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  1. A lot to address here,  let's see...

    The "progression" style of play is certainly a fun one,  where you only give yourself access to the cards that were available at the time of release.   For Dunwich, this is going to give you not a whole lot of options, as Dunwich was the first cycle.  It might be more fun to give yourself access to the entire cycle of Dunwich cards right away, so you have some choices when deckbuilding.

    Generally speaking,  after deck creation, the deck can only be changed by spending XP,  or when the scenario tells you to add a card.  This can lead to a bit of a annoyance especially in the Dunwich campaign where you purchase a new pack with a level-0 card in it that you like, and are stuck with the choice of either spending 1 XP per level 0 card, which is not very efficient, or letting these new cool cards sit in limbo until you start another campaign and create decks from scratch again.  The rogue card Adaptable can help with this problem,  but only a handful of investigators can take it.   Although it's a house rule,  it's common to allow swaps of level-0 cards from a new pack into the existing deck, replacing other level-0 cards.   Again,  this is technically not allowed, but it is a common practice anyway to allow players to reasonably play with newly released cards right away.

    What is definitely not encouraged is to add story assets to the general card pool.   Story cards like Lita serve a specific purpose in the campaign, and are often rewards for doing well at a scenario.   Some of them can even be mutually exclusive.  They are also generally more powerful for their cost than non-story cards of the same experience cost, and could slant the difficulty of your experience a bit.

    Power creep in this game is not too bad.   I have replayed Dunwich with (nearly) the current card pool,  and found it to be still challenging.   It is a little bit easier to handle with full access to the card pool -this is to be expected-   but it's not a walk in the park either.  If you find yourself wanting to replay some of the earlier scenarios with a large card pool and you are concerned about the effect that will have on the game,  I would suggest increasing the starting difficulty level.   

  2. My last post was specifically addressed to the arguments made by Donel,  and they brought up working a hunch,  which is why I mentioned it.   Donel was also talking specifically about the clue-gathering function of the Pendant,  so my thoughts were limited to that as well.   The teleportation or evasion abilities weren't part of the discussion.

  3. I'm afraid we're going to have to disagree.   From my perspective,  while 2 resources for a clue (fast) might be the cost in other cards,   such as Working a Hunch,   those are all 0 xp cards, where this is 1.  I feel that's not insignificant.   Working a hunch is also online as soon as you draw it,   you do not have to wait for all 3 pieces.    Though I've had only a relatively few number of games with Mandy at the table so far,   I have yet to see Mandy get through her deck.    I have yet to see her "touch" the bottom of her deck with a search either.  This was 40 card mandy.   In other words, she doesnt go through her deck nearly as fast as you think.   And that's the end of the game,  you need all 3 pieces assembled before the end of the game,  ideally a minimum of 3 turns before the end of the game, so you can spend the 1/turn charges.   If you have dreams of shuffling the pieces back in and playing them out again (good luck!  You'll need it),    you need to assemble the pendant the first time many turns earlier than that.  

    But if you're going to use Working a Hunch as a baseline,   there's a bigger problem with that.   Working a Hunch itself is not really a card that you want to include in seeker either, unless that Seeker is Joe (because of the Hunch deck).   A 5 Intellect seeker like Mandy ought to be able to get a clue with 1 action almost all of the time,  so why bother on cards like Working a Hunch at all?   Working a Hunch is more for Joe, and for people who are taking Seeker cards off class, like Roland, for example.      Hence the crux of the issue.  Mandy has 5 intellect,   and the other best pendant assembler is Daisy, who also has 5 intellect.   By the time you have successfully searched for and paid for all 3 pieces of the pendant,  I feel that Daisy or Mandy using the basic investigate action could have already gotten 3 clues easily.

  4. thanks for the kind words and support of this outrageously silly build.

    Faranim:  Yes, you certainly could do the same with Xavier.   I had thought of a similar build with Agency backup,  but this was funnier.   The essence of the deck is the same, so shouldnt need much modification for your ally-of-choice.

