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  1. In an effort to make this forum a bit livelier,  I thought maybe I would jot down some thoughts on the various TI3 units and compare notes with other players.  This is all my opionions of course, based on various play experience.   Not included here are ground forces, space docks, pds, or carriers.   I find these units all to be very straightforward, or (in the case of carriers)  covered by other entries.


    Fighters:   Lets start small.   Fighters are often toted as one of the greatest ti3 units,  and I won't necessarily smudge their badge of honor here.  They're great, allowing you maximum hits for minimal fleet supply.    Thanks to a lot of 'stackable' damage boosts when combining techs, action cards, and race abilities, these little guys have the potential to hit pretty darn hard too.  Fighters have only a few drawbacks, the main one being transport space.  Fighters have to share a ride with Ground Forces.   If you want to take a planet over that has enemy ground forces on it,  it means less space for your fighters.    The second major problem with fighters is production.   This varies greatly depending on number of players, but I find with less players you often have resources in enough abundance that you can easily max out your docks capacity for building fighters and still have enough resources to wish you could build more. 


    Destroyers:   I've often heard these called a weak unit, but I tend to like them.   In general,  I think I like them better than cruisers, in fact.    Defense-wise,  they are the same as a cruiser, and in terms of cost the Destroyer is obviously cheaper.  The destroyer falls behind then only in terms of offensive power.   While its true that cruisers will hit a full 20% more than a destroyer, the destroyer anti-fighter barrage can make up for that.   Since fighters are so awesome, chances are good that the enemy fleet will contain them,  lets assume that is the case for this example.    Each Destroyer (unupgaded) has 2 shots, each with a 20% chance to hit,  overall roughly a 30% chance to hit a fighter per destroyer.   This increase in firepower in the first round IMO makes up for the decrease in firepower in subsequent rounds.   After the anti-fighter barrage, your destroyers can easily be used as cannon fodder, whereas in order for your Cruisers to really benifit from their increased firepower,  they need to stay alive a bit longer.


    Cruisers:  If you were reading the previous entry,  you may have come to the conclusion that I don't especially like cruisers.   But this is only half true.  As far as economically priced combat ships are concerned,  its true that I prefer Destroyers.   But the cruisers have big tactical advantages of their own.  They can get in the way rather nicely,  but their main draw is Stasis Capsules.   This tech makes the cruiser worth building, IMO.   Especially where races such as the L1z1x are concerned who are slow to get XRD transporters,  stasis capsules + Cruisers give you an early fast ship that is capable of taking over lots of neuteral planets,  which is exactly what the L1z1x need early.     Stasis capsules on Cruisers can also help trasnport extra ground forces into a tough battle ahead, allowing more space on your carriers for Fighters.    Late game,   the Cruiser with stasis capsules still shines in terms of disruption, able to take over undefended planets and deny your opponents valuble resources.   You can have lots of fun with cruisers when using action cards,  specifically "In the Silence of Space" or "Flank Speed".   The rarer card "minelayers" is always great fun too.


    Dreadnaughts:  Another unit I hear called weak,  which I dont think it deserves at all.   Sure, they're a tad on the expensive side, but they have sustain damage and bombardment,  which prove their worth time and time again.     Ok, so the other problem is their speed.   This is sometimes a bit difficult to get around, but it can be done.   It's probably the case that you won't make it to Type4 drives for the lions share of the game,  but not to worry.   The key to dreadnaughts is to build them in a place that's already in the front lines.   A dreanaught built in your home system does you little good,  but a dreadnaught built right next to Mecatol Rex can be supremely helpful, as it's already within striking distance of the most important planet in the game.  


    War Suns:   As I prepare to dodge some tomatoes,  I'll say that in general,  I don't like war suns.  If you thought Dreadnaughts were expensive,  these are more than twice the price.  Yes, they are the biggest, baddest ship around.  They've got a host of special rules, transport ability and there isn't anything better at destroying ground forces.   Still, having to tech up to be allowed the privilege of building them alone is a setback.   Did I mention the extremely prohibitive resource cost?   Beyond that, if you dont want your war sun hunted down and demolished,  you've got to put it in the middle of a big fleet,  which costs even more resources.   Fighters/Ground forces are a must,  so even after you've got war sun tech,  you're looking at a couple turns until your fleet is good enough so that you can use them securely.   Ouch.   Beyond that,  even their Sustain Damage is less than useful,  because nobody in their right mind would dare risk a hit on a War Sun in case somebody has a Direct Hit lying around.     That said,  the Sardaak Nor seem to make good use of War Suns  (I don't have the expansion,  So I'm not mentioning the other race that I know is good with them).    The Sardaak Nor have their tech started in the right direction to get War Suns at least as quick as anybody else,  and thier War Suns  hit on a 2+,   on d10s!.  Toss in a morale boost and you dont even have to roll the dice.   Now that's entertainment.


