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  1. I would really, very highly recommend St. Hubert's Key on Daisy, probably in place of Holy Rosary or ritual candles (I'm not a huge fan of ritual candles...). I've found St Hubert's Key to be a massive boon when I play daisy. I think sabrjay is going 1 core, so that is probably why a few less books for daisy. Anyway, you could consider a ward of protection (2xp) to get another ward of protection around, those are very useful cards to have. Magnifying glass is another good card to put in your deck if you can.
  2. Are you aware the game comes with an "easy" mode? Have you tried that? If not, you really should. I really honestly feel that anyone can do well on easy mode with some basic deckbuilding skills. People on the forums are happy to help, if we can.
  3. Handcuffs: Hm. A way to neutralize an enemy without killing them. Maybe this is useful if you are playing 4 player and there is an enemy you dont want back in the deck? My issue here is that the way it is set up, you it's pretty much just like passing a combat check against them and using the enemy's evade value instead of their fight value. So you probably could have already done 2 damage with your Machete. That's good enough to kill a large chunk of the humanoid enemies. And while it protects against further doom addition, it doesnt do anything about any doom a card has already acquired. I think this is pretty handy against the brood of yig, because of their potential for increased fight values and 3 hp. But otherwise, meh. 2.5/5 I admit I'm interested, but probably not a card to stay in the deck long-term. Blood Eclipse 3X: Well, at the very least it's fun. You can do an awful lot of damage with this card, and you dont really have to be set up for it either. I think this is pretty cool, but I'm not sure if it's not easier to just hit them with a shotgun. Could be useful if we see any more Poltergeist type enemies. Unfortunately this is not available in scenario-1 of carcosa, and I think Poltergeist only shows up once later down the line. The 3xp does seem a little bit of a heavy price to pay. 2.5/5 Stylish, not sure if it's effective. Feed the Mind 3X: A nice draw engine, especially for seekers looking to quickly get back up into Higher Education territory. Could be particularly useful on a certain scenario where card draw is important. It does however put your card draw down to the whims of the chaos bag. 3/5 The good side of meh. Colt Vest Pocket: Cheap, for the all important +1 attack/damage. A decent target for Sleight of Hand early in the campaign before you have Lupara or Chicago Typewriter. Also a decent target for Fence if you are going that route. Better if you're using Leo. It's a cheap, thow-away gun, and it does that very nicely. I wish it were fast though. 3/5 Handy, but needs at least one other card as backup to make it shine, IMO. Coup de Grace: Testless 1 damage at 0 xp cost to any enemy at your location. That seems reasonable. Good for aloof guys or enemies with the annoying 3hp. I like this quite a lot. Again, this is probably not a card that stays in my deck forever, but I'm down with it to start. 3/5 for hitting them when they're down. Skeleton Key 2X: ahh.. yes please. I've been wanting this for such a long time. What can I say except it's great? You can drop a shroud value into range of just about any character. Note: this sets you up for some easy burgling or succeed-by-2 shenanigans. 4.5/5 Hard to get much better. Mists of Rlyeh 4X: This is fine, but ultimately I'm not going to spend 4xp on this. I prefer the level-0 version. I mean, maybe if you're running 2x Arcane Research. 1.5/5, it's just not worth the XP cost. Winging It: YES! Survivors getting some much needed multi-clue access. Even if it's just a little bit, once in a while, that's fine, that's exactly what they need. 4/5 Just what the Doctor ordered. Old Hunting Rifle 3X: Hm... The bonuses are nice, but auto-fail on the skull is tough. I dont honestly know on this one. 2.5/5 Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? Thermos: First off there seems to be a mistake on the Arkham DB page. That page lists this as 1 xp, it's actually 0 xp. Still, it's like a more expensive first aid that's vastly improved if you have lots of trauma. Problem is that characters dont really have trauma at the beginning of the campaign, and arent probably willing to put this in to a deck midway through. First Aid is also not considered particularly impressive. 1.5/5, too expensive for what it does. Hemispheric Map 3X: I admit I was not impressed with the Otherworldly Compass from earlier in the cycle. This seems to follow more or less the same mechanic. 2/5 Ok, but aren't there better amulets? Timeworn Brand 5X: It's... a super machete? I mean... I guess? I think this is probably pretty good for the characters who want to fight but dont have access to the guardian weapons, like William Yorrick and maybe Finn/Jenny/Calvin. Guardians are probably taking Shotgun or Lightning Gun instead. 3/5, Depends on who you are. That about wraps it up. Looking forward to playing some new cards and more Arkham!
