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  1. Should I use the Backpack?
    Difficulty:  Any
    Player Count:  Any

    I sort of have this thing with the Backpack card.   It's a 2 cost asset that takes up your body slot and maybe draws you 3 cards?  Or maybe it doesn't.  Cards that are not technically speaking in your hand can be a big advantage (like with Stick to the Plan)  because you can essentially have a bigger maximum hand size.  You really would like to get the maximum benefit out of the backpack when you play it,  so you'll want roughly 50% of your deck to have the Item or Supply traits.  This sounds difficult to do, but really it's not as bad as you might think.   Go through some of your decks you've already made and count how many cards have the Item or Supply trait.   It's often around 10.   The backpacks themselves are items, so that's 12,  meaning you probably only need to put a few more items in your deck to make the backpack a all around pretty good deal.  I find this is easiest to do with Guardians, because they tend to play a lot of Item cards (weapons) as well as really liking the Supply trait as well (Extra Ammunition).   I used it to some very nice effect with Leo Anderson, packing in some rogue cards (liquid courage, Contraband, Lucky Cigarette Case or Decorated Skull) to round out the set.   He might be the best backpack user.  

    The backpack can even fetch Signature items, if they apply.  Incidentally, both of Finn Edwards' Signature items are backpack ready,  allowing him some very nice deck acceleration with the backpack.  Roland's .38 Special, Zoey's Cross, and Jenny's Twin .45s can all be put in the pack as well.  Since Signature items are often some of the most powerful cards in your deck (especially early campaign without much experience), it can be well worth it.  

    I admit that I've not tried a pack-Yorrick  build,  but he could get some good value out of this, because he can use up everything in the backpack and then play the backpack again from his discard pile, triggering it again.  Really anybody with Scavenging tricks could pull something like this.  

    Backpack is really a very fun card,  with some great potential, which will always continue to grow as we get more items/supply cards as player cards.  I encourage everyone to try it!   Oh...  just don't lose it prematurely to pushed into the beyond or something.

  2. Ornate Bow:  As I said, mechanically it's fine.  I don't mind the idea of using agility in place of combat.   Something like Backstab is fine.   When the attack relies heavily on stealth, Agility is a reasonable thing to use.  Maybe that's what they were going for, the bow being a more stealthy sort of a weapon where you are hiding and shooting with it from the trees rather than just straight up combat.   But I think if that was what they were going for, they could have done it better.   They could have made it target an enemy not engaged with you (maybe they didnt want to do that because that was frustrating on Springfield m1911).   They could have had the action be "you hide in the shadows" and changed it to Uses (1 ambush) or something.   They could have added some simple flavor text to hammer the idea home.   Without any of that, it just seems like an agility gun.

    It is sort of interesting on Ursula.   Ursula probably wants her hands free most of the time for magnifying glass, flashlight, or compass...   but sometimes it might be nice to have her drop this and help out on the boss fight.  I still stand by the statement that it's better on Rogues though,  because of the ability to pump with Streetwise, and also Venturer in the case of Skids or Jenny.  

    Live and Learn:

    16 minutes ago, Jobu said:

    I am fairly certain it means start it over from scratch with no modifiers that just modify a single skill check from the last one you did. 

    you have me scratching my head here.   I still don't know what this means.

  3. First impression thread for the new pack which I just picked up today, the Heart of the Elders!

    Intrepid:  A skill card where if you pass a will check, you get +1 to all non-will checks for the rest of the round.   Guardians don't usually trigger will checks on their own like say, Mystics do... so you sort of have to commit this in the Mythos phase.  Realistically that makes this very difficult to control, and it just seems like it would be hard to find the right situation for it to be useful.   That said, you get +1 to almost anything you are going to do, if you pass the skill check.   2/5 because I dont like how limited the ability to play this is.

    Custom Ammunition (3xp) :  This really depends on if you are facing down Monster type enemies, and how many.   So far, the monster type enemy cards tend to ramp up toward the end of the campaign,  so this might be a good late-game add.   This is worse than extra ammunition if you are not fighting Monsters, but against monster type enemies, turning all your bullets into +1 damage could be huge.  Guardians are already pretty hard pressed for XP...  but I can't say I'm not tempted against some of those late campaign HP tank monsters such as beast of aldebaran.   3.5/5   very tempting late campaign.  Not so great as an early pickup.

