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  1. Certain heralds:   KIY and Dagon,  make terror a lot bigger of a deal.   Dagon especially is a wrecking ball when the terror increases, and he gets worse the more players you have  (since you'll lose more clues, and the chances that one investigator is clueless and a doom will be added increase with every player).


    It seems kind of odd to me that the sneak boosts are so few and far between.   I mean,  we have the  Pallid Mask and the Dark cloaks (both from the base set)  and the military motorcycle (bgotw).     Not counting itmes that bypass the need for evade like the Silver Key, Mi-Goh brain case, etc...  can we think of any others?   I suppose the Shroud of Shadows spell from cotdp.    So,  when we talk about things to help you in your ninja endeavors,  what we generally talk about is things that actually increase *movement*, not evade.  Like the map, motorcycle, etc.  These only increase your ninjability by extension, since you can afford to have your sneak in a higher position,  but they do little for characters whose sneak maxes out low anyway. 


    Maybe this is intentional.   If you're a bit of a clutz,  there aren't too many items that can make you less of a clutz.   whereas,  if you're an old man with a cane,  you can still hop on a motorcycle and go a lot faster.    Nevertheless, it does tend to put sneak squarely in the camp  of those investigators who have the stats for it. 



  2. I was thinking last night that it might be nice to have a new option or two for the "investigator selection"  section of the reports.    Currently our choices are "random, selected before AO, or selected after AO" .   It would be nice to have a 'pseudo-random' option, I think.    A lot of people do things like deal 2 choose 1,   which many people view as not quite random,  but it certainly isn't in the "selected" camp either.   Just a suggestion.

  3. Gloria/Jim:   I've brought this up before,  so I assumed you would know what I meant.  But allow me to clarify.  For the purposes of Jim's ability,  there are 3 gates that do not already have Green.  They are Yuggoth, Abyss, Ry'leh.  All of these gates have -2 or worse mods to close.  In other words,  if you send Jim into just *any* gate,  his Strange Luck ability might not come up,   wheras Gloria's ability will always help you.   Making matters worse,  Jim's Strange Luck ability *requires* him to be in a gate with a harsh modifier,  Gloria's does not.  


    Monterey:  Just saying that drawing extra Uniques is good,  but it's not *that* good.  IMO,  not better than being immune to arrest/delay,  especially if Innsmouth is involved.


    Diana:   I'm not sure I see your point here.   If the game is going poorly,  then isn't it nice to have an investigator who is getting some clues?  Even without this,  at least for the first half of the game,  you can pretty much count on a doom every turn just about, allowing Diana to go for some early tome reading or monster kills.


    Silas:  While it's true that playing Silas without Innsmouth tends to dull his edge,  Silas is an Innsmouth investigator, isn't he?  Incidentally,  playing without Innsmouth also eliminates his disadvantage.   Even Kingsport can give Silas some love, and don't underestimate the niceness of having a +2 to combat/horror checks or gate sealing at the Unvisited Isle,  a common gate.   Still, even without all this,  Silas is an investigator with a badass PS.   And Yes,  getting Silas devourered is most certainly a strategic option.


    Trish:  Even without considering her PS,  while she is probably in my top 10 investigators fun-wise,  I'm still not sure you've convinced me of her effectiveness.  She is the best sneaker in the game, but still... her blessing and her curse is that every turn she chooses what she is good at.  

  4. I can't believe you're ranking Diana below George.   Diana is *the* twilight lodge camper,  a bit of a dubious strategy it's true, but it can have its advantages.   If you dont go that route an exceptional lore and built-in healing ability is fantastic.   Diana is (rather oddly)  very good against Dagon,  since when the Terror increases she is never short a clue,  and will never have one ripped away from her.   Against this herald, she can enter a gate with 5 clue tokens and have confidence in her seal when she comes out, even if there are monsters poised to enter vorticies or whatever.  George has no stats that are particularly high, and both are crippled by speed, so even footing there.   George has more starting cash than Diana, but that really is his only advantage. 