  4. Any seeker would make a good partner for Zoey. Daisy is my go-to seeker, but whoever you like will do fine. You can probably build Zoey like just about any guardian as far as her in-class cards go. Make sure you have a few weapons and maybe Prepared for the Worst. Beat Cops are good for allies, you might want Vicious Blow. I'll plug my own personal deviation which is to include Take the Initiative, a card that I feel is massively underrated and can allow Guardians to do a variety of things they couldnt ordinarily do. Then it's down to your 5 out-of-class picks. There are a lot of good options, but here are some of them. 1. Lone Wolf: 2 players you can get this off pretty reliably, and make a lot of extra cash which is going to be useful for Guardians since they tend to have expensive cards. 2. Lucky: turning a miss into a hit is pretty good. I'm never sorry to have this. 3. Delve too Deep: A spicier choice, but it's hard to deny the benefit of extra XP... Still, you might be taking this out of your deck mid-campaign and spending 2 of your hard earned XP on 0 level out of class cards, which doesnt feel particularly great. Part of the reason I like Daisy is that she can run this for you no problem. If you're a person who just wants loads of XP as soon as possible you might consider this, if not pick a different card. 4. Liquid Courage: Zoey's 4 WP means she can heal her horror very nicely with this card. 5. Leather Coat: makes a very nice "1-of" for your 5th slot. A little extra survivability at exactly the right price. There are so many other ways you can go... but hopefully you've got some ideas.
  5. Well I made this up rather hastily, but something like this ought to work. https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/229151 You should have 1 Emergency Cache, 1 Extra Ammo, and 1 Custom Ammunition under Stick to the plan. Use your cache to set up. Make money off of Lone Wolf, Dario, and Skull. Get the shotgun out with Prepared for the Worst if you need to. Then load it with ammo, drop down your venturers and your cop, and when you need to you should have a pile of resources to spend on Physical Training if you have it down and Keen Eye if you don't. Then it's just a matter of shotgun math. You need a total combat score of Enemy Combat Score + Enemy HP + your expected token pull for an instant kill. Adjust for vicious blows as necessary. This deck can be further improved by replacing the skull with the Key of Y's, adding Emergency Cache-3 (to add supply tokens to the venturer), and upgrading Vicious Blow to level-2 version.
  6. well, it's unfair that you are comparing them as if it's just a matter of picking one over the other. The shotgun has 1 less cost and 1 less XP cost, which is a big deal. But, setting that aside for the time being, the shotgun is still my favorite weapon. I hardly ever dont get 5 damage on this weapon if I want it. The shotgun allows to to transfer attack bonus directly into damage (max 5), which means it's very easy to max the damage out and demolish a boss with one or two shots. Mark, Leo, and Zoey are all fantastic with it, and the only real reason Roland isn't with them is because his signature item is also a weapon. Users of Keen Eye or Physical Training get the most out of the shtogun, pumping their attack bonuses through the roof for max damage. Shotgun is also very ammo-efficient, when you look at it from a per-shot perspective. Although the shotgun only comes with 2 ammo, the damage on each of those attacks is massive, so if you have Shenanigans to play and add ammo counters (Venturer, Extra Ammo, Emergency Cache-3 (with Venturer), etc.) , the shotgun gets more out of those cards than does a Lightning Gun or .45 Automatic. What I'm trying to say is that since 1 ammo counter on a shotgun represents potentially more damage than on any other weapon, adding ammo to the shotgun is very effective. For enemies that are really tough, you can even throw in a Vicious Blow or The Home Front, gaining damage bonuses from the card, as well as effectively translating the cards combat icons into more damage bonuses. Vicious blow-2 gives a pretty easy 7 damage, which will take an impressive hole through just about any monster. I've also done both Leo and Zoey builds where they mainline the shotgun, and have enough ammo to continue using it for an entire mission (Leo is easier, but Zoey can do it), it's super fun.