    Ok,  well I guess that's all I have to say about that.   Hope you enjoyed my unit overview,  if things go well enough maybe I'll start posting other random tactical theads that people can share thier ti3 knowledge on.  




  2. it would be fairly easy to retain mixed-in components and not use the Dunwich board or mythos cards.  I do this all the time.   Here's the trick:

    In the Dunwich Mythos deck, there aren't any in-arkham gates which are not gate bursts. 


    So rather than looking for the tiny barn symbol on all the cards, just look at the gate openings,  remove all Dunwich gates and all the red gates.  You're done,  simple as that.



  3. My group loves bsg,   and I really dont think that a turn 1 cylon reveal is that good of an idea. 


    While,  with the Cylon Fleet and Caprica locations,  you probably *could* do more damage to the humans both in military terms and via crisis,   you would greatly increase the human ability to deal with your threats.  Almost all characters draw green cards,  which means they all have fairly easy acess to Executive Order cards.   The only thing that keeps humans from spamming these cards all over the place is the fear that they might use one on a Cylon.    Early reveal of a cylon really frees them up to use that card.

  4. Mary is a tough call.   I mean,  boy is she hard to get started.   Her only random items are 2 spells and a skill.    Other than that you have some decent,  but fairly limited equipment.  No clues,  no money, basically no place to start.


    Story is great,  but  in order to pass you'll probably need to get a couple of trophies.   That means either monster hunting or gate closing.   With no clues and only a holy water for a weapon  (spells may or may not give you some help here)   you're probably left begging for scraps from other investigators.  Which is okay,  it is a team game after all,  but nevertheless;  logistics get in the way of getting her the stuff she needs.


    BUT....  once she *does* get rolling,  she can be unstoppable.   With a decent enough weapon her low fight stats are easily compensated for by her blessing,  and she has enough sanity to tank quite a few horror checks before needing to go to the Asylum.  


    Unfortunately,   her ability is really next to useless.   Sure,  it's nice every once in a while,  but it's not something that can help you on a turn-by-turn basis.   Mark Harrigan's similar ability (in the respect that you dont really have control over when you use it) at least comes up much more often.     You can even use Mark's ability to your advantage if you have the right equipment and are clever.    (example, arcane insight and send him to the gate that will be opening in the mythos.  Not delayed means he can spend 1 less turn in ow before sealing,   no such hijinx with mary...)

  5. 1.   Yes,  Vincent would be drawn through the new gate and delayed.  Remember to think of it as a brand new gate, even though its in the same spot.   Chances are it's to a different other world anyway,   it doesn't matter that you had an explored token before,  that only applied to the previous gate.


    2.   "items"  are Common Items, Unique Items, Spells, and Exhibit Items (if playing with CotDP expansion).   Anything else is not an item.

  6. I'm not saying I totally disagree with you here,  but let me voice devil's advocate for a moment.


    In the base game,  with Kingsport, and BG, and Cotdp, ....  you're probably right.   Sneaking can be very very effective because you can 'save' turns and therefore do more stuff.    The reason for this is that with these expansions killing monsters really isn't all that important.   It's secondary.   monsters get in the way, and that's why they need to be taken out,   but if they're not in the way,  no problem.


    KiY and Innsmouth, however,  make killing monsters very,  very important.   So does Glaaki and to an extent, Hastur.   Dunwich also has this trait to a lesser extent,  if you use the DH herald.  Basically,  whenever you're playing with something that has an effect directly tied to the terror track  such as the KiY or Father Dagon heralds, sneaking starts to look a lot less good.  Not only is killing necessary up in Innsmouth,   but if you play with Father Dagon  (which I always seem to be doing these days)  than your group had better be very efficient at killing monsters, and sneaking by them just won't do.  Monsters that you're *not* killing will pile up in arkham, leading to terror rises and very nasty trigger abilities.


