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  1. Finally! Our Quest was successfull: deep within the dungeons of FFG we unearthed a treasure chest full of dice: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3997 I can't wait for them to become available!
  2. Last weekend, I compared the 2nd edition dice with the 1st edition ones, hoping that they'd be compatible in some way. No dice (sorry for the pun). But I did notice that there are no green dice in 2nd edition. And then came the second expansion along, adding the green dice back. So maybe FFG were simply holding back the additional dice sets until all dice were introduced in the game. One can hope …
  3. Hi, As a semi-avid Descent and DOOM player, I really appreciated the extra dice sets that were on sale - because you can never have enough dice! So I would be very happy if there'd be additional Descent 2nd edition dice sets. I'd be sure to order 5 sets. I contacted FFG, and they told me they'd forward the idea to sales to show that there is demand for such a product. Maybe the community can show how much demand there is by replying to this topic. Please respond with something like "I would buy n sets" if (and only if) you intend to buy them. Thanks! Dirk
  4. I'd like to see FFG use the Doom/Descent game engine to create a Warhammer 40K game in the vein of Space Crusade and Dawn Of War 2.
  5. Hi, Suppose I have a castle in my quest zone, and the castle has one power icon. Does that power icon count towards defending the quest zone, or does it only count towards the number of cards I draw during the quest phase? And along the same lines: the quest zone itself has one power icon: does that count towards defending the zone, or only towards the number of cards in the quest phase? Thanks! Dirk
  6. Hi, I just wanted to order my Descent Lieutenants from the FFG Shop - but they seems to be "out of stock" already. Did anyone else manage to order them? Dirk
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