  5. Hungering blade:   Hm.  Well,  this suffers from the same problem I have with a lot of these low-xp guardian weapons....  if I'm going to spend XP on a weapon,  then I generally want a big one.  Could be useful on Yorrick because it's hard for him to get a weapon that does more than +1 damage,   where Hungering Blade with a spent Bloodlust can deal 3.   Cheap for him too (XP wise), and one-handed,  all good things for him.  The limit of 1 per deck does sort of stink though,   but he still has  a chance to summon it with Prepared for the Worst.   Diana is also a nice pair here,  since she has enough sanity to absorb some of the horror, if need be.    Diana also often has a little trouble getting to the point where she has a reasonable willpower,  so an early Hungering blade gives her a nice reliable weapon that she can use her combat skill on before she ultimately makes the switch over to spells.  But Diana can also take .45 Automatic and Enchanted Blade for 0 xp,  so this might not make the grade.    Tough call.    Anyway, I don't think this probably goes on a primary guardian, unless you are just really strapped for XP,   or really want a melee weapon.    It is cheaper in terms of XP than Machete if you are using Taboo list, so thats something,   but I rarely include machete anymore.

    Solemn Vow:  I admit I was pretty down on this card until I read rsdockery's post concerning some interesting combos.  It's pretty good on anyone who can take Peter Sylvestre.  You could maybe use this +another horror soak card to protect the Key of Ys on a teammate, if you weren't using Taboo list  (or even if you were, but probably not including a Key in a taboo game).  It has some interesting possibilities.  But I think this is certainly a combo piece,  at face value it's not all that impressive.  

    Segment of Onyx/Pendant of the Queen   I'm not really sold here.  For as much trouble as you go through to try to get this,  the payoff just doesnt seem that impressive to me.   Seekers dont generally have problems getting clues,   so while 3 quick action clue finds is nice...   that's 3 actions that are laregly offset by the time it takes to draw all 3 pieces and the 3 resource cost for playing all 3 pieces (3 cost together).  So if you're not using it for clues,  what are you using it for?   Teleportation effect is nice,  but you probably dont need that a whole lot.   Many seekers have access to Elusive, or Astral Travel, which performs the same function.... and this is the class with Pathfinder and Esoteric Atlas, so movement options are available.   3 auto-evades does sound useful,   but by the time you get this set up, your slayers probably have set up too, and they can likely protect you.   Or you could be running something like Guiding Stones instead.   I just feel like in every case,  Seekers have  a better option at their fingertips.    Maybe the advantage is that this compresses all of these useful things into one card,   but still... it takes the valuable amulet slot,   I'm just not seeing it.   

    Astounding Revelation    It's good.    Especially if you are going for some sort of big secret build, with Pnakotic Manuscripts or Ancient Stone.  Otherwise, hard to say no to free resources.  looks pretty good on daisy.   It is kind of a melon if you happen to draw it,   or worse,  have it in your opening hand after a mulligan.  

    Crystalizer of Dreams this card takes a bit of thinking.  Skids might like this, as he likes the Service cards very much, and On the Lam also has some very nice icons.   Sefina is stacked with events anyway, so she may as well.   

    Easy Mark  One of the things I do like about this cycle is the little carrots we get for search-focused characters.  Even if Daisy or Mandy isnt probably running Easy Mark themselves,   having these researchers on the team makes cards like Easy mark much more tempting.    I really like this card,   it's a wonderful little economy boost and its nice and cheap compared to something like Hot Streak.   Feels nice if you happen to have the double easy mark in the opening hand,  or if you draw a second Easy Mark when you play your first Easy Mark.   This is a great card for just about anyone who can take it.

    Stargazing  Ah yes.   I first got introduced to this general concept in LotR lcg with Ranger of the North,   who was basically an ally that hid in the encounter deck until he felt like showing up.    The card was really good.    Ranger of the North also had Surge.   So when I noticed that The Stars are Right doesnt have surge,   I sort of had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  Although you do have to be careful with things like the Witch encounter sets that like to discard cards from the Mythos deck...   if you get this to fire,  it's absolutely amazing.  In a 2 player game,  this is auto-include territory.   It doesnt scale as well with more players,   but it's still very powerful and well worth taking.  

    Open Gate  What is there to say here?   It's either so powerful it feels broken, or it's not very useful at all.  Havent got my hands on the pack just yet, so I admit I am a little fuzzy on how Myriad works.    Is this a possible Adaptable pick for Jenny or Sefina?   If so, that could be very strong.

