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  1. I believe it is supposed to be obscure.


    I think you get points for making a post (once), points for modifying your profile (once), points for adding games to your collection (not sure), points for making friends, and I'm not sure what else.   Perhaps you get bonus points at certain post totals.

  2. I had one game where it was my personal mission to get Darke's Blessing.   I played Darell, got Blessed, headed to Darke's, lost the blessing, got blessed, went to Darkes, didn't get the encounter for 2-3 turns, and then got it.  


    It was useful for the rest of the game, saved an investigator from a bad situation 2-3 times.    I was bummed that it took so long to get, but I think that was mostly bad luck on my part.    We ended up losing that game though....


     Darke's Blessing is the easiest to get, if you play with other expansions  (no encoutner dillution).    Velma's is frequented so little that it's totally not worth it.   Rare Book collection is a monumental sacrifice of a very specific very good item in exchange for a location ability that is "meh"..   Rare Book is the worst of them, IMO.     


    We've turned up coded messages a few times,   sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesnt.    It's cool, but the price is very high.   Never seem to have the goods..

  3. ...  that's it?

    I.. er... okay.


    1.   Desperate times call for desperate measures my friend.    Obviously if Wendy can get the stuff in half the time, the girl is more than qualified.    Besides,   Engle made Dingby the deputy.   They don't come much worse than that.


    2.  Because she can get it fast...  ok.   I guess..   I just don't thnik that's a huge deal. 

  4. Sure, just play against Nyarlathotep all the time.


    In all seriousness though, the humanoid monsters are by far the easiest to kill,   even without giving yourself clues for  beating them, you're making the game significantly easier by creating such a rule.  Not only are they generally wussy, but they usually have low or no sanity damage and low physical damage, which means that characters like Harrigan or McGlen will just obliterate them without much hassle at all. 


    I guess if you *really* wanted to do something like that, I would create a new monster cup to use.    Add only cultists, witches, warlocks, high priests, and then one of every other type of monster.    Maybe add +1 to the toughness of all human monsters and +1 to their sanity and stamina damage as well (so a "-" becomes a +0 for 1 damage, etc).    Additionally,  making cultists Endless and playing with Tzultcha as the Herald might help to compensate for the decreased difficulty.

  5. I often find that Darell is superior to Diana for Twilighting.  With his speed he can get to the Twilight lodge first turn, and quickly get the membership thanks to hometown encounter.    After that, his hometown encounter ability makes for far superior twilighting than Diana.     However,  I like Diana as well, but I don't know if she'd be on my top4.


    I guess my dream team would be.


    1.   Jackie.  Top notch spellcaster, enchanted jewlery, and an ability that can really get you out of a scrape.  They don't come much better.

    2.  Mandy.    Sometimes I am loath to put her on the team, but her ability and clues to start make her one of the best.

    3.  Bob:   For synergies,   Bob just seems to be great support for all characters.   Mostly he's in the team as a monster-killer, so that Jackie can collect clues and mandy can seal gates.   I like his stats, and his ability can help him get some good weaponry.

    4.  Jenny.   Another questionable choice, but also for synergies, mostly with bob.  Bob probably Bob will be able to use Jenny's cash to buy her a motorcycle,   ater that Jenny can feed Bob more cash for guns, directors diaries, old journals, press pass, etc.   So many common items are crazy helpful.

  6. general rule of thumb is that you can activate one  system during each tactical action.   This can be modified a little by one of the technologies (forget the name atm) or by using the Transfer action.    But in general, activate one system per tactical action.

  7. Solan, that is my experience as well.


    Sometimes nobobdy can realistically go up and kill that Star Vampire that comes out of Dunwich.   Sometimes a gate opens and spawns a dimensional shambler who moves on the wrong color.   Sometimes you're simply not fast enough to get up to Dunwich and deal with the threat in time.  


    And there are plenty of Mythos cards that raise the terror level without you being able to do anything about it.   Family found Butchered, Old Debts come Due, Next Act Begins, or any of those unfortunately timed ones where you return monsters of X type to the cup and raise the terror by 1.   A combination of these and one monster eluding our clutches is almost always how the DH wakes up in DH herald games for us.   Usually we do a pretty good job of keeping the Outskirts under control.