    Now sure, sure,  some characters are better at sneaking, some are better at fighting.  You can still use characters who are better at being stealthy in stealth mode sometimes,  but probably the case is going to be that just one dedicated monster killer isn't going to cut it.   Your sneaky characters are going to have to fight some of the time, and when this comes up their lesser fight stats hurt them. 


    Surprise and Ambush monsters weaken evade further.  I know there is a cotdp ow encouter where the God of the Bloody Tounge surprises you:  take that, Wendy!    But maybe the killer is that if you fail your combat check,   providing you can take the loss of stamina and the other monster abilities (if any) dont take you out of the fight when you fail a combat check,  you can try again to kill the creature.   With sneak,  one dice boop up and you have to stop moving,   which was probably the entire point of you trying to sneak by the monster in the first place.

  7. Not ground forces,  I agree.   What about starships?


    I know there is at least one stage2  objective card that says something like.  I control Mecatol Rex and all systems adjacent to it...   then in parentheses it mentions something about control  needing at least one non-fighter ship in the system.   Didn't find any clarifications in the rulebook,  any answers?

  8. 2.  Yeah,  I always wondered about that too.  I keep them, because it doesn't say anything about losing the trophies.  *shrugs*  I dunno,  first off it rarely comes up.   Secondly,  if it does it's likely to make only 2-3 points difference anyway.  Third:  if you're having investigators devourered in final combat,  you probably didn't make a score worth writing home about.   Fourth: Score is laregly a matter of personal satisfaction anyway, with absolutely no game effect.   So, IMO,  as long as you calculate it the same way every time,  calculate it whatever way that makes you happy.

  9. I haven't played Tigh all that much,  but I do like him quite a bit.   I play with just the base game, atm, and 3 tac/ 2 leadership is actually a very nice skill set.  Since Cain isn't available,  Tigh has the most tactics draws out of anyone in the fleet.   Unfortunately,  that  lead to me losing all 4 of our raptors in 5 scout attempts.   I wasn't a Cylon (at the time),  I just can't roll dice.   Or maybe my raging alcoholism was frakking up my planning or something.


    So the rest of that game went something like this.   Helo revealed as a Cylon as soon as he could (2 attack crises in the first 2 draws and only 1 jump prep by Helo's turn,  we were frakked up pretty good at that point).  Lots of fighting until the sleeper phase.    Centurions board Galactica and with some Cylon help and some more of my raging alcoholism frakking up the dice rolls (even with strategic plannings I was spamming out)  they manage to become quite a threat.  Helo gets dealt the Cylon card and passes it to me with the Res ship.  Since I was to Helo's left,  I went next and promptly brigged starbuck.  Next player was Tom Zarek, who couldn't brig me since I was sitting on the Admiral's quarters.   Starbuck was already in the brig,  so it was up to Gauis Baltar to choose whether to try to brig me or attempt to get rid of the final centurion on that track that was getting desperately close to the mark with the Cylon turn coming up.  He fought the centurion and killed it.  


    So I had another turn of freedom.  So I accused Baltar of being a Frakking toaster.  If the humans lost this check it was pretty much all over for them,  with Zarek being unable to brig me, I would eventually send him to the slammer too and have free reign of Galactica.  They gave it everything them had,   including taking it to Committee so they could see Destiny.  They dumped over 20 into the check,  which wasted a whole bunch of cards,  though I was ultimately unable to suceed in the accusation.  If they had spent 3-4 points less,  I would have been able to brig him anyway   (incidentally,  all of Tigh's draws count positive for sending someone to the brig,  a trait shared only by Adama w/o the expansion, and Adama can't activate the Admiral's quarters).   


    Turned out my attempt didn't make much difference,  the humans soon ran out of food and lost the game before they had a chance to get revenge on me.     Point is,   sure,  I only used Tigh's ability twice during the game,  but it was pretty effective when I did.    It's an ability that you use less than most, it's true,  but it's probably better than most abilities when you *do* use it. 


    Disadvantage wise,  it came up once,   I was Admiral and when I was holding on to 3 cards we drew a crisis that made  the Admiral discard 2, but it wasn't too big of a deal. 


    Overall I think he's a solid character,  his card draws alone make him pretty good, and he has very little in the way of drawbacks.