    Miss Doyle/Cats  Looks really nice on Calvin since his stats are so poor at the beginning,  he can use that boost.  Otherwise it's hard to imagine that I'm not running Peter Sylvestre, Aquinnah, or somebody else instead.   I don't like that the first cat you get is random.   You should get to pick.

    Fortuitous Discovery  I mean.. on Wendy though.    If she gets her third copy,  or even her second... she could just keep on playing it,   especially if you were doing the Wendy's Amulet/Crystalizer of Dreams thing.   And yeah,   there have been several times when I have been playing an investigate-y survivor and have really wanted 5 investigation events.   I would completely run this alongside Winging it.  


  6. I was really disappointed in the lack of important rules clarifications here too.   So many good questions that could have been cleared up....   but nothing except for an obvious misprint in Blob.   

    Double-or-nothing with taboo list now has the singular distinction of being the only skill card that costs XP.    Woot.   I don't think DoN was so good to merit nerfing.   I hardly even ever take it anymore.   Shame,  because I might have started taking it again with Tony,   but probably not anymore that it is going to cost 3.


  7. Guardian Cards:  Not much to add,  both of these are a bit medicore.

    Logical Reasoning (4):  small correction:   You mention the new Logical Reasoning is a level-5 card, but it's a level-4 card.  Doesn't change much, but still.  I think this is pretty good.   As a heal, LR is pretty meh,  but I usually play LR-0 anyway, because of the ability to get rid of a Terror card,   some of which can be absolutely crippling.   LR-4 buffs the healing ability massively, which is nice but probably nicer for your allies than for you.   A card that might be played if you are feeling generous.

    Markings of Isis(3):   I'm really not sold on this card.   It's kind of a repeatable Unearth the Ancients,  a card which is...  well.. it's pretty bad.   Although with Isis you do still get the clues anyway, which is a severe improvement over Unearth the Ancients.  It costs 2 to get this into play, plus your play action,  which are all resources you could have been using to play what you really wanted in the first place.  The most notable thing about this card IMO is that to me it is really weird they would put a Translated type card in a pack like this.  Especially one of questionable value.   If we are willing to say that Markings of Isis is not very strong,  then we must also generally agree that buying Return to Carcosa does a peculiar thing to the card pool:  It makes Shrewd Analysis worse,  since before buying Return to Carcosa you could only get either Guiding Stones or Prophecy Foretold.  Now you might randomly pull the lame one.

    Alchemical Formula(2):   If your math is right, this looks pretty impressive.  I do tend to find mystics to be generally the least in need of extra money though.  But cool.  Take if you need more economy.

    Storm of Spirits(3):  looks good too.  I guess this really depends on how much you need that 3rd point of damage from this spell.

    Stealth (3):  I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you on stealth(0).   I hate stealth(0).   Not exhausting the enemy is ultra annoying a lot of the time, allowing the enemy to still hunt and then come pound you (or a friend) in the enemy phase.   Stealth(3) is a little better now though as it no longer costs an action, so that can be powerful.   Still,  if you are playing a class that has access to this card.... please just actually evade them instead.    Don't play stealth.

    Suggestion(1):   I think this is nice, and it might be a good stepping stone to its more expensive counterpart.  Still... I doubt I will have room for this card in many decks.   I rarely do.

    Shovel/Lantern (2):   I'd rather just have the level 0 version and keep my XP on both of these.   Unless I really have nothing else to spend survivor XP on.   Which could definitely happen.

  8. In Before the black throne,  new locations spawn sometimes in empty space.    What wasnt clear to me is this,   can those locations only spawn in empty space (on top of a facedown investigator card)?   Or is it possible to spawn these locations where there is "no map"  so to speak,   increasing the size of the map, much like in The Pallid Mask scenario?

    An unrelated question,  sometimes when the Agenda deck advances, the lead investigator draws a Demonic Piping card.    That card has surge.   The surge triggers,  I assume.   If you then surge draw into Ancient Evils... you are currently in a situation where you are in the middle of resolving the B side of an Agenda card.    What happens to the doom from Ancient evils?   Does it go on the next card?   Does it fail to appear?  What happens?

