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  1. First Impressions of Point of No Return:

    Heroic Rescue 2:  Well,  I think this is significantly improved over its level 0 variant.   But is that enough?   The ideal circumstance of course is that you kill all the monsters before they have a chance to attack in the first place.   Granted that just isn't practical a lot of the time, and there is where a card like Heroic Rescue comes in.   Maybe best for Tommy because of his access to so much auto-heal from the likes of Peter Sylvestre and Jessica Hyde.   I'm still not convinced this archetype is worth it though.   Maybe this will have a place later,  right now...  I'm not so sure.   In short, it suffers from all the same problems as its predecessor, and is just hard to spend a card slot on.

    Leadership 2:  Significantly improved over the level 0 variant.   Leadership 2 is a pretty nice little economy card.   Assuming you commit to a friends check and it passes,  you net 3 icons and 4 resources for the team.   Quite an impressive little card, reminiscent of Stand Together.   This seems great....  as long as you can have your friend pass the test.   It does get a little wonky because you don't just straight up play it like Stand Together,  you want to wait until you can use the icons, which might make it sit in your hand for a little while.    Also, the person who usually needs the willpower support is often the guardian, so Leadership doesnt benefit you as much there.   

    Dream Diary:  This gets real good for certain investigators.   Minh, particularly, is just going to go crazy here.  2 Wild every single turn, with 4 wild up for grabs in certain situations.   Particularly the engaged with enemy one makes pulling off evade pretty easy for many Seekers,  so I think someone like Ursula might get a lot of use out of this too, if she wants to be out on her own.   

    Empower Self:  My interest is piqued, but I don't quite know the best approach here.   Is all 3 copies of this card a good idea?   Do you maybe just run the Fight bonus one on someone like Jim or Diana?  Potentially you could have a combat mystic,  which would be kinda fun.   Book bonus one might be an option too, Seekers already have some book enhancers like St Hubert's key.   Very curious,  but I dont have any great builds that come to mind immediately.  

    Daredevil:   This one was spoiled  a bit ago.   Potentially very useful if you want to make absolutely sure you get a critical skill card (mostly Double or Nothing) at a critical time.   But if that's not your thing,  this just isn't going to be useful in any old deck.    Build around this card or don't play it at all.    What fantastic artwork though.

    Haste:  This seems stupid good for Tony in particular.   His combat potential is just going through the roof.   If he doesnt kill something in 2 fight actions he gets a 3rd fight action for free.   But it's so much more than that.   This is a boon for basically anyone who can take it,  and if you are using Leo or other bonus action things already it gets that much easier to pull off.    I can hardly believe this is only 2 xp.  It's worth much more.     Rules:  Curious as to the "memory"   here.    1st action I play Emergency cache,  2nd Action I play Haste.   I just performed 2 actions of the same type,  do I get the Haste bonus even though I didnt have Haste down during my first play?

    Twila Katherine Price:   Incredible.   I don't think I can say much more.   Her benefits are obvious.

    Oops, out of time.   I'll leave the survivor cards to others.      Looks like a good pack!

  2. finished carcosa campaign today.   Ended with 61 xp worth of cards in the deck. 

    If I would do this build again (ok...  *when* I do this build again) I would change my general approach slightly.   While I adore the idea of the Occult Lexicon,  it didn't really work out.   Sometimes it did seem really good, but taking the Lexicon prompted me to stay away from 2 handed weapon choices.    Eventually I abandoned the lexicon/flashlights and switched into .45 thompson (0xp) with Adaptable and then later Chicago Typewriter.  The deck was much improved.   

    Lupara wasn't enough, and it didn't end up being worth it, I was attracted to it because it was 1-hand.  I should have saved XP on Lupara and kept my 2 original Derringers,  and went ahead with the plan to eventually upgrade .45 Thompson (0) to Chicago Typewriter.  

    Ended up buying Streetwise and Key of Ys, laughing in the face of the Taboo list.   Turns out these are still pretty good cards if you can afford to pay the XP for them.  

