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  1. hrm, well thats kind of a crappy ability (the first one),   however, the second ability is crazy powerful.    I would probably not do anything with that character other than have Yuggoth encounters, hang out near the asylum, and seal gates.   2 clues for 1 sanity is a lot. 


    I guess instead I'd focus on the first ability and ditch the second entirely.   Let it be *may* instead of have to.   Then reduce the penalty to a -1 or a +0 and eliminate that awful fail penalty.    Give them very high points in both Lore/Luck, and a focus of at least 2, hopefully 3.

  2. Yes, as long as they are  one handers, there isn't anything to stop you from using two .45's or anything.


    Yes, you can exhaust 2 motorcycles to get +4 move, or a motorcycle a map and a ruby, whatever.    Sometimes that doesnt seem to make sense (2 motorcyles?)   but thats how it works.


    The first number is the skill modifier.  The second number, in brackets, is the number of sucesses required to win the check.  If there isn't a number specified, assume it to be one.

  3. A lot of strategy depends on who the AO and herald are,  nevertheless, in general,  we play with all expansions except Kingsport and CotDP, and win I'd say about 60-70% of the time.    Usually with anywhere between 3-5 investigators.


    In general:  close uncommon gates as soon as you can.   Twilight, Historical, Hibs, Science most Dunwich gates.    In all likelihood these wont reopen, and will help you from awakening the AO with too many gates.    Seal the common gates and intermidiate gates if possible.    If not, generally wait until you can.   I would never dive to close like Witch House or Unvisited Isle unless the circumstances were very dire indeed.   Chances are they will re-open and add doom. 


    Stop other sources of doom if at all possible, like DH, rifts, etc.   In general, avoid encounters at the major gate locations (Unvisited Isle, Witch House, Independence, Woods) to lessen the chances of getting the A Gate and a Monster Appear! encounter, adding a doom and a gate,  which is bad news.  Several investigators,   Darell Simmons,  Kate Winthrop, Wilson Richards have abilities that lets them go ahead and basically go there to pick up clues or whatever without much threat of a Gate and Monster.   Use these abilities if you can.


    Most games we will use at least 1 elder sign, doom removal is tough to get, Elder Signs can help a lot.    Buy one if it comes up.


    If things really look grim, prepare for final combat.   Some combats, you just probably aren't going to win...   A-N, Yog-Sototh, Tsothogga..  Some you can.   To better your chances get weapons, sanity/stam back (especially sanity for casting), get a blessing, or pick up an ally that will help in the fight.   Tom Murphy,  Upton-Pickman and Armitage can all be useful  (Fight for murphy,   the other two can ignore phys/maj resistance if the AO has it). 


    Trade lots.   Try to get investigators with stuff that is best for them.   Example:  a grusome Talisman is great for all characters, but is probably best on Monterey Jack, Mark Harrigan, or Michael McGlen.  Trading equipment helps so much, even  if it's just   "hey,  you go first,   take my gun and go kill that monster for me,   I'll grab my gun back as I pass you..   but taking out that monster lets me get into a gate easily this turn."

  4. Noir moment #5649


    Act1.   Scene 4.    The Stars are Right


    Jenny (aside) :   "So there I was, Reuinited at last.    ...   It was at that moment that I realized that Isabelle had always been a spoiled little brat who never amounted to anything anyway.   So I thought to myself...   Izzy,  you're going to do something nice for someone whether you like it or not.."

    Jenny (to Isabelle)  :  "Let's head over to Rivertown, Darling...."



    Heh, although that was the first thing that struck my mind when I read "counts as an ally",   I think this sounds cool.  Prohibiting cost,  but a hell of a reward for Jenny, shoring up two of her major weaknesses at once.  I'd attempt it if I was playing Jenny,  no question.  Cant wait to see the others.

  5. ColtsFan76 said:



    Moving from one location to another while delayed has no effect on your delayed status.  So if you were still delayed (i.e. moved to LiTaS on the same turn this Mythos was drawn), you would still be delayed when you got back to Arkham.


    that's the part I was asking about.   Does that seem bizare to anyone but me?   I mean,  Interpreting it that way basically means the mythos card has a wasted headline.   What difference does it make if I am losing a turn being LiTS or losing a turn chilling on the Unvisited Isle or something?

  6. So, a bit of a digression, I admit...  but considering the trend of this thread so far,  I think this is a legitamate question.