    Otherworldly Compass (2xp):   A weird one to be sure.  Unless you just started the mission or something weird happens, this should always be at least a -1 shroud because the location you just came from will be revealed.  Ursula, with her emphasis on mobility and exploration, loves this, I think.  A lot of potential to really reduce the shroud value on locations by a lot...   But it exhausts so only once per turn.  Still, cheap in terms of resource/xp cost, and potentially very useful.   3/5  solid for Ursula.  2.5/5 average for others.

    Expose Weakness (3xp):  I get the idea of the seeker helping the guardian out here...  But I'm sorry, I didn't like the level-1 version of this card and I don't like this either.  I mean, sure, you could set up an epic shotgun blast...  but the Guardian can probably make that happen by themselves, you're just making it a tad easier for them.  I cant see this as useful for anything except a shotgun attack either.   And only one single attack!   Too much XP, and just.... ugh.   1/5   poor.

    Lola Santiago (3xp):  This is more like what a 3xp card should look like.   Lola gives a bonus to two different stats, and that's amazing.  And those two stats happen to be lore and agility,  meaning she buffs the Lockpicks up to crazytown.  And if you have money (rogues often do) you can exhaust her and spend resources to get a clue automatically.  Considering on harder difficulties you're usually spending some cash on Streetwise or something if you are trying to get a clue,  I think Lola is awesome.  Lockpicks for an easy clue, Lola for an easy second clue,  this is great.  Her only downside is that she shares the coveted Rogue ally slot with the likes of Leo de Lucca and Dario.  4.5/5,  excellent,  some tough choices to make here.

    Olive McBride:   Someone else already gave an excellent analysis on this card.   The short story is:  she's not worth it in most situations.  Maybe if you are Jim,  or more likely Father Mateo.  2/5.   Not great.   In the right deck... average?   Are you playing her instead of Arcane Initiate?   No, probably not.

    Defiance (2xp):  Level-0 defiance is such awful trash they had to try again I guess.  This is much better and oddly enough, it does combo with Olive McBride fairly well.  Still, you can do that a maximum of twice per game so... still meh.  Ignoring all the effects of the special symbols  I think allows you to bypass the negative effects of pulling a special token on Shriveling or Rite of Seeking.   That could be very good because sometimes,  it's just not practical to save Rite of Seeking for my last action.  Still, you're spending a skill card and your 2xp as an insurance policy against something that probably wont happen.   And I hate insurance.   2/5.   You will look so smart when you play this if it hits.   And pretty foolish the rest of the time. 

    Premonition:  Essentially you play this even for 0 cost and fast, and you get to know what your next token pull is going to be.    I am on board with that!   You can know exactly how many resources/cards you need to devote in order to ensure success.   You can even use this on other players.  Super useful.    There could be some big plays with this card and someone going Double-or-Nothing.  And the price is right too!!    Good, good, good.    That artwork is super grim though.   4.5/5.   

    Live and Learn:  This seems to slot right in to the Survivor toolbag.  Honestly I'm not really sure what attempting that test again means.  Are you literally doing the same test?  Are the modifiers the same?  What if I committed skill cards from my hand, or resources?  Do I get those bonuses?  Can  I commit more skill cards/resources on the second test, or is that not allowed?     ?/5   reserving judgment until I understand this  card better.

    Take Heart:   This is the most Survivor card that has ever been printed.   A skill card, with no icons, that you commit into a test that you are failing.  I mean Calvin loves this thing, and it's pretty good in any survivor.  The bonuses are great, and it's not too hard to fail something.  I am a fan of this artwork too.  3.5/5 for making us want to play Rabbits Foot and go fail some checks.

    Against All Odds (2xp):  Well, this is super thematic at least.  It's only good when you have a very, very poor chance of actually succeeding.  Seems like a Calvin card.   4/5 for Calvin,   1/5 for everyone else.

    Trench Coat:  It's a little pricey at 3 resource cost,  but it's a HP sink that is neutral and no xp cost.  Agility bonus is nice too.   As a body slot, there is very little in the way of slot competition.   I think this is good,  and well worth it if you think you're going to be evading a lot.  3.5/5 for adventuring in style.