    The main idea of the deck:  Dynamite blast/ Scrounge for Supplies was very effective thoughout the entire campaign.  I definitely recommend the demolitionist approach.  Quite fun.     Without Lexicon I do have 1 unused out-of-class slot.  Maybe a Prepared for the Worst would be good in there.   Lucky! is never bad.   I could keep Delve too Deep in there a while longer before phasing it out.   Or if I was going to have an eye to eventually picking up the Key of Ys,  Something Worth Fighting For might be nice Key protection.   

  3. Man, I agree with many of your "best" picks, but disagree on almost all the worst.   here goes!


    best:  Midnight Masks.   Ok, so not much competition here, but Midnight Masks is still a good scenario.  It's a solid scenario.   I don't play it much anymore though.

    Worst:  Devourer Below.    I feel the Gathering is much better than this.  Yes, the Gathering might be a little dry,  but it's not dumb.  I always feel like this scenario punishes you for playing the game.   I hardly ever get good results when I go around like a good investigator gathering clues  and such.   By far the best strategy is to do nothing until Umordhoth shows up and then shoot it in the face.  Clue gathering is just a waste of your time and is counterproductive.   Plus,  I really hate all the Arkham Woods locations swapping the stat needed to investigate,  or the worst one is the one that gets you stuck in the Woods until you can pass a Lore check.  


    best:  Essex County Express.  This is such a fun mission,  I love the theme here, and I can just visualize our characters hopping from car to car as things get pulled into the abyss behind them.  Always feels fast-paced and tense,  exciting.   

    worst:  also the Essex County Express.   A early turn wizard of the order pretty much ends the game immediately.   What... the heck.

    Dishonorable mention:  Miskatonic Museum.   I see what they were going for here,  I just didn't like it.   Fighting the same monster over and over again just gets boring.   I killed him,  oh, he's back.   I killed him, oh, he's back.  And there are literally no other monsters in the entire deck.  I just didn't like this one.


    best: I like a lot of these scenarios.  Maybe The Last King is my favorite though.   I like the dinner party idea.   The resolution options for this scenario are fantastic.   Laden with story,  hard monsters,  lots of stuff to like here.  I like the whole parley thing for getting clues, switches it up a bit.

    worst:  Final Curtain:   guh.   This is just always such a slog.   It feels like this scenario takes absolutely forever as you -wait for it-  hunt down the same monster over and over again.  At least this one there is some variety in monster options,  but you are still fighting a reincarnating boss, and it's just annoying.   

    Forgotten Age:  

    Best:  probably depths of yoth.   I like the dig thing.   I always thought they nailed the feel here,  the story/flavortext is very good.   Genuinely got the feeling of "you shouldn't be here."

    worst:  City of Archives.    F...  this ... scenario.   I take the Memento at the beginning now every playthrough just because of how annoying this scenario is.   And while that helps,   this scenario is dumb even if you DO take the memento.   Lets make a scenario where you don't get to play your character.   We'll just take away their statline, their eldersign ability, and their character ability.  Oh,  and we'll take away all their unique items too, that will really annoy some characters who want to be using their Signature cards.  But you get to keep your signature weakness because hey, you're still you... just in a different body....  and with less stuff.   Because the aliens took your .38 Special,  but they left you with your shotgun.   It makes sense.  Finishing this scenario is a chore, and you had better do well on it because if you don't....  then you don't get to really play your character for the rest of the campaign.    Probably my least favorite scenario in all of Arkham Horror LCG.  

    Circle Undone:   

    Best:  For the Greater Good:   Nice scenario.    Two legitimate ways to go about it.  No complaints, just a good one.

    Worst:  It's a tie between Secret Name and the Wages of Sin.   Complete tie.   These are both awful.   Secret name has you fighting... oh...  it's a respawning boss monster.   Are you sensing a theme here?   Except it's sort of two respawning boss monsters because Brown Jenkin is often just as bad.   His hand cycling thing is way more awful than it first appears.   And Nahab/BJ are HARD.    This is the third scenario of the campaign!   Our decks aren't functioning as well-oiled machines yet... we're barely getting by as is.   Then they throw these two guys at us?   An exercise in frustration.