  7. ...why would you spend 2 resources on Skids to make 1 back with Pay Day?
  8. I agree the super-combo is probably rare and arguably not worth it. But I ask you: If you can have a 4-resource generator that can only be played at the end of your turn, is that worth it for 1 xp? I would say yes, a lot of times it is. There have been plenty of times when I wish I could just have another Emergency Cache around, but max 2 per deck so... not happening. And sure, there are other options for cash, but 1 xp is cheap (compared to the likes of Hot Streak), and you can reap the benefits quickly, as opposed to playing something like Dario who will take a few turns to kick in.
  9. Crystalline Elder Sign: I hadn't really thought about this for Ursula. It's definitely much better for her than it is for anyone else, IMO. Not bad for her at all. This is why I like these threads =p.
  10. true enough, my mistake. I still think they're pretty poor cards though.
  11. Time for another first look. I havent had much of a chance to play with these, so first thoughts: M1918 BAR: Well, this weapon costs exactly the same amount in resource cost and XP as the shotgun, so I can't help but compare the two. The BAR is an interesting weapon, and could be good for heavy damage on a boss, but it's not very good as a "main" weapon. Things that add a set amount of ammo (extra ammo, venturer...) are much less useful on the BAR compared with the shotgun due to the high ammo consumption of the BAR. Contraband is still pretty nice though, allowing for 3 shots at maximum power. Unfortunately, I think the Shotgun is just more viable on most characters. The best character to use this weapon IMO is probably Leo Anderson, because of his access to Contraband and Sleight of Hand. Zoey could pull out the same tricks of course, but it would take some of her valuable out-of-faction card slots. I could definitely see myself taking a "one-of" of the BAR for sleight-of-hand boss killing. 2.5/5 useful in the right build, but for most characters weaker than the shotgun. Ancient Stone (Knowledge of the Elders): Ah, we finally see the Ancient Stone. Lets just say up front that this requires a huge amount of work on the part of your investigator just to include in your deck. Like other "unidentified" seeker items, you have to upgrade from the lesser version of this card, but unlike a Strange Solution or Archaic Glyphs, the basic Ancient Stone costs 1 xp. Ouch. That means the absolute earliest you can include this card in your deck is scenario 3 because you'll need to first get an experience (scenario 1) and then translate (ideally scenario 2) before you can upgrade. It also means this card basically costs 5 XP, instead of the 4 shown, because you'll have to purchase the Unidentified version first. THEN the number of secrets on this card is dependent on how high the shroud value was. You can have more secrets here if you passed a harder check for the Unidentified version. But that, of course, won't be easy. Because I feel its relevant, I'm going to include some minor spoilers from forgotten age below the spoiler tag: Ok, so I hope I have established that it is very, very hard to get this item. So, is it worth it? I'm going to have to say probably not. Typically you only draw 1 card at a time, meaning you can only deal 1 damage at a time. Some combos with other seeker cards that draw, particularly Cryptic Research because it is Fast and therefore does not provoke attacks of opportunity. But Cryptic research is another 4 xp on top of what you have already spent. If you want a combat option for your Seeker, Strange Solution (acidic ichor) is probably better for damage on Normal or Easy mode where the chaos bag isnt too brutal, cheaper in terms of xp, easier to get, and doesnt take a hand slot. I've got a Plan! suffices for those who are stingy on XP. Those of us who play on hard salivate over testless damage, I know.... but most of your card draw will incur an AoO from any monsters you are engaged with, which you dont want to take. I'm really, really sad to say that this just isn't very good. 1.5/5 I really wanted more out of this. Ancient Stone (Minds in Harmony): You can feel free to insert all the comments on the Knowledge of the Elders variant about how outrageous this is to get. So the only difference is the effect. So... this is just a sanity heal. Potentially it is rather a lot of sanity heal, so