    Ornate Bow  (3xp):   This card man...  this card.   First, my gripe about this is I'm not sure why we are using Agility instead of combat.   I thought combat was for combat.   And yes,  there are some other exceptions like I've Got a Plan and Mind over Matter,  but to me those had a hefty enough amount of theme to justify the switch.   This doesn't.  I mean...  you are using agility because you are... shooting them.  But with a bow, instead of a gun.   So that makes it agility.  or something.   I'm not really  sold on the nocking arrows thing either.  nocking an arrow does not take all that much time.   I really have to spend an action for that?   OK, so on to the good:   mechanically speaking  this is pretty great.  Particularly for rogues, and particularly particularly for Skids and Jenny.  The attack bonuses here are good, the damage is huge, and rogues can spend on Streetwise if they need more agility.  It's a match made in heaven.  Also combos nicely with the above Trench Coat. Skids and Jenny have an additional advantage in that they have access to Venturer.   Venturer saves you from the most annoying part of this card, which is having to reload it manually.  And while you can't Contraband the bow, you can Contraband the venturer and have him continuously hand your ammo like a Weapons Valet in Jumanji.  This card can do some serious damage.   4.5/5   I'm making a Jenny of the Jungle deck.

    That about wraps it up for Heart of the Elders!   Be sure to let me know your thoughts on these cards as well!

  4. I'm  not opposed to the idea.  I imagine though that with only 5ish investigators released per cycle (not including books) they probably have a pretty tight list of releases for playable characters.    Among the things that their fanbase wants are:

    More classic arkham characters.   Did you know there are only 2 characters in AH LCG that were from the Core set of 2nd Edition Arkham Horror?   Jenny Barnes and Ashcan Pete.   There's also Carolyn if you count her.   But since she's a book exclusive, I don't.   Regardless, there's a lot of fan favorites missing, that's for sure.

    Characters that have been released in some other format:   Silas, Norman, Marie, and Carolyn are all being greedily anticipated for the main game.

    Other characters to expand inclusivity:    There's no asian male, but there are asian females.  Mateo is latino, but there's no female.  There is no african-american female (akachi's cultural background is from the African continent, not african-american).  There's no native american character at all.   

    My point is, it might be a while...  but it could still happen!  I hope it does.

  5. I mean it's all situational, sometimes Elusive is a star, and sometimes it isn't.   I think the only way to think of it is what has the best impact on the game, most of the time.  To me there is a whole laundry list of cards that are way more impressive than Elusive.  

    Milan because: well, obviously
    Scavenging:   combos into getting you all the stuff back you need to continually win more at scavenging.  Also leather coats, discs of itzamna, a good scavenging build is extremely hard to kill.
    Lone Wolf:   This card is free money.
    Leo:  I guess extra actions are good.
    Lucky:   When I hold this card, I know I have an ace up my sleeve.  This is a savior, especially on higher difficulties.
    I've Got a Plan:  Allows seekers to drop a nuke on an enemy.
    Delve too Deep:   Free..   experience.
    Ward of Protection:  the utility of this card is fantastic.

    IMO, all of these are better than Elusive.   But if I were to pick a single best card level-0,  I'd probably say Milan. 

  6. Here are some "filler" cards that I use if I have conflicts:

    1.  Emergency Cache.   Realistically, most decks probably already include this, but for any that don't, you have a lot of copies of this in the Core set, and nobody's ever going to be upset to draw this.
    2.  Flashlight.   For certain,  Like Cache, you have a lot of copies in the core set.  Pretty much anyone can make use of the Flashlight, especially on locations with 2 or lower shroud value.  Even if their Lore sucks, give them some flashlights.
    3.  Unexpected Courage.    This is definitely my go-to "skill" card if I need a filler.  The flexibility of this card is always worth an include.
    4.  Perception/Overpower/Guts.   If you're out of Unexpected Courage already, I like these just fine.  I'd suggest giving them to classes that have good marks in the relevant skills already (Overpower to your Guardians, Perception to your seekers, Guts to your Mystics).   I don't like giving these to people who have poor skill value in their skills, as the pre-con NotZ decks do.
    5. Knife or Kukri.   I prefer knife, but both of these help to give weapon cards to those characters who are going to need them

    So, that's a list of entirely neutral cards.  With only 2 core + 1 Dunwich, you'll probably find you're using the vast majority of your "color" cards already.    After these,   probably just about anything is viable since  you don't have many options.