  10. Sorry, had one more.


    Does the Imperial 2 Card also make the player draw the top card of the Objective deck?    I looked in the SE rules pdf,  and it doesn't say that it does.    If not,  how would new objectives be brought in when playing with the Imperial 2 card?

  11. I'm not nearly as upset about launch scout, as it takes a players action to do it, and it might expend a resource (the raptor) for no gain.  IMO,  boomer and Rosylin's ability are already very good,   even without the ability to bury attacks.    And yes,  you might draw two attack crisises,   but that would be extremely unlikely.   "33"  is one card,  which might not even come up,  and I also tend to find the "33"  base star nuked rather instantaneously.

  12. Havent played the game much,  but I don't think these are directly covered under the rules,  I have looked, at least...


    Q1.   Sarween Tools & Multiple space docks:  Suppose a system has multiple docks on it,  take for example,  the Emirates of Hacan homeworld.   Suppose it has 3 docks, one on each planet.  When producing units in this system,  are the docks allowed to 'help' each other?  Could you effectively build a dreadnaught (cost 5) by exhausting 2 resources, and using the Sarween Tools from each dock to make up the other +3? 


    Q2:  Production & Multiple docks:  similar.   Does *each* dock have to stay within its production limit,   or is this a collective thing?   Take Hacan home system w/ 3 docks again.   Can it just produce 12 units,  or do you have to make sure you're producing 5+4+3 units?


    Q3:  Transfer Action & Integrated Economy:   So long as the conditions for preforming a transfer action are satisfied, is this combo legit?  You can activate a transfer between your production system and an adjacent system,  since the adjacent system now has a command counter (thanks to the transfer action),   Integrated Economy can let you build units one 'hex' away?


    I think thats all for now,   ty.

  13. After today's game and a few others,  I'm more or less convinced that Rosilin and Boomer's ability makes the game less fun.   Good abilities, to be sure,  but we buried 4/6 attacks during the course of the game, I think.  You can't *not* bury an attack card or else people will think you're the Cylon.    It makes things rather boring, actually,  merely skill check after skill check.   Was wondering if anybody had come up with variants?   Failing that,  what would the community think in regards to the following set of house rules?    IE:  are they fair/balanced?  Is the ability still useful?  Would this make the game more fun?


    Boomer:  Recon:  Add the rule:   "Boomer may not place an Attack crisis on the bottom of the pile, but must return it to the top of the crisis deck."


    Rosilin:  "If Laura Rosilin draws an attack crisis,  it must either be played during your crisis phase, or returned to the top of the crisis deck,  you may not discard it."


    These abilities are ultimately similar, so I think it's fair to talk about them together.  Anyway,  I like the idea of Boomer's recon or Rosilin's visions being able to help you prepare for what's coming (you'll be able to give people one turn's worth of warning),  rather than avert the problem entirely.

  14. jhalen,  I didn't mean that the final battle was too easy.  Sometimes it is.   But *more*  often it's too hard.  There is an entire host of AOs that my play group doesnt even fight if they awaken,   we just say  "okay, we lose".    Yog, Zhar, Nyogtha, Cthuga, Quachil Uttas, Tsotthogua, and Chaugnar Faugn are all on the list.    Depending on how the game has gone,  several more AOs can easily be on the list as well, including Ghantathoa, Shudde Mell, Bokrug, and Rhan-Tegoth.   So,  of the 20 AOs that I own,  half of them are too hard (note:  shudde Mell can easily go either way, depending on monster surges, but if he wakes up and we only have like 2-3 rounds to fight,  we just throw in the towel, so I think he's on the list).    


    Ithaqua, Yig, Hastur, and Nyarlathotep are the AOs generally complained about being too easy.   That's under 1/4 of the 20 base/dunwich/innsmouth AOs, which seems to imply to *me*  that people are seriously screwed in the head for getting all upset over a handful of AOs being on the easy side, while final combats that are near impossible are actually more common. 


    If you thought any of my suggestions were borderline beatable,  you might also have noticed that the above was based on a no-kingsport stance.   So lets see what happens if you throw Kingsport into the mix.   I doubt anybody will seriously say that Kingsport adds any easily beatable AOs in final combat.  And if no-one else,  Atlach-Nacha gets added to the Impossibles list.  Epic battle might 'fix' Yig, Nyarlathotep, Ithaqua and Hastur,   but it's going to put all those borderline AOs securely into the 'way too hard camp'.   This is why I am not impressed with epic battle,  despite generally good reviews.