  8. Jaquiline Fine is almost an auto-win in this scenario too.  Assuming that she's smart about her jewelry, saves it for FC, and then passes it around to whoever is going to have to make the check during upkeep, jewelry will save 3 investigators from being Devourered.

  9. MrsGamura said:

    awp832 said:


    McGlen beats him in Final Combat, yes?

    . They will proberly edit it so Mr Glen don't auto win vs. this AO.


    How?   It would require a drastic revision to this AO's attack.   That or just saying "McGlen can't use his ability in this FC"  which just seems like a childish ploy to make up for bad game design, and a 'screw you' in general to McGlen.    Personally I'm appalled that they missed something so obvious.    Do they *play* this game?   Don't they realize that whenever McGlen is played you are silently hoping for Blood Magic, or Pushing Yourself to the Limit?

    In other news, I feel this AO is going to be beatable,  although it might take some prep work.   Hanging on to Food and/or Enchanted Jewelry for the final combat would go a long way towards mincing this AO.

  10. I'm still a TI noob,   I've played 4 games now.  At first I didn't really think they were especially great.    This last game I was able to take control of Mecatol Rex early, along with an ajacent double-planet system.  I set up a laser grid there with 2 PDS on Mecatol Rex, and 4 in the adjacent system, quickly teching up to Deep Space Cannons, and later Magean Defense Grid and Graviton Laser Systems. 


    Unfortunately for me, my secret objective had nothing to do with Mecatol Rex, and I was unable to complete it.   However, it still stopped the other two players from completing their secret objectives  (I had other forces on Rex too, of course), and gave me some control of the center of the galaxy. 


    But that was just one game.   How do PDS preform in general?  What's the best way to use them?

  11. Blade over cane, yup.


    And I think that the Gladius is plenty 'cool'.    Well, the times that the Gladius isn't used in pair with another weapon are rare,  so it's secondary bonus doesn't come up much.  However, it's still there, which is nice.    Usually I've seen the Gladius' ability come up when using a phys weapon/ Gladius combo, and attacking a monster with Phys Immunity.    It's at that point when being able to holster your .38 and two-hand the Gladius that it's awesome.


    So, I'd go with the gladius for several reasons.   1.  it's cheaper, if buying is an issue.   2.  more dice with a +3 off-hand weapon or better, not too hard to get.   3. Gladius combo with even a +2 phys weapon is better than the sword for dealing with mag immunity.     I know such things weren't included in the title of the argument, but such considerations (even if either of these were my only weapons at the time) would certainly play a role in deciding.   4.   Trading.  Ok, so maybe *I* don't have a .45 automatic, a carbine rifle, etc,   but maybe somebody else does.

  12. Play against the DH printout Herald for a more exciting Dunwich Experience.   I really like DH herald, even though strictly speaking he isn't the hardest by any means.  But it does force you to worry about the Horror waking up, and if he does, you can't just leave him be.... you really have to take him down!   And I like that.


    Our group has slain the DH many times as well... what to take.   Well,   We almost always take an Elder Sign.   Chances are that the DH has added some doom already and to make up for the loss, and Elder sign is good.  Although, since we play without Kingsport,  perhaps Eltdown Shards or William Bain would be as effective.   Still, the seal on a gate + 1 less doom is hard to pass up,   almost always take this. 


    Usually, when we *dont* take an Elder Sign.... it turns out to come back and bite us in the butt later on.  Still there are other options.   Press Pass, Healing Stone are compelling,   Directors Dirary vs certain AOs and/or Heralds.  Elder Sign Pendant , Arcane Insight, Alchemical Process, Shotgun, or Necronomicon can all be very interesting choices.  True Magic or Illuminated Manuscript or Puzzle Box can be a nice clue generator as well.   A lot of this depends on what point in the game the DH is defeated.   Probably it is mid to late game, in which case, if it's close, almost always go with an Elder Sign.   If it's not, than these other things become a bit more interesting.

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