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  1. To make things a little worse,  I know there is at least one other 'gate mover' encounter which is from the DH expansion,  from the Inner Sanctum.   However,  that card specifically says you may move the gate to "any other unstable location without an elder sign token" ,  but it seems the IH card has no such restriction.   Oversight?  Perhaps.  Still, by the RAW, I think it's possible,  though I have no idea how to handle it.

  2. play it however you like,  but I don't think it's that overpowered.   All action cards are vulnerable to sabotage,  and as far as production goes:  an extra chance to produce units in that turn  (which will cost you additional resources)  is probably actually less powerful than (or at least, equal in power to) stopping your opponents from producing in their system via Signal Jamming or Spacedock Accident.

  3. a nice session report,   I just think I have to comment on one thing you said at the end, about Darell.


    Darrell was a very good investigator,  extremely good, in the base game.    His PS is a bit of a liability,  but I don't find it especially difficult to get around.    Darell is, and really always was,  an enabler.   He is best at helping others do things,   not necessarily doing them himself.    Avoiding failure for Darell is probably a good thing, at least until his retainer dies naturally,  even if that means staying out of gates.   Darell is better in arkham anyway.  His town encounter ability is *very* good,  you just have to know where to use it.  I've had sucess at the Silver Twilight lodge,  but I think the best place is the Curiosittie Shoppe,  there are several encoutners that will net unique items, trigger a sale,  or give Darell whatever item he wants  (Elder signs?) ,   His high speed makes him an excellent courier,  able to get stuff to the people who need it.    Darell really is quite good, but for maximum effectiveness he requires a rather unique style of play.

  4. a cool idea, but i'm not sure on the execution of this one,  though I like your other heralds.


    Certain combos would be confusing,  others would be positively rediculous.  Hastur + Ghantathoa, for instance.  Atlach-Nacha and Zhar, Rhan-Tegoth and Azathoth. I also  hate the idea of rolling randomly to see which doom track you use (essentially)  and then rolling randomly again to see which AO you actually fight.  At the absolute minimum they should at least me the same,  and I'm leaning towards the one with the longer doom track.


    In essence,  I think that stacking worshipper abilities works,  but stacking slumber ablities and/or final combats doesn't.    You could just edit the herald so its something like, after the AO is chosen,  choose another AO,  his worshippers and worshipper abilities are added to the game.     Althernatively you could just have the herald buff worshippers somehow, although  I realize that kind of wrecks your theme.

  5. those are good questions.   As far as I'm aware;  this action card functions regardless of the activation of the system.  So theoretically,  you could build at your dock, massive transport it to another location, and then build again.  I would say the fighters can not tag along,  since it only says you move the dock,  they would have to have a carrier, another dock, or be destroyed.

  6. this is pretty entertaining, though I question why you put several characters where they are, although I noticed many of them show up a lot.   For example, Fry is anything but a pilot,  political leader, I suppose.   Bender (Bending) Rodrieguez should be Support, and draw more than 1 engineering.... and possibly treachery as well.   You hit the major characters,  but I would like to see Lrr from Omicron Perseii 8 as a Cylon leader, and maybe a pilot version of the man with no name,  Zap Brannigan.


    Edit:  Oh,  and also Santa as a Cylon leader.   I don't think there's a better Cylon leader than Santa.

  7. Ok so I played BSG before watching the series.  I've started, but I only now have made it into season 2,  ok so actually I'm about half done with season 2.



    SPOILER ALERT.   You should skip the rest of this post if you don't want spoilers.







    Ok,  so seriously.    Cain's only in like 3 episodes.   She deserves her own character?   Over say,    Kali?  Or how about Crashdown?   Geta? 

  8. to be perfectly honest, I was never happy with this ruling.   While I see the point,  I think it could have been done a bit more elegantly.   Of course,  I understand the ruling was probably made in haste with Innsmouth shipping to the distributors, but I hope for a different solution in the upcoming FAQ.


    For one,  I would like to see Food/ Jewelry have it's effect to help out against R-Ts attack.    He's a pretty vicious AO, and it makes people want to go up and buy food at the store,  which I think is a plus.    As far as Michael, I would have prefered a  simple rule that applies just to him which still allows his ability to be helpful.    Perhaps:  In final combat against R-T,  if Michael is reduced to 1 stamina,  he is Devoured.

