in style.


    Can  I get an XP progression up in here?

    Absolutely.  First you'll want to take anything that is required for your build, and also upgrading your 'core' cards.  to that end:

    Charisma:  if you're doing this.

    Blood Pact:   Yep.
    Shriveling-3:   Hold off on the level 5 version for now.  Shriv-3 first, Shriv-5 later once you've got your other staples in place.
    Rite of Seeking-4:   Pretty good too.
    Spirit Athame:  This will replace your Knife.   This card is oh, so good.  An absolute STEAL for 1 xp.  

    Grotesque Statue:   One of the better picks for Jim.   But watch your hands.  Jim has hand problems.   I've run Bandolier before but found it not worth it.  Just be careful not to wreck yourself.

    Fearless-2:  Handy to have around for insta-heals.  
    After that it's pretty much whatever you like:   That Recharge looks pretty handy.   Maybe Grounded?  I've never played it but maybe.  Jewel is good but if you want it you probably want to pick up Relic Hunter too.   Song of the Dead is nice for a 1 damage poke.  


    Got some ideas?    I tried to tailor to Jim, but most of this can apply to all mystics.   Hope it helps, happy deck building.   Go get 'em, tiger.



  13. There are several reasons why I think Mano a Mano is just really weak.   Let me explain a bit further.

    Play only as your first action:    This is crippling.  

    Costs  1 XP:   Really sad.  Not only do I have tons of things to spend my Guardian XP on, but this also prohibits non-guardian investigators from taking it as a way to defend themselves from weak enemies.

    Basic melee:   You probably can just punch them.  Combat is your high stat, so if you need to do an extra 1 damage for an action to conserve some ammo, why not just use basic melee instead?   

    Takes deck space:   At the end of the day,  is this worth one of your 30 cards?   I just really can't imagine a scenario where I would say that it is.

  14. I think you're very right to say that Skids has too many competing interests.   I'm very strongly of the opinion that the only effective Skids deck is one that eliminates as many competing interests as possible and focuses as much energy into doing one thing very well.    In short, he needs to be set up purely for combat.

    In the future if Rogues ever get access to any multi-clue potential, you could maybe make him into an Evasion/Clue Gatherer.   A cool concept, but right now the cards don't exist to support this.   Lockpicks is not good enough.  

    Skids' access to the Guardian pool makes him a decent warrior though, and going all in on this concept is the only effective skids deck I have ever come across.  I do mean all-in,  don't include lockpicks, or flashlights, or Streetwise, etc...  that isn't what you are there for.  You're there to beat up monsters, full stop.  Skids does have access to a lot of the good guardian cards, and combining them with Rogue cards is potent.   Prepared for the Worst + Chicago Typewriter is pretty much a necessity.   Leo is fine for your ally, or Beat Cop.   Neck slot is Elder Sign amulet, no argument.  He does want money so include Lone Wolf and Emergency Cache/ Hot Streak when possible.  

    Don't be afraid to use extra actions to gain bonuses on the Typewriter, Skids' personal ability is good for that, as is Leo.    Don't worry too much about skill cards that give you extra actions, they aren't worth it.   The only skill cards I would take in Skids are Double-or-Nothing and Vicious Blow.   

  15. Just picked up the Pallid Mask and was going through some of the cards.   I havent actually played with these so I may change my tune later.    Spoilers for player cards ahead.  Oh,  and I tend to be pretty critical.

    Inspiring Presence:  The ready effect is the interesting one here.  There aren't that many allies that exhaust, but we have enough now that this could be interesting.  I'm still not able to think of anything too good to do with it, and I generally don't use skill cards unless they are really, really strong.  Icons are good though, healing is ok.  So...     2/5.

    Mano A Mano*:  Basically a poke for 1 damage.  Despite odd HP enemies being somewhat annoying, this isn't good enough.  1/5.

    First Aid***:  During the later scenarios it's usually nice to have some healing around.   Basic first aid is decent enough, but this is way better.  Efficient healing for any investigator or Ally, with 4 supplies.  I'm on board.  4/5.

    Eureka!:  I don't use skill cards unless they're really good.   But this does have some Minh-ergy, so maybe with her.... but I doubt it.  2/5.

    Shortcut**:  Shortcut unleveled is already a pretty good card.  This is going to be super strong if there is a mission with a "hub" in it.   Less so in missions without one like Essex County.  Still,  this is worth the XP for me.   4/5.

    Watch This!:  ....   What can we say about this card?  I guess the idea is that you pass a check and earn 3 resources, which is more efficient than say emergency cache.     The check has to be a pretty low difficulty for you to pass without buffing yourself beyond the icons on Watch This!  and if you do buff yourself you're sort of defeating the purpose of this card.    Still, I can see a place for it, especially if you're feeling lucky.   Problem is mostly that Rogues lack the high stats to pull this off as easily as others.   But there are ways,   like throwing this on a check against a 2 shroud location with Flashlight.  3/5.  Not great, but good.

    .41 Derringer**:  Do you want to be even more all in on smashing a check that you're only mediocre at?  No?  2/5.

    Torrent of Power:   I give this one the award for being very interesting.  Really weird card, which I sort of like.   You can chalk up some impressive bonuses on this for some investment in charge, which Akachi can get easily with Scrying or Alch. Transmutation.  combo piece with potential for good bonuses.  Definitely cool.  Effective?  Not sure.   3/5.  I'll at least try it.  And I appreciate that it's weird.

    Scrying***:    Much better than the original scrying.   Akachi can definitely put the mythos deck on Lockdown if that's what she wants to do.  3/5.  Probably worth it, if control is your thing.

    Waylay:  I was happy to see another Tactic for Mark to maybe play with, but then I actually read this and realized that like most of the other Tactics that aren't in Guardian... it isn't good for  him.  In Survivor though it's a decent, though expensive event.  Good on Broods.  3/5 just for that.

    A Chance Encounter**:  Seems good I guess but who runs this?  Pete for sure.  Great for Pete, probably a must-have.  4/5 for him,  3/5 for anyone else.

    Emergency Cache***:   So, while I appreciate being able to load up on supplies... just not a whole lot that makes me really want to use it for that purpose.   2/5 now.   Maybe 3/5 if we get some cards with Supplies on them that make it worth it.


  16. I dont remember the last time I only dealt 1 or 2 damage with a shotgun.  I just invest enough bonuses to make sure I get the damage I need.   Mark's base combat is 5, so with beat cop and Shotgun he is attacking for 9 (not 8).  He also can commit Sophie, giving him a further +2 for 11, then he can further commit cards and resources.  It's easy to get him up to dealing 5 damage a shot.   And I play on Hard mode also, so it's not that.   

    To each their own though.  Glad you found something you like.

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