    And just when you finally put it behind you.... you have to go on to the Wages of Sin.   What a joke.   Completely dependent on which Heretics spawn and where.   Oh, you found a guy,  here go ahead and go all the way across the map, taking a penalty every turn, then get all the clues off the location and try to banish it.  Probably some more of these will spawn on top of you.  Even with a pretty decent map,  you can consider yourself to be lucky if you get two heretics down before getting the heck out.   The scenario seems like you put in so much work for so little payoff.  

  4. my first thought was that many mystics might want to use Liquid Courage,  especially if they are going for high level shriveling and/or Arcane Research, which can tax sanity quickly.   Agnes, for example, seems a very good candidate for this.  This item is cheap, slotless, and will almost certainly provide 8 sanity worth of healing for a mystic, since they should be able to pass a Willpower 2 check very easily.  


  5. I've been interested in it too, but havent used it yet.   I think it's probably best on characters who have good card draw, since the +5 deck size is a bit of a downside.  Patrice does seem like a good choice,  maybe some of the Seekers too.   Mandy is an option since she can probably find whatever she takes.  While there are several nice level 0 cards out there,  it had better be very good to be worth it.  You are paying 2 xp for a level 0 card, after all.

  6. Sure, CaffineAddict, I'd be happy to, although you probably got an idea from what I wrote.   Here is a 0 XP version.   As I mentioned in the original post I ended up removing Delve too Deep since Mateo was taking it and replacing it with 2x Scrounge for Supplies.   This was always the eventual plan,  but it's a matter of when.    Couldn't figure out how to make this with Hour of the Huntress cards, so keep it in mind that those should be in there.   No twin .45s or Izzie.



    Spritz Tea: 

    I had originally tried the deck with 1x  of Let God Sort them Out, for additional XP.   I wasn't able to get it to work.  In 2 player mode most of the tougher enemies seemed to have just under the 6 hp threshhold, so there was no kill steal + LGSTO.    As you mentioned, I had thought that if enemies clumped up for a nice Dynamite Blast I could play LGSTO and reap the rewards.   In 2 player enemy density wasn't quite enough for it to work.  Although I did get plenty of nice blasts off,  6 hp with an action left over is tough.   I still think this is worth a try in 3+ players.

     I was very tempted by Think On Your Feet just because it's a nice card.   However I didn't really think of its applications with Dynamite Blast.   Not a bad idea!   

  7. I had a chance to play a bit with Jenny this weekend.   A little while ago I posted a thread looking for Jenny build ideas and I got a few suggestions (-thanks to everyone who took part in the discussion!).   But I also had a few ideas of my own, and in particular, some of the newer cards are quite useful for Jenny.   For reference we are playing 2 player,  Standard difficulty, with the taboo list. (I feel she might still do ok on hard,  but maybe might want a larger team than 2 players in order  to do that.  Anyway, I haven't tried it though.)

    I was trying to think of something that Jenny could actually do better than any other character, and I thought of two separate things.  Ultimately I will be combining these in to the same deck, but lets take them one at a time.

    Jenny is the best character for XP farming.  Typical campaigns run 8 scenarios, but if you do any sidequesting, you can get even more out of Jenny's formidable XP suite.  Particularly Hour of the Huntress Jenny, using the Green Man's medallion.   Picking up Hour of the Huntress was what inspired me to start thinking more about Jenny in the first place.  I've only played a handful of scenarios with this, but I can already see it's quite a potent item.   It's very easy to get +1 xp out of this, and +2 is not out of the question.   +3 would be hard to do,  but hey... you can dream.    +1 or +2 xp though is still very solid for how little trouble it is.   

    But wait, there's more.   As a primary rogue, Jenny can make use of Charon's Obol,  and she may well be the best rogue for it because she is pretty robust and can't get killed as easy as other rogues (I'm looking at you, Skids and Tony).    