    I havent played with Luke, but he seems *very* powerful,  deserving of a higher rank.   He basically can seal with 3 clues going into a gate under most circumstances.   That's awesome.


    Yorrick should be higher as well,  it's a *really* good trick.   Especially considering that there are often monsters sitting on gates.  If this is the case,  Yorrick can basically pick up a clue, kill a monster, and dive in a gate all at once.   That's a pretty **** good turn.


    I think Gloria and  Jim should change places.  I don't buy your arguement for why Jim tops Gloria.  The trumpet is actually not that great for Jim, and usually ends up in the hands of another investigator.  Gloria's story is easier to complete, and benificial.  Jims story doesnt play to his strengths and has mediocre benifits.  Gloria is also much more of a survivor in gates than Jim.   Jim is plagued by the fact that to use his ability, he has to be in a -2 gate or worse.  Gloria doesnt have that problem.


    I'd put Monterey in the bottom ten, and certainly not above Mark.   Monterey's ability is less useful than Marks, their problems are relatively similar, and Mark has the flamethrower over Monterey's .38.  Monterey just has very little that is compelling about him.


    Silas is top 10 for sure.   His disadvantage rarely comes into play,  his ability is awesome to let him get to Innsmouth quickly and kill what needs to be killed.  Good starting equipment and one of the most benificial PS out there.


    Biggest question for me is why you put Trish in the top 10.   She's fun to play,  I like her.  In my experience her PS almost always fails,  sometimes before you even get a turn.   It's very difficult to pass her PS since it relies almost entirely on luck.  Trish is also the investigator with the lowest win percentage, if I recall correctly.

  5. Well, i dont think the game is too easy,  and I don't think it is lacking in theme either...  but to speak for those who may say so:


    You're merely suggesting that the players decrease the effectiveness of their characters.   That doesnt make the game *harder*, exactly.   Take a video game for example...  Say,  one of the Final Fantay's, if you've played them.   This is a game that doesn't come with a 'hard mode'.   If you're finding it too easy,  you might say,  "well,  I'm not going to get some of the ultimate weapons, I'll level as little as possible, and I won't use the strongest characters".    You didn't make the *game* harder,  you just imposed an artificial handicap on yourself.   Understand the difference? 


    Nevertheless,  I think that those handicaps *are*  the way that players seeking more of a challenge ought to go.   There are plenty of people who think the game is more than difficult enough..   That doesn't mean I happen to be thrilled about your suggestion specifically.    Taking Velma's encounters is really just kind of lame.  It doesn't add to the fun of the game,  it doesnt really add to the theme of the game (hey, there's a diner).  



    Avi_dreader is doing a pretty good job with some custom heralds that look pretty vicious.  I'm not too much for custom components,  but I think that the masochists out there should take a look,  they do look fun.  Maybe I'll try some of them out after all... but not until I feel I have suficiently beaten up on Dagon and Hydra   (and if you think those two are easy.... then I take my hat off to you).

  6. messed up on my Ghantathoa/KIY game.   I posted the results and then noticed i screwed it up (wrote 10 for my name instead of doom, and left out Zoey),  and so i tried again, didnt seem to work and then i tried again.   Now there are 3 logs for what really is an identical game.   The last one is correct, if you could be so kind as to the other two.

  7. How not to abuse Patrice? Not reminding people when they can use her clues, not reminding people when she receives clues,


    sorry, but it's just sad that the answer to that question was basically,  "you have to forget about her investigator ability."


    And I wouldn't spend the $8 on a skill either.    So don't.    Nobody buys skills at Admin,  the simple fact that it's still not very benificial even for Amanda, doesn't really **** her.   Sigh... although it is a sad state of affairs that Patrice needs 2 uniques and Amanda needs 3.

