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  1. yes. Jim's ability doesnt change the token to a 0, it changes the modifier to 0. He still drew the skull, so anything that triggers off of drawing the skull still triggers, including Shriveling's disadvantage. Other affects of the skull token that aren't negative modifiers (such as draw another chaos token, popular in some scenarios) also trigger.
  2. getting all of the cultists investigated with only a core set is really not an attainable goal. I would say you could be happy with 3 or very happy with 4. Which, I understand, is a bit higher than you're currently getting typically. But beating the campaign is what counts, and you did that, so congratulations! It's very hard to say what you should and should not be doing without seeing you play a couple of turns. For me the most difficult part of the game was figuring out when to collect resources and play assets, and when you need to look for clues. Typically I like to try to set up a little before I venture out. having more equipment will save time in the long run, but of course you can't take *too* much time either! It's a delicate balance. If you keep Your House (which I recommend doing very highly) you can get a lot of efficiency by staying there and getting some extra cards and resources.
  3. well, first I have to say that Daisy has never stopped being amazing. She's really good. That said... I would probably just take 2x Old Book of Lore, and if you want to go crazy, maybe a research librarian or two. I still don't really consider other tomes especially worth it. OBL is pretty much the best one. The reason is that Daisy doesnt really need 8 tomes, she needs 1 tome that she wants to use all the time, and that's basically exactly what OBL is. I don't usually go "search" daisy. I just probably wouldn't bother. Keep her 30 card deck tighter and packed with stuff you really want, and I dont think Astounding Revelation makes the cut for me. Actually, I don't really generally feel too resource starved when I play daisy... I guess it depends on what you're running, but I usually end up being rich if I get Milan out (and we do play Taboo. but even still). Then again, I'm not spending money on tomes. I don't like Unearth the Ancients, I think it's a pretty poor card. I think it's a very poor card. Crack the case is a good include though, and emergency cache. I pretty much never am going to put out Daisy's tote bag, ever. I don't really want more than 1 tome. I would definitely still run both magnifying glass and fingerprint kit. Whether or not you "need" them aside, those cards are great. I like to run trench coat for a little extra survivability, that's really the only other level 0 asset I usually play. Eventually Death XIII and Pathfinder once you get XP. In essence, just go really light on tomes, and only use the good one (OBL). Then fill your deck up with whatever other seeker toys make sense to you. Some favorites are I've Got a Plan, Deduction, milan, magnifying glass, fingerprint kit, eureka, maybe research librarian. Neutral: Perception/Manual dexterity are fine, flashlight if you feel like it. As I said earlier, I like trench coat. Mystic off class; hardly anything. 2x Ward of Protection, and if you're feeling very cheeky, 2x delve too deep, otherwise nothing else from mystic.
  4. ah yes, this does get a bit confusing, doesn't it? Yeah, that could be cool. Let me know if it's worth it.
  5. sure, tome access will get better for parallel daisy later on. But level 4-5 seeker cards will also get better. So I don't see that as being necessarily in Parallel Daisy's favor. Book of Shadows3/ Guiding Stones is sort of a nice combo, but it seems slow, since you won't have Daisy's free tome action/turn. Definitely give it a try and let us know how it goes, but I suspect it won't be that strong.
  6. I have had some very clutch plays with Dynamite Blast when I play Rex, so I would say that is definitely solid. IMO Dynamite blast is a far better card in Seeker than it is in Guardian. So that might be compelling. But if you want a small amount of off-class cards, you probably could just play Rex and not have to give up your high level seeker cards. I agree that the back of the parallel investigator card nevertheless still seems to have some degree of promise, where the front part is pretty awful.
  7. No, you don't keep the trait or the penalties.
  8. yeah, i saw that. Alternate investigators seem like an easy hit, but.... I don't really feel that what is previewed here is useful, or good. For the first part of daisy's new ability you have to have 2 tomes in play just to be back to where Daisy would normally be otherwise. 3+ tomes in play for it to be an advantage. For the second part, you trade a free use of a tome every turn for a free use of all of your tomes once per game. That is decidedly a bad tradeoff. I don't know what they were thinking here. No alt art, even.
