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  1. Can anyone involved in the game (or playtesting) please tell me what the size of the new Hexes on the board are? Also, can you please tell me what the dimensions of the bases of the new figures are (infantry square, cavalry rectangle, heavy, hex, large hex). That's what I mainly want to know...but if you are in the loop, what terrain types are all included in the 2nd edition? Also, what is managed off the board? I see dice, command cards, unit cards, lore cards, victory points, and lore tokens. Is that it? Thank you
  2. IMHO I’d just wait for the second edition. Descent is an involved game, and the core box set isn’t cheap. Unless you’re a younger kid (still in school) or somebody with lots of time on your hands and surrounded by others with a lot of time on their hands you’ll be lucky to see the game hit the table once a week. If that’s the case, you might get a dozen plays out of it before 2nd ed comes out (probably less), which is about $5 a play. Not a terrible value in the grand scheme of things…but when a replacement is right around the corner it seems kind of silly. Reasons I can see to buy 1st edition: -You can start playing right away -More miniatures (monsters & Heroes) -More tiles and adventures (if you buy the conversion kit) Reasons to wait: -Most likely better rules that will make setup and play faster and more enjoyable (which will probably lead to more play time in the long run) -You’ll probably “upgrade” anyway (because it’s fun to play an “active” game) -You’ll save half of your money for other stuff IMHO the only real reason to buy Descent 1st edition now is if you want all the miniatures before they start selling on eBay for a million dollars (you know, before FFG decides to release them in other expansions for 2nd edition…and you know they will) or if you are really pumped to play today and can’t wait a few months.
  3. Caboose said: Pretty hard to support a product w/o any real support. You mean...you know...besides playing the game with freinds? Caboose said: And I checked the various "moderators" for this BL board and some have yet to even post ONE post (I don't think ANY have, personally) in either this forum or others. Just click the various names at the top of the forum list and you'll see what I mean. Pretty sad for FFG to put people as moderators when they don't even bother to post or do much of anything. Go back and read all those "I agree" things you clicked on when you joined the forum. FF is very upfront that the forums are provided for the community only, and that they will have little to no presence here. I'm suprised people complain about this so much when they had been told.
  4. Color me interested...but I'm having problems with the website. Where did you subscribe from (the "shop" link won't load for me). Where is this published? There are a ton of magazines that I can't get, or are just too expensive, published in Europe. I live inthe USA. What is the subscription price? (since I can't get the darn thing to load...erg!).
  5. Interceptor said: One issue with a campaign book would be making it relevant to players that don't have all the expansions. To overcome this, I think each map could have an alternate set-up section for players that don't have a particular expansion. Also, each battle map could be interconnected and the Call to Arms rules employed, so players could field armies just with the deployment cards they currently have. Memoir 44 has an excellent (and large) campaign book and it only uses the core box set. BL could go that route. They could also have a simple appendix about substituting other units if you have expansions.
  6. Nivanti said: It all came about really in being fed up painting tons of 28mm fantasy. I switched to Battlelore from miniature wargames (a LOT of miniature wargames) for a lot of small reasons. I never minded painting 28mm miniatures, I just hated storing them and having to treat them like eggshells when I handled with them. I will say this, switching was one of the single best gaming moves I made. BL is much easier to find people to play with (because just about anyone can play), it's easier to set up and store, and I can still paing miniatures and build terrain (just check out some of my other posts). IMHO you can do all the fun stuff you can with a "regular" miniature wargame, wtithout all the stuff that is bothersoms.
  7. I agree, there is a ton of potential that hasn't been explored. Of course, what you describe takes the game out of the "board game" category and puts it firmly in the "wargame" family. Not that big a deal, but it does change the perception of the game to nit-picky people. One of the "problems" with scenarios is the "balance" issue. One of the things I like about Battlelore has been it's ability to avoid power creep. In other words, when they introduce new types of units, they all generally have fairly mellow abilities that can be extremely useful in specific situations. They add a level of strategic play where if you do the right thing and have a little luck you can pack a little bigger punch, but not a game breaker. Scenarios like the one you mentioned (kill the dragon) add some problems. The fact that no Battlelore unit is over-powerful means that it can be killed (with luck and tactics) in one turn. So, the goblin layer has a very difficult choice that makes this scenario suck for him. Does he commit his most powerful figure to battle, taking the chance that he will lose in the first couple rounds, or does he hide and move his Dragon to the rear, so he most likely wins...but doesn't have the fun of using a fun playing piece? Why even have a Dragon if you can't use it? Why risk it if you can almost assuredly win the game by simply moving it away fro the front line? I'd like to see some scenarios, and I’d really like to see a campaign book…but it’s going to have to be a well thought out system and series, not just something slapped together. That’s why I think this is a fairly lucrative product line for FF. Books are much cheaper to produce than board games, and I do believe Battlelore fans would scarf up well designed campaign/scenario books in a second. But I’ve been begging (as have many other fans of this game and other like battle games) for years and years.
