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  1. Talos said: The game is actually subtitled "Arkham Horror Files" on the product banner. Maybe that is to give it a connection to Arkham Horror. It's more like showing the "games family" as it's with the "realms of terrinoth" (Descent, Runebound, Runewars and Dungeonquest).
  2. It's a really interesting idea. I read all your comments and then it came to me... You can combine the two games after altering AH. You can use the AH map as a campaign map (just like the Descent's Road to Legend). One of the players would play some sort of Herald / cultist leader who wishes to waken the Ancient One. 1. Map: The area would be covered with gates and some monsters. Tougher monsters represent the "lieutenants" of the Herald / cultist leader which would be used to strengthen the areas where they currently are and to open new gates. Shops and other safe locations would be places where you might get new items, rest and get new quests. 2. Investigators would walk around as a group (traveling 2-3 spaces each turn) and when they would end their movement on a gate then a MoM session would take place. Those sesions would of course grant them some equipment / allies / tokens and closing the gate. They might seal the gate but spending 5 x no. of Investigators of clue tokens or do it (only) after fulfiling a quest for that place. 3. The Herald / cultist leader would spawn and send new monsters to strenghten locations with opened gates. Improving the monsters would mean getting new monster types (you can play with their tokens in MoM). 4. The goal for the Herald / cultist leader would be to open enough gates (8?) and get the Ancient One to fight the Investigators (stronger version then on the printed AO card from AH). The goal for the Investigators would be sealing gates (8?) and batteling the weakened version of the Ancient One (as printed on the AO card from AH). Just an idea. What do you think?
  3. No MoM under the christmas tree? FFG just ruined my Christmas!!!!
  4. Raise the teror track by 1.
  5. I got one from one of my first games of AH: I as Michael McGlen entered the South Church carring his starting equipment - a tommy gun in one hadn and a dynamite in the other. Imagine now: A tough mob soldier who didnt even take hit hat off, hell he even has his cigar lightened, walks through the church with both weapons exposed and looks around the people who gathered for the worship. And then Father Michel comes and says "Take all you need my son!"... I smile and read furhter... "Search the unique item deck for Holy Water" ... and the mood of a fearsom mob enforcer was gone
  6. Dam said: zealot12 said: Or can you lose it as a result of an encounter? This. I for one see any losses normally associated with unconscious/insanity as a result of them. You stil went bonkers even if you take a Madness, so Retainer is gone. Note that the DH rules only mention you don't lose Clues or items, but doesn't state that about Retainers. Could be oversight, but one might think the boss still hears you were taken to the Asylum against your will and decides you're not worth the money. Getting unconsious or insane forces you to loose half of your items and clue tokens. In DH rule book "items" are described as Common Items, Unique Items and Spells - obviously it should also include Exhibit items. No mention about special cards (deputy cards, membership cards, retainer cards, bless cards etc.) Getting a madness/injury card is simply a way to keep your items "at a cost" and despite how reasonalbe it sounds (loosing your job due to hospitalization which takes time) it doesn't force the Investigator to to discard special cards. You can loose Blessing and Retainer cards during the Upkeep Phase and via encounters. I sugest making it a house rule if it pleases you.
  7. Tibs said: I actually only open rifts in Kingsport. The rift goes onto the space depicted on the rift progress token that opened it. The monsters it spits out don't get in the way of the investigators as much, but they are a huge annoyance to players who want to close the rift. Plus this gives Kingsport some much-needed chaos. A very nice idea - will have to try it out. Besides the subject. How do you keep track which rift belongs to the current place on the rift track? Last night I had all rifts on the board and wneh I closed one (via encontering all 4 places) I got confised and took a rift at random since I couldn't tell which one belonged to the excact rift track place.
  8. jgt7771 said: On the other hand, you could do what I do: never open a rift on an expansion board. If a rift is going to open because of an expansion Mythos card, just draw Mythos cards from the deck until you find an Arkham Location, and place the rift there. (Doesn't matter if the Location is sealed or not.) A nice rulling. I will try that.
  9. sigmazero13 said: I think you were OK; I think the purpose of adding the CC was to keep the ships that moved from being "freed up", since they are coming from an activated system. The card doesn't say you can't move into an activated system with it; it just has to be adjacent and empty. Thus, moving into the system should be OK (though you won't put a second CC there). Agree, the Patrol action card doesn't instruct you to active the system, just to put a command counter - a way to block the system from using it (well.... we all know how to bypass that )
  10. Indeed they may fire since PDS act before the Invasion. And it is that if in the Invasion phase there are no defending GF, then the invasion is done automatically. The PDS personell is trying their best to stop the invasion from happening and will shoot, unfortunatelly soon afterwards they will be overrun by the enemy ground forces - treat this as a last stand
  11. Lately I was thinking what would you do when a Kingsport Rifts that appeared in Dunwich would enter a Vortex. I know that it's not a monster so it doesn't place Dunwich Horror token on the board but it won't dissappear either. When it would come into the Vortex there is no way for it to "return" from it (no arrows leading out). What would you do in such situation? My guess would be to disallow such situations to happen simply by changing the movement arrow colour to another one (f.e. if the Vortex is forced to move and has to go along the black arrow which leads into the Vortex then I would move the Rift along the white arrow). What is your opinion? Couldn't find it anywhere in the official stuff.
  12. kaiteinomen said: Thanks! It means if I build a new space dock by activating a system A, and later I use the primary ability of Warfare to retrieve a CC in the system A, I may not use the new space dock later, right? The same restrictions apply. It's the same game round and the game rules prevent producing g in the same round the Space Docks were built, not the same activation.
  13. Indeed, you may not produce in a Space Dock in the same round it was built - according to the game rules p. 26 (middle column) "Next round the Space Dock may begin producing units for its owner." If you knew the rules but was unable to tell what has the priority - cards / abilities or general rules then in most cases it the cards / abilities. In your presented example the Strategy Card allows you to produce but doesn't give you another / next round. You're still in the same point in time as everyone else Hope we could help.
  14. YoshiPL

    Fate Card analyze

    Steve-O said: berto said: Let me know what do you think about above... I think if I was playing against someone who seriously sat down and calculated the odds of hitting based on how many "blue" and "yellow" cards were out of the deck before each battle, I would stand up, walk around the table, and punch him in the face. =P Agree. What's the joy of playing when you calculate everything? And what when it's down to like 15% of success? You walk away from the table cause your robot-senses tell you it's too risky? Do you have any fun playing games my friend? Sometimes it's better just to relax and play whatever comes instead of cold analysis which imho kills board games.
  15. AO's sounf nice but when I saw the minis included in MoM I begun to wonder if we would get a set of unoainted Monster minis for AH?
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