  7. I'm not aware on any "general rule" you might be referring to.  As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no reason why you cant use Enraptured to add to Archaic Glyphs, no matter if the card had a Secret on it before or not.

    Furthermore, Enraptured doesnt specify that you have to use it to add to an asset with Uses (charges) or Uses (Secrets).   You could add a Secret to a Bulletproof Vest if you really wanted to.   It just wouldnt do anything.  The only thing you cant do is add a Secret/Charge to something that already has another type of Use.   So while it's fine to put a Charge over on Leo de Lucca, it's not fine to add a secret/charge to Flashlight, since Flashlight has Uses (Supplies).

  8. as iGniGhted pointed out, Ace in the Hole gives you 3 more actions during the game, where Borrowed time only ever lets you break even  (less if you consider paying the small initial resource cost).  It's hard to imagine running this instead of Ace in the Hole.  You might run it in addition to Ace in the Hole, because you can only have one Ace.  Even then, I would find it difficult to run over Gold Pocket Watch in any multiplayer game  (GPW has higher XP cost, so the direct comparison isn't as good, but still).  

    You could do this over and over again of course, which seems to be the one selling point over the other cards I mentioned.  It's possible this is some sort of primer card, to combo with things yet to be released.  We already have the Kukri and Chicago Typewriter, both of which gain bonuses if you spend additional actions on them.  To be clear, I don't think it's particularly worth it for either of these cards, but we might see something down the line where consistently spending multiple actions at once on a player card is going to be something we might want to do.  

    But to analyze it against the pool of cards we currently have... it does seem very poor.

  9. How to use a Flashlight.
    Game mode:  Hard.    Player Count:  Any

    I just wanted to start off with How to use a Flashlight.  The flashlight is a tool that can be used by any investigator, and is a reasonable choice even for investigators who have a low Lore value.  The flashlight deserves some consideration in almost any deck.  The specific reason that the flashlight is so good, is that lowering the shroud value of a location to 0 means the investigator automatically succeeds at their investigation attempt, unless they draw the auto-fail token.  The primary purpose of the flashlight then, is investigating locations with a shroud of 2 or less, and getting a nearly guaranteed success.  

    I know it can be tempting to use the flashlight on a 4 or 5 shroud location, thinking that you are "getting more" out of it, or that you could probably succeed on shroud locations of 1-2 anyway.  In my experience, it's far better to reserve your flashlight for 1-2 shroud locations only.  Easy clues from shroud 1-2 locations that you dont have to spend cards/resources on lets you save those cards/resources to deal with higher shroud locations.  So for example,  if you are at a 1-2 shroud location and you can give yourself a +2 bonus with Higher education, or use the flashlight... use the flashlight to reduce the shroud to 0.   If you are at a 3+ shroud location and want a +2 bonus, you should use Higher Education if you can, preserving your flashlight charges for later.

    Another great thing about the flashlight is that it can be used just as effectively by characters with low lore value.   Particularly if those characters have little competition for hand slots, such as Akachi Onyele.  Lowering the shroud to 0 is the same for Akachi as it is for Daisy,  so Daisy benefits less from her 5 Lore here.

    If you are playing on a team and you know your allies are running flashlights,  you may want to leave shroud 1-2 locations available for them to use them on.   If you are playing a Seeker, it's your job to go after the higher shroud locations, and allow your team with flashlights to take on the easy shroud locations.   Much like it's the job of the Guardian to go after the toughest monsters, and leave the weaker monsters to generalist characters.

    Finally, the flashlight is a tool in hand-slot manipulation.  Sometimes you want a handed-item in your discard pile so you can get it  back, especially with characters running Scavenging, or someone like William Yorrick.  The flashlight can be played to force a hand-slot item in play into your discard pile (such as another flashlight with no charges, or a weapon card for Yorrick that is out of ammo) so that it can be retrieved... so long as you have both hand slots occupied.  Flashlight retrieval can be very handy on many characters, especially Wendy, William Yorrick, Minh, and Rex (with Scavenging).   Costing a hand slot is a bit of a double-edged sword though, so you may not wish to include Flashlight on characters who are planning to primarily use 2 handed weapons.