    If someone is LiTS and the "missing people return!"  mythos card is drawn,  are investigators who are returned to arkham by this card still Delayed/ Losing a turn?    My common sense tells me no, of course not.   There would be no point to this card if that were the case, as it wouldn't make any difference if you were losing a turn in LiTS or if you were losing a turn in Arkham.    However, following arguments in this thread to their logical conclusions,  than yes, you would still lose the turn.

  7. dkw, that seems a little silly to me.     So if I have 3rd eye and a blessing, I can be selected as a target for that card, but not if I have 3rd eye and no blessing?    That just seems wrong,  since it's not the *blessing* that has the special effect at all.   I don't see why that should matter.


    Incidentally,  at least in AH, DH, BGoTW and KiY, there aren't any unique items that cost $1 or less.   Does that mean you have to have at least $2 to shop at the curiositie shop?   That also seems stupid and arbitrary.

  8. problem here is that the rules were written of course, at a time when Mark Harrigan didn't exist.  Being delayed in LiTS and losing your next turn were effectively synonomous.


    Now they are not.   Part of me feels that not being LiTS is Sister Mary's Schtik, and shouldn't be given to Mark.   However, there are some things that SM would still be immune to that Mark wouldn't.   SM is never devourered if the ancient one awakens while she is "LiTS".   Mark could be.   The effects of Yig and Yog Sototh wouldn't apply to SM either, but could still hurt Mark.   In the end, a pretty raw deal for SM ability-wise if you let Mark not be delayed in LiTS.... but we were used to that.


    The other part of me screams that the rules specifically say that an investigator LiTS is delayed.  And I really don't think that the 'lose your next turn'  part of the text was intended as a clarification,   it was simply a re-iteration.    That seems to put things in Mark's favor as far as I'm concerned.



  9. ick,   i couldn't disagree more.     First, I'd say that weny w/  Elder Sign  /   anyone with 3rd Eye;  *can* be "un-blessed" via cursing.   You weren't  cursed   you were merely forced to discard the blessing you do not obtain the cursed  status,  so no immunity for you.


    otoh,   I also think that such characters are viable targets for that mythos card, and can effectively take the encounters where you would be cursed in exchange for something freely.   That's one of the advantages your special immune status conveys to you.

  10. Hrm,  There are so many good uniques...  Warding of the Yellow Sign is durned useful,  I find the Book of Dyzan to be really good,   2 spells for $4.  Gate box is great...  But probably my single most favorite, my *omg, am I glad to see that* (besides Elder Sign)  is the Blue Watcher of the Pyramid.  Inevitably you run up against a monster you just cant beat...  Star Vampires, Dunwich Horrors, Color Out of Space, Dhole, etc, etc....  having the Ace in the Hole is hard to beat.


    Favorite Spell..   Ugh,  another one that is so tough!   Especially since so many of the spells are so good *in combination* with each other.  While due props go out to Arcane Insight,   Azure Flame, Alchemical Process...       those aren't the finalists.   I can't decide,  I have two:   For basic single-spell utility, I'd say Summon Shantak.   My second choice is another fantastic stand-alone utility spell, and also has been one of the "most fun" spells in the game,   Lure Monster.


    Favorite OW...    Yikes,  I don't like any of them.  I have bad luck in OW.   I usually live through City,  so I guess I'll pick that.

  11. Allies can be great to shore up   a weakness or bolster a strength.    Carolyn/Harvey with Eric Colt is a much needed speed boost.   Richard Upton Pickman and Professor Armitage can be very useful, especially in the fight against certain Ancient Ones.  Tom Murphy or John LeGrasse will be a boon to any character who plans on combat. 


    Spells:  You said you play with only the base game, so I agree with you here.   Find Gate is fantastic  (cast and exhaust to save yourself a turn),  I like most of the base spells, but they aren't alltogether that great.  However, with KiY and Dunwich, you add some really killer spells.   Arcane Insight, Azure Flame, Storm of Spirits, Alchemical Process, Summon Shantak, and Lure Monster can all be absolutely amazing.


    Not everyone is a shopper.... but I am.   Shop shop shoppin on heavean's door..      Anyway, each shop is useful, but we spend most of our cash at the Curiositie Shop.    General Store is not to be discounted,  motorcycles are very useful for some characters, and it has a high proportion of available weapons if you need something to fight with.    I used to love the magic shop,  but in recent games I find myself trying to buy Tomes at the Curiositie Shop instead, it's a cheaper way to get spells, though it has it's drawbacks as well.


    Blessings are the thing to get if you're sure you're going to fight the AO.   Also it's nice to bless an investigator who you think might have some trouble getting through the other world ok.  We use this sometimes.