  9. Well,  lets just turn this into an exercise in...  "Whats the best/worst that could happen?"   For the record,  I'm not saying that any of these are super broken,   I'm just thinking about some interesting possibilities.   

    This card allows literally the whole team to take copies of Delve too Deep.   The XP gain will pay for itself pretty quickly.   
    Adding in a single Quantum Flux pretty well pulls the teeth out of many Dunwich missions.
    An out-of-class Ward of Protection doesnt seem too bad.
    Hallowed Mirror is a 1-of anyway.   A lot of value for this.   If you're worried about dying,  Out-of-class mirror is probably more efficient than adding in a Bulletproof Vest or Elder Sign Amulet.
    I've been playing Dynamite Blast in Rex.   Honestly Dynamite is getting to be one of my favorite parts of the character.   It's so good.   Enabling Dynamite Blast in other seekers seems very strong.
    Similarly Alice Luxley is very strong in seekers.
    Rogues with guns gain access to Venturer.  
    A lot of non-seeker clue-ers are going to like Magnifying Glass.
    Or Milan Christopher
    Like with Mirror, Occult Lexicon is 1-of anyway, and can give some card advantage to those who are lacking.
    Guardians might be best poised to take advantage of Mr. Rook,  but really, anyone who wants to search their deck and get something nice could benefit.
    1-of Shortcut in Guardians is pretty good.   It is very useful to be able to move quickly when you need it,  and it is a Tactic so it can go under Stick to the Plan.
    The new Let God Sort them Out, is also a tactic which could go under stick to the plan,   1 of in guardians for a little extra xp pump.
    Contraband is another option.  A  supply event that can go under Stick to the Plan,  and double Ammo tokens.   Nice for guardians!
    Any number of helpful rogue economy cards, including Dario or Lone Wolf.
     Leo De Lucca, "The Louisiana Lion"
    Even with only 1-of,   Lucky! is just a very, very good card...
    So is Drawing Thin...
    And Peter Sylvestre..
    a single Scavenging is enough to enable Seeker recycling builds.

  10. well,  I have not done other than 2 player,  so take this with a grain of salt,  but here are some thoughts:

    I agree that this scenario is particularly hazardous to investigators.   That being said, I have "won" this scenario several times on Normal mode.  As an aside,   I have, up to this point, played every other campaign on Hard mode.    But the Circle Undone I play on normal...   the campaign is crushingly difficult, and the pain train doesnt stop with the Secret Name...

    One thing that is extremely helpful is AoE damage, with the exception of Rogue .45 Thompson (3) -which is pretty hard to get to work.   I've had a lot of success with Mk1 Grenades.   Another helpful card is Dynamite Blast,   but ideally you want to play this card out-of-guardian because your Guardian is going to have their hands full.    Dynamite Blast from Rex Murphy followed by Guardian-of-Choice grenade storm was very effective in clearing out Nahab, Brown Jenkin, and rats,  who tend to all swarm you at the same time.  

    Being able to deal with monsters quickly is key,  a Shotgun or other Big Guardian Weapon (tm)  is something that will also help.   It might be very beneficial to take a bit of a detour and do some side missions like Curse of the Rougaru before attempting The Secret Name,  so you can earn a few extra  XP for your investigators.  

    I have little specific advice for Seekers,  except that they should be prepared to help their Guardian out from time to time.   A dynamite blast, or I've Got a Plan at the right moment can really take the heat off the guardian and give them a bit of time to restock and reload.   I would also try to make sure to get all the clues from all 3 of the initial rooms before heading to Walter Gilman's room.   This allows you to snag a few extra clues.  

    I have not tried a heavy evasion build, I have only brute forced my way through the scenario with a lot of guns.  I agree it could work well in some instances,  but the evasion checks in the scenario are not easy to do, especially as you must do them repeatedly.   For the final confrontation though,  having a strong evasion character does seem like it could really help you out.

  11. I would agree that Peter is probably more important than Alice.   Alice is pretty nice, but probably only a second choice as an ally.  Grab her if you want to use Charisma, otherwise don't bother.  If you have 2 cores, I would definitely recommend a second Dynamite Blast.  But if you don't,  then what you have looks pretty good.  

    There is probably not a huge reason for Arcane research if you don't plan to run attack spells,  I would probably cut it and save yourself the mental trauma.  You also might want to include I've Got a Plan... or two.   I would highly recommend this,  it's very useful. 

