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  1. From the time of Warzone you role-play of this universe, called the Mutant Chronicles RPG. Mutantpedia Mutant Chronicles
  2. People Forum Mutant Chronicles are creating an application to play this game online thumbnail. FREE list go by and creation to help with comments, ideas, etc ... and above all to be many players and the system works and so we provide a good way for us to play with us at a distance and enjoy this game, unfortunately now closed. I leave the links to the forum and topic which is being developed, they even have videos on youtube to be watching the progress of the program. Mutant Chronicles Forum Suggestions, ideas, bug reports on the development of program news and downloads new updates Have already taken the first playable beta version to be polishing the system. In principle, and only limited possibilities to test three models. And of course encourage you to participate in testing the game in the forum, even in Spanish is very intuitive and your input and feedback can come in handy to improve the program until you make a complete version with all errors corrected. Even so it could be possible with a translation in English. I leave with a catch so that you see an idea. And a small video with some of the properties of the program Of course clear that this is a simple program to play a non-profit, is simply the attempt to keep alive this game among fans and those who can not play in person can still enjoy this game with friends through internet. Greetings.
  3. ¡¡Added new maps for download!! All optimized at 100%. No needing to be resized to about 81% mutantchronicles.mforos.com/1660168/8419032-mapas-no-oficiales/ Several purifications
  4. Sorry for my bad english. In Spain ask EDGE (official distributor of the game) and received a reply quite illuminating: "Certainly we are with you. The rules are great and certainly had tremendous potential. In fact, in addition, sales were good. There have been a lot of problems with the change of format, production ... seems to have been a small disaster on the problems of manufacture, so have decided to cancel FFG "
  5. de99ial said: Wow... Ididnt knew that... Because Ultimate Warzone wasnt published in my country... May i ask You for smoe links with storyline that edition? Off course i mean only legal stuff. Here you can download all the Warzone and Ultimate Warzone manuals and guides. http://mutantchronicles.mforos.com/883336/6135151-reglamentos-y-expansiones-de-warzone/
  6. ¡Thanks! Yes, all 3 maps (and future maps to be added) are to be printed at 100% Several purifications
  7. He also commented that the other two maps that I've had retouched. Now they have areas of difficult terrain, coverage areas and walls, victory zones and deployment. And the map with the crater, i enlarged, putting more of forest area, with a footpath on the left and more cleared land on the right. In addition I have prepared this maps (and will be with all who will go up too) to be printed at 100%. You do not have to reduce to 81% as with the downloadable PDF of the page for the game. Sorry, my english is bad Several Purifications
  8. ¡¡Added new maps for download!! All optimized at 100%. No needing to be resized to about 81% mutantchronicles.mforos.com/1660168/8419032-mapas-no-oficiales/ Several purifications
  9. Good summary, but do not forget that much of the sinking was due to Games Workshop to win a legal battle that ended in a lawsuit that forced the destruction of Warzone molds minis Games Workshop die!!
  10. I now I will be happy space in my forum mutant chronicles. Although it is there in Spanish can participate freely in English. mutantchronicles.mforos.com/ You are welcome
  11. Thanks I believe that the crater is a map of D&D Miniatures But I have to re-size for use in Mutant Chronicles. Several purifications
  12. Add new map! http://mutantchronicles.mforos.com/1660168/8419032-mapas-no-oficiales/ Several purifications
  13. Are created from a template taken from the official maps of Mars FFG. So I guess that should also be resized. Several purifications
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