    That's all I have to say about the flashlight.  Go bust the mythos!

  10. Introduction

    Sometimes I read through the pages and it breaks my heart to know that some people are getting turned off to the game (whether it is a particular mission, or generally) because of difficulty.   And even if that is not the case, I think most everyone is always looking to improve.   I had this idea for a community based strategy guide.   I don't want this to be me speaking from the pulpit.  Everyone should feel welcome to talk about anything related to Arkham LCG strategy at all.  It can be as grand or as small as you want.  You can be brief, or long winded.  It can be about deckbuilding, or about things to do during play.  Could be about a single card, a single character, a campaign, or just general.   It can be advice from your experience, it can be theorycrafting, it can be a question.    Feel free to respond to what others may have said...  but if you disagree, please provide a reason why you think so.   I think it would be a great help though, if we followed a few simple guidelines.   


    Here's what I'd like from contributors.   It would be wonderful if these were bolded, for easy reference.

    1. Clearly state your topic.
    2.  Clearly state the game mode to which you are referencing.   If you always play on a specific difficulty mode, than everyone needs to know that this is the sort of game you are playing, so we have a frame of reference.  Let us know if this is for stand-alone mode, or specific to 4 player, or 2 player.  
    3.  Please try to keep everything spoiler-free,  or if that is not possible, use spoiler tags.


  11. thematic fail =(.   This isn't really borrowed time, it's banking time.  Shouldn't borrowed time be giving me actions NOW and paying the price later?  I mean,  that's the whole point of the phrase.   This is paying now and benefiting later.   It's the complete opposite of borrowed time.

    I also think it looks to me like you have to spend the resources yourself and not take them from the resource bank.  Much weaker.   Love the art though.

  12. I wont be commenting on Boundary Beyond (havent had a chance to play it yet) but many of the things you touch on happen in the first 3 scenarios,  so I can comment relative to those.

    Tough treacheries with no skill check are nothing new.   I mean, remember Pushed into the Beyond,   Beyond the Veil, and heck, Ancient Evils?  Fortunately a lot more classes are equipped with some sort of treachery cancellation now.  In addition to Ward of Protection, there is Forewarned and A Test of Will.  Or you can just deal with the effects.  

    Monsters:  maybe you're specifically referencing the Boundary Beyond.  Otherwise... maybe?  I certainly recall getting murdered by swarms of mobsters and Conglomerations of spheres in scenario 1-b of Dunwich.  Many of them have nasty effects too (retaliate, melee suppression).   I'm not sure the current crop of enemies is much worse than the previous iterations, except, maybe, for Vengeance.  And I think Vengeance is allright, because it gives you some incentive to evade rather than murder everything in your path, and I sort of like that.   As long as it doesnt go overboard.   

    Exploration deck can often be worked around with some of the special items you can bring with you into the jungle (see next point).   If not, you're going to draw more treacheries.  

    Supplies:   Well, this one I do agree with you on, at least somewhat.  And that does add to making the Exploration deck pretty brutal, so I agree there too.  There is pretty much no way to know which items are going to be useful and which ones are not, unless of course, you have already played through the scenarios.  When the Supply mechanic was first introduced many people said something along the lines of "that's interesting, but it's going to lose a lot during repeat playthroughs".   I think it's actually way more fun on repeat playthroughs, because you can make those kinds of decisions with some information available, rather than going in blind.  So yeah, this is pretty tough if you're doing a single run straight through the campaign, and I can definitely see why it would be frustrating.    You can really mitigate this by starting over, knowing what you know now.   I know that isn't the advice anybody is looking for, but it's all I've got on this one.  

  13. Second Wind:  Fantastic for Mark, bordering auto-include.   For other guardians its sorta meh?  Guardians have a lot of health cards that compete here.  Aside from Mark, the Guardians dont usually need the healing for themselves,  so cards like True Grit or Brother Xavier are still superior in many ways.  Still, this is good and doesnt cost any XP.   Not bad.