    Finally, as a Dunwich investigator, Jenny can, if she wants, take Delve too Deep.   When you start combining all of these,  getting +4 or +5 bonus XP per scenario is not at all out of the question.  Once you've cleared the first few scenarios and gotten set up, you start switching into the high XP rogue cards.   Spend 1 XP on Adaptable and you can remove your Delves and replace them with something better once you've generated some XP for yourself.   Incidentally, I think Jenny is probably also the best investigator for using Adaptable.   This was my original plan,   however when we started planning our campaign run, my partner picked Father Mateo.   With Mateo's 5 extra deckbuilding XP, and 2 copies of Arcane Research,  we quickly put together the XP dream team.  Mateo ended up taking 2 copies of Delve too Deep so I didn't have to.   Bonus!   

    Dynamite Blast recursion.   Eeeh... "recursion" might be coming on a bit strong.   We don't have infinite...   but we have enough.   The point is,  after I saw Scrounge for Supplies I had to have a little fun here.   With my out of color picks I chose 2x Dynamite Blast and 2x Scrounge for Supplies.   Jenny's strong economy allows her the resources to play Dynamite Blast pretty easily.   And if you can do that... then why not have a few more?  Dynamite Blast happens to also be very useful in dealing with the Sacrificial Beast, if you need to.   Although Demolitions expert was definitely the original intent,  I'm finding that Scrounge for Supplies is a pretty great card to have around with Intel Report too.  

    If you're interested, my 5th out-of-class pick was Occult Lexicon.   Getting this nice little card down gives you some extra economy with Blood Rites,  or you can dip into your resource pool a little for some more testless damage.    Highly recommended.    The rest of my deck was filled up with nothing very special.   The usual Leo/Daario, a few flashlights, derringers, emergency caches, and some skill cards.   Well Connected is particularly great, and has helped me a lot.   

    We're 4 scenarios in to Carosa now and I've got a 33 XP deck.   I'm rocking 6 permanents, derringers have been replaced with lupara, working on trading in Emergency Cache for Hot Streaks.   High Roller is nice.   Mateo has got some powerful spells, relic hunter,  and is phasing the Delve too Deep out for cards with stronger game effects.  We've done pretty well so far.    We're having a blast (no pun intended),  this character is a ton of fun to play.

  8. That's certainly interesting information.   Maybe it is that there are now more decks from other investigators, so it seems as if she's dropped off.   Put another way,  the proportion of Jenny decks to other decks has fallen   -but that's expected as more investigators are released.

    Regardless, it seems that most are in agreement with the larger point:  Jenny is in a tough spot right now.  

    Easy Mark is pretty good.  I don't think Gregory Gry is the right choice though -for anyone, but especially not for Jenny.   With her average base stats, Jenny is probably not the one to be trying to pull off "succeed by X".   Fast Reload has some options with Jenny's Twin .45s.   But that's probably not enough.

  9. It's no secret that Jenny Barnes is sort of a fan favorite.   I admit I count myself as one of her enthusiasts.  I'm not sure what it is about Jenny,  maybe for me it's the days of Arkham Horror 2E where Jenny was one of the core characters and could just spend the game throwing money at getting all the best equipment for the team.   And then in AHLCG she was a lot of fun too when she came out via Dunwich.  Back before Preston was a thing.

    Nowadays when I look at Jenny and I feel a bit lost.   I've looked around at Arkham DB and found the number of Jenny decks has fallen off.   Nor does there seem to be any fresh air for her.  The Jenny decks I see are pretty similar to what has been Jenny's mainstay since Dunwich.   Most of the big expensive cards like the Services are better used by Preston.  I suppose that's the problem.  With Preston available, Jenny just doesn't seem quite so attractive.   Tony and Finn also, are sort of the best at what they do (the best rogues at what they do, anyway).   And Jenny is stuck in this jack-of-all-trades world which I tend to have a hard time with.   I just never seem to know quite how to build Jenny, or even what to go for in terms of XP.   

    So I'm asking for help, ideas, etc.   I want to have a fun deck to revive this classic character.   I dont particularly care her role,  so long as she seems good at something.

    I do use the Taboo list,  if that makes a difference.   Let me know if you have any ideas.


