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  1. Yog-Sothoth is actually considered one of the most difficult AOs to play against from the base set.   Perhaps you got lucky, but in any case, good job.  You are doing everything correctly as far as I can tell (handling flyers is correct, handling the Hound of Tindalos is also correct).   I think in your third question you are referencing the "elder sign" card,   if so, then yes, you are doing this correctly as well.  If you're interested in a tougher game, adding expansions will do that pretty easily =).  Otherwise, try giving Yog-Sothoth another go,  Shub-Niggaruth is also a very difficult ancient one.

  2. Well... I'm going to take a very different approach than Dam here to try to answer this question.


    I don't have any Kingsport Hate, per se...  Yet, it remains the only big box expansion I don't currently own, and it's a toss up between kingsport and BGotW which one interests me less.   I doubt I'll get either of them.


    It's not that Kingsport sucks, IMO, although Dam might tell you different.....   it's just that Dunwich and Innsmouth are so good.  Let's start with Innsmouth.    Innsmouth is the best expansion to A-H, period, end of story.   There is no doubt in my mind.   If I was stranded on a desert island with nothing but AH and a guy saying "pick one expansion to play for the rest of eternity!!"  -it would be Innsmouth.  The DOR track is a great mechanic, locations are nasty and cool at the same time,  heralds are great,  AO's are great,  personal stories are the best thing since sliced bread (sliced bread being invented in 1928) and out of a whopping 16 new investigators all of them are interesting and totally playable, and only 1 is overpowered.   IH is da bombz.


    As far as Dunwich goes.   Dunwich is a great expansion to use alone.   It even works great with a small-box expansion mixed in.   Or play with more expansions but use only Dunwich Mythos cards.  The mechanics of Dunwich are actually quite good,  it just seems to break down when you add too many other expansions, the well-known problem of Dunwich dillution.    IMO, this is easily fixable and not really a problem.   And you really have to forgive the game designers for the oversight,  at that point, I doubt they knew that AH would be so enormously popular and that they'd come out with 5 more expansions.   The Dunwich Horror printout herald is also quite good and adds lots of challenge to Dunwich for experienced players.  DH remains one of my favorite heralds because it's just cool to be like "aw crap guys... we just woke up the Herald...   Someone needs to go and kill him.."   And you can!   You can't actually go kill any other herald,  and it's just fun if you manage to suceed, and earns the player many congratulations from around the table.   I like all the DH investigators quite a  bit, the AOs are good, and the items are generally pretty nifty.   Finally, Injury/madness is an indispensible part of the game that greatly speeds up rate of play.   It's bad enough that your character dies,  who wants to spend another turn buying back your sanity/stamina?  Nobody.   It adds salt in the wound.   Better to take an injury/madness and keep on truckin.  And the terrible times when you get a broken hand, a back injury that makes you discard half your stuff, or Amnesia... or Claustrophobia on Darell Simmons, more than make up for the advantage that you get, if there is one.   It's a well balanced mechanic that makes the game more fun.


    On to kingsport.   I know people love epic battle,  but I dont think I would.  At least I'm sure I could deal without it.  And I have to disagree with Dam here,   beating an AO in final combat is most definitely a win, and not a draw.    AOs like Yig or Nyarlathotep are balanced just fine.   Sure, it's true they aren't too terribly tough to defeat in final combat, but they also have the fastest doom tracks, so there is less time to seal gates or prepare.  In some respects Hastur is a problem, but if people are really going to have fun by letting Hastur wake up as fast as possible and then stomping him.... then I say go for it.  Personally, I always try to seal, but if it gets to that point in the game where it looks like all is lost....  I will absolutely spend my last turn or two getting a blessing, a weapon, sanity back, or otherwise gearing up for final combat.   I don't think that is underhanded at all.  Anyway, the point was that I dont thing AOs like Yig etc need a boost,  they're fine as they are.  Some AOs simply have tougher final combats that others.  It's ok.  Rifts fail to excite me, and since I have IH, I don't need the AOs or investigators.   All in all,  Kingsport simply doesnt have anything that feels "must-have" for me, like DH and IH do.

  3. My friends and I like to score our Arkham games just to see how we did.   I've been thinking the past few days that I wished BSG had a score system as well.   So I decided to make one.   Without further ado I'm going to list the system, and add more comments and notes later.


    1.  +1 point per  remaining point of Fuel, Food, and Morale.

    2.  +3 points per remaining point of Population.

    3.  +10 points per unspent Nuke token.

