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  1. Destiny has become nothing but a joke. Don’t worry though as it is will continue to sell and people will continue to buy so no worries of the game going away. Just sad to see how Legacies has been handled with this news along with being released overseas almost a month early. Had two booster boxes and two of each starter sets preordered and just last week canceled it all. I will stick with buying singles as I am slowly getting out of Destiny which is sad as I was buying booster boxes and collection sets.
  2. I have and use Miniature Market and have absolutely no problems with them. I am an hour away from MM and use them for all of my gaming wants and needs and have yet to be disappointed. Please also note that I order Destiny singles from them as well and have never had a issue with condition nor not getting what I have ordered. I check both MM and Coolstuffinc. and the prices are nearly the same for both. The main reason I use MM is because they are close to me which means I get my items faster however of all of the ordering I have done through them I have yet to have a bad experience.
  3. I play casual and hope the Destiny app that FFG is working on has a nice single player and multiplayer experience. I understand that means buying packs that can only be played using IOS/Android but if there is a good enough single player option I am all in. Think of something like Hearthstone but done using Destiny, think of how many people would buy that? Not only a nice single player mode but add in online multiplayer and this would send this Destiny app over top. This would be a dream come true and what I hope the FFG Destiny app is going to be like.
  4. You lost me at good counter to all hero. Sorry but Hero is so far behind in Destiny the way it is that I have almost lost all interest in even playing. The saving grace for Destiny will be IF FFG does a solid Destiny app as I did not think a app could breath new life to a game such as the Imperial Assault app has.
  5. We play it as you can activate all other dice before activating the special. Once the special has been activated all the dice are rolled back out as they are a part of said character. Now could we be misunderstanding the rules pertaining to this situation? Sure. But unless it is said how exactly this is to be played then we are playing on.
  6. Good. I am happy Poe is getting better and I hope he destroys Destiny. Should he be that good? Should any card be that good? Should Villain decks be the decks that are known to win major tournaments and what most high end players play because they will tell you themselves (and have on different podcast) that while they like Heros and will play them, they go Villain decks when it comes to major events. How is it that Poe/Maz is the best deck to use if you play a Hero deck? No other Hero deck even comes close. So one Hero deck when Villains have how many decks? Sorry, Villain players will get no sympathy from me on how huge Poe becomes because Hero players have seen enough of Villain decks running away with most of the major tournaments. But worry not, Destiny is about balance and the back and forth between players. You take a action, I take a action...just sayin'.
  7. I agree that TC has always done this with Destiny (do not know about how they handle other games as I have only ordered Destiny Saga Sets from them.). What is different this time around is finding a store that is taking preorders for this new set that is coming out in two/three months. Not the end of the world but very different than how things have been done with past releases for those who preorder.
  8. I have been told by my local game store that they now have to go through FFG/Asmodee as they can no longer order as they have before through their distributor. It would seem that this change has effected more than a few stores and may be why we are not seeing preorders for Empire At War as they are waiting to hear what they will be receiving.
  9. How many big tournaments has Poe/Maz won compared to a villain deck? I understand what people are saying but I think it is overblown as the Poe/Maz deck does not roll consistently and why it may be in the top four decks does not win many big tournaments. No way has any Poe/Maz build won or is winning as many big tournaments as villain decks have...not just one villain deck but how many villain decks? Vader/Raider, Baby Vader/Kylo, Uck Bar/9s/Trooper, Palpatine. What ever happened to the Destiny we were told of? The game of you take a turn, I take a turn. Now games are over in 5 rounds or less, 10 minutes or less. Shields helped but to think Vibroknife is not broken is sad and shows just how split players are. So you have the casual player and the tournament player and no in between. Best to title this Star Wars Villains as this is getting further and further away from the game of Destiny we were told that we were getting in that of hero vs villain with a you take a turn, I take a turn mechanic. Get ready, because there will be a many more cards that will see "fixes" and heaven help it if the hero side should get a solid deck because as it stands it looks like villain players shout loudest when a good hero deck hits the field but has zero problems that villains can run four character decks and the best decks in the game the last two sets. Glad this game is balanced otherwise it may turn people away...
  10. Because the Poe/Maz deck is the ONLY issue with Destiny, right? Get out of here. Take Han for example, Play a card with Ambush and Han gains a shield. Good ability as it is allowing Han to stay in the fight a little longer as shields should. Now throw in Vibroknife and shields no longer matter. Please, all of this crying about Poe/Maz but yet let villain character builds run away with tournament after tournament and not a word. To make matter worse with Vibroknife all it has to do is stay in your dice pool and all melee damage done is unblockable....hmmm, which side has a lot of melee? Vader, Palpatine, Kylo, Baby Vader (all who happen to be either BE a/or near tier 1 decks.). But that does not help them that much...does it? Take away Vibroknife and find out. It sure did not hurt them but it sure takes away the use for shields and people are happy with that? But the game is SO imbalanced with Poe/Maz and what it can do. Once again, take Poe/Maz out and what chance does a hero deck stand to win a big tournament? Please, someone post the winning numbers of villain decks and hero decks. NOT even close but where is FFG to balance this out? Right, MAYBE Empire At War we will see some much needed help. Sorry, third set in and you have already taken out shields which was there in the first place to help a character live longer in the battle and now you want me to believe that the hero side will get this much needed help...I do not believe it and this game has went to you better play a villain deck if you want to win a big tournament. And why is no one talking about how inconsistent Poe/Maz is in the rolls? No? How many times has Poe/Maz won a big tournament? But that doesn't matter it is just to good. Like how a four character villain beck was before Poe/Maz kicked it to the he curb? Where is the hero four character deck? Yea, not so much.
  11. Try Facebook. There is a group that plays online and you can find a game at almost anytime.
  12. Chewbacca needs a alt art card, yesterday. Please, for the sake of all that is good in this world give Chewbacca a card art like Bowcaster. I beg of you...
  13. What is his special? Eye for a eye?...LOL.
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