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  1. God, I wish there would be something new on the horizon, but it seems rather unlikely. Netrunner fell away unexpectedly, Lord of the Rings doesn't seem to be letting off steam, and both Destiny and Keyforge seem to exist in a similar space - albeit geared to a more casual crowd. That's still a lot of balls to juggle. Add onto that that Fantasy Flight's LCG's have tended to stick quite safely to strong IP's with an avid following (Star Wars, LotR, Cthulhu stuff, L5R, aGoT). Knowing what we know now about the licenses that FF holds, I don't see anything on the horizon. The only wrinkle of hope I'd say is the new Dune movie. The game license for the movie has been awarded to Gale Force 9: That last sentence could mean a lot of things, but it doesn't sound like anything's on the table at the moment.
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