  10. Sure, if you have an eye toward committing brute force to someone else's skill check, it changes the dynamic a little.   The point is that you have to commit it to someone who is planning on punching them.   So it should be someone with a reasonably high combat check in the first place.   I mean,   Wendy isn't probably taking this.   Or if she is,  she's not taking it for herself.   This card is 1 xp,  so it's not something you just throw in there,  you need to plan to use it,  and probably once it is in your deck you don't want to take it out- as with any xp card.  

    Tony is a reasonable choice for Brute Force if he is taking Survivor as his secondary.   And it does make survivor a little more interesting for him,  but currently I still feel guardian is the better pick if additional combat options is what you want.   But sure,  Tony could be reasonable to use this.   

    Regarding Self-sacrifice Diana might want another option to pull encounter cards to herself..  but from what little of Diana I have played,  she is very, very tight for deck space.    Might be hard to fit this one in.  

  11. 44 minutes ago, Skeptical Gamer said:

    When I read this card, I thought you would get the two cards whether the test is passed or not. That fits in with the guardian "let me protect you" vibe. 

    But, now I think it's ambiguous. Thoughts?

    Funny.   When I read the card I thought you would only get the cards if the test failed.   But now I think it's ambiguous.

    I studied a lot of logic in college.  I don't mean logic as in "that seems logical"  I mean formal logic.  It's more to do with sentence structure and...   it's like a mix of programming, math and grammar.   Anyway,  in formal logic any time you see "if.../ ... then"  it means the second part only follows if the first part is fulfilled.   I'm used to looking at sentences that way.   From my perspective,  it was clear that no failure meant no cards.   

    However I realize that the designers at FFG aren't formal logicians.   That might not have been their intent.   As they started a new sentence, they may have been trying to indicate that this was supposed to be an order of steps sort of thing, rather than setting up a condition/effect.   If I had been them and I wanted it this way,  I would have just phrased the sentence "Draw 2 cards, or the performing investigator draws 2 cards."   It would have been shorter, and clearer in my opinion.   So my instinct is to still say that they added the word "Then.." because they were trying to set up a condition/effect.   

    But maybe I'm overthinking it.   It could go either way.    Man I hate to ask for a ruling on a card almost as soon as it was released.   Might come to that though.

  12. First Impressions!:

    Tetsuo Mori:  a 3 cost ally for soak with a built-in Prepared for the Worst.  He can soak for your teammates, which sort of makes him feel like a Brother Xavier light.    He seems moderately reasonable.  Everything he provides is nice,  but he does cost you 3 resource when guardians are often strapped for cash, and occupies a very valuable ally slot.   In general, I think I'll keep the cheaper, slotless prepared for the worst.. even if it doesnt have the soak.   I keep noticing them build up the Police trait though,  maybe that will eventually do something.

    Fool Me Once...:    Shame on... shame on you.  Fool me...   you can't get fooled again.       So its more guardian mythos control.   It's delicate though, because it's pay now, benefit later.   Or maybe not at all.  Tactic means you can hold this under Stick to the Plan.   After Fool me Once is attached, you  can choose when you want to use it, so if the treachery hits an investigator who can handle it you can keep for later.  Can combat the ever cursed Ancient Evils.  1 xp isn't too bad.   It's not a bad card at all, but deck space can be tight, and I might prefer On the Hunt instead.   Or First Watch.

    Self-Sacrifice:  Seems more like a survivor card...  but ok.  Personally I don't love the play-to-fail mechanic,  but some people do.   It's deck-thinning,  which is a plus.  It doesn't do much else.  

    Otherworld Codex 2:   Wow.  This..  hm.  This is really interesting.   My immediate thought it to try to use it to murder cultists with doom tokens on them.   If you get lucky you can target pretty much any non-elite enemies and take them out for the price of 1 secret.   Or you can get rid of persistent treacheries,  lots of options with this one.   Mandy can use this with her +3 search depth to help guarantee some hits.  I like this a lot.

    Dream Enhancing Serum:  Well, you could use this to have a positively massive hand size, especially if you were using Bonded cards.  I'm not sure that really gets you anything though.  Card draw is ultimately good, and the slot is only Arcane,  which isn't in high demand for most seekers.  But you may not want to pay the 3 resource cost,  or use the deck space.  Maybe in a larger deck I could have room for it.   Seems ok, not amazing.  A niche card.

