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  1. Well, if, as you said, the strongest advantage is trade.... than it seems to me that you're not only looking for good invesitgators, you're looking  for investigators who can maximize that advantage.   Therefore, I think that teams that start on the Shops with the Shoppers (all teams that start on the shops) have the advantage.


    Magic Shop team is quite impressive, fast characters with good casting potential, Dexter is there for nice spell trade, good personal story rewards.  Lack of cash here can hurt, but not too badly.   My main complaint with this team is that it starts on the "wrong" end of the board for me, which is laregely okay due to the fact that the characters are quite speedy.


    General Store team:   Better.   Hank and Bob are impressive killers, Diana is always nice to have in the game.   Bob has a good chance of getting Diana a motorcycle.  Another advantage, they start in "the best" start location IMO.    General Store starters can get to SEVEN unstable locations with only three move!  Main disadvantage here is a lack of clues to start.


    Curiosittie Shop Team:  Best.  It's hard to say no to Team Jaquiline and Patrice.   Monterey Jack isn't a bad pick either, because he is the curiositte shoppe shopper and can help to get the best unique items.  A good amout of cash here lets Monterey Jack weed through the Uniques, or gives Patrice an easy personal story completeion.

  2. I believe that the player loses the hand as soon as the Zhar token is given to them.


    So, round 1 (investigators attack first):  All players have all hands to attack.

    Round2:  P1  has 1 hand, P2-P4 have 2 hands.

    Round3: P1 is devourered, P2-P4 have 2 hands.

    Round4:  P2 has 1 hand, P3-P4 have 2 hands.

    Round5: P2 is devourered, P3-P4 have 2 hands.

    Round 6: P3 has 1 hand, P4 has 2 hands.

    Round7:  P3 is devourered, P4 has 2 hands.

    Round8:  P4 has 1 hand.

    ---- End of Round 8, P4 is Devourered.



    EDIT:  Which, I guess is what you said,  phrased differently, sorry. 

  3. About Paranoia:   Yep,  it sucks to be you.


    The way I see it, AO wakes up, everyone drops what they're doing (cause it doesn't matter anymore) and goes to fight him in one last ditch effort to stop the end of the world.     I suppose the best way to think about it is that you are fighting the AO, you're all in the same location, but you're not in any board location.    Rather, you're in a special kind of "battlefield"  location, which is not on the map, for there is no need for such a space and it would only cramp up the board. 

  4. ... of course they're in the same location.   You're all coming together to fight the AO.   I don't think that Minh is taking potshots at the AO with her sniper rifle from Innsmouth Jail while Zoe stabbs the thing from the Church and Vincent Lee is praying some spell he knows can somehow affect the GOO while he's in Another Dimension.    


    What's more, Gamura, you're logic is totally off base here,   you seem to be suggesting that Minh would get her bonus if she met up with an investigator before Final Combat, but not if she didn't?   By that logic, Silas Marsh gets +2 to fight against an AO if he was in an aquatic location when he woke up?   No... I don't think so.



  5. I've played Barnaby twice now and been underwhelmed each time.   His main thing is his cash, starting with $7 + a retainer is pretty good early money, by the 3rd turn he has as much money as Jenny, assuming he hasn't lost his retainer.  His bailout ability seems ok, but Jail hasn't been much of a problem in Innsmouth for us so far..  His clue token ability seems good, but there just isn't much to use it on.  He has sucky fight stats, less than impressive lore and isn't much use as a gate closer with a 4 lore and few clue tokens to start.  He starts at Administration which is inconvieniently just enough to make him unable to get to the Curiositte Shoppe or General Store first turn, so if he wants to spend his starting cash he has to spend 2 turns doing it. 

  6. Hm, well I agree with most of your statements,  but I have to stick op for Oneyle,  she's awesome.    Clue token thing granted, sealing thing granted, always seal gates point granted...   but even so.   Mainly the important thing that I think you've missed is that her personal story reward is one of the best in the game.   No horrible effects for her (like poor Silas Marsh getting Devourered), and she sows clues on the board like so many grains of Professor Rice.   As I said, one of the most benificial and not *too* hard to accomplish.   Needs 3 gates, starts with 1 so that's 1 down.    She starts with 2 clues, but basically 'as if' it were starting with 3 because of her gate ability.   So first turn pick up 2 clues if possible and she's good to dive, 2 gates down.    The third you have to work for, but  shouldn't be too tough, and the fail condition is easily avoidable if you coordinate with your other party members, most of whom I think will agree it's worth trying to get Oneyle to pass.



  7. lol, easy pass condition my ass.   I spent half a game trying to get Dexter's Sorcerer with Barnaby as my "benefactor".   Ironically, while I kept drawing weapons and items too expensive to buy, Barnaby got 3 tomes at once in one C-shoppe draw.   What bad luck....   But I guess that's Dexter for you.    Anyway, by the time I got it, it was too late for it to make any difference.    What was worse, the AO was Zhar, who starts with Maj Immunity,   Poor  dexter was dead before that switched over to Phys Immunity instead.


    I have kind of decided that 'draw' means you have to draw it *from the deck* and keep it.

