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  1. I don't see why it would be good in Where Doom Awaits, doesn't seem very compelling to me... Lost in time and space it seems okay, again, somebody has to get to the location first before you can use it. Is Elusive the best card in the game? I know they love it on the Drawn to the Flame podcast.... I'm sure that's in large part to the fast disengagement though, which Astral Travel doesn't do. Anyway, I think Elusive is allright, it's not the best card in the game. It's probably not even the best 0 level card in the game (Delve too Deep seems like it holds the title). It's probably not even the best 0 level rogue card in the game. I mean... Lone Wolf? Double-or-Nothing? Sleight of Hand? It's just not good enough for the vast majority of scenarios. Even if it is *very* good in House Always Wins, Carnivale, and Lost in Time and Space (and frankly, except for Carnivale I'd only go as far as "it's okay" for the other two) I'm not running a card that is good for 3 out of 17 scenarios. It has to be good in every scenario for it to make it into my deck right now, and the competition is only going to get tougher from here.
  2. Eh... Astral travel can only be used on a location that is already revealed, meaning that you or another player has to have been to the hard-to-get-to location already. It can help you catch up if you are lagging behind, but it can't really help you advance the scenario. The card effect is much like Elusive except it costs more, it isn't fast, it still provokes AoOs, you don't disengage with enemies and there is an added risk of losing an item or ally. The only advantage it has over Elusive is that you can Astral Travel into locations with enemies on them, which is sort of a questionable idea anyway. So yeah, I would say it's bad. It's bad until: a) We get some way to reveal locations without actually having to go there first. b) the maps on the large majority of the scenarios are ultra-annoying. once one of those things is true I'll play it.
  3. Guardian: I agree that the .32 colt is a big deal, but I think other guardian cards are an equally big deal. Let Me Handle This is so good in multiplayer because it lets your Guardian do their job to pull enemies off the Seekers/ weaker characters. You don't have to babysit nearly as much, where before if you wanted to help your friend you would have to probably move, think about whether to spend an action to engage or not, and then make your attack, you can just immediately LMHT to spawn the enemy on top of yourself and attack. Seeker is free to do their thing, and you've got 3 actions to use to fight, it's big. I think LMHT fully replaces Taunt in all decks. I'm also a fan of True Grit, really helps me feel that I'm the guardian, here I am, and I'm going to protect everyone. That feels right. Mystics: I think Mystics are killing it in this pack. Astral Travel is sort of a dud, I admit, but Spirit Athame and Uncage the Soul more than make up for it. I played Akachi for the first time and I was finally like "Oh. I get it. This is how Mystics are supposed to work." I was actually running her through the Dunwich campaign, and it just seemed like for the first time all the parts came together. I had enough money thanks to Uncage the Soul, and the Athame gives you a huge boost to your spells and you can very reliably land them. I had her against Undimensioned/Unseen with 2x Athame and Blood Pact adding +5 to 2 of her Esoteric formula attacks per turn. She was tearing through Broods of Yog-Sothoth, and even managed to drop one with 3 Towering Beast cards stacked on it (Yorick volunteered his police badge to give Akachi 5 attacks on it during the Witching Hour). Rogue: Lockpicks are cool, but I think Rogue didn't make it out too well in the pack. Some of these cards are pretty niche, Stealth might find a home in Wendy decks but probably not too many others will run it. Daring Maneuver I think is very unimpressive. Sleight of Hand is jaw-droppingly good, but not for rogues. Zoey loves it though. Even lockpicks can only be used once per turn, and give you no bonus clues on success, which to me makes them fair (and only 1 xp), but not great. Survivors: I quite like some of the new survivor cards. Shovel is handy. Lantern can be nice as well. Resourceful is great, especially for Minh. Seekers: Fieldwork is the star of the pack for Seekers. Nice card, and gives you a chance at combat or evade if there is a monster where you need to be. I like the idea of No Stone Unturned for Jim, but I havent tried it out yet.
  4. I mean... nobody is going to be harmed by you giving yourself 1 extra xp, or 9 extra xp as the case may be. You can argue that your enjoyment of the game is slightly lessened, but their enjoyment of the game might be slightly increased. I wouldn't really sweat it man, it's just a game. Some people would absolutely let their opponents collect $200 for passing go 3 turns later. I'm one of them. Well, I would be if I played Monopoly, which I don't because it's awful, but still.
  5. That's what I was thinking. How about the case of Guard Dog/Brother Xavier, and the separate case of Beat Cop-2 using his last HP to defeat an enemy? Aside: I don't know why I call him Yorick. I mean I know that I call him that because that's what I always called him in the other Arkham Files games. I don't know why I decided to call him Yorick instead of William. But I have never called him William.
  6. If Yorrick draws a Skull token with the baseball bat but also defeats the enemy he was attacking, what happens exactly? I think it is this way: 1. Attack resolves completely, enemy is defeated, Yorrick can trigger his ability. 2. Baseball bat breaks. IE: Yorrick can't get the baseball bat right back even if he has the resources, but he can get something else. Does this seem right?