  9. I have tended to play the harsher route of gaining $5 total.   This one is a bit unclear,  I'm not sure myself.   But in any case,  should you choose to play it as I do,  I don't find it too difficult to keep track.   Each time McGlen gains 1 or more dollars,  put an equal number of dollars/clue tokens on his PS card, just as you would for say, Amanda Sharpe's unique items, or Marie Lambeau's spells.   If the card has $5 or more, Michael fails.


    On a side note,   I had this one game where I was playing McGlen.   Things were going swell at the beginning for Michael,  nearly full health,  and 4 monsters down 1 to go.   He had just finished off some monsters guarding a gate (which brought him up to the 4) and with a borrowed Elder Sign,  things were looking good.    Hadn't gained any money, and already gave most of mine to other shoppers.   Naturally he had his will at the highest possible.    First OW encounter:   Fight (-2) to lever back the lid of a stone chest (1 dice rolled... sucess..  d'oh)   Gain $8!.   Grr!!

  10. As a non-christian,   if someone has problems with this game on religious grounds,  I hereby grant you full permission to smack them upside the head.   That would be the silliest thing ever,  to have your religious viewpoints taint your enjoyment of a board game.  As a matter of fact,  I don't think that the "G-word" ever shows up in the game, outside of uses such as 'elder gods', etc,  which are usually plural and always not referring to Mary's baby-daddy.   A case could be made (though, I'm not sure I see the point in it)  that Arkham Horror is a wholly secular game.  I mean,  it says things like Father Micheal blesses you,  now if you want to take that as 'The powah o Christ compels ya!'  then go ahead,   but Father Micheael could just be your friendly resident white wizard who hangs out at the church for some reason. 


    Speaking of wizards,  I agree with the previous poster, that it's usually the Christians who have the issues.   Actually it's always the Christians who have the issues.   With wizards/witches as full-out main protagonists (any 'caster' character)  other gods to be venerated (Bast, for example),  unholy artifacts (all unique items), etc, etc, etc...  you'll get the occasional person who might rant and wail.   But these are generally the people who want to ban games like d&d and books/movies like Harry Potter for supporting witchcraft.    They're silly too.


    Now then, as aforementioned, atheists have little issues with the game.   I couldn't imagine a Hindu having issues, as they have many gods, and often times, the good ol Christian Triforce is among them.    Bhuddists play very nicely with other religions, so no issues there.  So of the big ones, Judaism and Islam are left.   I think you'd only have problems with these  people if they are part of the aforementioned body of silly people.    Chances are,  if they're willing to give Arkham Horror a go,  they won't be offended, especially if they know anything at all about lovecraft.    If they are offended, tell them to get over it,  it will be good for them.

  11. not sure entirely what you're asking here,   but I think this will answer your question:    All expansions are fully compatible with all editions of the game,   so no worries there.   I believe the only changes between the original and revised editions are a slight change in board appearance and possibly the addition of some FAQs to the rulebook.

  12. okay,  I didn't mean to start that,  I was just asking a question...


    Shattered Empires is on my X-mas list,  which means I can't buy it until after then =).  


    Anyway,  apparently automated turrets are pretty good,   do people usually get these?  I mean,  they have obvious advantages, but so does all technology.  Fighters are only really 'nerfed' against a player who has this tech.  If they don't go for it, fighters are still as powerful as ever (barring friendly fire, I suppose).  What's more,  in TI3, it's fairly easy to change your fleet compositon,   it wouldn't be tough to rearrange your fleet to go in without fighters.

  13. A general overview of Strategy Cards.   The ones I'll review are the ones from the base game + the Imperial 2 card instead of the Imperial card.   It seems that's the way a lot of  people play (myself included), and it's my overview,  I can do what I want =).


    Initiative:  A useful card.   In addition to having your chocie of Strategy next round,   it's the little things that make Initiative nice.   You can do all those things that might not be worth a strategy on their own,  but hey it's free.  An action card here, some free trade goods there, and you get to go first  (which can be a blessing or a curse).  Initiative isn't really very fancy,  but it's very useful.  The only real drawback is a lack of a primary ability, so you can't use it to stall a turn, like you can with other strategies.


    Diplomacy:   Sigh.   This card tends to acrue large amounts of bonus counters.   It can be very difficult to judge other people's intentions.   Diplomacy really doesnt foil too many plans.   Usually if somebody really wants to attack,  they'll get initiative and strike you before you can play Diplomacy.    Or you will use the card on one player only to find yourself under a proxy attack by thier ally, or just some oppurtunist.    The secondary ability is pretty decent, which further reduces my interest in taking this card myself.