    4.  -10 points per unrevealed Cylon who is not in the brig/detention.

    5.  -5 points per human who is in the brig/detention.  Infiltrating Cylon leaders who are in the brig/detention do not affect score.

    6.  -5 points per human executed during the game.

    7.  +10 points if a Cylon leader fufilled an agenda in which Humans Win.

    8.  -10 points if a Cylon leader fufilled an agenda in which Humans Lose.



    Designer notes:   First of all, this is kind of just version 0.1, so any comments or suggestions are definitely welcome.   As you may see, rather than devising two separate score systems, I decided that Humans would play for as high a score as possible, and Cylons would play for a low score.   In making the system I tried to keep in mind thematic goals, but also to encourage the sneakiness in BSG that we all know and love. 


    I made population worth 3 points apiece instead of just 1 to reflect that early FTL jumps make the game eaiser.    A tried and true strategy is: Last Jump?  Higher than 3 pop?  Pull the switch!   I thought humans might be a little more concerned about the welfare of their race, so I wanted to reward them a little for planning jumps acurately.


    Nukes are really good,   big points award if you manage to save them.

    #4 is because I wanted to reward sneaky Cylon play.   Chances are that a Cylon will have to reveal during the course of the game,  but if not, than Kudos to you, sir.   #5 seemed a logical corralary of the above, and you also don't want to be imprisoning too many humans for crimes they didn't commit.


    #6 was to hammer you for using the airlock a little further. 

    #7-8 were big points awards that I decided to make.  I figured that each side (human/cylon) has very little incentive to win 'with' the Cylon leader.  So I decided to award a score boost if they did.  I also think this gives a Cylon leader a nice little tool in their toolbox.   "Hey, you can trust me.  You want the 10 points, don't you?"




  4. Well, not drawing a crisis card is a double edged sword.    While it's true that you aren't stressing human resources on more checks like you mentioned, you aren't advancing the jump track any further either.  So you aren't actually saving the humans anything, because it will still take exactly the same amount of crisis cards to jump whether you are in the brig or not. 


    Now, consider the fact that you can only now play one card into crisises, and the further fact that you'll end up discarding a bunch of cards if you sit in the brig too long, you'll begin to see why the brig is far from an optimal place to be. 


    While it's true that the XO card can somewhat cut the sting of the brig, it's still better to try to get out if you think you can.

  5.  I'm inclined to say no.    The reason is that the Sympathetic Cylon doesn't have a skill set anymore (Peg rulebook pg 18) and only characters with Piloting in their skill set may pilot vipers.


    At the very least, a case could be made that if you allow a pilot sympathetic cylon to jump into a viper, than you must allow *any* sympathetic cylon to jump into a viper.   Once you're a cylon, your former character role is irrellevant.

  6. wow, I am so glad I stumbled on this thread.   Some players I know are definitely going to be favorable towards 'full co-op' mode, and I myself would love to give the one-player game a go.    thanks so much!

  7. Of course, you could always let the Cylons shoot the pilot down for you,  possibly aided by a "strategic planning" card on the roll.


    Which prompts me to ask;   is there any specific order you are supposed to follow for determining which vipers get attacked by the Cylons  (if there is a mix of piloted and NPC vipers in the same area) ?


    Cylons go for PC vipers first?  NPC vipers first?  Current player's choice?   Pilot's choice?       Does each viper have to be shot at once before stacking hits, or no?


  8. I disagree, Squad.


    You can get out of jail without cards or encounter.   Jail proceeds like this:


    1.  Investigator is arrested and delayed in Innsmouth-jail-cell.

    2.  Investigator has encounter in Innsmouth-jail-cell.

    3.   Next turn.   Still there?  Have you been Delayed again?    If so, continue having encounters until you are no longer delayed, or have gotten out of the Innsmouth Jai-celll.    If you have not been delayed again, proceed to step 4.


    4.  Stand your marker back up in the main area of Innsmouth-Jail.   Presumeably, you have to make the sneak check to evade martial law again.   Have an encounter in Innsmouth Jail, but not the Jail cell.


    5.   Next turn.  If you are still not arrested, you are free to go.


  9. So this one left both of us playing thinking .... wtf?


    CotDP expansion,  Train Station:


    You share a train car with a foreign visitor.   When you step off and open your valaise, you realize you have grabbed the wrong one!  Discard a Common or Unique Item if able, then make a Luck +0 check.   If you pass, draw a number of Unique or Exhibit items equal to the number of successes rolled, and keep one.   If you fail, follow the instructions as above but draw from the common item deck.


