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  1. Counterspell:  Man, I had it in my head that this was 0 XP.   I'm feeling much less favorable to this card now.

    More on Arcane Research:   So.... Can we come up with a reasonable 7-scenario plan for AR?   I might do something like this..

    Scenarios 1 and 2 End:  Shriv-0 into Shriv-3.
    Scenarios  3 and 4 End:   Shriv-3 into Shriv-5
    Scenario 5 and 6 End:   Upgrade Rite of Seeking-0 to Rite of Seeking-4
    Scenario 7 End:   Upgrade Ward of Protection-0 to Ward of Protection-2

    You could mix and match of course, but I think we still have enough spells available that upgrading at the end of every scenario is very possible.   I grant however, that sometimes you might want to go directly from level-0 to level-5, of something like Shriveling, missing out on half the bonus, but hey, you're still getting at least a little bit of free XP... so I can't complain too much.

  2. Yeah, I think the Mystic cards are really strong too.   Arcane Research seems auto-include to me.  The real question is.... do I take 2?  I worry that you will run out of spells to upgrade as the current card pool stands, still you could upgrade all your spells very quickly, and there is something to be said for that.  You could potentially get something like Level-5 shriveling very cheaply, by first upgrading shriveling-0 to shriveling-3 with a discount, and then upgrading shriveling-3 to shriveling-5 with a discount again.   It takes a few scenarios of time, but very efficient.  If you also plan to be running St. Hubert's key and are maybe thinking of dropping that on turn-1, then Arcane Research doesn't really hurt you, since you would lose that sanity anyway.  

    You can think of Counterspell as a "poor mans's seal of the Elder Sign", sure.  I think of it as a Mystic Lucky!...  allowing for a bit of an extra boost if you "oops" an important skill check.   Added bonus:  If you are running something like Shriveling-5 and ouch!  pulled the Cultist symbol again and take 2 horror!    Nope!   

    I think Soakman convinced me on Stunning blow.   In some ways it can be kind of like a dodge, only as a skill card it doesnt cost a resource, and gives you the extra +1, and exhausting the enemy can often be superior to evading their attack, especially for massive enemies.   Yorrick likes this very much I think.   I think it's strong enough that Zoey might even seriously consider picking it up.  

  3. .... are you sure about that?   Why would it say "cancel up to 4 of that damage/horror" if it was only canceling 1 point of damage?  I think perseverance works the "good" way.  

    Looks like every class is getting a way to boost their own XP, which is interesting.   I like some of these new options.  

    I think persuasion is nice if you get to use it.   Sort of depends on how many Humanoid enemies there are.  Might be a good option for Jenny to use Adaptable to swap this in when needed.  Streetwise gives her a pretty easy instant-KO on humanoids.  You can also get by Aloof status, which is common on many humanoids.  And if you wanted to go all-in, you could even gain a bonus from Fine Clothes.  

    I like Lucky Cigarette case because it is a repeatable asset.   I don't have to play a win-by-2 event and then make very sure that I win by 2.   I can just have lucky cigarette case down and then if I happen to win by 2, I get a free card.    I like this a lot.

  4.  I realize that different people have different criteria for what makes a card too strong, and plenty of people will argue that there are no such cards,  that's fine.   I also don't like to use the word "overpowered", which makes it seem like a card is so strong it's having an extremely negative effect on the game.   So far, I don't think there are any Arkham cards that are overpowered in the same way as it has affected other games, like Biggs, JumpMaster3000, Desperado, Noise, or Steward of Gondor in their respective games.     But, if we define a perfect metagame as one in which the maximum amount of different cards and deck types are competitive, then cards that are so strong they continually crowd out other available options are unhealthy for that.  What we're trying to avoid is "all Seeker decks look pretty much the same"  or something like that.    That's how I see it, at least.  