that's nice. It's also not nearly as annoying to activate, since you can drip heal your sanity over multiple turns when you draw your card for the round. Seekers probably dont really need this for themselves though, due to the extremely high amount of sanity soak allies and other cards like Logical Reasoning that they can play. Your friends will like you though. It's an okay support card. 2/5 Better, but still more trouble than it's worth. Slip Away: The only card that does not cost XP in this pack. You add your Books to evasion, and if you win by 2 you can stop a non-elite from readying. A decent way to stall out a monster for a while, but I'm skeptical this is worth the 2 cost. 2/5 I doubt it. Pay Day: Well, because this is rogue the chances you will get at least 4 resources off of this are pretty high. Yes, there are ways you can stack actions and theoretically make it ridiculous, but that probably wont happen most of the time. And you really have to ask yourself; is action comboing in this way really the best way for my rogue to make money? Probably not. Still, I think this is very playable if you get 4 resources out of it. 3/5 Seems ok. Sacrifice: I love the flavor of this card, and it's effect could be pretty cool. There are lots of times when a mystic has stuff hanging around that they can't use, and maybe moreover its a nice way to eliminate Doom on a card that you have. You can sacrifice the Arcane Initiate or Alyssa or David Renfeld if the cost of keeping them around gets too high, and you can get a nice bonus while you're at it. 3.5/5 I like it, and sure to get better. Crystalline Elder Sign: Ah yes, another Mystic relic that I am not going to use. As a mystic, the only stat that really matters to you is Willpower, that's the whole point of being a mystic in the first place. So why am I taking this, sealing a good token, and paying XP for it when I could just have a holy rosary? I'm not. 1/5 lame. On Your Own: This is certainly the card in this pack that has me most excited. I think this is a fantastically thematic nice little card. The issue being that there arent that many survivor events that you are going to want to reduce by 2 cost all the time. Not enough to stack a deck with an make this worth giving up your chance at allies. I think this card is going to be very fun and special later down the line. But maybe not right now. 3/5 Investing for the future!!!! As always, feel free to explain why you agree/disagree, and if you've played with any of these cards and how they worked out for you.
  12. I picked up the new Arkham pack at the local store today. As usual my wife and I sat down at a table to look through the new cards. I opened the pack, excited to see what might be there, and was very surprised to hear my spouse point out that we had been there this summer. I did a double take, and sure enough, I recognized the place on the cover. We were standing there not three months ago. Apparently Mark Molnar was inspired by Trinity College Library, in Dublin Ireland! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_College_Library#/media/File:Long_Room_Interior,_Trinity_College_Dublin,_Ireland_-_Diliff.jpg for comparison
  13. with respect, you maybe ought to learn the game a bit more before jumping to conclusions and adjustments. I've read a few of your recent topics and they leave me with the impression that you are pretty inexperienced. You also need to remember that no game can be made with perfect equality for both sides (even in chess, somebody gets the first move), but that doesn't mean it isn't balanced. It's just part of the game, and it's not unfair just because it's different. As mentioned, solo players come with their share of challenges, but they also have their share of advantages when compared to multi-investigator teams. Lone Wolf, Scrying, A Test of Will, and Ward of Protection are all significantly more powerful in solo play. I've seen a small handful of threads recently about ways to make the game easier. I always say that people can play the game as they like it (so long as everyone agrees!), and I stand by that... but frankly I do find it a little disappointing that people would rather invent new rules rather than learn how to play the game better. The game comes with an easy mode. Use it if you want to. If that's still too hard, then I feel there are probably aspects of your play that could be improved upon...