  8. First off, regarding Jim...  Jim is on the bottom rung for me as well,  I tend to have bad luck with him, and really the only undead worth taking out are wraiths,  and there's only 2 of those in the cup.   Personally I'm really upset at a lot of the things that *arent* classified as Undead.   Ghouls, Fire Vampries, and the Star Vampire, for starters.  As Dam already pointed out,  problem with Jim's strange luck ability is that in order to *use* it you have to be in the Abyss, Yuggoth, or R'lyeh (not counting 'extra' OWs from expansions).   All of these gates have -2 mods or worse, and Jim's lore maxes at 4.   If you're lucky enough to draw the Lore skill or Revelation of Script or something,  it can be a different story,  but that's relying on a lot of chance and odds are, he's just going to sit there hoping to roll a success for several turns.    Lords help you if there's a monster surge.


    I think I better defend Amanda a little bit.   Ok, so she's not that good,  I admit it.  But I don't think she's *that* bad either.  Certainly not deserving of a position next to George barnaby on the bus.  Granted, her ability isn't all that useful, granted that Lola pretty much has her in that respect.   However, starting with your choice of 2/3 skills often has good results, and has the effect of usually bumping up a couple of her mediocre stats.  If people cooperate and give Amanda some cash,  she shouldn't have *too* much difficulty passing her mission.   If she does,  she becomes 6/6,  which is a lot more benificial than you might think.   And I dont think that I need to point out that comparing her to Patrice isn't exactly fair.

  9. Yes, i recommended Ursula,  you should give her a chance.  She's incredibly solid.   Pretty amazing actually.  Far better than George Barnaby, for example. 


    She's fast, which is always  a major plus in my book, able to get wherever she needs to go.  Dunno what you're talking about with 'she cant fight', since she has solid 4s on both fight and will.   Nothing to write home about, perhaps,  but solid, 5s in san/stamina gives her an edge over those with better fight stats but weaker minds (zoey, perhaps). 5 luck is a nice bonus, but we're not even to what makes her great yet.  Thing number 1,  starts with 4 clues,  amazing.  If my current thinking is right, she starts with 5 (since she'll pick up a clue on an unstable location to begin the game).  even 4 is good.    Start on Marsh's and prime the deep one track,  alternatively go for a really quick and easy seal at the beginning. 


    Her abilities require a bit of thinking to use.   Quick-witted is better than you think, because a lot of encounters *at those places* are good.   Curiosity/General store, and Science building are perhaps the leaders.  If using Dunwich,  Harney Jones' Shack, or Dunwich Village have attractive options as well.  Adventurer lets her grab hard-to-get clues like those on Witch House or Unvisited Isle without having to worry about opening a gate during the encounter phase. 


    If that's not good enough,  how about her mission?   A couple of monster trophies for your pick of 2 out of 5 unique items?   That's really nice. 

  10. Groovechamp,  I think the Innsmouth board just takes some getting used to.   I do agree that its a harder board than Dunwich at least, and likely harder than Kingsport as well.  I suppose that would make it the hardest board expansion.  Nevertheless, it's not impossible.  Dagon/Hydra reallyramp up the difficulty of the Innsmouth board,  but if you dont play with either of these as heralds  (at least, not for a little while)   you can get the hang of Innsmouth in a few games.   I urge you to try it a few more times.   Here is some advice:


    1.   Innsmouth takes a lot of advanced planning.   If you wait until you have 4/6 tokens on the track to begin your phone calls to the Feds, you're probably already too late.   If you wait until you are at 5/6 tokens on the track to send an Investigator up to that last location on Innsmouth that still needs a clue.... you're probably too late.    Innsmouth takes a couple of turns, because you have to get up there,  and you have to still be there in the Upkeep phase, which means that a Mythos card is going to roll on you while you sit at the necessary location and wait to spend your clue.   Dont let this surprise you.   If the track is at 4/6 tokens,  that means you need to send someone up to finish it THIS turn.