    Ok..   So if I pass, it's all gravy.      If I fail....  -which means I had zero sucesses-   I draw.... zero common items?    That doesn't make a lick of sense.  What exactly are you supposed to do here?



  10. A nice report, Tibs.   Still, it's what you said at the beginning that struck me (and what I'll be commenting on).


    As part of flamethrower49's old gaming group,  my wife and I have played a *lot* of Arkham Horror.  The base game got too easy for us,  a few of the expansions added in some needed and enjoyable difficulty.


    However, as we added expansions that raised the difficulty beyond Dunwich (our first expansion), beginning at first with KiY -because of the Herald-,  I started to get the feeling that my wife was enjoying the game less.   I know she really likes Innsmouth because of the investigators and new AOs, but I don't think she's too big on the Innsmouth Heralds, especially Dagon (the harder one).


    Even *I* don't generally like playing with the BG herald, because it's just too rediculous, which is why I haven't bought the BGOTW expansion.


    Do you think f-f has gone too far in ramping up the difficulty?   What about heralds, specifically (which seems to be my wife's main sticking point) ?   I like most of them,  I don't like Bg.   What is the appropirate difficulty level?

  11. funny thing is,  that for score-whoreing, you're actually better off going with the *second* hardest, than the hardest..   Because the addition of more terror at the start of the game offsets the addition in score!    Basically there isn't any reason to play the final difficulty mode at all, unless you just wanna say you did..


    BG thouroughly underwhelmed me.    Pharoah is ok, don't have Kingsport.   I really like Innsmouth (#1!), KiY (#2), and Dunwich (#3).    Dunwich is generally fantastic,  but there are only a few things about it that I find are must-haves.   The Injury/Madness decks,  and the Investigators  (I really have an inordinate love for Marie Lambeau, and also Mark Harrigan).

  12. Well, since nobody has given you a straight answer, I will.   Seems like you say you know how to set up the game, so I will assume that you have set it up correctly and are ready to go.


    Step 1:  Turn over the top mythos card.   Remove a gate marker from the unused gates (all of them, at this point) and place it on the location that is shown in the bottom-left corner of the card.   Add a Doom token to the Ancient One's Doom track, due to a new gate opening.


    Step 2:  Randomly draw a monster from 'the monster cup' and place it on the gate that has just opened,  if playing with 5+ people, grab two monsters instead of one.  Side note:  A large enough dice bag works great for a monster cup, alternatively a hat, an opaque plastic bag, etc, will do.  These will be the first monsters placed on the board.


    Step 3:  Move monsters.   If the symbol on the monster you've drawn matches a symbol on the card, the monster moves.  It moves on the color of the arrow that the corrosponding symbol on the card has in its background.   If the monster's symbol doesn't match the card, then the monster doesn't move.


    Step 4:  Complete the Headline, following the rules on the text.   If it is an Environment than the special text stays in play until a new Environment is drawn and replaces it.   If the text is a Rumor, well rumors are discarded and not used as the first mythos card.    But for the future, if this isn't the first mythos card, examine the text,  the Rumor stays in place and isn't discarded until either the Pass or the Fail condition is resolved.   If the text is a Headline (most cards) than resolve what the card says, and then discard it,  Headlines are one-time only.


    The above is all you need to do in the Mythos phase,  that's the most complicated bit.     Now you're truly ready to play the game.  Move your characters, gather clue tokens and items.  If you end in a location (not a street) have an encounter  there by drawing from the corrospondingly colored deck and following the instructions for your location.  Ending in the street leaves you no encounter,  Ending on an open gate draws you through the gate in place of your encounter,  you will then have an "other world"  encounter during the next phase, which is drawn from the deck with the gate symbol on it, according to the colors that match the specific other world which you are in.    A character has movement points equal to his "speed" value at it's current setting, plus any bonuses you might have from skills (+1 Speed) or equipment (Motorcycle, map).  For each movement point spent, you can move along one of the yellow lines to an ajacent area.  Example:   Darell Simmons starts at the Newspaper.   In order to get to the Silver Twilight Lodge, he needs to move into, (1)Northside Streets, then (2)Merchant District Steets, then (3)Miscatonic University Streets, then (4)French Hill Streets, and finally (5) into the Silver Twilight Lodge itself.  Darell needs 5 movement points so he can only make it there if his speed is at it's highest setting on his sheet, a 5.... or if his speed is lower, but he has equipment that gives him more movement points.