  14. I havent given Finn a try yet, I can see how it would be a problem. First off, if you dislike any aspect of a character, including his stat distribution, you could just pick a different character. But if you want to make Finn work, you might have to find a way to work around this issue. When I played Jenny I wanted to boost her willpower and ended up giving her 2x Moxie once she had a little XP. Moxie lets you dump your resources into passing willpower checks... but this is something not to be done lightly. Only for the really absolute worst of them, like a Frozen in Fear, would you commit so many resources. I found it was okay, but still, Jenny has a 3, not a 1, and her trust fund helps ensure more cash to spend, so this might not be the best answer for Finn, but it's an option. He might be able to compensate with Lucky! and Rise to the Occasion instead. If he loses sanity (seems likely) then he could be a good candidate for Say Your Prayers as well. To be clear, these are just some untested ideas. I'd be interested to hear how Finn players are dealing with it. As Allonym suggested, I think Leo has a much easier time, I've played him quite a bit and his 1 evasion wasn't a big detriment. Ursula's 1 combat I haven't had a problem with either.
  15. If you find FA too difficult, you could set the game mode to "easy" until you build up a reasonable pool of cards.
  16. I'm going to have to say no: thus far, there is not power creep in this game. At least not as I usually hear it defined. There aren't any cards that are just strictly better than other cards. Like how Grizzly Bears in MtG is strictly inferior to Nomadic Elf and many other cards. There is no metric, no argument no matter how weak, where you can say that Grizzly Bears is a better card. That doesnt happen in AH LCG. What does happen is that there are more cards, and as you get more cards, and you get more options, the general strength of the decks you can build from those cards increases. That's a simple function of adding cards to the card pool.
  17. Well, I have got all 6 cultists in Midnight Masks one time, 4 player, and standard difficulty (and we were using cards through forgotten age). But that was a bit of an outlier game, 4 cultists is good. If you can get 4, you have nothing to be down about. As for XP, probably if it looks like people are getting more XP than you usually get, they're likely using cards like Delve too Deep or Charons Obol. These can be extremely powerful cards. If you're never succeeded to the end and also never died or gone insane, you probably should take more risks. Don't get me wrong, death/insanity are definitely things to avoid, but you probably don't need to run a card like First Aid, for example, if you are regularly ending scenarios with 3-4 hp/sanity remaining. You definitely need to play cards. Dont feel guilty about having a set-up turn, every now and again, sometimes you need to get things down so you can be more effective later. Survivors can often get by on a light set-up, but that doesnt mean no set up. At the same time, remember to play cards that are actually going to help you. A first-turn Bulletproof Vest is probably not a good use of your resources. You're doing fine on health and you could use those resource tokens to play other things. You only need to play the Bulletproof Vest at all if you are worried about death. Even if you truly 100% legitimately have nothing better to play at the time, you may as well hold it in your hand. You might draw into something nice and wish you still had those 3 resources. In general I have a tough time with Survivors. While survivors do have some great cards, I find they have a few great cards, but not enough great cards to really make a deck perform. They lack multi-clue and multi-damage access, and they dont generally have the extra actions to make up for that lack as Rogues do. Some characters like Wendy and Yorrick can get away with that by leaning heavily on their second class, but Calvin and Pete don't have that option. Of all the survivors (personal, contested opinion ahead, warning!) I feel that Wendy is quite good if she leans heavily on Rogue. Yorrick is allright but you probably should just play a real guardian who does everything Yorrick can do only better. Pete is in a very hard place. Ironically, he is the one Survivor investigator who does have multi-damage/multi-clue access, but only in a limited fashion, and the fact that his card pool is so restricted to the mostly-lame red cards torpedos his viability. Calvin I have not really played much with, but I would imagine he would suffer from his deckbuilding requirements as well. While many of the level-0 survivor cards are ok, and you can make a decent starter survivor deck, they really start getting hurt when it comes to XP. Their XP cards, for the most part, are trash. That's very painful for the later stages in a campaign. Long story short, try a class that's not a survivor, and I think you'll have an easier time.
  18. In this case, the cost of activating the Parley ability is to discard 4 cards from your hand. The effect of the Parley ability is to add Herman Collins to the Victory display. The card does not prompt you to do any sort of skill check, therefore there is not one involved. Parley is an important keyword that denotes some special rules that apply to the situation. Primarily, activating a Parley ability does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If the wording were as you suggested, Herman Collins (as well as any other enemies at the graveyard) would attack the investigator as they preformed this ability.