  8. Nivanti said: If so it makes you think, should I just get westros that is currently being given attention from FFG, I understand its pretty much personal prefrence as to which box/world floats your boat but its nice to know that the company that owns the game still has some love for it. Opinions may vary, but I would be leery about basing my choice (and spending my $$) on a game based on current company support. The first question would be: Have you read the Song of Ice & Fire books? If not, chances are that you will not get anything close to the enjoyment out of BoW that you should. It’s not a generic game, it’s a game based on the battles, situations, and characters that take place in that series. The second questions would be: What kind of game do you want? If you want high fantasy with magic, monsters, and non-human races, you are going to want Battlelore, and BoW is going to come up very dry for you. If you want a more realistic type of fantasy setting without the above (or very much of it anyway) and, again, you enjoyed the books, BoW would be the better choice. Unfortunately many Battlelore players have taken BoW as a sort of insult. It slaps the “Battlelore” name on a game that doesn’t use the same game system (or a heavily modified version anyway) and really has nothing to do with Battlelore. Most Battlelore fans also see it as draining resources and time that FF should be putting into making Battlelore a better game. Finally, many also predict it is the nail in Battlelores coffin…although only time will tell. In any case, I’d make the choice based on what you think is going to be more fun to play than anything else. Neither game is “cheap” so get the one you are most likely to play repeatedly and enjoy the most.
  9. Is a game ever really dead? I play games that have been out of print for 20 years. But, to give you the answer you really want…nobody knows right now. FF is very tight lipped when it comes to giving news on any of its games. The story, in a nutshell, is that FF bought the rights to the game from DoW. They announced that to produce the game in the same way that DoW did would be too costly and they were looking for an alternate mode of production. Expansions continued to come out, while older expansions went out of print. A while back FF announced that they had copies of foreign editions of the game and they were going to start converting those into English versions. Fans of the game have been asking, “What’s the future of Battlelore?” for the last 5 years , all the while continuing to play the game. Copies are harder to find now, but they are still out there. They come up on eBay all the time and you can still find them in many local Game Stores. Either way, the game doesn’t have to actually be “in print” to continue to be fun and playable. If you buy a copy and it goes out of print the next day, you wouldn’t have wasted your money or anything. It’s not like Warhammer where everyone has to know the rules and buy and paint an army…it’s a board game. Once you have it you can play it forever. All the expansions are fairly independent, so you don’t need to have them all to use any of the others.
  10. Aenea said: a new base set for BattleLore with a new setting... In Terrinoth... They are going to announce a new Terrinoth based game at the Terrinoth event this week and BattleLore could work with that setting... If they were going to go 2nd edition, it wouldn't suprise me. In fact, it might be a prudent move bringing BL into the Rune family. Of course, it would be a very different game...but I'd buy it.