  9. succeeding at ability checks: Don't be too scared of the -8 token just now. For the moment it is only used on expert difficulty. So don't play that difficulty level, very few people do. If you are having trouble with the game I strongly suggest the "easy" difficulty, and once you get a handle on the game you can adjust as you like. To succeed at a skill check it is helpful to have a higher skill value, so playing cards that can give you modifiers is helpful. Beat Cop, for example, gives you +1 to your combat score. Committing skill cards or non-skill cards to a check for their skill icons can also help. Talent cards (physical training, hard knocks, dig deep, etc) can also help. Taking less skill checks is another way you can go (automatic damage via guard dog, dynamite blast, etc). Still, you simply aren't going to pass a skill check every time you reach into the bag. If you don't succeed, try again. High health enemies: Mostly weapon cards. Look for any ways to deal extra damage, you'll need these. Night of the Zealot: Are you talking about the special, "named" cultists in the final scenario? I think you are. Having 4 active cultists can be tough. You can power through them with guns/dynamite, or try to evade them and get to the location you need. You could also replay the campaign and hope to do a little better on the Midnight Masks scenario, then you wont have as many cultists to deal with. character XP: You are not supposed to start the game with any XP. You're intended to progress through the game, spending XP that you earn. Learning deckbuilding is an essential skill of the game. Just because something costs more XP doesn't necessarily make it better. Much of the time it is better, but not always. Be careful in what you put in your deck, and spend your XP wisely! are you doing something wrong: Quite possibly. Not too long ago there was a poster who was in a similar situation and we found out that they didn't realize they could assign damage to their assets, making things much harder for themselves. That said, I can't tell if you are doing anything wrong or not from your post. Maybe we could try to help you if you walk us through a sample turn, and we could look to see if you are making any errors. On easy mode, I don't think the game is so difficult. But that's a subjective thing. Plenty of people have come up with their own rules to make the game easier. That's your choice ultimately with how you'd like to do it. But if you were asking me for my opinion, I'd recommend against doing this. I'd say you were robbing yourself of the experience of the game. I'd suggest it's more important to learn the rules and understand the mechanics of the game, even if you have to eat a few losses on the way. I honestly believe that if you understand the rules fully and have a grasp of basic strategy, you can beat the game on the FFG easy mode setting, with no further adjustments necessary.
  10. First let me just get this out of the way: Doing the core campaign and continuing on to the dunwich block is not recommended. It would be more in line with how the game is designed to be played to do the core campaign, and then begin a new campaign for dunwich (you could do the same characters, but start them again at 0xp and no trauma). To answer your question though, that really depends on how you want to build Jenny. If you want to build Jenny for a combat role, then Rex is the better choice. If you want to build Jenny for a more investigative/evasion role, then Zoey is the better choice. If you build her as a generalist, then you probably want another generalist, maybe Agnes or Jim or Pete. Incidentally, I am a huge Jenny Barnes fan myself, and have built her many different ways. She's good fun.
  11. for a 2 person party? It's really hard to say. It depends mostly on who your characters are and what their decks can do. Let's say you have Daisy and Skids. Daisy is completely helpless. She might very well be the best (or one of the best) at getting clues, but she's not good at evade, and she's not good at combat. She needs somebody to protect her, either by killing monsters or at least by pulling them away and then evading them. This is a situation where you want to have your characters stick pretty close together. But supposing you have Wendy/Roland. You have a lot more freedom, as Roland should ideally be able to combat his way through monsters, and Wendy can probably evade them. You can probably afford to split up a bit more if the situation dictates it. But there are so many exceptions. For example, maybe Wendy has Backstab in hand and it's early game, and Roland hasn't found a weapon. You might consider having Wendy stay close so she can protect Roland as he draws cards, gains resources, and tries to set up. Maybe it's a situation where there is a tougher monster that is going to take multiple turns for Skids to defeat. It's probably better to have Daisy go on ahead and try to pick up some clues and risk maybe drawing a monster on her turn than to wait around and waste a few turns while skids chews through some high HP monster. There's so much to consider, how much doom is on the agenda? How much health do your characters have remaining? Do you have any cards in hand that might save you if you do have your seeker happen to bump into a monster (even something as simple as Manual Dexterity or Unexpected Courage)? Do you have any special insight to the scenario (have you played it before? Do you usually run out of time, or is the threat being KO'd? Is there a hint in the scenario log that will give you an idea of what sort of mission this is going to be? When you built the encounter deck are there any cards you are particularly worried about?) Many of these things are important to keep in mind when deck-building as well. So yeah, it's hard to make any sweeping generalities. Think about what resources you have at your disposal, and what tools you might be likely to draw/have in play in the near future.
  12. The 3rd scenario is very difficult. Don't get discouraged if you can't beat it, pretty much nobody can their first time through. Maybe mess around with different characters and see what you can come up with. You can also ask for advice if you're still stuck. Myself and others have come up with some solid strategies, but I'll avoid mentioning them for now if you'd like to see what you can come up with on your own.
  13. that's great! I feel Daisy is still quite powerful, and yeah, OBL is really good on her (it's not as good on other seekers). Skids has lost a little bit in the current state of the game, but he's good fun and perfectly fine for the core set. Daisy is so strong because she has raw strength (5 Lore) *and* extra actions (from Tomes). I certainly agree that extra actions are probably more valuable than a point or two of primary stat if you are playing on easy mode. If you get into harder difficulties, you might reconsider your stance, as higher base stats are very valuable when the token bag is meaner.
  14. Forgotten Age has both of those in spades. You should know that Forgotten Age is a bit harder than Dunwich campaign, which is why it's usually not suggested as a first adventure. A larger card pool will help you.
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