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  1. Here's what I would do if I were you. First, restrict yourself to only the base game. The rest adds more junk that isn't nessecary and isn't attractive for noobs to try to remember. Second, pick Azathoth as the Ancient One, he's in general not to hard with a short doom track, and has only minimal impact on the game as it is being played. Also, if he wakes up, that's it, no final combat to worry about. Set up the game before hand as much as you possibly can, shuffle decks, place clues, etc. Run most things yourself, mythos phase, monster movement etc. If someone asks how it works, tell them, but otherwise, one less thing for them to worry about. Explain things in a simplified manner, adding detail only when it is needed. For example, just tell them that clues are good to get, if you have 5 clues you can enter a gate and try to seal, getting one step closer to winning the game if you suceed. If possible, initiate the first combat of the game yourself, fight a monster as soon as you can so that your players can learn what you're doing without endangering their own characters. Also, if possible, try to encourage your players to play melee/fighty characters. Discourage spellcasting on their first game, it adds a lot of extra rules that they don't need to worry about. Good characters for Noobs are Darell Simmons, Bob Jenkins, Joe Diamond or Michael McGlenn. Jenny Barnes, Gloria Goldberg, Amanda Sharpe and Ashcan Pete are also decent for starting, but the first two have some spellcasting which I would shy away from, and the second two have a lack of starting equipment, which might be discouraging for new players. Don't worry too much about winning the game, just try to give them a good time and let them get to know the rules. If you win, great, but don't make it priority #1. Hope that helps, good luck on finding more players. -awp
  2. 1. Actually, since it's an AH original encounter, I believe the graveyard card just says "the cup" and not "the monster cup" 2. reference please? Where does it say that you alternate?
  3. Another little oddity about our game was that we drew only one sealed gate, despite sealing Unvisited Isle really early in the game, and Witch House not too long after that. And the only gate deflection we drew was on the final turn. We also had to deal with 3 rumors, and defeated 2 of them. My question from the game is, if there is a card that references 'the monster cup' , to what does it refer? The first turn, Leo got a graveyard encounter that let him 'draw a monster from the cup' as a trophy. Wasn't sure if that was the normal cup, the hex cup, or Investigators choice. Also, if some, but not all, monsters will go to the Outskirts, is there any rule as to which ones? In other words, can I place Hex monsters in the outskirts in that situation to avoid placing them on the board? Should I try for generally even placement? Final question (keep thinking of more), if the hex cup is depleted, the instructions say to 'keep drawing from the regular cup as normal'. Does that mean as *normal*? Or, as normal for the BG herald, with the whole drawing of an extra monster thing? One more thought on BG Herald, IMO it really discouraged a big part of it's own expansion: cult encounters. In a game where you threaten to wake up the AO by running out of Corruption cards, the last thing you want to do is have a cult encounter. By the time our party got Cult Memberships (via Speak to your friend), we already had this on our minds. We ended the game without having taken a single cult encounter, and a good thing too... as flamethrower49 said, we had only 3 Corruption cards left at the end of the game. In a game with a different Herald, it would be more appealing to do Cult encounters, since you wouln't gain corruption by defeating Hex monsters, and thereby wouldn't deplete the deck nearly as fast, allowing more wiggle room for memberships.
  4. admittedly, 2-p teams kind of get the shaft when it comes to scoreing in league games. Each extra investigator you add gives you another potential 2 pts. 1 for having a surviving investigator, and the second for being able to get an extra gate trophy before winning. If you really wanted to max out your score with 2 players, I'd suggest each of you play a second investigator, which could increase your score by 4 pts.
  5. I guess my logic was as follows. If investigators are picked randomly, than, over time, you ought to have a roughly even distribution, correct? Therefore, any investigators who float towards the top, are there because they were 'picked'. And if they were picked with fair consistency, than that means that people tend to like them enough to pick them. Second point: Let's say there are two possibilities: 1. Either Dexter is popular just because he's in the base game or: 2. That isn't the case. If, 1. than my statement is this. Ouch! Dexter is by far the *worst* he can be in the base game. There are only like 8 different spells in the base game, none of them (with the possible exception of find gate, and even then) are even worth "dextering" for. If 2., than I have more respect for those who use him, but we still ought to see a decline in his popularity as expansions add other investigators. And don't discount the stats groupings entirely. Dexter is certainly in the top notch of popularity. He has about 20 more 'plays' than Kate Winthrop of Harvey Walters, both quite strong investigators. 35 more plays than Bob Jenkins or Gloria Goldberg, who I think are very solid as well. About 40 more plays than Sister Mary.