    Let God Sort them Out:  It's sort of funny that even though this is a rogue card, almost all guardians have access to it (except for Carolyn and Roland).   Which is good because probably guardians like this a lot more than rogues do.   You have to deal the killing blow on 6hp worth of enemies, and still have an action remaining to play the card.   If you can do that, +1xp for you.  I do LOVE extra xp, especially on combat characters.  But jeepers,  this seems tough to pull off with any consistency.  

    Swift Reload 2:  Lets see.   Leo Anderson can drop this on the BAR for a potential +8 ammo.  Fast keyword is great here.  I'm trying to think of some sort of ammo hog build... maybe with Leo and Eat Lead.   Could be lots of fun,  but I dont know if we're quite at the point of viability yet.  Other than that,  yeah, it's good.   If you have copious amounts of cash you could play this and then follow it up with a Contraband for even more ammo.  Nice combo piece, will be interested to see where this goes.

    Gregory Gry:   Please just give me Dario instead.

    Healing Words:  Nice counterpart to Clarity of Mind.   Clarity of Mind was never a card was super exciting and sexy,  but it gets the job done, and I've used it several times.  I imagine Healing Words will be the same.   Not flashy,  but you just might need the healing.   

    Ethereal Form:    Oh..... kay.

    Scrounge for Supplies:   what a bomb.  There are a lot of really good level 0 cards.   Lucky, Look what I found...,  baseball bat, Fortuitous Discovery, Resourceful...   That's not even leaving Survivor.  There's dynamite blast, vicious blow,  venturer, beat cop, emergency cache, sleight of hand, double-or-nothing, I've Got a Plan, Ward of Protection...   there is a LOT that this could fetch for you.   This card deserves serious consideration for anyone who has access to it.

    Brute Force:   Silas probably likes this.  Otherwise I doubt it.

  13. That's certainly a nice one.   I use Well Prepared all the time when I am using the shotgun (which ends up being most of my guardians) since the shotgun really wants large to hit bonuses on each shot, and has 2 combat icons.  Well prepared is not unique and nothing stops you from using 2 copies on the same skill check if you want.

    Zoey's cross is Combat/Combat/Wild.   So that's pretty good too. 

  14. Thanks to dystartes for getting the ball rolling.   Here's my take!

    First Watch:  An interesting card.  I think this is probably a card for large player games.   I don't see myself as being too interested most of the time in 2 player.. but maybe even then.  It's quite cheap,  I like that.   3+ players I think this is very strong.

    Daring:  Guardians have some solid skill cards already.   Now,  I'm not sure exactly what they were going for on this one.  This card is "3 wild"  but it's not really.   It's actually more limited than a 3 combat/3 evade card.   I mean,  wild icons that you can only commit to attacks or evades?  That strikes me the wrong way.   The point of wild icons is that they're versatile, isn't it?   Ok, so that rubs me the wrong way a little, but regardless,   3 combat or 3 evade is nice.  Combo here with .45 Automatic (2) to avoid the Retaliate, gaining the benefits of Daring for no drawback.   Is that worth making .45 Automatic your weapon when other, stronger weapons are available to you?   Probably not.  If you're getting +3 to this check you are probably only failing on AF token,  so maybe this allows you to get an extra card for minimum risk.      But in my opinion,   it's still some risk,  and it's probably just not worth it.   Steadfast, Take the Initiative, and Overpower all compete with this card.   Each has their advantages and drawbacks.  If you are feeling very bold...  then maybe.    I do like how the card nails the theme here,  I just dont know if I will be playing it.

    Dream Diary:  Hard to evaluate this card right now without knowing how the translation will fall out.  However,  I think it's worth noting that taking the action on Dream Diary to pull Essence of the Dream back to hand as it stands right now... is still probably worth it.    You essentially take 1 action to grab a 2 wild card.   That's not bad.   if each wild icon is worth approximately a resource,  then you're getting 2 "resources" for 1 action,  equivalent to Dario.   But there is also the Grisly Totem, Grisly Totem (3), and Minh who all are going to make some very nice use out of Essence of the Dream.   This is really the only Untranslated item that is worth anything without the translation.    I think this is going to be amazing.  I think this is already good.