    Political:  It just does a ton of things!    Getting a command token back is helpful in its own right, if you were unable to get Logistics and need it or something, it can keep you going a bit longer.   Action cards are always useful, as is toying with the political ajenda.   Political strategy takes a bit of timing to execute, as you want to use it when you have lots of influence and nobody else does.  This means a lot of stalling for turns,  which some races, like Yssiril or Sol can do easily,  but is not quite so easy for others. Still, if you have action cards to play, that can help.


    Logistics:   To me,  this is like the strangest card in the game.    Everybody ultimately needs command counters,   but actually taking the card is kind of a last-ditch, no other options kind of thing.  The reason for this is that early game,  Logistics isn't really needed much, and it's preferable to choose strategies that will help you expand or build.  Late game you can often get more than 4 command counters simply by activating the secondary of Logistics when somebody else finds themselves forced to take it.    That leaves like a few rounds in the middle when the card is actually at it's prime, and even then it's only mediocre.  


    Trade:   I find Trade to be quite good,  extra resources are always a plus, especially if you have trade agreements set up.   3 trade goods might not seem like much difference,  but since trade goods are so versitle, it's much better.   Trade goods can really help out when trying to fufil objective cards like "I now spend 10 resources" or something.  Whether it's for bribing other players to vote your way on political adjendas or just buying up extra ships, trade goods are always welcome on my race sheet.   The b) option is a little less useful, IMO,  the only real reason I could see for it would be if you have two opponents allied against you with strong trade agreements,  or if you think that Hacan just is getting too good of a deal.   Still,  ultimately, this option only delays your opponents a turn or so before the trade agreement is re-established.   


    Warfare:   This is one of my favorite cards.   An awesome primary ability and a very crappy secondary?  Sign me up.  Fantastic for quick-expansion in the early game, for getting fleets through holes in the enemy defense grid, building extra units at a space dock, or giving your fleets a bit of movement and tactical flexibility.   Plus, like political,  you get a command counter out of it.  Usually you'll spend it again next turn,  but you don't have to.   Warfare lets you do more stuff,  and that's where it's all about.    On the secondary side of things,   I haven't found much use for cruiser/destroyer patrols.   The restrictions are a bit harsh, and I don't find it worth a strategy token.  If anybody has had sucess with these, please speak up.


    Technology:   Ok,  I'm a tech sucker.   I admit it,  I tech too much.   Sue me.  Probably this is because I can't roll dice, so any extra +1s or little bonuses are well needed.  There are just so many fun things to do with technology, PDS defense grids,  type4 drives, integrated economy. ...   they're lots of fun.  I find this strategy especially useful early-game when your opponents dont have the resources to use the secondary,  you can get a tech advantage.  Late game it's still useful, activating it early makes your oppoents choose between advancing in tech or saving their resources for ships/ political votes.


    Imperial2:  Probably my favorite card in the world,  I actually sleep with it under my pillow  =p.   Points are good,  so Imperial Throne is amazing if you can play it.   But even if you were going to play it and somebody else hijacked Mecatol Rex away from you before you had a chance,  you can still use Rapid Mobilization, build a fleet and later move with the same fleet to try to get your planet back.  Rapid Mobilization is rediculously useful *all* the time because moving with fleets that you've just produced is just plain good.   Okay?  It's good. 

  14. Mike_Evans,  I'm curious as to what your fleets include.   Destroyers, obviously.  I'm guessing carriers,  but due to production caps I find carriers (though effective!) a bit hard to maintain.  No dreads, no war suns,   cruisers?  Your fleets seem very light to me,  with most of your ships hitting only occasionally.   I'm curious to know if you manage to take on heavier fleets with sucess...


    How many players do you play with?  Perhaps this might change  your opinion of Dreadnaughts.   With fewer players, resources are more readily available, and so I think maybe you would see the dreadnaught price tag as not quite so prohibitive.    I usually play with 3 players,   so perhaps this has colored my opinion.


    I've heard of this house rule before... but currently I honestly think Dreads are powerful enough not to really need it.

  15. I'm guessing your group doesn't jump fast enough.   My group basically rushes for distance.   We pick 3's almost every time they come up, regardless of consequences so long as it won't immidiately kill us (barring of course, if there would be a reason to choose less distance,  for example being at 6 distance already or something).    We scout the destination deck and try to go through it so that the 3's will come up more often,  and when scouting we bury pretty much any card that has less than 3 distance.   We also try to jump as quickly as possible,  generally jumping when on the -3  or -1 prep track.    We seem to be astoundingly good at protecting the civillians, so some pop loss through jumping is acceptable.   But we don't play with Pegasus.

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