    2.   As I alluded to already,  clue seeding can really help.   Ursula Downs seems to be queen of this tactic.   Have her start on Marsh's Refinery, make her way up to Esoteric Order of Dagon, and within 2 turns you have 2/3 of the Innsmouth raid track done with, ready for someone to go to the greens and finish it off real quick once you hit the 4/6 mark.   Other investigators can do this if she's not in the game,  it can be very worth it,  especially if Dagon/Hydra are in the game, or you get early bounces or whatever.   If possible,  it's easiest to do this before the doom track reaches the 1/2 mark, so you dont have to worry about getting arrested.  If that's not possible, high sneak characters, Mark, or Tommy will do.


    3.  Sometimes,  you can beat the track to a seal victory.   I find this is usually *not* possible with Dagon/Hydra,  but sometimes possible without those heralds.   If you want to save those clues, you got to ask yourself,  do you feel lucky?


    4.   I dont need to mention killing monsters in Innsmouth is priority, as is sealing Devil's Reef and Yha'Nelthlei if they should open.  Dont forget that you can draw aquatic monsters away from vorticies by standing on the River docks or another aquatic location when they move.   Occasionally very useful.   Tommy Muldoon is also valuble for doing this.

  11. True, but flesh ward is exceptionally useful in certain situations.   Blood Magic, comes to mind.   Of course it can save you from dying against a monster about to KO you, giving you another roll of the dice to try and beat him.  Naturally it depends on how my character is doing health/sanity wise,   but I'll usually at least consider using a Flesh Ward if taking 2 or more points of stamina damage.

  12. my computer os wont run java6, which means no Strange Eons for me.   apparently though,  it's still spanish.   Time to take a crack at scenario2!


    Scenario 2:  Strange Seduction


    Ancient One:  Yig


    Setup:  The setup follows the normal rules for the base game.


    Investigators:  Only the following Investigators may be used:  Vincent Lee, Mandy Thompson, Joe Diamond, Bob Jenkins, Kate Winthrop,  Harvey Walters, Amanda Sharpe, Darell Simmons, Dexter Drake, Gloria Goldberg.


    Walter Gillman:  One investigator must take Walter Gillman,  he replaces one unique item or two common items  (now I know this can't be right,  it says something about clues too,   This is the best I can make of it though).   Walter GIllman may not be discarded or sacrificed.


    Walter Gillman:  +1 Focus,  +1 Lore.   When Yig Awakens, the investigator with Walter Gillman as an Ally is Devourered.


    Strange Seduction


    Cultists have a horror rating of -1 and a horror damage of 1 sanity.  Cultists are Endless, however when a Cultist is defeated, instead of returning it to the monster cup, place it on the Unvisited Isle instead, and draw another Cultist and place it on the Unvisited Isle as well.  If no cultists remain to be drawn, Yig awakens.


    Cultists are never placed in the Outskirts.  A cultist that would be placed in the Outskirts is placed on the Unvisited Isle instead.   Choose a monster from the street or in a location in Arkham, place that monster in the Outskirts instead.


    Every time a Cultist is placed on the Unvisited Isle, add a doom token to the doom track (???)


    The information  regarding Cultists here, replaces the normal abilities of Yig's Cultists in this scenario.  ( ? )


    If Yig awakens, his modifier is equal to the number of Cultists on the board, or -3,  whichever is higher. 


    The Unvisited Isle

    The Unvisited Isle can not be sealed.


    Winning the Game

    Investigators win the game if they fufill any of the normal conditions for winning a game of Arkham Horror.

  13. it's not just that.   Stable locations vs. unstable locations, for example, are marked only by the difference between red and green.   Not to mention OW encounter cards.   Overall, Arkham isn't terrible in that respect, it could be better, but it could be worse too. 


    But, take a game like Battlestar Galactica where knowing what color your cards are is critical for passing/failing checks.  If you've played Ticket to Ride (days of wonder) it's just terrible,  red routes and green routes,  red train cars and green train cars, etc, are indistinguishable.   One of my gamer friends is colorblind, and it's kind of frusterating not only for him but for everyone else to make sure he's not unfairly disadvantaged.    It's so stupid too becasue it would be so easy for a gaming company to simply not include those two colors in tandem,   or if they did than to mark them with a word or a symbol or something.

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