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  1. for those characters who can take it, the Rogue card Adaptable (Miscatonic Museum) also lets you swap out some level 0 cards between scenarios, if you wish to do it totally legit while still not spending XP for every single level 0 card you want to try. And even then it doesnt solve the issue completely, it only helps take the edge off. House rules for level 0 deckbuilding changes are pretty benign I think. I typically go the multiple campaigns route myself, but I have the luxury of being able to play the game quite a lot if I want to, and this isn't as practical if you can only meet with your group every couple of weeks.
  2. I probably would have picked Beyond the Veil as my favorite, evil encounter treachery card for all the reasons you mentioned. But.. since you already covered it, I'll say my runner-up which is Pushed into the Beyond. Like Beyond the Veil, this card changes the way the game is played just by being a potential threat. After you've been punished once or twice by dropping a first-turn Leo de Lucca or Milan Christopher only to have all your investment stolen from you because you have no other assets out, you learn to play a bit more cautiously. I really like to keep a low-cost asset in my deck (Forbidden Knowledge is great, or Painkillers work) just as a sort of cannon fodder against this card. I always try to play out a cheap asset first if I am going to put down something more expensive. Pushed into the Beyond can be really annoying to fighters who lose their weapon at the worst possible moment, and I've seen unlucky players repeatedly draw it seemingly turn after turn, and spend half the game desperately trying to get some sort of board presence. The special thing about this card is there aren't many other ways to defend against it (beyond the likes of Ward of Protection), there isn't a check, it just happens. There is no chance to save your items, which makes it quite annoying to deal with. Still, every now and again you can get lucky and have this be a completely dead mythos card (if you spent your first turn or two very asset-light), or even be beneficial by possibly freeing you of your Weaknesses. It can also be nice to shuffle a weapon with 0 ammo counters back into the deck and have a chance to draw it again, assuming you don't immediately discard it and take 2 horror of course!
  3. For other characters I think this is an tough question. For Mark, I like the shotgun. Extra Ammo will be critical of course, but with Sophie and his fight of 5 he can be at a 10 combat before he commits cards or resources. Shotgun is very good on Mark.
  4. Pack review time, I just picked this up and had a chance to play a bit of Carcosa with at least some of these cards., Echoes of the Past was a fun pack! (No spoilers except for player cards here) Heroic Rescue: Looks interesting. Pressing the role of Guardian as a sort of a tank. Could be very useful to help guard your seeker against damaging enemies. It sort of functions like a Taunt in some ways by giving you a Fast engagement, but also deals 1 damage. I can see some opportunity for use of this in multiplayer when your ally is at your location and wants to do something that might provoke an AoO, you could use Heroic Rescue and take the AoO, get the enemy off your friend, and deal a damage. That seems the best use of this card to me.... is that something you can regularly set up, and is the pay-off worth it? I don't know for sure yet. Combat Training/Moxie/Plucky/Grounded: These get reviewed together. So, the theme here is that (with the exception of Grounded) you can spend resources to buff the best stat for your class, or the worst stat for your class. In principle, that's sort of nice. You buff your strengths and cover your weaknesses at the same time. Resource cost is only 1, cheap, XP cost is 1, not bad either. And then it's got that weird text that you have to assign Horror to that card first, so it's fairly easy to get rid of these. Hm... Ok, so my first thought was that maybe I run this from Seeker, because they have a lot of places (mostly allies) where you can assign Sanity damage before having to destroy your Scientific Theory. But then again, since Higher Education exists: pumping your Lore 1:1 isn't that great, pumping your combat is -and this is the difficulty with all of these cards- going to be very expensive to make it worth it. Grounded looks interesting because it doesn't say +1 Willpower, so.... does this imply we are going to get some spells later on that don't rely on the Willpower stat? Maybe it does. Mystic like seeker has some places to put sanity damage, making this a bit more attractive... I think this might be the best one of the group. And even if this goes away, 1 extra sanity I don't have to take is welcome too on a mystic when you are burning through your sanity with spells. I quite like Combat Training, but there are less places available for Guardian to put sanity damage, would take a specific deck type. Roland has some options here, and Skids likes both of these stats very much, making it more attractive. Moxie: Maybe Skids likes this too for the Willpower boost.. but I feel the stats here boosted are a bit less attractive than the others. But maybe Sefina likes this because of her access to Mystic cards. Anatomical Diagrams: I like this a lot, this is what Expose Weakness should have been. No xp, fast, low cost, no check, instant -2/-2 to a non-elite enemy. This can help you evade, or help your ally fight. Enemies with a very low combat or evade stat (2 or less) get reduced to 0 which is a big deal, allowing for easy evades. This lets Seekers handle very weak enemies without help, or you can assist your fighters. I played with this a bit, and it was very helpful! Knuckleduster: Ick. I don't want to give an enemy retaliate, with no bonuses, on top of my already mediocre Rogue combat stats. No thanks. There are better weapons available. I understand the value of 2 damage but yikes, with no straight up bonus to