    Take the Initiative:  As Jobu pointed out, this is cheap defense against the Mythos.   In a world where Guardian toys are just getting more and more expensive, this is a nice reprieve. Fantastically flexible card, allows Guardians even with poor skill to lend a hand investigating if need be, or evading if there is something they cant fight yet (no weapon, etc).   I think this is one of the best cards in the pack.   This is great.

    Well Prepared:   I guess this is fine.  It's hard to say no to free skill boosts.  Going with what I said earlier, Guardian stuff just keeps getting more costly, it's nice to have a few options for efficiency.   Zoey's Cross has Combat/Combat/Wild.   Just saying.

    Truth From Fiction:  I mean obviously this can't be judged right now.  

    True Understanding:  This seems a very underwhelming card.  The ability to get a single clue in a class that already is by far the best at getting clues,  I'm unimpressed.

    Quick Study:   This has a home in the right decks I think.   One of the things I struggle with is that on hard mode it is sometimes hard to land hits with Strange Solution (Acidic Ichor).   6 Combat is not good enough, and seekers have very little else in the way of skill boosts for combat checks.   I can definitely see this being of use in an Acidic Ichor deck.  Other than that it's great for Roland....  but I dont know if I am going to take it anywhere else.

    Hatchet Man:  I have to successfully evade, and then after that make a successful attack (or somebody else needs to).   Seems like a lot of work to go through for +1 damage.  No thanks.

    High Roller:  Rogues definitely need more money.  I say this completely non-sarcastically.   While they can get a lot of money, its very hard for them to spend it efficiently.   This helps.   A little.

    Enraptured:  Hard to judge for the same reason as Truth from Fiction, but still... 1 charge can be pretty good if it's the right charge.  

    Recall the Future:   I guess this lets you hedge against a difficult token like a -5 or something.   Could be helpful.  Mystics have a lot of ways to boost their skill values through the roof though, at least on spells.  Might not be needed.   Might be better on Jim, since he tends to do a lot of non-willpower checks and could use a way to boost cheaply there.

    Try and Try Again:  Well...  nobody used this card the first time so I guess the designers took the theme to heart.    Unfortunately I still don't see this being any good.

    Cornered:  Cheap +2 again.   And Survivors can often get things back from their discard pile very easily.  I'm liking this one.

  14. Great post from Allonym on the benefits of survival knife.  I think his points are very logical and well thought out,  but I tend to lean the other direction, so let me give you the devils advocate.  I also play hard difficulty, so we should be coming at this from an even playing field.  We might differ slightly in that I usually play 2 player, not 4 player, so the number of enemies spawning would be less.

    Taking damage from enemies during the Enemy phase is more rare than you might think, and is certainly something you are trying not to do most of the time.  If you do get the knife attack off, the bonuses are good, but after playing with it only a little, I found that this was pretty hard to pull off.  

    The main problem with the Survival knife is that unless you are getting that counter-attack off, it's only +1 attack, with no damage boost.   In other words, it's a really lame weapon except in the situations where you can counter with it.  And it takes a hand slot, which is brutal.  Most guardians are going to want to switch in to Lightning Gun or Shotgun eventually, and use of any 2 handed weapon precludes the use of Survival Knife (except for Bandolier users, but nobody runs that).  

    If you want to continue use of Survival Knife through mid and late campaign, you limit yourself to 1-handed weapons.  A setup like Machete/ Survival Knife is probably less damage output overall than either Shotgun or Lightning Gun.  Granted that you do not have to rely on Ammo if you went melee like this,  you could save yourself resources and deck space that other guardians will be spending on Venturer, and Extra Ammunition., and allows you to save a lot of XP.  Maybe this lets you pull of something that you wouldn't otherwise be able to do, but in terms of sheer power... I think it's not as good.   It's also worth pointing out that while Shotgun/Lightning gun are limited by ammo,  Survival Knife is limited by health.  Can't be used if you can't take a hit, and the more you want to use it, the more hits you have to be willing to take.   Now, of course you can mitigate that by using things like True Grit, First Aid, or Brother Xavier...   but now we're starting to spend card slots, XP, and resources on having enough health to use survival knife,   which neutralizes much of the advantage you were gaining from having a no-ammo setup.  