    Anyway, on the Machete...   This is going to be some very rough guesswork, and I realize there are lots of things that can throw off the calculation (shuffling the encounter deck, massive enemies, 1 hp enemies, aloof enemies...)  but I think we can get an idea at least.      In 2 player (which is all I'm talking about here, it's what I have the most experience with)  you assume that  roughly 50% of the time you spend an action engaging first.  I would say in most scenarios I usually get most, but not all, the way through the encounter deck.  Perhaps 75% of the deck.  Approximately 10 enemies in the deck per scenario sound reasonable?  So... you'll draw maybe 8 of them,  you'll spend (again, this is a very rough guess  here)   about 4 actions on engaging enemies over the course of the game.    

  5. The problem with the springfield IMO is that it does not compare favorably with the Shotgun, which has the same XP cost (although it is 1 more resource and 1 less ammo).  It's restriction is too problematic.   Since the springfield will take up both your hand slots, there is no option to use a backup weapon for when something spawns engaged with you,  unless you are also running Bandolier, which is an option... but it takes a while to hit that setup.     By then you're spending 4 resource for the Springfield, 2 resource on Bandolier and 3 more on a Machete, starts looking very costly.  

    Marksman did immediately make me think of the weapon as well,  but Marksman is really no better with the Springfield1903 than it is with the lightning gun, or shotgun.  What the 1903 needs to be viable is a card that allows for easy or automatic disengagement.   something essentially like a Guardian version of the Cat Burglar  (movement is also not necessary, or even desired).  

  6. I suppose there is a place in many decks for St. Hubert's Key, but that's essentially because it is an improved version of the Holy Rosary.   They do basically the same thing, and therefore are in the same category.  

    I see many decks running Beat Cop with no guard dog, but hardly any decks running Guard dog with no beat cop.  Scroll through deck lists on Arkham DB and you'll see what I'm talking about.   Practically every guardian deck includes Beat Cop.   Only about a third of them include Guard dog (itself a very good card).    Most of the guard dog decks are Leo Anderson decks, which are also including Beat Cop.    Beat Cop is as common for Guardians as Milan Christopher is for Seekers (edit:  actually, probably Beat Cop is more common for Guardians than Milan is for seekers).  

    On the Milan front, of course you can make a strong deck without Milan,  but that's not the point.   The point is that he is by far the strongest, most popular choice, often to the exclusion of other allies.   Again, on the first several pages of Arkham DB, I can only find a handful of seeker decks that don't include him.   

    Pathfinder I would still buy at 2 xp and consider it a bargain.   I would still buy it even at 3 xp.   In games like this, it's not only about the effect, its about the effect relative to the cost.   And the effect of Pathfinder relative to its cost is very, very good.  Pathfinder is also a slotless card, which on one hand... is absolutely incredible.   On the other hand, it means it doesn't compete directly against other cards that require slots, so it doesn't lead to deck homogeny  quite as much as some of the others.  

    Getting back to card cost.... perhaps this is why I have less of a problem with the Key of Ys.   The effect is very, very powerful.... however the cost is high.  This is a 5xp card, and it is unique.  Getting this card out is somewhat unreliable for most characters, who will hesitate to include a second copy of the card because of its high XP cost and unique status.  It's a good card.   I've seen it used to great effect...  but it's costly.   

  7. One thing about the meta is it can change depending on Difficulty setting and also depending on player count.  For example, Rex isn't nearly so good on Hard mode as he is on Normal mode.  And an investigator like Jim is going to be much more helpful in a 4 player game than he is in lower player counts.  To make matters worse, higher XP cards are supposed to be stronger than lower ones, so we have to constantly re-evaluate every card based on XP cost as well as resource cost.    With that in mind,  when I think of the best cards in the game, they usually very versatile cards that will perform well regardless of player count or difficulty setting, ideally with low resource/XP costs.