combat checks, it's too dangerous. David Renfield: Well... I had to google what Eschatology was. Anyway, he's not bad. Mystic doesnt have too many allies available to he is welcome with his cheap cost and reasonable reserves of HP and Sanity. He's much like Dr. William T. Maleson, I think. Nice, but mostly there for the HP. His cost is quickly mitigated by a free resource during the Witching Hour, as well with a handy +1 Willpower on that turn as well. While it's interesting to try to churn Doom on him every turn and make a ton of money off of him, I'm not sure this is going to be his primary function. But I've not really played him yet, maybe he could be very good for this purpose. Cherished Keepsake: Like it a lot. Haha... Mr. Pawterson! What a good name. Reckless Assault/Say your Prayers/Desperate Search/Run for your Life: Hm. I think Reckless Assault is the best of the bunch here, because I feel it's usually more important to have a very high combat value than a very high Lore value, for instance. Specifically I like Reckless Assault with a Shotgun, because you want to succeed by a very high amount. Guardians probably don't have much problem getting to 3 sanity or less. Skids might like this a lot too. I can see a case for Say Your Prayers in mystic. Run for your Life could be useful in a seeker, who needs a panic button to escape an enemy.... but the Sanity requirement is much harsher in that case. One final thought: If you are a Ashcan Pete fan this pack has some nice things for you. Pete often runs resource-light with Dark Horse, so the 4 icon skill cards are all very helpful to him, especially since it's easy to get down to 3 sanity with him, but no worries because you still have Duke, and maybe a Cherished Keepsake to keep you in the game! Plucky is also great on Pete, allowing you to activate Dark Horse easily, and you can guard it with Duke and Cherished Keepsake. William Yorrick likes the teddy bear a lot too!!
  5. I agree, but that's not the point of what I was saying. Sure, absolutely design scenarios where different skill sets are more or less valuable. That's not the issue. The issue is that the investigators who are going to do well on Blood get a Double-whammy on U&U, and the investigators who are going to do well on U&U already are going to have a walk in the park if they also did poorly on the previous BotA. I wasn't saying that everything should be only books and combat, -far from it.... only that the swing between BotA and U&U is too drastic, a problem which was created by this well-intended "catch up mechanic" idea.
  6. Ok, so I'm going to go ahead and come down on the other side of this one. I don't think it's particularly good design. It definitely feels like you're being punished for doing well. And when I replay the Blood on the Altar scenario, I quite intentionally wait until 2 sacrifices have been made to win the scenario, even if I have the ability to win it earlier. It's like we get to the hidden chamber and Prof. Rice is already dead, Earl Sawyer is strapped to the table screaming "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HELP ME!" and we're just like "****, there was nothing we could do!" "KILL THIS RAVING LUNATIC!!!!" ", I'm going to draw for one, hm... I'll drop some Painkillers and... gain a resource. Go ahead." "Kay. Hm.. draw for one. Eh. Draw for two. OOoooohhh.... Action 3: Delve to Deep." "AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "Such a shame he had to go out like that. Should we stop the ritual now?" " -Yeah I guess so." The other thing is that Blood on the Altar is a fairly straightforward scenario, with Combat and Investigation being lynchpin stats. U&U is very unusual, with Willpower and Agility being the most important stats. That is to say: Investigators who are strong at Blood on the Altar are not the same investigators that are strong against U&U. I think this makes it a lot more swingy, as if you do well in Blood then all of a sudden, U&U set up is more brutal, AND you find your investigators ill equipped to deal with the situation in general -where as if you did poorly at blood, you might have just the kind of team necessary to tackle U&U well... and you'll get an easier set up to boot.
  7. haha, firstly, I don't think Soakman is new here... =D Second, I mean woah... hold up there a bit. Buhallin might have been a bit direct, but it's not fair to say they were on a mad mission to be right and win and crush all dissent either. I actually think this game has a pretty nice community. We're fans of the game here, what disagreements we have sprout from trying to help others to enjoy the game as we do. Dissent is built out of friendship, not malice. And I'll be the first one to stand up and say what I think of a card, whether I think it's bad or good, and argue my case, but we don't have trolls here. When we voice opinions it is with a direction to help people comprehend and use strategies we feel have been effective for us. Even in the case of the chaos bag, comments here should be aimed at helping people to enjoy the game more. I started the thread because I felt that the experience I was having was not what the designers of the game had intended. I felt I was getting insufficiently random results from the chaos bag I possessed and was looking to see if others had a similar problem and what they did to fix it. I can't imagine that the designers intended that a token getting stuck in the corner of a chaos bag and never getting drawn was supposed to be in some way "part of the game". An app certainly would be one way of ensuring randomness. Of course, it's clear in the OP that an app wasn't what I was looking for =D, I was looking for a physical solution. Of note, since the OP I switched to a larger chaos bag, with rather a large amount of space for the tokens to move in, and I think it helps, but I don't think it solves the problem completely. I'm still looking for any tricks, anywhere from giving the bag a shake to making a totally newly designed bag. So let's keep things on that topic.