  6. Yes, but you're occupying *two* investigators for multiple turns to do it. Pete+ your Lore/Money character. And you can't really have anybody else shop either, because you'll get yourself into the situation where you won't have the desired item on the bottom of the deck anymore. And once the terror reaches 3 the usefulness of the ability plummets, if the terror reaches 6, it plummets again. Dexter may be a favorite, but I have yet to hear an argument as to why he is so good to be in the top 5 investigators...
  7. Ok, is there a differnce between investigator popularity and having a 'high rating'? Tibs seems to think so, I'm not seeing it. To me, if an investigator is popular, it means s/he is highly rated. So an overrated investigator is one who is highly rated (popular) who really isn't that good, correct? So, I really don't see how the stats reports aren't an appropriate way to judge this, except for that I agree that the expansion investigators will probably be less popular because not everyone owns the expansions. Still, Marie trails in popularity behind Lily, Rita, and Mark, all of whom I feel she is better than. Yeah, Pete can abuse the Old Journal, or other 'disposeables', but he has to have money to keep buying stuff, so unless he has someone feeding him money or a job, I'm not convinced. Ironically, it seems the best stuff that Pete can abuse are tomes, which makes his Lore of 3 and sanity of 4 and speed of 3 all cry themselves to sleep at night. I guess he can give the spellcasters some help, but that doesn't impress me enough to put him in teir1, or even in teir2.
  8. Well, I'm looking over the latest Arkham statistics reports to try to answer this and scrolling through the most popular investigators portion. Most Underrated IMO goes to Marie Lambeau. She's sitting at number 24 out of 32, and deserves to be higher up. For me, what I like best about Marie is the sheer potential for complete awesomeness. With great will and the 3rd eye, there are so many ways this could go right! Marie with Wither and 2 1-h weapons turns her into a powerhouse. Another fantastic setup is Storm of Spirits, which allows her to max her will, doesn't cost her sanity, and still get lots of dice for combat checks, this pairs perfect with the enchanted knife she starts with. Another wonderful combo is the knife and Calling the Azure flame. Calling the Azure flame is easy to cast for Marie (big plus there), it costs sanity, but pairs *amazing* with the knife. +7 to combat checks and 6's are 2 sucessess, yes please. In a similar vein, a shotgun and wither works much the same way. Marie's offensive potential rivals the best of the best. Not only that, but she comes built-in with Witch blood, giving you some more precious time to make that final seal, or should the worst come of it, a host of 'free' successes in final combat! Marie is a favorite of mine and definitely is the most underrated in my book, so much better than Mark Harrigan (#21) and Vincent Lee (#20). Jackie is also underrated. She sits at a respectable #15, but her ability to redraw the mythos card can be a game winner (or saver, anyway). Jackie can reduce the odds of Act3 or gate bursts to near nothing, and allow you to avoid some particularly nasty rumors. She also starts with respectable tanking potential with 7 sanity, 3 stam, and enchanted jewelry. Let's talk about overrated. Dexter Drake takes most overrated. Don't get me wrong, I heart Dexter Drake. I really do. But he's not #4, not by a long shot. Dexter is simply sub-par in the base game, although he gets better with each expansion added, as there become spells that are worth searching for. Even so, Dexter is less a magician himself, and more of a shopper, it seems the best idea when playing Dexter is to buy spells, and then give them to somebody else. With only 5 sanity available for casting and a very poor will, Dexter simply can't rely on his magic all the time. Dexter is also the single unluckiest character in the game. While he isn't the only character whose luck maxes out at 3, he *is* the only character whose luck maxes out at 3, and always wants to have his Lore high.... This probably gives him a 0 luck for most/all the game. What do you do with dexter? Fighting will get you frequent trips to the Asylum, and such poor luck makes you think twice about taking on Encounters. Second most overrated IMO is Pete. Now, I know there is a lot of Pete love, but I dont find him all that compelling. Yes, his fight-will is great, better than great, actually. However, his low speed makes his very high sneak far less useful. Pete *really* requires a mortorcycle, a map, or some other speed-increasing thing to be effective. I also find his ability is situationally useful, but usually less than good. Pete suffers from start problems. He wants to be fighting, that's what he's best at, but he doesn't start with any garunteed weapons, which can be tough if you don't get one and have no money to buy one either. This leaves Pete trying to bum money/weapons off other investegators, which can be tough for the rest of your team because of Pete's aforementioned low speed and his inability to get anywhere.