    Rarely use the Bank or the Docks.   Science building is actually probably our most used location special ability.    Sometimes you need those clues!



  12. Well, I don't have Kingsport, but I've contemplated the question a lot.   In theory,  closing common gates and putting seals on the less common gates (Twilight Lodge, Hibs, Science, etc) could potentially net you a seal victory.  Unfortunately, this requires a bit of luck to get those uncommon gates to open in the first place.  


    Perhaps  attempting to have one or more characters become Changed at the right time would also help you seal. 


    Thought about teams vs A-N.   Mark is compelling to get Changed.   Leo and Pete both start with an ally.   Mandy and Joe are always useful in final combat.  The Bounty Hunter (name?) would be able to buy allies for cheaper, also good if you plan on the final fight.   Daisy could search for Arcane Insight and help you out to seal...


    good luck,   may the dice be merciful on you.

  13. I'd always take the Elder Sign.   Only 4-5 of those in the deck, and there are better bonuses out there than the sword of Glory.   Elder sign is cheaper too, if you're shopping.    OP said it was starting equipment, but then you probably wouldn't have much of a choice unless you were Monterey Jack, in which case, just ditch the third item and keep both the elder sign and the sword =).    Unless he meant what would I rather start with, in which case... yeah, I'd rather start with an Elder Sign.


    Other thing about the Elder Sign is that if you have no combat ability, no problem.   Just give the Elder Sign to another player who does.   Let them do your dirty work for you, you can stay in Arkham and shop =).

  14. The .357 Magnum suffers from the same problem as the Carbine Rifle, IMO:    You can't kill more than one monster a turn with it.  Sometimes that isn't a problem, but sometimes it is.    I wouldn't say that the ability of the .357 to keep adding combat dice if you boop up the first roll is worth its price being doubled over the carbine rifle.   Still, I'd probably take the .45 Automatic over either of them.

  15. I heart the spells, so I will defend them I suppose.


    first, spells kind of give you everything at once.   There are spells to make money, spells to move faster, sneak better, fight harder, regain stamina/ sanity, etc.  Point is that you get a chance at everything you need, and often a better chance of it than if you were looking at the General Store/ Curiositie Shoppe for similar effects.  Strong casters can often make it the whole game needing nothing but their magic to sustain them.  Just about anything you could dream of wanting is in one spell form or another.    Now *perhaps* it isn't as good as the common/unique counterparts,  but often times it is just as good, or better.   Evade is a perfect example.  You could try for a Pallid Mask or a Dark Cloak/Military Motorcycle, or you could go for Mists of Ryleh or Summon Shantak, both of which are considerably better than a +1 or even a +2 boost to evade. 


    Also, there are the spells that simply no other item can duplicate.   Arcane Insight,  Call Ancient One,  Red Sign,  Lure Monster, Call Friend or Find Gate.    Not all of these are game-winners, but they all certainly can help, and provide options that otherwise wouldn't be available. 


    Also worth noting is that the magic shop closes last.   There are some games where you barely get time to even look at the general store, spells are something that will almost always have a garunteed method of aquiring them available to investigators.


    Finally, Arkham has always been a game of making the most of what you got.   Not all suceess is measured in terms of being a combat monkey.   Sometimes you have to take on multiple monsters at once, sometimes you don't.   Sometimes  your spells can help you evade the guy you can't fight, sometimes they won't.   If spells are able to get you into a gate, provide you a little character enchancement, and give you enough combat power to take most monsters you might find in random encounters, than that is good enough I say. 


    Although, I will say this.   1.  There isn't enough variety in the base game to make spellcasting truly enticing.  Casters need the expansions to be good,  I find particularly the DH spells and the KiY spells are superbly helpful.    2.  Spells at the magic shop probably are indeed too expensive,  but there is another option.    Buy spell tomes.   They're typically very cheap, and provide you with 1 or more spells, and sometimes a  clue or two to boot.   Yes, they usually drain your sanity.   You'll  have to decide if cheaper spells is worth that consequence,    I usually think it is.

  16. again, i would stretch this out over the course of several games.   Let your players know the base game first, then add expansions.  Then add in one or at most two expansions in a time, preferably one.   Would probably go with Dunwich or Dark Pharoah first.   Then maybe Kingsport or KiY.   Black goat last, it's the hardest to keep track of with corrputions and etc.


    KiY is  a very easy epansion to explain.   Just tell them each time the terror increases, you must either add a doom or add a blight, which will make the game a bit tougher.

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