  8. hm. Rex and Jenny. Well, Rex only goes one direction, and that is getting as many clues as possible. So I would use Jenny's 5 out-of-faction picks to amp up her combat ability. But let's talk about Rex first. Personally I find a Rex deck sort of builds itself. Just take as much clue-giving things as you possibly can. for out-of-faction picks I would recommend 2x Delve Too Deep. This card really helps amp up the experience gain of your characters and while it's not necessary, it's both helpful and suspenseful and fun. I like to run Fire Axe in Rex to give him some ability to defend himself. Lantern looks good also. Include things to bump up your Lore, such as Magnifying glass and Dr. Milan Christopher, hopefully you will get 2 clues at once a fair amount of the time. Your XP path is pretty easy to lay out, Higher Education is probably his first pick up, I like Deduction-(2xp) a lot as an early pick up as well. You'll want to decide early if you are going for Strange Solution or not. There are pros and cons each way. Strange solution can be powerful, especially if you use one of Rex's out-of-faction picks to grab Scavenging (Disc of Itzamna is also great with Scavenging). But it's not exactly trivial to get to that point, each strange solution is 4xp, so you'll have to do quite a few missions with a somewhat sub-optimal card in that slot, and you can always spend that xp on other things. Like I said, both ways have their merits, but pick one direction at the beginning and stick with it. Jenny: I like 2x Prepared for the Worst as some of her out-of-faction picks. Jenny's Twin .45s are powerful early on, and later you can use Prepared for the Worst to search for your ultimate weapon, the Chicago Typewriter, which I recommend picking up quickly, despite the hefty xp cost. Physical Training can be a good card to include if you are using only 1 core. If you have 2 cores, you can probably save the out-of-faction pick by taking 2x Hard Knocks instead. It's a bit of an oddball, but I like Dark Horse as an out of faction pick for Jenny. Jenny makes a lot of money but she also spends a lot of money, Dark Horse provides a boost a lot of the time. Strong, but it's certainly not the only way to go. You could just as easily pick the Machete from Guardian, or a Beat Cop. Dynamite Blast or Dodge can work well. XP path I would try to get Chicago Typewriter as soon as possible, I like to include Contraband pretty much to help out the ammo situation on the Chicago Typewriter, and keep you in powerful ammo the whole game. Other good XP pick ups are Leo de Lucca (1 xp) and Charisma. I hope this gives you a place to start, I'd be happy to follow up if you'd like other suggestions.
  9. In every case I feel the right answer is: Delve too Deep. If you meant besides that, then: Lone Wolf, Prepared for the Worst, Look What I Found!, Ward of Protection, Fire Axe, Liquid Courage are all strong contenders.
  10. I know what the card does. There is a sort of limit on distance, it's a revealed location with no enemies. Theoretically yes, if you happened to be in a scenario 6 spaces away from where you wanted to be and there was no enemy there, then yes, you could move there with Elusive. In practice, most maps are pretty centralized, and take only maybe 2-3 moves to get from one end of the map to the other. Most of the time you'll only really ever need to move 1-2 steps. For that, a Shortcut at 0 cost and without the no-enemy restriction is quite a bit better. Mark has no easy access to tons of resources, and will want to be spending his cash on weapons and other assets, so I don't particularly love spending the 2 on elusive. I never said mark was "purely" about killing monsters, but he is *mostly* about killing monsters (unless you're doing some sort of mark solo build which I already said Elusive might be worth a spot if it was a solo deck). If you want a well rounded character there are others who fit the bill better. To be clear, you have tried Elusive in Mark Harrigan multiplayer and feel it is worth the deck space?
  11. to be clear: I do like Elusive: I'm just not sure that I like it out of Mark Harrigan. Mark is about attacking enemies, and Elusive is about disengaging, and then moving to where no enemies are present. It seems like a card that goes against what Mark is fundamentally trying to do, that's why I don't favor it in his deck. I do like it in others, especially Wendy, and most of the Rogues as well. Elusive could be a decent pick for a Solo mark build though. I considered Hiding Spot but ultimately it seemed a bit too niche to be useful, so it got cut.
  12. Combos: No? Not a fan of extra ammunition? I think it's great. Agree to disagree there I guess. I mean sure, you have to get combo part 1 before you can play combo part 2, obviously. But in the case of EC-3 at least, it specifically *isnt* a dead draw if you don't get your strange solution. That's like the whole point.
  13. true, but you can only have a maximum of 2 strange solutions in your deck. Running 2 Solutions and 2 Emergency Cache-3 doubles (or more, because some Solutions only have 3 supplies) the available uses of Strange Solution that you can get. It's not purely about what is the most resource-efficient if you are running a deck that has SS as the lynchpin of your strategy.
  14. no, supply is supply. Ammo is ammo. Charges are charges. this card is kind of interesting though, just because it does something that seems dramatically different from the original printed card.