  9. Sothis said: haha, I like how everyone has figured out how to take a BL and then give away all their stuff. This seems like a silly exploit to me; I'd rather change the rules to something that makes more sense. And awp, I don't see how my version makes things easier on the investigators compared to your suggestion, and at least it doesn't strike me as silly. ;D It's not silly, just think of it as Amanda Sharpe declaring Bankrupcy, which is essentially the case. Also, my way is within' the RAW, and banks don't give away free money. Besides, at least in our gaming group the bank loan expoit is rarely attempted, as we play for score. Point is, I wasn't really *suggesting* that you do it, merely pointing out what some have done with bank loans. What I suggest you do about it is to play the game normally, and just not take out bank loans, that's what we do.
  10. Had some sucess giving Calvin to Pete. Pete's fight/will slider is great, and Calvin gives him a much needed +1 speed. Pete had lots of fighting capabilities with 1 less sanity damage per monster, and the ability to discard Duke if his sanity ever got in trouble so he could keep fighting. Calvin's +1 sneak was also useful, turning Pete not only into an effective monster killer, but into Super-Ninja as well.
  11. You're right, usually they aren't helpful. However, it can be a lifesaver if you draw the "mad bomber" (DH) rumor, which makes you discard some cash to end it. It's not bad for Jenny or Daryll (beginning), or anybody who happens to have a retainer and needs the extra cash *now*. A decent strategy for Amanda Sharpe is to take out a bank loan first turn, go buy a skill at Admin, then give her stuff away and default on it. However, I wouldn't play with your optional rule, it makes the game significantly easier. Basically a 'free' $20 or so over the course of the game. EDIT: Oh, although I wanted to mention that they mirror real-life loans remarkably well, for a dice-based board game. It amounts to a roughly 5% interest rate on the principal.
  12. Because if *one* encounter kills you and the other one doesn't, than you're still golden. Any anybody else would have died in that situation anyway.
  13. Yes, well that's why I don't like Jim Culver either.... but Gloria is just *so* good in gates, that it makes up for it. Not so with Sister, or Jim. I mentioned Hibbs because there are lots of Luck checks and possible money gain. The police station was just thrown out there because it's a possible weapon and clues. I dunno if I would be too apt to take it myself, actually, just sort of thinking and typing at the same time, really.
  14. we also aren't fans of Sister Mary. She has no place to start, with bad stuff for killing monsters and no clues, and no money. The only equipment she gets that might give her a boost is her spells, but that forces her Lore to be as high as possible, which somewhat defeats her amazing luck. Her start location, while thematic, is horribly far from the places she might want to be (like Hibbs Roadhouse, or maybe the Police Station). Her not LITS ability rarely comes up, less so if she never gate dives, which is a problem because for the first half of the game she'll probably be gathering clues. With not especially high stats in Fight/Lore, she can have trouble closing the gates she gets into in the first place. LITS really isn't that bad, on the whole, it's basically lose a turn, which is more or less equivalent to being Delayed (delayed isn't as bad, for various reasons, admittedly, but it comes up much more frequently). Her Guardian Angel ability does have it's uses against Yig, and against Yog-Sototh, but against Yog-Sototh she has a very hard time closing gates, as even a +0 gate only nets her 4 dice for 2 successes. The other hyper-annoying thing is that a blessing isn't generally useful in the beginning of the game.... you know... when the nun has no money, no clues, and no stuff. To make the most of it she has to gate dive or fight monsters, neither of which she is set up to do to start. By the time it would be useful, it's probably gone. We've occasionally played with the unoficial rule that she can spend a clue to keep her blessing, but that makes Mary even slightly *more* clue-screwed. If we play sister mary (we still usually don't) we usually play with the house rule that: Instead of starting with a Blessing, Sister Mary starts with the "Bless" spell. This makes her much more useful so she can call in the blessing when it's critical, or even bless another investigator.