    So, what do I think of the Survival Knife overall?  It's okay.   In early-campaign I would certainly consider it, since you wont have the XP to bring out the big guns anyway.   But I would definitely remove it from my deck once I could support the use of big weapons.  That being said, there is one investigator I think Survival Knife is really good on:  William Yorrick.    Yorrick doesn't have any access to the big guns anyway, so he's not missing out there, and his ability to recycle Leather Coat from his discard pile means he can take a lot of hits and strike back with the Survival Knife.  

  15. It sort of depends.    Each Mythos pack and Big Box expansion contains 2 copies of each player card.   So, if you absolutely had to have each player able to have 2 of each card, then technically you would need 4x of each mythos pack and Big Box.

    Realistically though, you are probably not running a team where you use 4 of the same class.   That means there really isn't a lot of competition for cards, since each character's deck building requirements are different.  I would think that 2x Core and 1x of every thing else is probably enough.   I would definitely say just buy 1 of everything first, and if you find yourself making decks and you really are dying for more copies of a particular card, pick up a second copy of that pack. 

  16. To be fair to your friends, survival knife is a relatively new card and until recently their way of describing it would have been a useful shorthand.  There are also some cards where it matters whether the damage/horror is placed on an asset or on your investigator card, it's just survival knife isn't one of them.

    Guard Dog/Survival knife can indeed do up to 3 damage to an enemy attacking you.  Just remember that S.Knife only triggers during the enemy phase, and so it can't be used if an enemy makes an Attack of Opportunity, whereas the Guard Dog can.  

  17. I guess I'd put myself mostly in the "Detective" archetype.   I want to do whatever is most efficient, and that means analyzing the player cards in relation to how well they perform against the challenges of the encounter deck.    I certainly do plenty of things listed in the other categories, but mostly they are a means toward and end, and that end is efficiency.  

  18. so... does it make a difference if the Key is attached to your current location and you draw Obscuring Fog, vs if you have Obscuring Fog attached to your location and then play the key?   I would have to imagine these two scenarios would *have* to be ruled the same way.  That leads me to believe the only possible ruling is that the shroud value is 1, can't be modified any further, it is 1.

    edit:  to elaborate a little.  I say they would have to be ruled the same because the game state doesnt memorize order that cards are played in, so a board state of location+fog+key looks identical, regardless of the order.

  19. mmm...   I dont have my rulebook on me at the moment, but I'm fairly sure this is not true.   When spending clues as a group, the investigators do not need to be at the same location, necessarily.     Those spending the clues need to be at that location, but not necessarily everyone.

    So for example in a 2 player game, Rex can spend 2 clues to wander off, even if Zoey is not at the same location with him.   But if Rex wants to spend 1 clue and Zoey spend 1 clue, then they do have to be together.

  20. Well,  I would definitely agree with C2K and say that Blood on the Altar is a supremely good choice.   Not only does it have Yorrick's permanent talent, Scrapper,  but it has all the other classes permanent talents as well...  which is going to be very useful if you play 2 handed solo...    And you also pick up Lone Wolf which is a great card for those who can take it (but Yorrick can not, unfortunately).   Prepared for the Worst is a decent card too.  Maybe not an auto-include every time, but I definitely would at least think about it when building any class with access to the Guardian cards.


  21. I was right there with you holding down the 1 core fort for a while.  But I eventually succumbed.   Still...   I think we might be able to squeeze a bit more use out of this for you.   You'll have to put in a bit more XP than a 2 core player, but if we're a bit tricksy, we can still save a little more.

    Scenario 1 End:  Upgrade Shriveling-0 to Shriveling-3  . Remove a level 0 card of your choice and add Shriveling-0 (cost  another1 xp for replacing level-0 cards).
    Scenario 2 End:  Upgrade Shriveling-0 to Shriveling-3 
    Scenario 3-4 End: Upgrade Shriveling-3 to Shriveling-5

    Rest of the plan is unchanged, and you could pull the same trick with Ward of Protection if you wanted.   This allows a 1-core player to save an additional 1 xp each time over putting in a Shriv-3 or Ward-2 directly.  

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