  11. Very entertaining write up, and an interesting battle showing the versitility of BL. If only there were a few pics to go with it
  12. toddrew said: "What Went Wrong with BattleLore: The Untold Story of Why the #^@& DoW Suddenly Sold the Game to FFG" is an article I would love to read. By the time anyone is willing/able to tell, I don't know that anyone will care. Well, I don’t have the inside scoop or anything, but the logical guess suggests it had to do with money. If you look at the components of DoWs other games (Memoir 44 aside, which is obviously a hot seller), they are mostly die cut cardboard. The production cost of BL must be staggering (especially with all the pre-assembly). I’m guessing the profit from the game and expansions just weren’t making it worth while for them. The “shoddy” support toward the end probably implied that the line was in trouble and headed for its deathbed. One way or another FF probably got wind of DoWs plan to kill or sell off BL (I’m sure people in the industry talk amongst each other about these things). FF probably figured with their mass production, distribution, and mainstream reputation that they could make the game profitable…something that may have turned out to be wrong (who knows). I don’t want to be rude, but these game companies don’t really owe us anything. They put out a product and we buy it or not. We like it or not, but after the purchase it’s a done deal, we’ve gotten what we paid for. If they put out an expansion, we buy it or not. Again, done deal. When the game is no longer profitable or lucrative, they discontinue it in favor of something that looks more promising. This is how a larger, smarter company like FF stays in business. Love of a product leads to irrational business decisions. Take a look at the majority of role playing game “companies”. They make financial blunders with their game lines because they love their product and they feel they owe things to their fan base. Some companies continue to support a game line long after it has become unprofitable. Most game companies also go bankrupt or go out of business, even the “big” ones. MHO and observations. Sure, there are BL things I’d love to see…but I don’t feel like anything is owed to me simply because I love the game, and I certainly don’t take it for granted that I will see every product I think they should produce just because I think it’s a good idea (because I don’t work in the industry or see what the profit margins look like).
  13. DragonWhimsy said: You will have an indication one way or another soon I would think. With the three armies filled out the next announcement can't help but give a clue to their long term intentions. ANNOUNCEMENT: You’ve been waiting, and finally it’s here…GUMMIE BATTLELORE! Yes, that’s right, the entire set is edible! Cast from delicious gummie candy, you can eat your opponent as you destroy their unit. Don’t worry though, expansion packs replace consumed units, and add new flavors to the game! Pre-order yours today! toddrew said: I am done with interpreting "clues" with this game, as I believe it is fair to say that BattleLore's popularity and momentum have both been ill affected by lack of an announced direction or planned future for the game - first by DoW during year two, and then by FFG since the acquisition. I think one of the “problems” with Battlelore (or it might be better to say one of the problems with internet Battlelore fans) is the fact that we look at this game as something more than what it is…a board game. We all want so much from it (and its producers), and we generally all want it to develop as we personally envision it. If you look at one of its sister games, BattleCry, you will see that we really don’t need as much icing on the cake as we often fool ourselves into thinking. Battle Cry had a boxed set, period. Those who enjoyed it as a board game had a great time with just that, while those who wanted something more took it and developed it in many many creative ways, and the game lived and “prospered” without any official supplementation long after it went oop. I don’t think the game’s “popularity and momentum” have been hurt by anything, really. Those who enjoy the game will continue to gravitate to it. Some people will play it casually as a board game while others become a bit more obsessive. If it ever goes oop, I doubt if my personal opinion and development of the game (and play time) will change much at all. MHO
  14. grubman

    Expansion idea

    caradoc said: If they were to follow a hero orientated approach - it would be nice to have two heroes per pack, as opponents. It would be cool to have scenario booklet focussed on a particular campaign too! Another great idea! Too bad FF doesn't actually look at these forums, there is some real gold here!
  15. grubman

    Expansion idea

    Boromir_and_kermit said: The piece-meal approach of the dwarfs and goblins grated after awhile What really bugs me is all the little rule books I have to dig through to find the one I want. One Goblin rulebook, Dwarf rulebook...or better yet, just one core rulebook with everyhting in it, would be a lot better (even if it was a PDF I had to print up). Interceptor said: Also, I've been reading about Joan of Arc, a prominant figure in the Hundred Years War. I think some heroes packs featuring famous characters from the Hundred Years War would be cool (such as Joan of Arc, the Black Prince, John II, Henry V, etc.). These hero packs could be fairly small, featuring a hero such as Joan of Arc (or heroine as it may be), and the pack could contain a couple specialty cards, a token or two, and a few battles to fight. I hadn't even thought of this. What a great way to make Battlelore unique and fun! They could choose to make them totally historical, or fantasy-them-up a bit. Either way I think it's a great idea.