    By the way, I really like the idea of Let Me Handle this in your deck,   allowing Carolyn with Peter to steal any horror dealing treachery cards,   clever.

    I dont recommend going for Key of Ys,  if you are playing with the taboo list.  If you want to go Relic Hunter,  then probably Disc of Itzamna or Tooth of Etzli are better options.  

  12. oh,  my least favorite part of this cycle was the prologue.     It was kinda dull and honestly,  I just want to get into the campaign and play the deck that I want to play.   I'm just going to find some way to house-rule skipping the prologue for future circle undone campaigns.  I tend to forget about the prologue and make decks and get ready to play and then its like...  shoot... gotta do the prologue.  Lets find all these other random cards that may or may not be in somebodys deck, and take them out and play with them for 1 game and then put them back.   

    I do think it adds something to the story...  once.   But the replay value of the prologue is pretty much 0 for me.   And it's a big hassle.  

  13. I don't mind the tarot slot.  I do have some concern about the principle in general of adding more slots to investigators,  but I dont think anything has gone south just yet.  

    Bonded really I think seems like it something we should lay at the feet of the Dream Eaters cycle,   but yes,  you are correct that it did technically make its debut in the Circle Undone.     Regardless, I dont really have a problem with this mechanic either.    I'm unclear as  to what the OP finds objectionable about them.

    It's actually the dual-class cards that I am least happy about,   which I suppose makes me the exact reverse of the OP.  I just dont think they fit well into the general organizational scheme of the game.  I'm willing to put up with it of course, but it's not the choice I would have made.   Just as a player, it makes organizing the cards in a logical fashion a bit hard to do. 

  14. Hypnos was a part of Arkham Horror 2nd Edition board game, where he featured as a Guardian... er..    not in the way we know them with Guardian class in the LCG.     Basically Hypnos was sort of like an anti-ancient one that helped the players out, adding additional clue tokens to the board, and making traveling through the outer worlds slightly safer.

  15. Havent played with it too much yet,  but Mirror seems really good to me so far.   Nice card to help Skids' sanity problems,   or Leo (or anyone else really) heal the Beat Cop/Guard Dog.   This card is super versatile,  where something like If It Bleeds...  only heals horror,  with Mirror/Melody you have the choice of what to heal,  and on which character/ally.   You can also split if you feel like it, so I love that too.  Also, the extra draw on Melody helps to maintain tempo.   Easy to access,  even Ursula can grab it if she feels like being a team player.     I think this has a place in a lot of decks.

  16. So...  this card says to draw until you reach your max hand size.  

    Now ... correct me if I'm wrong here,  but investigators don't have a maximum hand size, unless it is the Upkeep phase.    So...   technically can you draw your entire deck?

    Ok,  so that was a not-so-serious question,   but here is the serious one.   Laboratory assistant says that you increase your hand size by 2 while checking hand size during the upkeep phase.   So....   if you have Laboratory assistant down and you play glimpse the unthinkable...   what happens?   Do you draw up to 8 or up to 10?   
    Obviously you arent playing Glimpse the Unthinkable during the upkeep phase,  so... done deal,  lab assistant doesnt apply right?   But then again,  the only time you actually technically have a hand limit is during the upkeep phase.   Hence the janky question to start this post.  I feel if Lab assistant wasnt supposed to work with Glimpse,  they would have just said "...draw up to 8 cards."   

    Similarly,  there is a certain forgotten age scenario in which your hand size is reduced during upkeep.   Does this apply to Glimpse the Unthinkable?

  17. I have not either,   I dont know why it occurred to me on this card,  when as others have pointed out there are other cards with similar wording.    It didnt occur to me before.  But either way, it's good to get a ruling if possible.       Didn't want to derail the discussion too much.    So let's assume it is the 1-action way.

    As I said in my previous post,   I'm still not super-convinced that this is going to make any sort of a splash, beyond people just trying it out.   I can't really think of too many situations where I would want to do this.   On the other hand,  if it were purely a 0 cost event that read:   "You and another player each draw 1 card"   would that be playable?   Maybe.    So... this gives you more than that,  I suppose...   I just dont really like the idea of stealing my partner's tools.   

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