    When you have 5 clue tokens or an Elder Sign card, it's reccomended  you enter a gate.   Assuming you make it through alive, you may attempt to seal the gate.   A Lore or Fight check is required at the modifier listed on the gate token  (no check required when using an Elder Sign),  if sucessful, your 5 clue tokens are spent, and you can place an Elder Sign token on the board.   Once you accumeulate 6 Elder Sign tokens on the board, you win.


    After each turn  (once every player has moved, fought, and had an encounter, if applicable), you will draw a new mythos card and follow steps 1-4.  Remember to add a Doom token to the Ancient One's track each time a fresh gate opens.   If a gate would open on a spot where there is already a gate there, instead draw one monster and place it on each open gate  (or, one monster per player, if that number would be greater).    If a gate opens on a location where you have placed an 'elder sign' token,  bonus for you,  no extra monsters, and no doom added.


    That's a basic rundown of the game.   Refer to the rulebook for more details on combat, monster movement types and such.   Or if you have specific questions, I'm happy to answer them.  This really is an amazing game and well worth taking the time to learn the rules and play.   I don't know where you bought the game but nevertheless....   the guy was right,   it was the best game in the store.   Good luck, and happy gaming.

  13. not allowed to post in that forum, but here are my takes on recent questions.

     1.  If it's a QU game and the 1st player gets devourerd but not by the Dust,  reshuffle the decks and pass the 1st player token.  (this is the answer I am iffy-ist about, but I still maintain that it makes the most logical sense)

    2.  I think Kate can't be monstered in OWs, they aren't locations strictly speaking, but she needs some love anyway, and it coheres well with the other answers I'm about to give which seem intuitive.   Streets count as locations for Tommy's ability.   Street works for Minh, so does OW.   Silas can totally sail to/from aquatic streets, including with the Streets are Flooded card.    Vinny can do that in OWs as well (ditto with Carolyn).   For Milk, streets are fine, OWs are not,  you have to choose a valid location that there could be monsters at milking in an OW doesn't work because the monsters aren't 'allowed' to be there.

    3.  Mists of Ryleh can certainly be used on Martial Law.   It passes an evade check,   which the check for martial law is.   The mechanics for the casting mod to the spell are also clearly in place.

    4.  You may fight monsters/ evade martial law in any order you choose.


    5.  Things that count as cultists count as cultists for all purposes, including personal stories, Rhan Tegoth's ability, and being removed from the cup vs. certain AOs.


    6.  Finn Edwards still must discard items that are 'discard to use' such as most tomes, dynamite, holy water, etc.  His ability basically applies when he is KOed, or when an encounter would make him lose an item.  Also, I suppose he doesn't have to discard to the Rat Thing.  Finn is also protected from Cthugua and Ithaqua's ability.


    7.  Interesting point which I hadn't thought of before.   Yes, I suppose that Hank Samson is immune to the effects of Nightmarish, so long  as he doesn't fail the first combat check and be forced to go into 'horror mode'.



  14. Played the first game of BSG last night, but we must be doing something wrong.   I hear that Cylons win quite often, and I'm having trouble seeing how that should be.


    A Cylon basestar is placed during setup, but after the fleet preforms one FTL jump, it's removed from the board (correct so far?)


    After that, basestars seem to only spawn with Cylon Attack crisis cards, of which there are very few.  Our poor pilot had nothing to do the whole game  (thought she got to be the admiral eventually when current admiral was a sleeper agent), and it just seems like the Cylons aren't *there*.   Are there any more ways to spawn a Cylon base star?  Page reference please if possible, please!


    In the same vein, colonial ships are also removed after one FTL jump,  correct?   When do they come back, other than Cylon Attack Crisis cards? 

  15. pretty situational.    Sealing The Beasts Power is great, so is Sacrifices to Make.  Patrolling the streets is pretty easy to complete, Minerology Report is tough, but a nice payoff if you complete it. 


    Gotten occasional use of Wave of Destruction, but usually not.  The Light of Reason is actually a really good deal, monster-toughness to clue wise (far better than say, the science building), and I've completed that once or twcie.     I keep in Purifying the Town, just cause it's helpful sometimes, but in general probably not worth it.   Join the Winning team is lame and ruins a cooperative game, so I take it out.  Not because it's hard, but because IMO it goes against the spirit of the game.  I keep For the Greater Good in the deck, but have never completed it. 