  16. You have to host them elsewhere (like photobucket), then use the image link (the little mountain icon) when posting.
  17. Caboose said: Okay, since you mention it, might as well ask - You mention you used hardboard vs styrofoam. Thus the pros/cons between the 2 and all, based on your experience! Thanks. And gather it was all one piece ?? ( Looks like 40" length wide by 24" across ) Okay, and lastly, what is flock?? The main reason I used hardboard this time is becasue I wanted to attach the card/war coundil holder I had made to it. Also, I had a spare peice of hardboard lying around...and not a spare piece of syyrofoam . Hardboard is more durable and you can use spray paint and sealer on it. Styrofoam is ligher and easier to cut. I thinkthe hardboard feels more durable and manly...but time will tell Yep, one piece, although my first board was 3 seperate peices. Very easy to transport, but I like the way this one looks better. Flock is the fake grass stuff. You can get it in most model train stores. I mix my own from a couple differnt kinds and static grass I special order through a store from Germansy...but most people aren't that particular.
  18. b_fortner7 said: The end results are very nice and worth the effort, if I do say so myself. Any pictures you care to post?
  19. Well, I spent most of my free time working on my battlelore board the last couple weeks…but I did take a break to paint a few figures every now and then. I got lazy and decided to work on some of the BIG figures. I haven’t hit the Dragons yet (not sure what to do with those poorly placed banners) but, I did get my ccrreeaattuurreess finished, along with any lairs I needed. If anyone wants to trade my spare (unpainted) Hill Giant for their spider from the core set, let me know (I need a Blue Widow). The Creature Feature… This dramatic stone pile was made from rocks in my driveway. The summoning circle was made out of clay. The Vortex is just painted…pretty lame, but I couldn’t come up with a more “dramatic”, yet practical, alternative. Finally, the biggest challenge was the Forest Giants Lair. That big tree in the back is attached to the base (you know…cause it’s a forest!), and the rest was built out of…wait for it…popsicles sticks dyed green.
  20. I agree with Dragon Whimsy on several points (and will even go a bit further). Despite the constant outcry for more, more, MORE! There has been a rather “steady” flow of BL products. For gawds sake, do we really need more than one every 3 months or so? I love the game, but I’m not playing it non-stop around the clock. There is already a ton of stuff out there to use and explore. I will say I’m not exactly sure who decides what products should come out, or why they make the decisions they do. Heroes, Dragons, and Creatures were great ideas, but more Goblins, Dwarves, & Humans could certainly have been put on the backburner for more lucrative products for Battlelore fans (and isn’t that who is still buying the supplements?) such as a Master Rulebook (much needed at this point), a Campaign Book, the core game (if they plan to widen the fan base), and eventually New Armies (and a simpler system for implementing them and all other troops than CtA) . Still, I’m not really “complaining”…and others should probably stop too, because it’ll suck even worse if products just stop altogether. Remember, in the end, BL is the property of FF, not the fans. While I’m sure FF is concerned about keeping fans happy, and putting out products they think are quality and add an element of fun to the game…the bottom line is they are a company, and companies thrive on profit (and die without it). If BoW (or any other FF game) is generating a profit (or a larger profit) it would be an idiotic business blunder not to capitalize on that. It’s not like Battlelore is their flagship game. The glass is way more than half full IMHO.
  21. Caboose said: Am curious moreso with the actual map/board itself and how you did that. Since w/o that aspect, the other stuff (barring things like your ramparts and all the other stronghold type items) seems pretty easy to replicate.Hopefully nobody wants to "replicate" but, rather, do their own thing . But if it helps... For this board I used 1/4 inch hardboard (although I used Styrofoam for the last two). I simply made the desired measurements, drew the lines, and used a template to do the hexes (much quicker than all the math required to measure them out). I hand painted the lines, because I think that looks better than using a ruler or marker. I then flocked each hex individually (which requires a bit of patience). I had the card/war-council holders from my first table, so I simply glued them on. The caddy is just cut dowels (wood glued down) with foam inserts.
  22. If you are interested, there is a step by step tutorial on how I built on of the ramparts over on the Boargame Geek thread I linked in the op.
  23. ...and it's an Inn on top of it! The sign of the green mask.
  24. Maroszek said: I can't even begin to imagine the work that went into this, that is beyond words. I wish I had a tenth of the talent it takes to do that! Thank you. I do, however believe everyone has the talent (or can learn the skills) to accomplish anything they desire. I'd say that it didnt' really take that much work...but it might just seem like that to me because I'm very ...er...intense... when I work on a project. And the "work" is really more like super-fun.
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