  15. *usually* it is not too necessary to use the current player token.   Contrasting to a game like say, Arkham Horror, where all players take actions during several phases during a turn, in BSG, generally only the current player is taking actions, so its difficult to get lost and not know whose turn it is.


    However,  it can be nice to use if people are getting Executive Order happy.  Since you start taking actions on turns that aren't yours,  things can get a bit confusing on occasion.   Still, it's not usually necessary,  but occasionally it's nice to have.

  16. Not really,  no. 


    If Gaius is a cylon,  there is no other cylon.

    If Gaius is human and player2 is human,   you find out for sure.   A turn wasted, but freedom to xo all over the place.   Good for you,  but the game is now fully co-operative,  who's going to object?


    If Gaius is human and player2 is cylon,  you've discovered that there is a frakking toaster in your midst.  Good jorb.   Still,  that frakking toaster now *knows* that you know, and has a turn to reveal or attempt to brig *you* without you being able to do anything to stop them.   Since the character probably isn't already in the brig,  damage done.   And Gaius has to pay one of his turns to do this.

  17. In general I liked your review as well.  Of course the people on this board will probably rank this game 9.5/10 or higher,   we like it enough to frequent the game's message boards, after all!


    You do have some good points,  it's space intensive,  the dice are pathetic (first thing we did was get a bunch more 6-siders and toss them in the Arkham box,  still think we should add more sometimes).    Regarding Steve's spell criticism,    I can see it both ways.  I do think spells are thematic in a game like Arkham,  but I also agree with Steve that the spells that are included in the base game are a tad boring and a little lackluster.   As you were just reviewing the base game,  your criticism is fair.   However,   with the many expansions that go to this game,  Fantasy Flight really added a whole host of new spells with interesting abilities,  and in general really cranked up the awesome as far as magic is concerned.


    I found it odd that you both seemed to enjoy the final battle so much.  Many people on these boards consider it a weak point of the game.  Many of the Ancient Ones are too easy or too hard,  especially depending on which expansions you have mixed in.   Often times,  I do not even fight the final combat,  as it's usually easy to tell what the results are going to be before you even go into the battle.

  18. I've been playing it that a report with expansion X means that I used the mythos cards from expansion X, and also the board if that is applicable.  


    IMO, items, encounters, aos, monsters, heralds, gaurdians, investigators, allies, etc, etc, etc, don't have enough weight on their own to really 'count' yourself using that expansion,  so I say they can be mixed in freely.

  19. So, lemme preface this by saying that after playing many-a-game with cotdp,  generally speaking I do like the expansion.   The encoutners are unique,  exhibit items are fun,  spells are cool,   not bad for a 'small box'.


    There is, however,   one thing that pisses me off about it pretty much every game.  It seems to have a lot of encounters/mythos cards in which you have to search the monster cup for monster X and put it into play/fight it, etc.     This is really superbly annoying.  It completely disrupts the flow of play as I search through piles of monsters looking for a mi-goh, a ghost, a maniac, a hound of tindalos, etc.  This has been done before (DH expansion with Brown Jerkin encounter at the witch house)  and afterwards (Innsmouth Look search for a deep one...),   but not quite to the *extent*  that it seems to be a problem in Cotdp.


    It seriously drives me crazy.   Every time I practically have to empty the whole monster cup in some space that apparently the game designers think you have available on your table after setting up this space-intensive game,  which means that this usually takes place on my lap.  I have to worry about losing/dropping monster chits,  not to mention finding the right ones in the first place.   Worse still,  there are a few cards that summon *all* the monsters of one type,  Ghosts/maniacs in "Escape from Arkham Asylum" and "Meuseum Haunted".   Then you have to go through the cup and find not one,  but two or three of the things.  Only once you've gotten every single one can you go back to your game.  It breaks the tension of the game and it's extremely frusterating.  


    To a point that I'm considering making proxy monster trophies to 'stand-in' for the real ones,  then if in the event that monster is drawn from the cup the regular way,  an investigator with a proxy trophy could take the real monster as a trophy and then redraw the monster that is supposed to come out.    I think I might do this.   It's the only way I can dull my rage.



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