    Followed:  I wish they would have gone a different direction with this card.   I dont like the whole injured enemy thing.   It might be playable just ignoring the injured enemy part altogether to try to snag an extra clue.   Just tough here.   Unfortunately, almost every single investigator who might seriously consider this card has access to Scene of the Crime,  which is pretty much better by almost any metric.

    Momentum:  Seems like a combo piece,  but I'm not seeing the combo just yet.   Reserving judgement.   Currently... eh,  not worth my card slot or xp.

    Scroll of Prophecies:  This is a very nice card I think.   I like that it can be used on any investigator at your location, not just yourself.  Akachi gets a bonus charge, Daisy uses it for a bonus action,   I think this is a very nice card draw engine.  Hand slot is a steep price for Daisy,  but a very payable fee for most Mystics.  I think this is solid.

    Read the Signs:   Seems a lot of excitement around this card.   To me,  2 resource cost is pretty expensive for a 1-time 1 extra clue and you still have to test (even at a big bonus, theres always AF). Compared to Art Student, or Working a Hunch, or Drawn to the Flame, or Rite of Seeking.    Handy for ignoring Haunted maybe,  but otherwise I'm not sold here.

    Jessica Hyde:  Probably the gem.  Keeping her alive a few turns for the auto-heal to kick in isnt too tough,   and +1 combat is very nice.  Very nice for Yorrick,  or any other survivor who wants to fight.  Lots of great allies for Tommy Muldoon,  but she's an option for him as well,  maybe he runs Solemn vow and Peter Sylvestre and absorbs the damage for the whole team,  could be fun.   I think Jessica is going to see a lot of action.   

  15. I could definitely second Eager for Death.   that's...  so fantastic.     But in the interest of doing something different, I'll say


    I think this demonstrates a lot of technical skill.   This person had to draw this guy shaving and also draw the mirror image of that.    And it looks flawless.   His reflection is perfect.   I can't even imagine doing that.   Just incredible.

    My other favorite is the alt art Jenny Barnes from the Hour of the Huntress.


  16. Glimmer of Hope might be handy in a Wendy deck, since she can discard any card from hand to redraw a token.   For other survivors, it pairs well with Cornered or Grisly Totem.   It's definitely a card that only really makes sense as a combo piece.

    Daredevil is an odd one.   I made a  Tony Morgan deck the other day before this came out.   So real quick I went back through it once I saw this to see how many rogue skill cards my past self thought were worth including, and the answer was...  0.   So that's not a great start.   Possibly could be a way get double-or-nothing (we are using Taboo, hence no DoN in my initial Tony deck).   Handy.   Worth 2 xp and a card slot?  tough to say...   Love the art on this one though.


  17. Seems to me like you understand things pretty well.     I dont really see why you need our help,   I think you've got it down.   In summation:

    Actions provoke Attacks of opportunity unless they are fight or evade.   Actions can be a variety of things including triggering an action (arrow symbol)  on a player card, location, treachery card, etc.  Actions also include the "basic" actions of move, gain a resource, play a card, draw a card, fight, or evade.   Some cards or abilities have a designator indicating what type of action they are.   Using a .45 automatic is a Fight action,   if it didn't have the Fight designator,  using the .45 Automatic would provoke an attack of opportunity!   The same is sometimes true for event cards,  they can also have keywords that designate them as a particular type of action.   "I've Got a Plan" is a Fight action,   "Slip Away" is an Evade action.  

    There are also quick actions (sideways lightning bolt), which don't provoke attacks of opportunity, and dont count against your actions per turn.   Really these aren't "actions" in the way that the above category is.   You can use these freely provided you have a player window to do so.   

    Then there are reactions (circle-y arrow) which also don't provoke and dont count against actions on your turn.   The only real difference between a reaction and a quick action is that a reaction is triggered on some sort of condition.   Leo's ability, for example, is a reaction.