  15. Our gaming group has come up with an interesting hypothesis regarding gate colors. The following are meant to be general rules of thumb so things might not follow the lines all the time. But we think... perhaps most of the time, the following statements are true: Green: Generally the best. This seems intuitive and is supported by Jim Culver's 'strange luck' ability. Yellow: Generally the worst (not red, as was my personal intuition). Lots of delayings, Lost in Time and Space, hard checks, bad bad stuff. Red: Stamina-related. Lots of stamina loss here, occasional stamina gain. Blue: Sanity-related. Lots of sanity loss here, occasional sanity gain. What do people think of this, specifically in regards to red and blue? We think this seems to be the general trend in the AH, DH, and KiY expansions. Is this true for other expansions? Do people disagree with regards to the expansions I mentioned? If you don't know, then the next time you play Arkham, keep it in mind, come back and tell me what happened in your game, I really would be interested in feedback to this. many thanks, -awp
  16. Kudos again, Tibs. Very interesting stuff. A suggestion though, flamethrower49 and myself agree that we'd be very interested to see a new column of % games won-lost with certain Rumors passed/failed. Kind of a 'deadliest rumors' kind of thing. Also, #4 baby! yeah! Dam, we're gunning for you!
  17. We also gave Calvin to Harvey, whom I played. I'm thinking it might not have been the best choice. The sanity tanking was great, don't get me wrong, but I found that even casting Dread Curse (dealt to Harvey) I was unable to kill many monsters. SHub's +1 toughness and some abysmal rolling stopped me cold. We were never loaded with phys weapons, so at most I could only take on 3 combats. A lack of non-spell weapons forced me to rely on Dread Curse even for stupid monsters like Cultists and Maniacs. Eventually I stopped trying to kill monsters, left that to other Investegators (and partially just let the monsters run wild) and Jumped into gates. Perhaps if I had gotten Shriveling and another good 1-hand weapon things would have been different. As it stood, it didn't work.
  18. Well, it's an interesting variant rule. I dunno if I'd want it a full time thing, but interesting. I kind of tend to think the streets should be empty, because being able to kill monsters and get an encounter is pretty good indeed. If you're still not convinced, why not just aquire the DH expansion for the Sheldon Gang membership cards? That's additional getting stuff in the street... Also, I'm in favor of no street encounters because it can speed up the game. If you have to fight two monsters and roll horror checks, spell dice, combat dice, calculate bonuses, etc... that's enough. In our group, assuming the killing of said monsters isn't critical to other players, we often have everyone else continue on while the fight is taking place. Adding on more rolls for street encounters makes the 'monster killer' character take up a disproportionate amount of play time compared to other members of the party. I will probably comment more later, but don't have the time now. Anyway, that's my $2 worth.
  19. Is there a good way to get comprehensive rumour statistics? Like which rumours contribute to the success or failure of the investigators? That sounds interesting.
  20. 1. One KiY graveyard encounter summons all Undead monsters from Arkham, the Sky, and the Outskirts to the graveyard. If these monsters are evaded, what happens? Do they return to their old locations or stay in the Graveyard? If the in-Arkham monster limit is not at it’s maximum, do the undead formerly in the outskirts remain in Arkham? What happens if Kate Winthrop gets this encounter? 2. How does the Lure Monster spell (DH) function if Kate Winthrop uses it? 3. If I fail to cast ‘Bind Monster’ (AH), I don’t have to discard the spell, correct? 4. What is the point of the ‘Wrack’ spell? Especially compared to fall superior evade spells like Summon Shantak, or Mists of R’lyeh… 5. I f I have the ‘Grapple’ skill (DH) and am using a Shotgun, does a dice roll of 5 count as 2 successes? 6. Some weapons, like the Derringer or the Deputy’s Revolver, state that they can not be lost or stolen unless you choose to allow it. What does this mean, exactly? When might this ability come into play?
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