  19. As Starbreaker pointed out, you are a bit weapon-heavy. I'm fully aware how much it stinks to not draw a weapon, and that you'd like to avoid that... but I still think you're overkilling it a little. 9 weapons is probably too much, I would cut back severely. If it were me, I would remove 2x .32 colt as well as 2x Survival Knife. I would add 2x Prepared for the Worst. That leaves you 2 open slots to play with. Then I would think about your dream setup. I will praise the Shotgun till the end of time, but... is it what you want with Roland in solo? would you rather have a hand free for flashlight or magnifying glass? You might be better served by upgrading your .45 Automatics to keep your weapons 1 handed. If you do plan to use the shotgun all the time, I would strongly encourage putting the Venturer in your deck. If not, don't worry too much about it, although he still could be useful since Roland's .38 Special requires ammo. There is one thing about your deck that makes me concerned and that is you might have a hard time passing Willpower checks. I would definitely try to shore up this weakness. Since many Willpower checks lead to sanity loss, one form of mitigation would be to include something like Art Student, as Starbreaker suggested as well. Art Student is a good card, and I would find space for her if you can. But I would still prioritize passing will checks over her. Something like Guts or Take the Initiative or Physical Training would be very helpful to you. To free up space, I would remove 2x Dodge, or 2x Evidence! or all of these. good luck!
  20. I just saw your other thread, and because of that I assume you are playing Roland. If that is the case, I change my answer: the cards to which you refer are much more useful for a character with Seeker as their main role. I would not include them in a Roland deck.
  21. Just to correct a possible misconception: neither Archaric Glyphs nor Strange Solution are dependent on the cycle. They are player cards, and may be included in your deck, regardless of which campaign you are in. Are they worth it? I suppose it depends on what sort of player you are and what kind of cards you like, and what difficulty setting you're on and what else you'd like to do with your deck... But overall, I'd say yes, you'll probably find them useful.
  22. on page 15 of the rulebook it explains that after all modifiers (positive and negative) have been applied to a skill check, the result can not be less than 0. Investigators succeed at a skill check if they equal or exceed the difficulty of the skill check. Therefore if you reduce the shroud value of a location to 0 with a flashlight (or by other means), the result of your token pull will always leave you with at least 0, enough to pass the skill check assuming you did not draw the auto-fail token.
  23. You're definitely not going to be just throwing the backpack in to your deck, that's for sure. It takes some careful deck crafting to get the most use out of the backpack. Although, don't forget you can also take Supply events which include the likes of Emergency Cache, and Extra Ammunition. You can also stack the odds in your favor with your mulligan, choosing to throw back item/supply cards and keep non-item/supply cards for your opening hand.
  24. I think we're not giving Baer due credit here. Whether right or wrong, whether this is something that is possible/feasible (I will get to that later) to do or not, this is exactly the kind of vigilance that should be encouraged. Baer isn't saying they do this to pwn n00bs or something, they're pointing out a peculiarity in the rules, something that pretty much everyone on this board does as well. Ideally there is no issue. If there is an issue though, it needs to be brought up, recognized, and noted so that we can avoid exploits like it in the future. Coming from LotR LCG, I'm keenly aware of the many infinite combo decks that can beat any scenario on turn 1 or 2. I don't want something like that to find its way into Arkham LCG, whether it's by route of player cards or the scenario resolutions or both. And of course it's easy to say that you just shouldn't play that way: frankly I'd rather it not be possible in the first place. If it is possible, then it's a problem with the game, whether it's being used or not. On to the question in question itself though. It's not an infinite XP exploit, but certainly you could get a fair amount of XP off of it, which is itself more than worth considering. Astrophil84's point is interesting; that you'd not be able to upgrade because you are going from one setup to another. I'm not sure if I agree or not. It seems like all that is required to use Arcane Research or Adaptable to trigger is for a scenario to end. Which I think it does, as you have reached a resolution (R4).
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