    Some cards, however, allow you to mimic the effects of an action without actually taking that action or being that action, or mix and match a little.  This might be where it gets confusing.   Compare Shortcut (2) with Pathfinder.   Shortcut (2) has the quick action symbol,  but it also has the bold move designator.   This indicates that this is a move action.   Move actions provoke attacks of opportunity.   Even though it's sort of convenient shorthand to say "arrow actions provoke, lightning bolt actions dont"   this is only true most of the time.    The time it takes to perform an "action" (in the english sense) is immaterial.   What matters is what sort of action it is.   In short,  if it has a bold designator,  the rules for the bold designator apply.  

    Compare this to Pathfinder,  which performs a similar function to shortcut (2).   However, pathfinder does not have the Move keyword.   It does not provoke, it does not cost an action, you can even use it when under Frozen in Fear and suffer no penalties.  Pathfinder doesnt have the Move keyword,  it just moves you to a connecting location.   The same is true in all instances with the 0 XP version of shortcut.    Balcony refers to a move action,  you would take the damage from Shortcut (2) as it has the bold action designator.  You would not take the damage from the 0 XP version of shortcut, or from Pathfinder.

    The best guidelines are as follows:

    1.   Follow the specific rules on the card.   Mano a Mano is an event card,  it is not fast,  it is not a Fight action.   However,  it specifically says "this action does not provoke attacks of opportunity".
    2.   If no specific guidelines are present,  refer to the bold action designator on the card.   Move, Draw, Resource, Investigate, and (non-fast)Play actions provoke attacks of opportunity.   Fight, Evade, Parley and Resign actions do not.    
    3.  If there is no bold action designator, Actions with the Arrow symbol provoke attacks of opportunity.   Quick actions (lightning bolt) and reactions do not provoke, or count as actions during your turn,  or actions for the purposes of Take the Initiative, Pay Day etc.   Event cards with the Fast keyword also do not provoke, or count as actions.      

  18. I've had a bit of time to experience Mandy now.   She's in the Forgotten Age campaign that I'm playing, we are on the final (non-epilogue) scenario.  We're playing standard, 2 players (with my character, Tommy)  I'm not piloting the Mandy deck,  but I did build the deck.

    I built it as Seeker/Rogue because a)  Wanted the good survivor cards on Tommy and b)  wanted to use some of the evasion cards from rogue.  I've wound up being pretty unimpressed, which is surprising because I thought she was going to be amazing.   40 card deck ended up being more of a burden than a boon, as you'll find yourself less likely to draw the critical cards in your deck.

    Eureka is amazing on her,  and so is her Star effect, when you can draw it.  Didn't end up including Mr. Rook in the deck because I knew the pilot would never, ever, ever play him [even though we are using the Taboo list,  this person *likes* Milan, and will never, ever play Rook over Milan.   Charisma was a possibility,  but didnt end up going that route].    Perhaps I could try to persuade again next time around.   

    What else is good on Mandy?   The occasional Quick Thinking has been very nice, Slip Away has been handy too.    Her weakness is not usually all that bad.   Sometimes it's annoying.   What hasn't worked well is Old Book of Lore.   It's not nearly as useful as it is on Daisy.  You kind of need to use OBL about 4 times with Mandy's ability to make it worth playing over just drawing cards the old fashioned way.   We've found that just isn't feasible.   Mandy can't be the draw engine for the team and the primary clue-getter at the same time.  Was very disappointed here.     Another tough thing is that she has hand problems, like most seekers do,  but the competition is pretty fierce to justify OBL.   

    So overall I've found her to be okay, not great.    But I probably could have built the deck better,  hence the main thrust of the topic.   I'll likely give Mandy a go myself after we sum up this campaign and start the next one,   so how should I build her for maximum effectiveness?    Is 40 cards the way to go?  Should I slim down to 30?  I was thinking of going Seeker/Mystic, over Seeker/Rogue to include Ward of Protection and the juicy new Stargazing.   Any other Mystic events/skills that I shouldnt pass up?    Is there a Mr. Rook build somewhere that's crushing it?  Generally looking for any insight on how to make an effective Mandy,   and whether or not she is just a slightly weaker version of Daisy.

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