  16. Agnes Baker, the Waitress 10
    Akachi Onyele, the Shaman 9
    Amanda Sharpe, the Student 7
    Ashcan Pete, the Drifter 9
    Bob Jenkins, the Salesman 10
    Carolyn Fern, the Psychologist 10
    Charlie Kane, the Politician 9
    Daisy Walker, the Librarian 3
    Darrell Simmons, the Photographer 10
    Dexter Drake, the Magician 9
    Diana Stanley, the Redeemed Cultist 8
    Finn Edwards, the Bootlegger 10
    George Barnaby, the Lawyer 8
    Gloria Goldberg, the Author 8
    Hank Samson, the Farmhand 10
    Harvey Walters, the Professor 9
    Jacqueline Fine, the Psychic 10
    Jenny Barnes, the Dilettante 10
    Jim Culver, the Musician 9
    Joe Diamond, the Private Eye 10
    Kate Winthrop, the Scientist 8
    Leo Anderson, the Expedition Leader 10
    Lily Chen, the Martial Artist 9
    Lola Hayes, the Actress 10
    Luke Robinson, the Dreamer 10
    Mandy Thompson, the Researcher 10
    Marie Lambeau, the Entertainer 10
    Mark Harrigan, the Soldier 10
    Michael McGlen, the Gangster 9
    Minh Thi Phan, the Secretary 10
    Monterey Jack, the Archeologist 10
    Norman Withers, the Astronomer 10
    Patrice Hathaway, the Violinist 4
    Rex Murphy, the Reporter 10
    Rita Young, the Athlete 9
    Roland Banks, the Fed 10
    Silas Marsh, the Sailor 10
    Sister Mary, the Nun 10
    Skids O'Toole, the Ex-Convict 10
    Tommy Muldoon, the Rookie Cop 10
    Tony Morgan, the Bounty Hunter 10
    Trish Scarborough, the Spy 10
    Ursula Downs, the Explorer 9
    Vincent Lee, the Doctor 2
    Wendy Adams, the Urchin 10
    William Yorick, the Gravedigger 10
    Wilson Richards, the Handyman 10
    Zoey Samaras, the Chef 10


    Hurt Vincent,  you didn't get any better.   Hurt George.   What do you use that auxillary ability on, anyway, with your stats?!  You foolish fool.   Heal Zoey,    what an immunity-breaking, AO destroying,  badass, the Slayer of Dholes.


    Last post, flamethrower49

  17. Ok, while Rita, Joe, and Finn hurt against Cthagua, they can still make use of their speed specialty,  they all have some stamina they can tank if they need to.   Alternatively, they can have their sneak higher the whole game with little penalty, so still good for them.


    Dexter's not the greatest, admitted.  And his personal story is *hard*, it seems.   That or I've had spectacularly bad luck completing it.  Even so, I have a soft spot for the guy, and coming with a Shrivelling always gives him some points in my book.   He'll have good spells, and that's a plus.   Dexter shines best with more expansions so he can get the really juicy awesome spells.  In base game he's just plain lame.


    Also tough to complete the storys of Rita et all against Nyarlathotep, who has cultists, but they are Endless.   Not an impossible endeavor, but in Rita's case it involves getting John Legrasse (+2 will) for a payoff of +1 will.   It seems almost superfluous after that =).    These guys also have problems agaisnt the Tzulcha Herald (Evasive, -3 cultists).


    Wendy is a little harsh against Cahaur Faughn


    Hank/Jenny/Diana's storys while harsh in general, are doubly so against Hastur.


    Trish can be torpedoed by Dagon's Plans in Motion,  or against Zhar, or Zhar and Dagon.


    Shub is a bane to anyone with monster-kill missions. 

    KiY blights Meriam Beecher and The Dean destroy spellcasters.


  18. Heal and Feeding the Mind/ Cloud Memory is pretty good.

    Revelation of Script + storm of spirits

    7 books + Voice of Ra (or daisy/ dexter or harvey with story complete instead of 7 books)

    7 books + Alchemical Process

    Lure Monster + Alchemical Process/Retainer   (this one's not obvious, so the trick here is to camp on the Asylum and call monsters to your location, take them out -probably tanking sanity to get fight higher- and buying sanity back during encounters, rinse and repeat)

    Call Friend + Gate Box  (great for teamwork, seal two gates at once and bypass a gate encounter besides)

    Blessing + Grapple (tough to get the grapple skill, but if you do, getting Blessed turns you into a machine)


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