    Higher Education is probably top of the list on that criteria.   Let me put it this way,  I can't think of a situation where I would ever not spend the first 3 XP I get as a Seeker on Higher Education.   0 resource cost, permanent, fantastic bonuses, and all I have to do is keep 5 cards in hand.  This would be cheap at 4 xp, and very reasonable at 5.   Higher Ed. is also vastly more powerful than the other permanent talents.   Streetwise is definitely not better than Higher Education, and neither is Blood Pact.    

    Other offending cards IMO...  

    Pathfinder:  3 resource cost is reasonable, but the XP cost is very cheap, and this provides a ton of value for Seekers, or anyone else than can take it.  This shows up in pretty much every deck that can take it by the end of the 1st or 2nd scenario.

    Liquid Courage:  Very possibly the best sanity healing in the game, so very cheap for what it does.   The effect isn't OP,  it's just undercosted.

    Milan Christopher:  are there any arguments against this one?   His value is incredible, 0 xp cost, resource generation, and boosts INT.   He's so good, he single-handedly crowds out all the other seeker allies.   If you're a seeker and you don't have Charisma, chances are that you are using Milan Cristopher as your ally slot.   The only real exception is Ursula, and that's only because of Jake.

    Holy Rosary:  This dominates the accessory slot on all mystics.   Hilariously enough, even a Relic Hunter mystic is hard pressed to include more diverse relics in their deck, because of the possibility of having a second Holy Rosary.  

    Beat Cop:   Like the two on the list before it, he is so good that he is almost certainly the Guardian's ally slot unless the Guardian also has charisma.    

    To be honest, none of the cards C2K mentioned are on my watch list.  I don't even consider any of them to be top tier, let alone overpowered, or dominating the meta.   They don't show up in every deck... I'd say they hardly show up in any decks. 

    anyway, that's my 0.02$.

  8. I'm willing to concede on Duke.... but maybe I should tell my boss that I don't want to increase my salary, I just want to set it to a higher value, and see how that goes.

    Chaos Bag is a weird one too, but I'm much more confident in that.   In fact, it seems to me like it was the entire reason for the change in the FAQ from "your int can not be modified" to "your int can not be increased".

  9. Well...  my reasoning was that firstly, changing something to a higher number is the definition of increasing it.   Secondly, Duke doesn't have an intellect score, any more than a .45 Automatic does,   Duke is just  an asset.   

    That being said, Duke seems like he is specifically crafted to be a corner case on situations like this one, so as I said, I wouldn't be surprised to be wrong.  

  10. I'm not positive on this one, but I think what it means is just what it says,  no increasing intellect value.  Period.

    No Magnifying glass, no Milan Christopher, no Alyssa.  These modify your stats and can not be used.

    No Perception, Unexpected Courage, or other skill cards.   Specifically, you are free to commit skill cards like Deduction to the check, but you would only get their text effects, no bonuses from the icons.   You'd receive no bonus from committing any non-skill cards with intellect or wild pips to the check.

    No Hyperawareness, or Higher Education, or any other lightningbolt ability that increases intellect will work.

    No Eder Sign token bonuses, or +1 token from the Chaos Bag.   These will be treated as +0 skill value for the check, since your intellect score can not be increased.   Could be important if you were trying to succeed by 2 or something.   Other effects from the Elder Sign token (Ursula's free move, for example) would still function.

    Calvin:  Calvin's stats are 0, so they can not be increased, regardless of his damage/horror.  

    Duke:    I think... no duke?  Whether it is raising his base value or not, it is modifying the intellect value, and it's increasing it.   You can still move+investigate with Duke, but your skill value is still 2, and not 4   (out of everything I've said, I'm least sure about this one.   Duke is a tricky case, and I could see the other way too).

    Things that modify the shroud value would still work, such as Flashlight or Arcane Insight.

  11. Either you feel that WP checks are worth trying to pass, or you don't.    That's the choice you have to make when you're deckbuilding.   