  8. Wow... that's a really good question.  


    There are *lots* of items that are discard after use.   Dhol Chants (draw the ally deck), Crowbars (Draw the Common Item Deck), Spellbooks (Draw the Spell deck),  Lucky Cigarette Cases, Old Journals, King In Yellows, Holy Waters, Dynamites, Foods, Whiskeys, Obsidian Statue (cancel all stamina/san damage from a source)...  Caballah of Saboth lets you draw the Skill deck, Safety deposit key lets him draw the Unique deck.    So, aside from the limiting factor of movement points to do stuff with, he can draw all the items/skills/spells/allies in the game, if you use all the expansions.    How about the Warding Statue?   If you can cancel the AO's attack every round, automatic win in all final combats.    Or what about items like the Healing Stone, which is discard if the AO awakens?

    Easy to say no to all of that maybe,  how about against Ithaqua's Start of Battle ability? 

    Is there any reason we can think of that is logical that nerfs the above paragraph and makes sense of him not discarding items when he fails his bank loan?


    I think this needs some major clarification.

  9. 1.  If Tsothoggua is the AO, are you unable to use the Falcon Point ability and therefore unable to get to Devil's Reef save returning from a gate of the same type, or being Silas Marsh?


    2.  If Ursula Downs begins on an unstable location, can she take the clue that was there? (like Kate Winthop?).    Can Downs start at Yha'Netheli since she isn't actually moving there?


    3.  Can Silas sail to Yha'Netheli?

  10. DH expansion adds a new monster "colour out of space"   basically like Cthonians, for sanity.


    I know it seems a bit unfair but...   yeah,  that often makes Cthonians target priority #1.  if you get DH, you can avoid that trap with the Injury/Madness cards.

  11. Ok, here's what I think of Darell's story..


    ......  Darell doesn't want to be in gates anyway.   He never did.   If Darell is in a gate, its just wasting his awesome Town encounter ability.    I would just ignore Darell's story completely and do my best not to either pass or fail it.   Darell can contribute to the game in a lot of other ways,  getting other characters money, items, doing Missions/Tasks or having encounters at the Cuiositte Shop to pick out a favorite Unique Item.     I wouldn't send Darell into an OW unless things were looking really bleak.   His personal story doesn't encourage me enough to do this.

  12. First of all,  I would really, really, suggest playing with the Dunwich Horror printout herald, fount here (for free) : 




    You mentioned that the DH doesnt wake up often enough,   and this herald really goes a long way towards fixing that problem.   Of the heralds I've played with (KiY, DH, BG), I think DH is my favorite.  It's pretty sweet to have the option to go up and kick the herald's ass if he's causing you problems.



    As far as expansions,   I have played with DH, BG, and KiY.    IMO KiY surpasses BG by leaps and bounds.   BG has some interesting stuff in it, but overall the herald is kind of annoying, and makes me always want to gear up for final combat instead of actually trying to seal out AOs.   Corruption mechanic also less than stellar, with the exception of if you use BG as herald.   If you use BG expansion with another herald, Corruption is boring and pointless.


    KiY also adds a host of helpful spells and items.  The spells specifically.  I love magic, and if you love it too, then you won't be dissapointed with KiY.    Black Goat adds sucky magic. 

  13. I've said my piece so I won't get directly involved in the Find Gate debate any further at this time.   However, there is something I would like to call your attention to.


    Page 6: Arkham Horror Rulebook, under the header PHASE II:  MOVEMENT,  subheading:  "Evading Monsters"


    "Each time an investigator attempts to leave a location or street area occupied by one or more monster markers, the investigator must either fight or evade each of the monsters there."    (emphasis mine)


    I think it's very clear that regular combat happens during the movement phase,   although certain encounters and special events can force/allow monsters to be fought at other times.


    MrsGamura said:

     If your delayed can you still move using the police car? using the police car uses no movement points and being delayed grants you 0 movement points.


    I've always played no on this.     I think what seperates it from find gate is that the Patrol Car is instead of normal movement, where, at least theoretically, find gate is in addition to normal movement.     Typically, it would be kind of pointless to move to the 2nd area, then find gate, but nevertheless, this would be allowed if you wanted to for some reason,  perhaps like using Call Friend to get a buddy into the 2nd area, then returning to arkham yourself via Find Gate.


    So, as you might have guessed,  I say thtat you can cast Find Gate when delayed, because you still get a movement *phase*, you just don't get any movement points.  You come out of the gate you are in and remain Delayed on the location, taking all your movement points to then stand your marker back up.    Basically, it's true that you come out of it scott free,   but in that case, good on you for having Find Gate available. 

  15. Though I probably wouldn't have put it as *so* as Magelith did, he is right about the clue thing.   Every now and then someone will spend 5+ clues in order to not die.   Sometimes it works, sometimes they die anyway.   In either case I silently groan miserably.  Especially if you are playing with the Injury/Madness cards, dying is not a big deal.   Its often worth it to die and take an injury/madness in order to hold on to clues necessary to seal gates.


    Elder Signs can help a lot, but in their absence, a lot of the clue-giving items can be of help too.  King in Yellow, Old Journal, heck, even a set of Research Materials will do the trick.  Also, don't underestimate the importance of the Science Building when going for a seal victory.   Once the clues on the board have disappeared or been picked up, a couple turns at the Science Building spending Gates/Monsters for clues can be the speediest way to seal those final few gates.

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