  7. Hooray for more Drawn to the Flame! Lola: Yikes, I believe "intimidating" is the word you used, and I have to agree with that. I would really like to see in person somebody playing Lola well, to me she is a puzzle that seems incredibly tricky to parse out. She has unmatched versatility, and some crippling weaknesses to round her out. On one hand she can get all the level-3 XP cards she likes, but on the other she will never be able to access any of the really powerful cards that are level 4+. I know there are players who are going to love constant role-switching and for whom Lola might be a strong contender for favorite character.... but I have to say that this person is probably not me. If it wasn't for Sefina, I would say that Lola is far and away the hardest investigator to build a deck with, you really have to know what you're doing. With Sefina in the mix.... even then I think Lola edges her out for the title. Sefina: I am drawn to this character because she is so different. In Netrunner, Andromeda dominated the tournament scene for a while. A long while. Andromeda's character advantage was essentially simply that "She starts with a big hand". I dont think it's possible to overstate how Strong Sefina's opening hand really is. It ensures her a consistently good start to the game. Problem with Sefina is going to be just how much her 2 combat and 2 Lore cripple her. With the right spells she can use her 4 Willpower instead, but still, those spells are expensive and 4 WP still is only mediocre. Since combat and Lore are arguably the most important stats in the game, this is going to be quite a challenge for her. You did mention it briefly in the podcast, but you sort of moved on very quickly, I think it's quite important to reiterate that she has access to the Mystic pool of cards. And those are some serious cards to copy with the Painted World. Don't get me wrong, I love a Hot Streak as much as the next guy, but Sefina has a load of amazing options for the Painted World that you didn't mention: including the new Uncage the Soul, Hypnotic Gaze, Ward of Protection, even -yes- Drawn to the Flame. Rogue Cards: I'm still a little miffed at Sleight of Hand for being a bit of a thematic-fail. Why is it that the best targets for Sleight of hand are Shotguns, Lightning Guns, and Chicago Typewriters? None of these things seem particularly stealthy to me. I would have much rather seen a slightly better bonus and a restriction to items that take up only 1 hand. Oh well, it is unquestionably a powerful effect. Rex can take this and use it on the Strange Solution, which seems pretty good. Daring Maneuver: I understand the value of this card in its being retroactive rather than proactive, but still, it seems only marginally better than just playing an Unexpected Courage into the check in the first place. I'm unimpressed. Lockpicks: I like these a lot. Most characters who can take Lockpicks have a combined Lore/Agility stat of 6 (Lola, Jenny, Skids, Sefina). Wendy however, has a combined Lore/Agility stat of 7, which makes Lockpicks even better for her. If Wendy also happens to be using Dark Horse, she can have an investigate check of 9 once per turn, which is pretty impressive, giving you a virtually guaranteed clue, even on hard mode. Love these. Nice podcast, looking forward to hearing about the rest of the Carcosa box.
  8. all damage bonuses too, including Vicious blow, weapon damage, etc.
  9. base intellect is where you start before modifiers. All of these will work. The only thing that wont work is something else that is trying to change his base intellect, E.G. The Man with Red Gloves, or stuff that requires it's own separate action (which would stop you from using Duke) E.G. Flashlight.
  10. yes, you still have to pay.
  11. you wont have a whole lot of options to tweak beyond the starter decks with 1 core set. That said, I think Roland/Wendy is pretty good. I would say that's the best 1 core set team. You'll probably tweak the starter deck slightly, It seems natural to take Wendy's copies of Overpower and give them to Roland, and take Roland's Manual Dexterity and give it to Wendy. That's a good place to start.
  12. I agree, to a certain extent. I think Yorrick might favor cheaper Survivor weapons like Baseball bat over the more expensive Guardian weapons. The humble Knife is particularly good for Yorrick because he can use it's discard ability to do +2 attack, +1 damage and if he kills something with it he can pay 1 resource to immediately get it back. Knife might be one of his best weapons to be honest. Getting cards from your discard pile has an extra benefit as well in many scenarios that mill cards from your deck. You'll have easy access to any asset in your discard pile, so it's hard for the encounter deck to deny Yorrick cards that are important for his build.
  13. it's listed in the preview article Adira, or at least it is if you click through the images. Fairly standard 30 cards, 0-5 Survivor, 0-5 Neutral, 0-2 Guardian. I'm thinking about the Lantern a little. Do we like this over the flashlight? It's quite handy for 1 shroud locations, or if you are planning to investigate a LOT. Otherwise I think the flashlight seems superior. Maybe Rex likes this.... but Rex has so many other ways to increase his Lore he probably doesn't want to spend an out-of-faction card on this. 1 automatic damage when you need it though is very nice. It might be worth it to run just for that.
  14. Preview article of Carcosa is up, featuring William Yorrick, the gravedigger! I like him a lot! He is sort of the Survivor class taking part in the guardian role, using scrappy weapons to get by. The baseball bat seems like an auto-include here, the main weakness of the weapon being somewhat mitigated by Yorrick's special ability. Gravedigger's shovel also seems like a fairly good weapon, I like that you can get rid of it for a useful effect if you have another weapon in hand (or discard pile) that you are looking to play. His signature card Bury them Deep is fantastic, I'll never say no to +1 xp, and there have been plenty of times I've defeated an enemy and thought to myself... "boy, I wish that card had Victory points so I wouldn't have to ever see him again this game". All at the low low price of free. Graveyard Ghouls could be a pain early on, but all things considered it isn't that bad of a weakness. His guardian cards are going to help him out. I love the idea of Brother Xavier, and Vicious Blow-2 to help him deal some extra damage. And I'm definitely looking forward to some Guard Dog recursion!