    Supposing you think they are worth passing, you are going to need to be more than +1 above the DC.   You'll have to commit more than just a Rise to the Occasion.   Rise to the Occasion alone isn't going to cut it, so you'll have to spend more cards to get a bit better chance.   Or you can spend resources and try to pass with Dig Deep or Moxie.  Of course, if you are including Dig Deep anyway, then there really isn't much reason to take Rise to the Occasion, as it would probably be easier for you to get resources.   Moxie/Dig Deep also have the added benefit of allowing you to boost another stat, besides willpower.  

    Supposing you don't, and are willing to just eat what the WP effects of the mythos do to you: then there is no reason to include either card.

    The question is always:  is this a card that is strong enough to merit 1/30 or 2/30 cards in my deck? And I think Rise to the Occasion just does not meet that standard (except for maybe on Calvin).   Same with the Desperation cards and Last Chance.

  12. I try not to take mental trauma in my guardians.   Ever.   And if I do.... am I really spending XP to put these back in my deck?    No...    Unless you're maybe a guardian/rogue with access to Adaptable (skids or leo), in which case, you really ought to have a pretty decent hedge against mental trauma, in the form of either I'm Outta Here! or Liquid Courage.   Stuff happens, but still...

    Calvin aside, Rise to the Occasion is, as you said, only really useful to assist your weakest stat.  Which, unfortunately, pretty much means it never helps enough, at least on hard mode.   Take finn for example, he boosts his 1 wp to a 4 wp.  The check must be at least 3 difficulty for him to use it, so with the card he is at +1 over the DC.   Bah.   he is still going to have to commit a fair bit more than that to have a decent chance of passing.   And you really need someone with a very low stat to use it.   Even with a 2...  the number of 4 difficulty checks in your bad stat you will be doing isn't that much, not enough to get a lot of use out of this card.

    Last Chance I guess depends on how many cards you like to have in hand.  I like to have a lot of cards in hand.  But I really don't want to be holding Last Chance in my hand waiting for the opportunity to play it when I can get 3+ wild out of it.  I'd rather have a card that is more useful in the moment, because until that point when you have 3 or fewer cards in hand (including your Last Chance), it's a dead draw.  And I still wouldnt consider it great for 3 wild, it's decent at 3 wild, but I wouldnt say it's great.  I'd really want to play this at 4 Wild or better, which requires you waiting until 2 cards or less, including your Last Chance, in hand when you want to use it.    

  13. I agree that skill cards have lost a lot of their luster.  There are simply other cards that give you more options and they still give you skill pips, even if it is often not as many, and no rider effect.  Still, I feel a lot of skill cards are way too restricted for my tastes.   All of the Desperation cards, Rise to the Occasion, Not without a Fight, Last Chance... these all have just too many restrictions to play (although maybe Calvin can make use of a few of them).   I feel that these cards are really needlessly hampered by their crushing conditional play effects.  Really, there are only a few skill cards that I consider good.  Outside of Core (I like Fearless, Deduction, and Vicious Blow), the only strong skill cards that come to mind are Resourceful, and maybe double-or-nothing with the right build.  Some people have been using Watch This recently, but I haven't played with it.  

    I really enjoy mystics, but since I typically play 2 player I usually end up with Seekers or Guardians.  Scavenging seeker builds are becoming really strong.   Weirdly, I think Minh is great, despite the fact that I'm generally not a fan of skill cards... just because she has the Seeker/Survivor roles, allowing her Scavenging, resourceful, Coat, Keepsake, and Higher Education.   She is just so difficult to kill.  Guardians I think play much the same as before, I dont typically use a lot of their medic abilities because I usually find that the investigator who needs the most help is probably the Guardian, since they are in the thick of things.   A few healing items maybe, I like Liquid Courage on those who can take it, but otherwise I mostly have them stick to fighting.  I do love a couple of the new events though, specifically On the Hunt, and Let Me Handle This, giving you some control over the mythos.

  14. If you were building a team with Jim in it, you might benefit.   I'm not sure that Jim wants these for himself.   Jim already has some slot problems.   On the hand front, he wants one hand open for his trumpet, his other hand he might want a Grotesque Statue,  he might want a Spirit Athamae,  he might want a Fire Axe, or a Machete...  With so many cards there that arguably benefit Jim more than the seal, it's hard to put a Cthonian stone on him.

    Arcane slots are a similar problem.  He is going to want a shriveling and/or right of seeking, which limits him a lot.  He's also probably not rich enough to maintain a Protective Incantation for long.  

    Overall, I'm sorry to say, I don't think it's that compelling.   Might be interesting for a try, but I don't think it's stronger than his other options.

  15. I wasn't saying don't consider XP cards at all,  I was saying it's unfair to compare a card worth 0 XP directly against a card worth 1 or more XP.  Of course Extra Ammunition is more efficient than Venturer, no argument!   It's supposed to be, because it costs XP!   Emergency Cache only adds supply counters and not ammo counters, so it's not really relevant to the idea of keeping well stocked in ammunition.  

    And I feel that it is absolutely viable to run him instead of level 2 beat cop or Brother Xavier.    Presuming you have 2 of them, that's up to 6 extra ammunition for your favorite weapon.    That's quite nice, especially once we start upgrading weapons, using Shotguns, Lightning Guns, Chicago Typewriters, etc.

  16. Lets not forget, he is a level 0 card.  It's not really fair to compare him to cards that cost XP....

    Venturer also allows you more ammo in your deck, and can be run along side of Extra Ammunition.   Venturer is better if you have a better gun.  You could main a level 2 .45 Automatic and not miss the bonus from the Beat Cop since the level 2 .45 will make up for it.   You could also main a shotgun, or lightning gun, and continually reload it with Venturer and Extra Ammunition.

  17. hm.   Well, what team are you using?   

    You have to be able to kill the Royal Emissary about ten thousand times if you are trying for max score.   Mark Harrigan with a Machete will give you a lot more time.  Obviously at some point you need to deal with the man in the pallid mask, so Daisy is a good second investigator if you are doing 2 player.  

    I dont think its that hard, personally (on hard mode as well), it's just a slog.   It takes forever and it's really hard to move as fast as you want to.  

  18. Calvin isn't a reanimated corpse.   As they say in the princess bride, there's a big difference between dead and mostly dead.   I think the idea is that through sheer grit he kept fighting to live where others would have given up and let themselves die.   

    So yeah, it's a little silly that he's dumber, weaker, and slower than a child.  Side note-  how old is wendy supposed to actually be?  We've heard her referred to as an urchin, or orphan, which are usually things applied to children... but she doesnt look that young.   Her abandoned and alone card also gives us the flavor of some sort of teenage angst.   So she's what.... 16?  I mean 16 year olds are mostly adults, so maybe she could out-stat calvin on a good day.   But she still out-stats him by a lot.   

    Until he gets pounded on of course.  He's like the John Mellencamp of arkham.  

    Maybe he's an actual masochist.   Or maybe he's just like severely bipolar.  

  19. I remember this same question form when the GPW was shown as a preview card.   If I recall the fallout correctly....     you're absolutely right...    but the powers that be have basically said we should hand wave it, so the GPW can work like they meant it to.  I'm surprised it didn't get into the FAQ.  

    I dug this out of an old thread 

    Greetings, The “reset actions” step of the upkeep phase and the mini-cards are mostly there as a convenience in order to give players a way of tracking who has taken a turn and who has not. Generally, investigators have 3 actions to take whenever they take a turn, and each investigator takes one turn during the investigation phase. If a card effect grants you a new turn, either explicitly or in this case by allowing you to repeat the investigation phase, the investigators should be granted a full turn’s worth of actions once again. Likewise, if the upkeep phase is skipped, this doesn’t prevent the players from being able to take their turn during the next round. Cheers, ------------------------------------------------ Matthew Newman

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